bug report

  1. lowercase_donkey

    [Fixed] [v0.9.101] vahn.fucked(...) is not a function

    Sorry folks. Hopefully soon.
  2. heartrisen

    Ardia recruitable after sent her to her mom?

    Freed all the slave and I asked Ardia to escape. After that, an option to recruit her appear but I choose not to. After I go to Tavros I still see her avaliable for recruit at the beach. So, based on the wiki information https://wiki.smutosaur.us/TiTS/Ardia Shouldn't it impossible to...
  3. R

    Error on start up and Memory leak

    When opening the game with Steam an error pops up and the game stays as a background process. Before this happened when i closed the game it stayed on the background consuming more and more ram until it took 10gb of it. Since then i couldn't play the game, should I just reinstall it?
  4. heartrisen

    Can't move after asking Siegewulfe to stay.

    After I ask Siegewulfe to stay on the ship, I can't move anywhere. I think I saw someone sending similar bug report on previous version. Help please?
  5. D

    [0.7.9] Critical Error When Opening Powers or Character Tabs in Journal

    A Critical Error occurs when I switch to the Character or Powers tab in my journal. I think the issue started before or during the Vision Quest side quest. I'm almost positive the issue started after reading the Mind Blast Tome, but I'm not 100% sure that's the issue. I'm using Google Chrome...
  6. Z

    Problems with Frostwyrm

    Sooooo, I took ferti+, I beat it at least 6+ times. I tried fantasizing. It lead to bad end. I tried losing by just hitting it with melee and I still got the bad end, I lost by waiting... Bad end.. what am I exactly supposed to do to get the special cutscene? I'm kinda at a loss because I do not...
  7. Tymbs

    Can't Leave Canadia Station

    My ship does not exist on Canadia. Lol Got teleported here after doin a sex scene with Shizuya on the Majin on Dhaal and I am unable to leave. I have the Sidewinder if that helps at all. Also tried waiting several hours and still no ship. ¯\(ツ)/¯
  8. A

    Immobilization softlock

    I was doing the probe quest to get the probe on dhaal, when i got to the encounter where you can choose between the 3 options "rescue cuz", "just probe", and "take her place". Choosing "take her place" immediately sets me to immobilized, like, even before choosing any of the options/progressing...
  9. F

    Crash: textHyperlink is not defined

    I loaded the game and went into options and attempted to access the style button, which crashed the game and gave me the below error message. ReferenceError: textHyperlink is not defined at o.get...
  10. H

    Bug Report Chrome V. 0.7.7

    Attempted to access Viviane's shop once she moved to the wayfort version: 0.7.7 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'length') at s.value (https://www.fenoxo.com/play/CoC2/backer/48.be0a57c6bdeb52d539c9.js:1:122480) at Di...
  11. R

    Goo Core not activating passive while condition is met

    Here are the scenarios where this occurred to me 1- When I am already a full Goo, I level up, the Goo Core passive stop functioning anymore 2- Then I tried to reach max level then use the Goo Core, it was working fine until a changed occurred where my INT increased After the previous Scenarios...
  12. M

    [0.7.4] Change party members bug.

    This bug happened in either Android version and steam pc version. After I did the Winter city druid ghost quest thingie, when I was forced Elthara and the the titty priest on my team, i went to change my party members on the waystone. But no matter which one I use I get this error: TypeError...
  13. V

    [0.6.35] Brint 2nd Vaginal Scene Typo

    On the third page of the 2nd Brint Vaginal scene (vaginal selection after first time sex) with a basic female protagonist, there is a typo that refers to "a mixture of femcum and your own seed". I am guessing it is supposed to be "his own seed"? Or otherwise a hold over from a scene with a futa...
  14. R

    Dreghan’s counters don’t work properly (0.9.086)

    So far, his Cuddle Count and Encounter Counts doesn’t display the actual number, whenever I cuddle or encounter him, either counters will display “NaN”. But if I recall correctly, his Sex counter is fine. If I close the game while the counter says “NaN”, the counter will just disappear. There...
  15. Meteor07

    [0.9.085] backer - Sam's "Get sucked off" half works

    When you click it, the first half of the scene plays, but the second half of it gets skipped when you press "Next". All of her other sex scenes seem to function normally.
  16. S

    Error Crash

    I was doing the Sariel quest then went to her house i guess clicked chat then fuck then Anal Foursome then it crashes this was right after the blacksmith makes something then you go vist the left square at the merefolk village
  17. P

    Green Bikini Bug

    Was buying the Green Bikini from Poe A Version: 0.9.084-PUBLIC#4334 Message: Potential erroneous button configuration detected. Button 'Buy It' specifies a tooltip header 'Costs 1,000 credits.' but no body! Stack: TiTSException: Potential erroneous button configuration detected. Button 'Buy It'...
  18. F

    0.6.27 Critical Error After Completing Old Mine

    Got the Critical Error message after completing the Old Mine (where you get Nina's wine). I opened the chest first, then the crate, then when it prompted me saying Are you finished with everything here? clicking Finished leads to the next passage about the wine, and then hitting Next once more...
  19. P

    Shopping bug

    I was using the safari browser, version 0.6.27, and it crashes when I use a trader
  20. Draxial

    [Solved]Missing option for fucking Eitan after spar

    Am using the latest apk, public Android 0.9.082(Is that the javascript version? sorry if it's not), and the option won't appear for me after sparring with him, either from his tent or after being recruited. I only get the option for being sucked. On the wiki, there's an option that says "Fuck...