trials in tainted space

  1. H

    Browser Specific Saves

    So this is probably me making a big series of mistakes without realizing it, but I digress. I played TiTS on the browser version because I liked doing it on my phone and didn't want to download another thing to it. I played a decent amount because it was fun and well written, I enjoyed it. But...
  2. R

    I'm having some trouble with Reaha

    I currently have the latest version, 0.9.090 Public Electron#4586 I had a saved game from before updating, so I have continued that saved game. I had obtained hellhound Syri, and after that I bought Reaha and got her cured of her addiction, but after that, even after exhausting all talk points...
  3. R

    Dreghan’s counters don’t work properly (0.9.086)

    So far, his Cuddle Count and Encounter Counts doesn’t display the actual number, whenever I cuddle or encounter him, either counters will display “NaN”. But if I recall correctly, his Sex counter is fine. If I close the game while the counter says “NaN”, the counter will just disappear. There...
  4. Draxial

    [Solved]Missing option for fucking Eitan after spar

    Am using the latest apk, public Android 0.9.082(Is that the javascript version? sorry if it's not), and the option won't appear for me after sparring with him, either from his tent or after being recruited. I only get the option for being sucked. On the wiki, there's an option that says "Fuck...
  5. C

    Penny Crash

    New Game, Go to Penny, Fight Zil, boom. It was consistent with this error: Version: 0.9.077-PUBLIC#4032 Message: t.toLowerCase is not a function Stack: 83742/value/a<@
  6. S

    Lost Save

    After the last, update I decided to start a new character in the kinetiscist class, but when I opened the latest version, none of the saves for my tech specialist was there. At the time, I didntt car becuase I had saved that one to a file. My issue is that after playing a couple hours or so...
  7. pope

    Guide to playing TiTS as a celibate

    Here I will describe the path to enlightenment in a dystopian, degenerate world. Now before I get into it you might be thinking, "Why? Why play a sex game as a celibate?" 1- Build and early game: First thing's first, pick tech specialist. There are multiple points in this game (most notably...
  8. Z

    TiTS 'reading wetness' critical error crash

    Hi, there is a repeated critical error that I keep getting on my game any time I try to explore the jungle on the planet Mhen'ga after leaving town. I can usually walk a few blocks before I encounter this error, after which nothing happens I just immediately see this error and get told to try...
  9. J

    Reducing Ardia Dom Level

    I've been trying to mess a bit with the console commands but I am very new to doing so and very bad at it lol, in another thread I learned how to reduce the domme level for Jasvalla and tried to do the same with Ardia which unfortunately didn't work. Does anyone know how to use console to reduce...
  10. G

    Bug T.i.T.S Combat crash to main menu

    Game Version: 0.69.420 -PUBLIC#1270 After saving Saendra a half-breed freighter captain you meet her in the bar and you get in invite to Deck 92 (Tavros Station). On Deck 92 after a short talk, we (Saendra and I) enter the combat as normal, but after my first attack I suddenly see the main menu...
  11. Sobbing Genius

    Android update 0.9.064 won't load save, and I can't backport

    Message: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'length') I am fully capable of save editing, if that's an option to solve this, but it basically just throws an error the moment I try to load the previous version save. Game Version: 0.9.064-PUBLIC-ANDROID#3651 Platform: Android 13/One UI...
  12. willkpc

    Can't get face mimbrane

    Hello, my character is lvl 12, I have every mimbrane on lvl 2 trust (including both feet), and everytime I lose to a mimbrane it doesn't attach to my face, is there a step I'm missing? I am playing in the Android version.
  13. D

    Would it be possible to have a roadmap ?

    I think it may have been requested or possibly considered, but given the way the game is developed it wasn't deemed necessary or it would have been too much. But I think having a schedule of future additions to the game could be interesting. Just presenting the potential implementations in a...
  14. WatoroX

    Small Hello, Big ol' Thank You <3<3<3

    Sup all you lewd folk & persons of culture, I raise a glass to ya'll. I've been around since the early days(late 2017 I think?) of C.o.C.II & T.i.T.S. and since I enjoyed them both so thoroughly, I thought it was finally time I start getting more involved in the community. Hopefully somewhere...
  15. K

    Zheng shi node crash

  16. D

    Omnisuit triggering soft crash

    wore the omnisuit into seras store and triggered the party where shes domme and steeles subby. went to put the schoolgirl outfit on and taking the omnisuit off soft crashed the quest. can play like normally but that mission is blocked now.
  17. M

    What Characters do you wish you could have kids with, that dont have that implemented?

    There are a few characters in the game that that I have grown to love, as well as their interactions with Steele. And the one that prompted this post was Shizuya. And while it might be just luck of the draw on my part, it seems you can't have a baby with her (And yes, I do know she's married, so...
  18. Sar Meister

    Please help, found bug in downloaded game from offical page

    So basically anytime I actually try and play the game it'll at random just stop me from being able to move. I can't go in any direction I can't do anything and have to restart the game from scratch (new game) just to be able to play. At first I just thought it was cause I lost a battle and it...
  19. S

    First 14 Boss Crash

    When clicking "Take Conduit" game crashes and gives this error: Version: 0.9.027-PUBLIC#2702 Message: e is undefined Stack: t@
  20. S

    Power Puff Girls?

    Am I the only one that gets power puff girl vibes from the Love Starz trio? Or is it just nostalgia acting up for their appearances?