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Mar 13, 2018
Hello, and welcome to the new official forum post for the CoC Mod Hub’s Discord server.

We have three mods currently hosted on our server, which includes—but is not limited to—the Unofficially Expanded Edition (formerly Revamp) and Endless Journey. If you have never heard of one of the mods (or you simply wish to know more), do not worry! Each mod has their own introductory channel to give you everything you need to know to get started playing. These mods are standalone, which means they are (almost) as simple as click and go.

What our server does: We keep an active community for those who are fans of CoC1 and the mods that have sprung up from it.

What our server does not do: We have neither a say in how the mods are handled nor promise to provide any other services outside of CoC1.

We encourage people to join, either to help develop the respective mods they’re interested in or to simply be a part of the community. We have numerous people to help answer any questions that one may have pertaining to the mod they are currently playing too.

Due to unfortunate reasons that are out of our control: we no longer host Xianxia on our server despite our best efforts to bring it back into the fold of the community.

Server Link:

The nature of this post is to inform those who are interested in CoC1 as well as mod authors who wish to be a part of our community, as well as keep said post updated with relevant information. As such, I will not be replying on this particular thread to any other posts. If you have any questions you’d like to ask, I encourage you to join the server, check our FAQ to make sure your question isn't already answered, then message either myself or one of my moderators. You can also ping us in the server by using the role ping system Discord has. Those pings are @Server Owner and @Moderator respectively.

Please note that we recommend joining on an account that you use frequently. We do purge inactive accounts and have a five minute system in place for fresh accounts.

DISCLAIMER: Our server, and the mods have nothing to do with FenCo. They are not involved with us in any way, shape, or form.


Feb 27, 2019
Here are all links I found in the server if you're lazy like me and don't wanna join the server.

Endless Journey (even tho someone already put the link in this thread)

Expanded edition - PC - APK Android

Mod editor - PC


I'll add later more links when I'm less lazy to and I find em. If you wanna make sure you have everything join the server.

Jeremy Phelps

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Dec 1, 2022
this is my best news today, i have been waiting for this apk mod for a long time, i hope this mod will help me relax more after a long day at work
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