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    Hey all! Hope no one minds me posting here - I've seen a fair amount of success on Hentai Foundry, garnering over 100 peeks and 66 serious reads from what I can tell, but I'm absolutely starved of feedback. One person over on ulmf said they might give me detailed feedback later, and I haven't heard back from them. *shrug*

    This is an introductory short and fully original content. There's a lot more to this character, but this is sort of the gist. The original post of this story is here.

    That being said, hope you enjoy :) No feedback is necessary, but all feedback is appreciated, constructive criticism especially. I'm aware I can be better and I want to know how :3

    Anthro content, reader discretion advised.


    A black and yellow salamander steps out of a black car, with yellow racing stripes that made a distinctive triangle shape on the hood of the car, punctuated with black eyes - Ambyr was a big fan of branding, to her detriment. The car itself was nothing special, but the paint job made it look goddamn awesome, in her opinion.

    She strolls in like she owns the place, smiling and waving politely to the cheetah at the front desk. She had been here before - She had gotten to know the guys in the IT department, all two of them, very intimately. It hadn’t been pleasant, but then sometimes her career of choice just wasn’t. It was something of an occupational hazard, and one of the more mild ones.

    She steps into the elevator, and deadpans at the button panel. Fuck. The top floor needed a key to get to. She had forgotten about that - Her notes on the place were extensive, but she had left them in the car. She heads back to the front desk, clearing her throat.

    “Hey, David, sorry to bother you, but I’m supposed to get up to see the boss-man - He wanted me to come up and fix his computer,” Ambyr coos, smiling cheerily and leaning forward enough to set her rack on the desk. Being short could come in damn handy sometimes. “Could you give me a key~?”

    The cheetah blushes a little and tries not to stare at her boobs - A feat which Ambyr very intentionally made as difficult as possible, by shifting her weight onto just one arm so her breasts sat a little lopsided. She wasn’t wearing a bra specifically for stunts like that.

    “Uh, yeah, sure, do you have an appointment?” He asks, adjusting his tie nervously.

    Of course I don’t have an appointment. Gods, I hate it when this happens. Ambyr puts on a thoughtful pout. “I don’t know? I’m not there to talk to him, he just needs his computer fixed. You can check, if you want - Ambyr Shines.”

    “Uh, yeah, I’ll just…” The cheetah turns to his computer, typing with the kind of skill you only get after you’ve learned how to deal with carpal tunnel. Ambyr was mildly impressed for a moment.

    “You’re… Not even in our system,” He says, frowning.

    She cuts him off quickly before he can say anything else. “Oh, I’m a freelancer, I’m not actually an employee of the company.” She says dismissively, giggling. “You remember, right?”

    “Right,” He says, clearing his throat. “You know what, I’ll just let you up and hand you off to Junice, I’m sure she can figure this out,” He assures her, getting up and grabbing the key.

    Great, that’ll go well, Ambyr muses dryly to herself. She always had more trouble with women. Still, it was progress - She had had plenty of busts before, and she was starting to be less and less surprised about just how far she could worm her way into places before they caught onto her bullshit. She had a few office buildings under her belt that she was in the middle of bleeding dry, and nobody even suspected her.

    The cheetah unlocks the correct floor for her, and as the doors open, Ambyr sees what must be a secretarial office; basically a tiny lobby for the CEO floor. She gives the cheetah a quick thank you as she steps in, receiving a skeptical glare from the rabbit at the secretary’s desk. Junice, if she had to take a guess.

    She had that kind of beautiful-but-miserable look you sometimes saw in female office workers, with her black hair held back in a functional ponytail, and black spots on her white fur just under her eyes - They kind of looked like bags, actually. She had just about the ugliest pair of glasses you could imagine, but oddly Ambyr noticed they had no lenses in them.

    There is, however, one thing Ambyr - And probably everyone who had met this woman - Notices, though. The enormous rack she had lying on the desk. As Junice sits up straight to address Ambyr, the salamander has to keep herself from wincing; she can almost feel her own back cracking in empathetic strain. Despite dressing in a very modest blouse and jacket, her breasts were still lewdly visible just by virtue of their sheer ungodly proportions.

    She says the first thing that comes to mind, cutting off the accusational question Junice was trying to throw at her. “Gods, those must murder your back, right? I get aches from mine, and they’re like half the size.”

    Junice looks stunned. “I… Have a very good tailor,” She says quickly. Apparently she knew exactly what Ambyr was talking about - Something Ambyr took note of. “That isn’t - “

    “I’m with IT, I don’t have an appointment,” Ambyr says dismissively. “And there isn’t a bra in the goddamn universe that can possibly hold those things up. Your back must be ripped, right?”

