1. S

    looking for a good build to get me through a playthrough

    so im going to be starting a few play throughs and i need some ideas on builds. ones i was thinking of being were a blackmage on one, then a charmer on another. i want one so they are good an able to get through the playthrough
  2. Loveless

    Ranking Spellblade builds

    Just something I felt like doing recently lol. Since I have crippling commitment issues and constantly create new PCs with different builds I played a lot of Spellblade builds, and recently decided to rank them from which I believe to be the worst to best. This list won't be super detailed and...
  3. Loveless

    Does anyone have a good Magic Missile build?

    Basically the title. I've been trying to brainstorm a build that uses this ability for some time but just can't come up with anything interesting. I should obviously use summons with this build but what else? Any recommendations for specific companions? Items?
  4. L


    Hey this is my first time posting anything on the thread since I've pretty much just started playing the game a few days ago, but now I got hooked on it. As such I wanted to actually be better at playing the game and have an better grasps on the combat mechanics. I've went through about like 15...
  5. B

    Character Builds

    I wanted to check out the hype train that is COC1, however when I started playing I ended up getting raped... alot. So would you guys have any ideas of builds to avoid losing in this game? Preferably for male characters.
  6. B

    Dark Knight Build

    Recently I've gotten interested in a "dark knight" type of character. When I say dark knight, I don't mean the corruption system in the game, his personality is leaning towards the more good side of the spectrum however he's a bit edgy sometimes (personally never liked roleplaying as evil...
  7. S

    Optimized Spellblade

    I've heard of an op build where you do a ton of damage but I don't know how it works. Can someone help me out? Stats, items, good companions, powers, class would be great. This is the best guide I could find I might not be the best source but from what my experiences are, (for now) the most...
  8. B

    Charmer Build Help

    Hey guys, I would like some help building a character with the Charmer class. However, I don't want to build it around teasing/lust attacks. The way I envision it is sort of like a Bard from DnD. I want to create a human support character and would love suggestions on: skills, gear, and...
  9. The sole NASA engie.

    So, I'm at an impass here.

    I really would like to have a different build in my next playthrough, rather than tank merc. I've been hearing about the bimbo tech build, and want to try it. . . . What should I do here?
  10. Ranirain

    Battlemage build inspire from Maplestory

    Hey all i've been trying out so many interesting builds, but i recently made a battle mage build that is kinda similar to how battlemage in maplestory works, and just want to share with u guys and see if anyone can add more to it. For those who dont know, battlemage in Maplestory is not warrior...
  11. VikNev

    Simple question about legacy version atts.

    Just a simple question: The Tits classic version of the game will not receive more content ? I play the classic version on my cellphone and I don't have a computer to play the JavaScript version, and if the classic version dies I'll cannot play the newest content.
  12. Khaaveren

    Build 0.4.37 Minor spelling errors

    In the quest Land of Milky Honey, when the PC and Azzy are in the hallway before the Queen's door, there is a tripwire trap. It should be taut, not taunt. And the silk wire should also probably be described more as a thread, since you can't make wire out of silk. Second: If the PC is giving...
  13. L

    Getting pounded in the Undermountain *In Battle*

    Hello all, Im new to the forum, but a vet of the game/site. I need help & ideas. I think I need to update my build of my PC. I keep getting stomped by imps, minotaurs, etc. I survived against the foes in the Glacial Rift, but barely. I'm a Warrior Class. Lvl 6 Kitsune, All of my Party is Lvl...