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  1. LostLunch
  2. MikeMikeMike
    Switch, huge fetish/kink pool
  3. rasorose
  4. Slitheerian
    Currently sucking air like my life depends on it. Still a fat, so that sucks. Happy TiTs is updated. Petting my cat while watching Scooby-D.
  5. sumgai
    sumgai Shura
    Hey, I wanted to say that I noticed that you changed your AV pic.

    I want a medal for noticing things. >_>
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    2. Shura
      Lol! *hangs a medal on you*

      Glad you noticed my redrawn art of my Steele/Champ. :P
      May 19, 2020
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  6. Hoser
  7. Aceinthehole
  8. Grimoire
    Roleplaying a world of my own style. After consideration, I'll be getting back on the bandwagon, and make an Event Submission to Completion.
  9. Fatefulbrawl
    Fatefulbrawl Irrlicht
    Hey dude, do you know know how I can delete my profile, cause I've found that my time here has been rather bleak.
  10. Fatefulbrawl
    Well, I've literally arrived 15daysago and asked the most basic of questions about the games. But for it I get mostly scored or reflected.K
  11. Fatefulbrawl
    Fatefulbrawl TheShepard256
    Hey mate, how'd you get so well informed in TITS, you're easily the best conversation I've had on here. BAR NONE!
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    2. Fatefulbrawl
      Hey man, do you know how I can delete my page on here
      May 11, 2020
    3. TheShepard256
      Nope. You might have to ask one of the moderators to do it for you.
      May 12, 2020
    4. Fatefulbrawl
      I will later, right now, I'd like to get the research on TITS done, then just leave this place for good.

      As long as you're good with helping me out dude.
      May 13, 2020
  12. Fatefulbrawl
    To anyone who's curious, I'm here mainly to ask VS related questions. But, I'm also multi-layed as well, I engagingly love the games made.
  13. Droxzyn
    Hello. If you are for some reason reading this, please help SeriousBlueJewel update the Wiki, or try to convince Gedan to forgive me.
  14. The First Weeabo
    The First Weeabo
    Embrace your inner weeabo.
  15. William.
    It's May, and that means it's the month of Mothers. Let us have have a lovely Mayternity...
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  16. Ghost Wolf
    Ghost Wolf
    Just returned! Gonna be writing some cool stuff, just need to practice with first person writing beforehand!
  17. sumgai
    177013... 177013... 177013...
  18. Paradox01
    I'm sooooo BOOOORRRRED.
  19. Dalgon
    Nothing new, hope everyone is surviving! :)
  20. Sir Gooch
    Sir Gooch
  21. Fatefulbrawl
    As a VS debtor by heart I've decided to make my way here in my quest to better understand the verse of Corruption of Champions!
  22. Ninetales10
    Ninetales10 Vadue
    is that your art? its really good
  23. Sir Gooch
    Sir Gooch
    Getting it up for love
  24. Lucious Maxine
    Lucious Maxine
    Is there any way to get rid of exhibitionism perk on TiTs?
  25. thelifeishard
    Fenoxo is luve
  26. Stacias
    Ohai thar!
  27. runingman69
  28. valkyr42
    I was a homestuck at a formative age and that explains basically all my fetishes, sorry.
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  29. Barakiel
    I said no to alcohol, but it just doesn't listen!
  30. Shinra33459
    There is a certain threshold for disappointment; I'm well beyond that