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We are a gang that believes that Cait's skin color is and should remain PINK. Tan and pale Caits DO NOT INTERRACT
transed my gender (exclusively online and in private); my (bisexual) husband was very supportive for exactly eight months and just now got mad. ??? Tell me shit like that before I get comfortable, please. Now I'm pissed.
What is your opinion on Evil Hat Productions’s (creators of FATE, Monster of the Week, and Blades in the Dark) game Thirsty Sword Lesbians?
Hey there. A pretty random question, but not a bad one.

The game looks too gimmicky to be a worthwhile purchase IMO, especially since I don't see what stops a tabletop group from having plenty of thirsty characters and players of all orientations in a campaign created with a more robust and all-purpose system.

Any particular reason why you asked?
Just curious to see what people think.
Fair enough, though this leaves me curious about why it isn't a thread in the General Bullshit sub forum, why you asked me specifically, and most of all about what your opinion about the game is.
How do I do?
I have no clue!

Did I laugh at my own silly double joke? Yes.
People should laugh at their own jokes more, life is too long and too short to not take joy in the little things.

Take care and hydrate!
Finally found you dude! I see you're not around anymore but I just wanted to let you know your hypno slyveren stuff is god tier. If you ever make some more content when the JS port drops and you decide to make a patreon, I will for sure drop a couple bucks your way. I eagerly await more of mistress caramina!
After the 0.8.143 patch note disappeared, I decided to start the long-delayed compilation (in the text file) of a list of all versions. And don't go back to the forum until I do. Who would have thought it would take me three whole months?
Hi there, may I ask if your PFP is that od Berwyn? If it is, would you mind posting the pick or at least artist name. Looks lovely.