    “Wide straps and a counterweight,” Junice says tiredly. “And a very strong core.”

    “Damn. And massage therapy, right?” Ambyr asks expectantly. An idea was starting to form in her head.

    “Gods, I can’t afford that,” Junice mutters. “Do you know how much an entire tailored wardrobe runs for? Most of my paycheck goes to keeping me clothed.”

    Ambyr taps her chin. This was a very useful opportunity. “Junice, right? Name’s Ambyr Shines. I might be able to help,” She coos, putting on a warm smile. “Do you have five minutes~?”

    The rabbit considers the offer for a moment, and Ambyr can see the gears turning in her head. “I suppose… Just be quick, and don’t… Do anything.”

    “I wouldn’t dream of it! Who do you take me for?” Ambyr scolds, shaking her head as she rolls up the sleeves of her jacket and cracks her knuckles. “Go ahead and relax, and let me get at your back~”

    Junice blushes a little, leaning forward. “Is this enough…?” She asks anxiously.

    “I can work with that,” Ambyr says softly, reaching behind her and digging her gloved hands into the rabbit’s flesh through her jacket and blouse. Junice moans softly, and mewls as Ambyr digs into her shoulders.

    “Oh, you’re good at this~” She breathes, propping herself up on the desk as if to keep herself from melting into it. She starts making vaguely sexual sounds as Ambyr kneads the knots out of her muscles.

    “Damn, you’re so tense,” Ambyr says gently. “Lot of stress?”

    “Yes,” She groans, sighing and shifting her weight a little. “Naxxon is a bastard. He…”

    “Go on,” Ambyr encourages her, digging her fingers into the rabbit’s lower back and making her shudder in bliss. “Actually, let me guess - Sexual harassment?”

    Junice nods. “It’s… Not too bad, but I’m always worried he’ll try and take it too far. He grabs my breasts, slaps my ass, makes lewd comments about me every morning, keeps trying to invite me places no matter how many times I say no…”

    “I thought you said it wasn’t bad?” Ambyr snorts, shaking her head. “That sounds like hell to me.”

    “It pays well,” She sighs. “I’ve guilted him into a raise before, and that makes it bearable. And the glasses have put him off of me, a bit.”

    So, sexually charged CEO, frustrated in his attempts at getting it on with his hot secretary. Man, I didn’t think it would be this easy, She thinks, smiling to herself. “Hey, that’s good, you’ve got some barriers up. Maybe I can help a little, too~” She coos, rubbing Junice’s neck.

    “How~?” The bunny moans, squeaking a little at how sexual her tone had been. “I-I mean… What are you going to do?”

    Ambyr thinks for a moment - She didn’t want to out herself, but she felt bad for the rabbit. “Nothing big,” She finally says. “Although I might take advantage of him a little bit~ Teach him not to let his dick make his decisions for him~”

    Junice looks over her shoulder at Ambyr in horror. “Won’t you get fired?”

    Ambyr grins. “Nah… I’m a freelancer~ I’d maybe get a slap on the wrist and lose a client. Big whoop.”

    The rabbit looks up at Ambyr in a moment of awe, before frowning. She was thinking about something, probably. “Ambyr… You want to talk to him while he’s, um… Horny? If you wait ten minutes, he’s in a meeting at the moment. He’s always frustrated with this client, and sometimes he’ll come out and try to flirt with me afterwards. I think that’s when you’ll get him.”

    Ambyr raises her eyebrows. It was never this easy - This was a woman on a mission. “Yeah… That’s perfect,” She says, trying not to let an evil grin creep onto her face. “Thanks, Junice~” She mews sweetly.

    “You’re welcome, Ambyr. And, um… Good luck, whatever you’re doing,” She replies nervously. “You’re an angel, throwing away a client just to help me.”

    Not an angel, Ambyr thinks mischievously. More like a succubus. “No problem, Junice. I’m happy to help~”


    Ten minutes later, a tall, thin hammerhead shark walks out, shooting a curious glance at Ambyr in one of the sitting room chairs on his way to the elevator. He flashes his teeth at her and Junice as the door closes.

    The coast was clear, and Ambyr gets up. Junice gives her an encouraging smile, and the salamander just waves back at her, smirking before she opens the door to the CEO’s office. As she takes in the scene, she puts on her bubbly, clueless persona, smiling at… A giant crocodile. Oh boy.

    He raises his eyebrows, pausing for a moment. She seizes the opportunity. “Hi there~ Ambyr Shines, I’m helping your IT guys out. They said you had a problem with your computer - Mind if I take my jacket off~? She doesn’t wait for a reply before opening up her blazer, hugging the fabric around her tits as if she was waiting for permission to take it all the way off. Here, her secret weapon came into play.

