1. Juxtapose

    How do you get the Oil Lamp?

    I have talked to the kobold queen and looked in the overpriced shop in the Mino outskirts. From what I understand the lamp is supposed to be in one of those two locations after browsing. I have not gotten an option to browse. Do I need to go to the party and see the Minotaur King first? The...
  2. F

    Looking for help over coc2 lets play

    I made a video covering the tutorial and meeting Kas. Spread the good word, make something cool, I'm proud of it. It's different but contents aside. I uploaded to pornhub and it got removed for content violations. Is there a site, anyone here knows of, that might host videos (or content in...
  3. Q

    Conservation Scene Trouble (Bug?)

    Hi, I've been having trouble for the last few builds now, since Flurry's introduction. After having both talks with Frosty regarding conservation efforts. I simply can't seem to trigger the scene from Flurry's menu. Every single time, no matter what I do, flag I change, etc. It always stops...
  4. M

    How do I get my nipples back!!?!?!??

    MY NIPPLES ARE GONE!!! So I have become a moth. However I like being a moth, I also liked my nipples, Fuck I had like ten of em, Now I only have areola, no nips. I need to get my nipples back!
  5. Q


    I'm in the Demon of Ice thing and fighting Alissa, but I hadn't known beforehand that I would need white mage stuff and I've already saved too much to go back and I definitely do not want to start all the way over.
  6. E

    Can't get onto the Rec or Operations decks on Zheng Shi?

    The rec deck at least says something about "waiting for the heat to die down", I assume since I released the slaves. But the operations deck doesn't say anything of the sort, and I would assume that's where the boss is so that I can actually liberate the station and free Adria? But it just...
  7. H

    I can't find Viviane..

    I finished the main quest of hers where she turns into a demon because I didn't warn her about the milk, but now I can't find her. I don't know if I missed some dialog or if I'm just forgetting something important but I would appreciate if someone could direct me in the right direction!
  8. babethebbo

    Breedwell help: Not able to get a contract? help

    Hey all, I feel like I've never had this issue before, so I'm a little confused. Maybe things have changed since I've played last. I'd like to get into one of the pods at Breedwell, but the dialogue prompt says I haven't donated enough cum yet (but that's not what I want to do). I know it's...
  9. D

    Trying to overwrite a "Save To File" has made my save unloadable. Anyone able to save my save game?

    To repeat the steps to create this, all you need to do is create a save and then overwrite that save. I should mention I am using the android version. I received the error in one of the images below when I tried to load my overwritten save.
  10. D

    How do I toggle between penises?

    I remember there being a version where I could toggle which penis was preferred in scenes and now my game is fucked with a second penis. If I add a second penis, it wont refer to it. I can see it happening with the avian. It says my first cock is the one pounding it, but it's not. The second one...
  11. R

    Account lost backer status help

    Basically I donated to the TITS offbeatr became a lifetime backer in one payment and have been living that life since. The problem is I just updated the email associated with my fenoxo account from the original which I deleted earlier this year after a long service and 1000s of spam messages, I...
  12. B

    Can't figure out how to acess backer content.

    I've recently decided to start supporting Fenoxo on his subscribstar and after waiting for the trust period to expire I've downloaded my first TiTs update off the sub star. Unfortunately I can't figure out how to actually apply the update to my game, I can only unpack and view the files while...
  13. B

    Imagepack not downloading and not loading

    I am running the game on desktop version and I tried to update the imagepack manually because i was missing some artists by adding them directly in the img folder, but it seems that they wont load the missing artists. I also have tried deleting the img folder to see if the game will download it...
  14. G

    Token trouble - getting into Khor'minos?

    Hi all, I'm having a bit of trouble getting into Khor'minos. I beat Alante when I fought her in the outskirts and I believe she gave me a token - I then took it to Rooh and in the first part of the text he took it and then it kind of cut to him fighting with another guard over a spear, and then...
  15. B

    Dark Knight Build

    Recently I've gotten interested in a "dark knight" type of character. When I say dark knight, I don't mean the corruption system in the game, his personality is leaning towards the more good side of the spectrum however he's a bit edgy sometimes (personally never liked roleplaying as evil...
  16. Primename

    Dhaal Dungeon Reset?

    Is there a way to reset to the point before doing the Dhaal Dungeon?
  17. D

    lost all my game data?

    i play the game in browser on my iphone (yeah ik its not the best way to do it if i want to keep my save data but i dont have a laptop or an android anymore right now.) and i took a break from playing for a while when there was a lot of bugs. today i went to play it hoping it would be functional...
  18. K

    How to access drafts?

    My electricity went out before I could finish a serious comment that I took my time with. How do I access my drafts? I saved it multiple times. :|
  19. A

    Requesting Save File

    Hello, Would anyone care to share their save file with me? I had to replace my laptop and I've lost all my files, including my multi-year long CoC2 save just as the new updates dropped last month. I really want to explore the newest content, but I just don't have the time to grind out a new...
  20. N

    Edit save file to make Brint Brienna?

    Hey, so yeah, as the title says, is it possible? When the armor side quest happened, I didn't know what it was about at all, and I thought it was just gonna kill him or something, so I had it removed, but now I wish that I had let Brint turn into Brienne. This was months ago that the quest...