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How are Lunaris and Corinth connected?

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    Jun 24, 2016
    "Okay... I-I'll follow you. Just let Solaris go."
    Lunaris lowers his head in defeat, closing his eyes. The monkey girl smiles beneath her mask at the display before finally removing the dagger from the blonde's neck and pushing Solaris aside. She kept aiming the dagger at her to keep her still, moving slow. The clunking of her boots across the floor finally draws Lunaris' big green eyes up again, just in time for his hood to get grabbed and pulled up to his feet. Face-to-face with her, she puts the knife against his smooth chin before leaning in. This close, he could smell the scents of medicines and poisons and see her amber eyes.

    "Don't worry... I won't harm an inch of this pretty body." Her knife gently traces his jawline, turning him around and pulling him into an armlock so the knife was back into position at his throat now. "A cute one like you? It'd be a shame to see you get hurt."

    Lunaris felt his cheeks warm up with another blush, turning his gaze to a scowling Solaris nearby. The noblewoman's pride was definitely knocked down a mark after all this. Both of those red eyes stared at the two, her palms flat on the floor. She'd likely go for her sword the instant they were outside, the blonde narrowing her eyes and whispering.

    "If you hurt him, I'll... I'll make you it was my sword you received instead of my punishment!"

    The loud thunk of Solaris punching the floor was met with an exaggerated sigh, the monkey girl rolling her eyes and backing the pair of them out through the door. She moved quick, tugging and handling the willing Lunaris well-enough to suggest that skulduggery was a broad and well-used skillset by the monkey girl. Her tail closed the door for them, one of her palms cupping over his mouth as they quickly moved for the nearby forestry. Loud clunks from the inside of the compound made it clear that Solaris was taking her rage out on some of the environment. Not that Lunaris was going to get to listen very long, being tugged further and further...

    A few minutes later, he was finally tossed away and against one of the many trees of the woods. Thankfully it was only hard enough to get a moment of rubbing to ease the sting, both of his green eyes setting on the monkey girl. Her knife was aimed his way, but her wrist was a bit lax and her grip upturned.

    She wasn't threatening him with the same intent that was aimed at Solaris.

    "Come on out, I found something interesting."

    The trees above rustled loudly, drawing Lunaris' gaze up in confusion. Not that it lasted long, watching what could only be described as a harpy landed before him. But... there was one glaring problem.


    H-He's... a guy? A-And where are his hands? Harpies don't have pure wing-
    The man's feathery appendages glowed, the massive wings morphing at their ends to give him the tell-tale scaled hands of the harpies. Transformation magic such as shape-shifting was well-beyond the powers of someone who was a simple magus.

    This must have been a druid, from the Oroyan and Strengen magical academy. Compared to a magus, which had spread across the world as the most simple form of magic, only the ancient academies that'd heralded the mighty Empire's growth still retained the knowledge for people like this. But why was he a harpy?

    "Oh, you weren't joking." The harpy druid's voice carried over his shoulder, big eyes studying Lunaris' every move as that tail-covered butt jutted out and he spun around to face him. "Can he speak our tongue?"

    Feebly nodding to answer earned a cackling laugh from the masculine sounding male. Of course, his wide hips and smooth skin being scantily covered by a Strengen toga made him a straightforward trap by comparison to the unarmed magus. His face was also pretty androgynous, even if his jaw was still a bit on the masculine side... definitely the type Lunaris could see himself going gay over and pounding away at.

    "Wh-what is it that you both want with me? I mean... I-I was brought here to-"

    The harpy-morphed lad strode forward, pressing a finger against Lunaris' lips to silence the male before reaching to his red scarf. But he didn't remove it, simply grabbing it and tugging the length of its cloth out toward him.

    "My name is Corinth Vulnis. I was born in Foucray's shores, but my mother was a refugee from the lands of Yin. As you may know, harpies are female only... this is why Yin has always been a homeland for them. However, my mother was magically altered to bear children for foreigners... so apologies that my form seem odd. Do you know of my cloth and the one you wear?"

    The dialogue had been a bit lengthy, but the final question froze the magus. Not in his entire life had he heard anything about his pink scarf, only that he had arrived in Solfria aboard a ship.

    "N-No, I... I don't. I was raised here in Solfria, but-"

    The monkey girl laughed, tossing her blade up and withdrawing a sheath to catch it on its descent. "He's just like you, then, Corinth."

    Confusion poured over Lunaris, but his chin felt the soft prick of the harpy boy's talons. Corinth turned his chin so that the pair's eyes met, the greens identical.

    "I'd known you were out here... you and I share a destiny. You see, we are..."
    Origin Cloth: Pink [The Enes Republic]
    Birthright: Hidden Potential [Perk]
    Childhood: Sailor's Friend [Speak all common languages + Sailor Skill]
    Career Training: Arcane Vision [Skill]
    Main Hand: Old Wooden Knot-Staff [Staff] [Catalyst] [Ranged]
    Off Hand: None
    Armor Set: Magus Apprentice Attire [Light] [Leather]
    Head: None (occupied)
    Face: Enesi Origin Cloth (worn as a scarf)
    Back: Strange Symbol-marked Ancient Cape [Feather-Foot]
    Hands: None (occupied)
    Feet: None (occupied)
    Ring 1: Sailor's Earring (right ear)
    Ring 2: None
    Waist: None (occupied)
    Accessory / Pet: None
    Mount: None
    Gold: 100
    Darniya's Clothing: A set of form-concealing robes, worn by Darniya to cover their whole body and appear masculine.
    Quest: Rituals of Solfria (Part 1): Head south, then east to locate and acquire the blood of bandits on the Isle of Solfria.
    Optional: Capture or take the ears for differing rewards.

    Quest: Mark of Questions?: Find out someone or something that can help you figure out what the symbol on the Ancient Cape represents.
    Optional: Find more gear and artifacts bearing the symbol.
    Slave #1 - Darniya Gul
    A 5 foot tall red demon shemale. Her genitals consist of a bumpy-shafted and prickly-tipped foot long dick. The tight backdoor between her pert derriere is untested by Solaris, but is expected to fit any cock and lacks its virginity. Her perky D-cup breasts sport silver stud piercings through her perky nipples. Silky black shoulder-length hair (messily styled) and red-skinned with purple eyes help complete her effeminate looks. Her tone is fairly dusky and mature, allowing her to pass for a male when properly concealed.
    Currently Wearing: Gagged, nude, with her cock in a cloth-wrapping chastity cage.
    Item Equipped: Silencing Collar (prevents magic)
    Starting Class: Magus
    Enslaved during the Adventure, Decisions Suck
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