Lupine Race


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Aug 7, 2018
Not really sure if this is a bug, but since it seems to only be an issue in java and not in legacy I'm gonna put it here. My character started out as a half-ausur and then went straight for the lupinol. He also has a good bit of thickness. So, lupinol just gives you a canine-tagged penis regardless of the transformation text referring to it as a wolf dick. Same goes for your tongue being tagged as canine. Lupinol doesn't do anything with your eyes so those I just kept human. So despite literally everything else being lupine, and my race in the codex being referred to as 100% lupine from all the lupine features, it also has 60% canine, with 3/5 features being from the penis and muzzled face combo, and 33% 1/3 huskar for having a thicker build because apparently that's all it takes to be considered a little bit of a huskar. And with all of those my race is referred to as an "alien hybrid". Which kinda sucks. And I made a character the exact same on legacy, down to the tone and thickness, and they're referred to as a lupine-morph.


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