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  • submission update: rearranged things, changed backstories, changed dangly bits, back to 50k again :toot:
    i just discovered that zoomers think Utena is feminist, and wonder who's gonna let em know that it only exists because the director thinks 14 year old girls kissing is hot
    so far today I've heard German, Chinese, I wanna say Portugese, English and Japanese in multiple dialects, and yet no one was denied service! damn, hold me closer tiny eggplant
    i forgot it's obon, aka "the time where your ancestors ride the tiny eggplant horses you made for them"
    Still working on that submission btw, reworking the whole thing so it's not quite so "pansexual catboys that look like Kenny Omega: the game"
    Of course I'm the gal who paid 8000 yen for the Drakengard novelisation, so whatever
    Seriously though, watch End of Evangelion and the last 2 TV eps by watchin' a little of one, then the other, and so on, and it's actually pretty easy to understand. Unless the translations are still hot garbage idk, still got fools out here that don't like Shinji smh
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