    Ambyr was a pretty chunky little salamander - Pretty damn short, but curvy and thick. Her habits of doing as little as possible whenever she could fed into this, and resulted in her having a pretty fat ass and pretty hefty tits, at least for her size. She wasn’t as big as Junice, but she made pretty good eye candy.

    Then there was her outfit, hand-picked to give off the vibe of a dirty office woman. Her white blouse was soaked in her skin fluids, making it totally transparent, and the short-sleeve black blazer wasn’t covering her tits anymore - With no bra, her rack was practically sitting on a pedestal in a spotlight, on display for the huge reptile at the desk. Her black pencil skirt didn’t do a great job of covering her plump ass, and the mesh sections on either side showed off her hips, and the fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her tail sat over the skirt instead of going through it, pushing it down and letting her ass peek out the back, just a little. The look was finished off with tight yellow gloves and matching platform heels, as well as two thigh bands with pockets that were designed to blend into the pattern on her thighs a little.

    To say the least, it took a moment for the CEO to process… Her. “Uh… Ambyr, right? Yes, of course you can take your jacket off,” He says, watching as she slips it off and tosses it on a chair. His eyes wander over to her, and she pretends to be oblivious, swinging her hips alluringly as she strolls over, taking her time to let him browse her figure and looking pointedly at his computer monitor.

    “Matt Naxxon~?” Ambyr coos, smiling cheerily. “Can I just call you Naxxy~?” She leans forward onto his desk, propping herself up on her elbows and letting her tail up to give him a good look at her rear.

    “Sure thing, Ambyr~” He purrs. “So, are you - “

    “What seems to be the problem, sir~?” She coos, cutting him off. “I didn’t get much from your IT guys…”

    He clears his throat, smirking a little. Yeah, keep thinking you’re smarter than me, Ambyr thinks behind her encouraging and playful smile. “Well…” He starts. “I don’t remember complaining to IT, but I guess I could use a bit of a tune-up, if you can manage that~” He rolls his chair back maybe half an inch, and Ambyr takes the bait and shifts over to his keyboard. She arches her back and lets her ass hang out in the air, right where he wants it, and starts snooping around his computer while he’s distracted.

    Her goal wasn’t up here, unfortunately - She wanted access to the tower, which seemed to be under the desk. Thus, she needed to spend long enough screwing around aimlessly to be able to make up an excuse to do a desk dive. So she would use the opportunity to skim some dirt and data, and get a feel for how tech-savvy he was.

    “Anything in particular you’re looking for, sir~?” She purrs, shifting her weight back and forth a little. It was a subtle movement, but it moved her ass around and made it jiggle just enough to be enticing. She can feel him run his fingers along her thigh, and she pretended not to notice.

    “Well, uh, you know, it always feels a little slow these days,” He throws out casually, tugging at the hem of her skirt. “And - “ He snaps it, and she gives him a little squeak of surprise, followed by a mew and her smoothing her skirt lewdly with her tail. The thick limb leaves a trail of slime down her skirt, and she dips the tip teasingly between her thighs, moaning softly as she raises her tail back up. A strand of mucus trails suggestively between the two for a brief moment, before popping into two dangling strands. She couldn’t help but notice he hadn’t said anything more - She smirks to herself, opening a file on his desktop curiously. She must have really caught his attention.

    “I’ll see what I can do, sir~” She croons, waving her tail back and forth slowly. She can feel him grab the tip - That elicited a genuine squeak of surprise from her, as it was sensitive and not a common target.

    “Are you single, Ambyr~?” He growls hornily. “Just curious~”

    “Yeah,” She sighs ponderously, shifting her torso a little to cover more of his computer screen with her body as she wiggles her ass. “Sometimes I spend a little time with guys casually, here and there… It’s been a while, though~”

    “Mmm~” He pulls his fingers away from her tail and sniffs at her mucus - It smelled incredibly sexual, and that was no accident. She was very picky about her skin hygiene, and part of that was exfoliating her dried skin with a very sexual perfume. The result was a glossy, even layer of moisture that was sticky, slippery, and smelled and tasted like the cunt of a cat in heat.

    From the sound he made, he liked it, too. Now that was dirty - She might actually like this guy, just a little. He seemed like he at least kind of knew what he was doing.

    “Would you - “

    She cuts him off again, standing up and ‘accidentally’ smacking him in the nose with her tail. Not hard, she didn’t want to make a whole thing out of it. Still, he backs off in surprise, blinking.

    “Oh, sorry! I didn’t realize you were so close,” She mews. “Are you okay~?”

