bug report

  1. R

    Dreghan’s counters don’t work properly (0.9.086)

    So far, his Cuddle Count and Encounter Counts doesn’t display the actual number, whenever I cuddle or encounter him, either counters will display “NaN”. But if I recall correctly, his Sex counter is fine. If I close the game while the counter says “NaN”, the counter will just disappear. There...
  2. Meteor07

    [0.9.085] backer - Sam's "Get sucked off" half works

    When you click it, the first half of the scene plays, but the second half of it gets skipped when you press "Next". All of her other sex scenes seem to function normally.
  3. S

    Error Crash

    I was doing the Sariel quest then went to her house i guess clicked chat then fuck then Anal Foursome then it crashes this was right after the blacksmith makes something then you go vist the left square at the merefolk village
  4. P

    Green Bikini Bug

    Was buying the Green Bikini from Poe A Version: 0.9.084-PUBLIC#4334 Message: Potential erroneous button configuration detected. Button 'Buy It' specifies a tooltip header 'Costs 1,000 credits.' but no body! Stack: TiTSException: Potential erroneous button configuration detected. Button 'Buy It'...
  5. F

    0.6.27 Critical Error After Completing Old Mine

    Got the Critical Error message after completing the Old Mine (where you get Nina's wine). I opened the chest first, then the crate, then when it prompted me saying Are you finished with everything here? clicking Finished leads to the next passage about the wine, and then hitting Next once more...
  6. P

    Shopping bug

    I was using the safari browser, version 0.6.27, and it crashes when I use a trader
  7. Draxial

    [Solved]Missing option for fucking Eitan after spar

    Am using the latest apk, public Android 0.9.082(Is that the javascript version? sorry if it's not), and the option won't appear for me after sparring with him, either from his tent or after being recruited. I only get the option for being sucked. On the wiki, there's an option that says "Fuck...
  8. U

    Crash when selecting Paige on crew while docked at tavros

    entered ship, attempted to interact with paige while docked at tavros. Paige has been recruited. recent save file attached for reference. dump message below: Version: 0.9.082-PUBLIC#4202 Message: Potential erroneous button configuration detected. Button 'No Sleep With' specifies a tooltip...
  9. T

    Version 0.6.27 new area breaks

    When i try and access the new shop in the Windy Peaks the shop breaks and i get the error in the picture and when i try to use the item i tried to sell (Belhar Stew) it also breaks shop no longer works afterwards and item is no longer usable (Update forgot i use Safari on IOS)
  10. S

    Bug report version 0.9.079 (inexplicable crash)

    Edit: Resolved, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it works fine now I went and defeated Hand So, took the bead, lied to Colenso and kept it, saved, and everytime I try to open the miscellaneous locations on the fly menu in the ship the game crashes. Here is the error report: Version...
  11. C

    Penny Crash

    New Game, Go to Penny, Fight Zil, boom. It was consistent with this error: Version: 0.9.077-PUBLIC#4032 Message: t.toLowerCase is not a function Stack: 83742/value/a<@https://www.fenoxo.com/play/TiTS/release/main.992f99c9.js:1:17289128...
  12. L

    0.9.077 Hotfixed 3 bugs.

    Three bugs, and I think 2 might be related. 1. If you transform directly from a Zaika into a Frostwyrm using the item provided by Lassau, you do not lose the perk that makes your breast size fluctuate depending on lust. This might also happen to other transformations, but it's the one I...
  13. B

    Factory Dungeon cannot be entered

    I was given the quest by Marae by taking the boat, and explored the Mountain to discover the Factory dungeon. It's now available to visit in the Places>Dungeons menu, but when I try to access the dungeon, the screen goes blank upon pressing Enter without showing any more text. The Enter button...
  14. Z

    TiTS 'reading wetness' critical error crash

    Hi, there is a repeated critical error that I keep getting on my game any time I try to explore the jungle on the planet Mhen'ga after leaving town. I can usually walk a few blocks before I encounter this error, after which nothing happens I just immediately see this error and get told to try...
  15. T

    Bug Report: Siegwulf softlock

    When I interact with Siegwulfe (Bimbo) in my inventory, leave her dialog selection, and then leave the inventory, I can no longer move and the last scene I did with Siegewulf is displayed. No options display to select anything regarding that scene or what should be displayed for that location...
  16. DjinnOfArc

    (0.9.072 Hotfix #2) Storage Bug

    Trying to get caught up on everything since last I played, and recently found a few of these while I was testing stuff out. It seems to be a bug around Storage. The only storage I have access to in my main save is my Spearhead SS, everything else is a hard crash. Some examples being: The storage...
  17. AccendinoMan

    Unlimited Sleet Shaft

    Just like the title, the new Sleet Shaft on Uveto can be infinitely picked up Attached a screenshot of my inventory
  18. T

    Backer Twilit TF Bug Report

    The new Twilit Transformative will give Steele most of the transformations except for the lust expanding breasts and the Zaika Skin, I have spam used the new transformative and after it gives you the glowing eyes, ears, skin color, flat nipples, and Zaika tail. it will no longer transform Steele...
  19. A

    Kineticist Ranged slot "Rock" inspect bug

    I tried inspecting the "Rock" item in the ranged slot of the Kineticist at the start of F.I.R.S.T-14. Version: 0.9.070-PUBLIC#3837 Message: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'length') Stack: TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'length') at o.value...
  20. M

    [0.9.070] Paige "Down on you" sex menu crash

    This crash occurred after selected "Down on you" in Paige sex menu. ``` Version: 0.9.070-PUBLIC#3827 Message: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'length') Stack: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'length') at window.hermRouterObj...