Bubble's 2nd CYOA: #12

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What does Lunaris do?

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  1. Drink the potion. Trust aside, fucking with Darya's father? That's... tempting.

  2. Reluctantly trust him. Truth or not, this demon is old. Facing him now... it's too risky.

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  3. Attack. When the pair beats him down, they can figure out what to do with him!

  4. Follow Solaris' choice. Whatever she does, at Lunaris feels like he did what someone else might.

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    Time to do something and probably get yelled at.
    Lunaris lets the spear of ice sail forward at just the right moment. As the hellhound and noblewoman seem ready to attack one another again, the spear slams the tile between them. The hellhound backs up and Solaris leaps away, cursing under her breath as she lands not too far ahead of her magus. Looking over her shoulder and scowling, she firmly squeezes her blade's grip and yells just as expected.

    "Watch where you're aiming! You almost hit me!"

    "Wait!" Lunaris approaches her side, bringing her staff down as the hound's growling returns and turns toward them. "I did it to s-stop you! I don't.... know, but... maybe this thing is defending this place!"

    A look of disbelief is paired with a scoff before her gaze shifts to the stationary beast.

    "That thing is demonic. All it would want to do is eat or rape us."

    A long silence floated in the chamber as the red-eyed warrior waited for its next move... but one didn't come. The pair of them were within that fiery breath's range, based on how the flames still licked and coiled up the nearby wall, but it didn't strike. Instead, the hellhound was content to stay still. Its body shifted, regenerative magics slowly repairing the few cuts the swordswoman had dealt it. In a matter of moments, it was fully healed whilst the pair stood silently. But no violence made Lunaris feel pretty good, finally smiling and speaking up.

    "See? It's not-"


    The floor gave out from under them, Solaris gasping and reaching for the edge to try and stop her own fall. But that failed when Lunaris clung to her with one hand, the combined weight pulling both of them down and into the abyss. Fading into darkness as that dancing flame far above simply couldn't keep up, they descended without a moment of control. The end of it, thankfully, wasn't too far to turn this into any sort of fatal trap. Water splashing up around them, they both descended into a pool within the darkness, both of them surfacing with loud gasps.

    "Damn it! Seven help me! It was a trap!"

    Lunaris could hear Solaris screaming as they tread water in the darkness, even if he couldn't see her. His clothes tugged at the water as it seemingly wants to drag him downward. This didn't bode well, but he couldn't help but contemplate why this trap wasn't fatal just to put them in darkness. But thinking wasn't helping... he needed to act. Casting a spell from water was difficult, but his staff was still in his hand. If he could just-

    A loud shifting of stone filled the abyssal cloak, tearing it away a moment later as torches lit up. Solaris was somewhat close, looking around before finding some ground for them to get to. Her hand grabs the boy by his fur cloak, tugging him with knowledge that Lunaris wasn't the strongest swimmer. A few seconds later and they're both stepping up some pool steps and onto a stone platform within the chamber. Multiple doors leading out of the chamber were in view, but this area had furniture. A bed, dresser, alchemy table... it was a proper home for someone skilled in research or a tradecraft. The black-haired lad was still on his hands and knees as Solaris scoured the area skeptically.

    "All this stuff... why is it here? Didn't Darya want us to clear this place?"

    "Darya is still alive? I suppose that's some good news."

    A new voice gains both of their gazes, a figure walking through the room. They had spoke Marshwarki, but what sounded much older. Lunaris heard Solaris squeeze her blade, raising it with fear emanating from her. It wasn't as if his own fear was lacking however. Before them was a demon, the first that had been seen in the world in current times. And to him, he heard that it had met Darya.

    "Solaris... it... it knows Darya." Lunaris slowly sat up, squeezing the staff in one hand as he finally recovers enough energy to do more than breathe. "If we're not careful, it-"


    The demon before them stood nearly five feet tall, wearing loose fitting Marshwarki pants and a long-sleeved shirt. It did make it hard to tell, the red-skinned individual slowly moving to the dresser and recovering a small vial. Their hair was a silky black, running to their neck and styled rather messily.

    "You both are quite troublesome, attacking my Flame like that. But you spared him... so maybe you are an apprentice to my daughter."

    Solaris seemed relieved to hear normal speak, but it was Lunaris who only understood the whole context.

    "Darya... is... your-"

    "Daughter, yes." The man turned his purple-eyed gaze toward them, appearing no more than in his twenties as he smirked. Now Solaris was looking equally as horrified and confused as her companion. "I had her nearly 237 years ago. Right around the time her mother was leading some of the revolutionary elements of Marshwark to bring about independence in the future. The woman had fire... I guess I'm quite fond of fire."

    Tossing the pair of them a vial, the still unnamed demon seemed quite content with their disbelief. Each of them was marked "Lust", making it obvious as to what sort of mixture they were with only a mere glance.

    "Apologies. Drink these if you don't believe me. What better way than to show you than to fuck the pair of you? Don't worry, we demons aren't contagious... but I've had over two-hundred years to perfect making girls and boys alike scream my name. Darya may be my only daughter, but her mother wasn't my only lover."

    What does Lunaris do?
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