    “Yeah, I’m fine,” He says with a chuckle. “Could you get me a tissue?”

    She nods, smiling and bending over the desk. While she’s doing that, he runs a finger along the slimy patch right between her ass cheeks from before - If she had to guess, testing the waters and trying to normalize his touching her with an excuse ready. She makes a point of barely reacting, giving him a barely audible moan, but turning around and dabbing his face for him like he hadn’t done anything. He looks pretty damn pleased with himself, and were she not trying to get him to do something like that in the first place, she might have punched him.

    “There we go,” She purrs, tossing the soaked tissue. “So, I think it might actually be a hardware thing, mainly - This sort of thing can happen if the connections are loose, you know. Mind if I get under your desk~?”

    “Oh, be my guest,” He purrs. “I hope it isn’t too dirty under there…”

    “It’s fine sir~” She coos. “My job can be downright filthy sometimes~” She gives him a big, innocent smile - Being too overt would encourage him too quickly. With some guys, you had to drag it out of them, and others you had to keep them from whipping it out too fast. Naxxon was clearly the latter; he was barely restrained.

    She ducks under the desk, in the same motion retrieving two things from her thigh band pockets - An unassuming USB drive, and a special dusting cloth. The USB drive was what she had been angling towards the whole time. It was a little thing called a rubber ducky - Normally, you’d drop them in the parking lot and wait for some poor bastard to pick it up and plop it in a computer, wherein it would start executing a secret program that was invisible from the desktop. She preferred to put them in herself.

    She starts messing around, making herself look busy while her ass was once again on display. He moans a little - She could imagine this was a very nice picture for him. A woman, under his desk with her ass sticking out. She feels him grab her juicy rear with one hand, digging his fingers in aggressively. She lets out a sexy moan, and pushes his wrist away with her tail, gently. He relents, but takes the opportunity to grab a pair of tissues - Cleaning up his wrist, before rubbing one between her cheeks dirtily, cleaning up the slime her tail had left, and then some.

    She takes the opportunity to pop the rigged thumb drive into his tower, at the same time unplugging his monitor, just in case anything popped up. He grabs her ass with both hands this time, and she lets out a noisy squeak - Yeah, it was about time to put a damper on that. Not because she wanted him to stop - Just because she wanted to still be in control.

    “Oh! Sir~ I’m still working, you know,” She teases demurely.

    He chuckles. “Sorry, you just had a little something… I was making sure I got it all,” He teases.

    “I have more than a little something, sir,” She coos. “But please, don’t grope me while I’m working?”

    “Sorry, sorry,” He says unapologetically, leaning back a little. She smirks to herself, cracking open his computer and dusting things off. Hopefully, this would keep things running smoothly while the rubber duckie did its thing - Overheating could play all kinds of havoc on a computer, which would draw attention. The less that was wrong with it, the better.

    As she’s doing that, she props herself up and spreads her legs, raising her ass a little and making her skirt ride up like a bitch. She wanted that, though - That meant that her pussy was peeking out. And just like she expected, this grabs Naxxon’s attention again. He hooks a thumb under the hem of her skirt, tugging it up gently and revealing her bright yellow labia and asshole. At this point, her skirt was bunched up uselessly under her tail, so he could see all the goods. She ignores this wardrobe malfunction pointedly, letting him feel like he was being sneaky.

    “What kind of guys do you like, Ambyr~?” He growls, grinning from ear to ear. Wasn’t hard for a crocodile, of course.

    “Oh…” She smirks to herself. Time to stroke his ego and get it nice and hard. “Well, it really depends~” She coos innocently. “But I think I like big, muscly guys… Powerful~ A little intimidating~ Guys like that make my pussy even wetter than usual~” Here came the hard part - Delivering on that. She had learned a few tricks from her mom about stimulating yourself mentally, and she had had plenty of practice. Her bright yellow pussy flushes with a tinge of orange, and twitches a bit. “I think you’re a prime example, sir~ If you don’t mind me saying~”

    He growls, and she can hear him unzip his pants. She made a not of about how far away his hips were - They were pretty damn close, of course. She wondered if he was going to ask her, or just go for it.

    “You like ‘em hung~?” He coos, trying to discreetly stroke himself. She could hear him doing it, he wasn’t a ninja - And if she remembered correctly, crocodile dicks came pre-lubed, kind of, so the noise made sense.

    “Ooooh~ I looove hung guys~ With nice, big dicks to split me open~” She tenses her hips and thighs, pussy and ass squeezing dirtily before peeping open, pussy bright orange and drooling visibly now. “How big are yours, sir~?”

