1. Sesshru

    Scale Salve Use

    when you use the scale salve to TF, it errors the game out on use, i can't predict which use it does it, i've had it happen anywhere from the 1st to 6th use version: 0.6.15 RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded at e...
  2. B

    Imagepack not downloading and not loading

    I am running the game on desktop version and I tried to update the imagepack manually because i was missing some artists by adding them directly in the img folder, but it seems that they wont load the missing artists. I also have tried deleting the img folder to see if the game will download it...
  3. J

    Unable to give Tuuva savicite

    The option to give Tuuva savicite to raise affection seems to be missing. I've completed the Siege of the Korg'ii Hold quest.
  4. C

    Game crashing Lost all credits aswell.

    Message: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'toLocaleString') Stack: TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'toLocaleString') at o.value (https://www.fenoxo.com/play/TiTS/release/main.975cc437.js:1:11827431) at Za...
  5. Silverwolf9562

    I'm sure it's been fixed by now but I cannot resist.

    Help! The item duplication glitch is filling my storage with horny energy!! I'm sure this has been fixed by now as I've read on other posts but this is too funny not to share.
  6. L

    Syri Post Tournament Recruitment Not Available Bug

    After completing Syri's tournament if the PC leaves the staff room while the options How 'Bout me and Nope are on screen Syri cannot be recruited. Along with this if you go back into the Freezer's staff room her talk options are as if the tournament quest has not been completed. The Gaming...
  7. B

    Sophora crash

    Sophora > Win > Frot >Anal Version: 0.9.029-PUBLIC-ELECTRON#2748 Message: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'type') Stack: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'type') at...
  8. SheepyCloud

    Aina Bug

    !FINALLY RESOLVED! First screenshot is a new save encountering Bhakar, Screenshots 2-4 is proof of bug, proof of preg, and proof of sex count. Version: (PUBLIC)
  9. gloristeed

    Missing Busts 1-8 : Multiple Images: 0.9.022-PUBLIC-ELECTRON#2600: Series 1

    1 - Burt on Interaction and all conversation/sex selections involving him. location: (BURT'S MAIN HALL) on Mhenga 2 - Kaska missing bust during Sex Quest: Stellar Tether Location: Core Platform (361) on Tarkus 3 During quest 'Eye of the Beholder/KaraQuest2' Pirate Engineer missing bust...
  10. T

    Kara Mission Bug

    I just beat the rabbit and her hound drones when the game sent this msg.
  11. A

    Bug Report: Cannot Install Piercings nor use Mods that offer options

    Piercings: Lipbalm mod: ReductPro:
  12. D

    Bug Encountered (Dizzy, Dhaal- Version: 0.9.010-PUBLIC#2246)

    ``` Version: 0.9.010-PUBLIC#2246 Message: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'chars[e].nameDisplay') Stack: @https://www.fenoxo.com/play/TiTS/release/main.315833d0.js:1:16050274 sortMerge@[native code] sortMergeSort@[native code] sort@[native code]...
  13. SheepyCloud


  14. auxy

    [0.9.007-PUBLIC-ELECTRON#2173] Soft-lock on breast growth due to milk overfull

    Issue description: When my character's breasts grow from rating 1 to rating 2 due to being overfull, the game soft-locks on whatever screen I was already on, with a blank set of buttons and no way to proceed. Repeatable: Yes, with some effort Repro steps: Just wait around for a day or so from...
  15. D

    Possible Brienne Pregnancy Bug?

    Hey everyone! Long-time lurker and technical-joinee, finally getting the guts and drive to start participating, or at least posting among all you lovely folks.^^ Makes me feel a little silly about what my first-ever thread-question is about to be, especially if it HAS been raised or addressed...
  16. LanWolf

    A pair of Bugs in v.

    I haven't seen these brought up before, so my apologies if they were already mentioned. First one happens when you take Livrea for dinner: "When I heard the city was under threat I can running back. I'm too tiny to fight with the legions, but if the demons breach the city me and my sword'll be...
  17. Holneer

    Membranes, Capraphorm, Phoenix Down

    1. Membranes. Impossible to customise them through appearance menu even with maxed trust and symbiosis perk. Also they do not seem to do anything during fights. 2. Capraphorm. Doesn't give the status effect required to sleep with to get the Primorditatts perk (tattoos). Only message talking...
  18. C

    Uveto Bugs

    I can't get into Irestad, every time I try, I get this: Version: 0.69.420-PUBLIC#1576 Message: tpc is not defined Stack: 84231/window.tryApplyUvetoColdDamage@https://www.fenoxo.com/play/TiTS/release/content_uveto.e2848590.js:1:5763841...
  19. F

    new bugs

    Version: 0.69.420 -PUBLIC#1464 Message: Maximum call stack size exceeded Stack: RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded at o.get (https://www.fenoxo.com/play/TiTS/release/main.5a430d99.js:1:9555511) at e.get (https://www.fenoxo.com/play/TiTS/release/main.5a430d99.js:1:9559768)...
  20. S

    General list of bugs.

    General: •V-Ko custom input doesn't recognize any cheats. Unsure if this is a glitch, if cheats were changed/removed, or what. Just gonna put it here for posterity. (Codex has no area for inputs at all from what I can see.) •Sometimes the character will just jump to NaN and then 105 Lust out of...