    “Mmm~ I could show you~” He purrs, rubbing the base of her tail. That made her shudder a little, and her holes tense closed, and open again - She can hear them gulping air like that.

    “Oh, I really shouldn’t… I mean, we’re at work, and - “

    Time to pull off a magic trick, she thinks to herself. She gets up and tries to line her hips up just using the audio cues she had been listening for, and manages to nail herself on both of his dicks - One for each hole. She was getting good at that.

    Also, he was very big, was the answer to her not-really-innocent question. She squeals and moans loudly at the feeling of getting double stuffed like that, and has to hook her tail around the back of his neck to keep her from falling right back down - The desk was still above her. He grunts in shock, grabbing her hips and bottoming out in her.

    “FUCK~” He groans, nibbling her tail with his huge jaw. “Oooh~ I’m sorry, Ambyr~ I have no idea how that happened~”

    “Ohhhh~ Naxxy~ You’re so biiiig~” Ambyr moans sluttily, rocking her hips on his and stirring herself up. “I don’t care how it happened~ Fuck me, you big hunk~ Fuck me hard~”

    He happily obliges, conveniently forgetting to give her something to actually lay on while he laid her. She has to make do with propping herself up on an elbow, reaching back to jill off her clit while he tries to plow her into the ground. He wasn’t bad - She makes slutty sounds for him and he manages to last long enough for her to cum twice. She milks his dicks with her usual skill, making a mess of his suit by slapping his chest with her tail, and finally, he finishes - Inside her, without asking, of course. Typical. But then that’s why she had an implant. He pulls out and lets her fall to the ground, sitting back hard in his chair.

    “Damn~ You’re one hell of a fuck, Ambyr~” He moans, looking very satisfied and smug. “I should call you up here more often~”

    “Oh, fuck~ I’m looking forward to it~” She moans, smirking dirtily at him as she spreads her legs and lets his thick baby batter pour out of her. There was a lot, and she made a point of scooping some up and slurping it out of her hands messily. “Mmm~ That was so good~ With your spunk inside me… Ohhh~ Fuck~” She crawls out and grabs his thighs, popping open her blouse and wrapping her breasts around the cock that had been in her ass, and slurping messily at the one that had been in her pussy. He grunts, and she can tell he loves how eager she is - She sinks his dick into her throat, and with a little sucking and some love from her tongue, he cums again, making a mess of her neck and filling her stomach with his seed.

    “Goddamn, you’re a greedy bitch~” He grunts, rubbing her shoulder and sinking back into his chair.

    “When it’s this good, I just can’t help it~ I loved it soooo much, Naxxy~” She croons, slurping a little extra seed into her mouth and showing it off briefly. She swallows, and giggles. “Let me just finish up down there…” She turns around, letting him admire her gaping, splooge-dribbling holes as she puts his computer back together - And grabs her rubber duckie, too. It would have finished by now. She smirks a little, thinking about the sex mess she was going to leave everywhere walking out of here. Have fun with that, asshole.

    “You think you could clean up - “ He starts, but she stands up from under the desk before he can finish, and kisses him on the nose.

    “I’d better go~ See you around, Naxxy~” She teases, waving and tugging down her skirt as she sauntered out the door, drooling his semen down her thighs and all over the floor as she went. She closes the door to his office, and groans, looking down at herself in disgust.

    Junice turns white and stares at her dishevelled, messy state. “Oh my gods… Are you okay?” She gets up, grunting a little as she tries to keep herself from falling over from the sudden movement.

    “I’m fine, his spunk is just gross,” Ambyr sighs, sticking out her tongue. “Bathroom?”

    She points the way, and Ambyr makes a beeline for the women’s room.

    While inside, she cleans the semen off of and out of her and spot-exfoliates with a little kit from one of her thigh pockets. After she’s cleaned up, she checks her phone.


    She types in “Naxxy”, and smirks to herself. Perfect. She had had to make this little trip because she needed the highest access account to set up from; in this case, that had turned out to be the CEO. The botnet would be able to infect the whole company from there, giving her free reign over their entire system. Time to make her getaway.

    She steps out, and nods to Junice.

    “What did you do?” She asks. “You were going to, um…”

    Ambyr considers her for a moment. “Things might get worse before they get better,” Ambyr says gently. “But your boss is gonna be real damn busy soon, so hopefully he won’t have much time for you.”

    Junice looks a little confused, but nods, sighing. “Thank you, Ambyr. I’ll take what I can get.”

    The salamander smiles a little. “You might get more than you expect. In a good way. Be ready for that.” And with that, Ambyr heads to the elevator, punching in the lobby and making a call on the way down.

    “Hey Devon~ I’m on my way home, babe.”
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