Zephyr pregnancy announcement bug


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Jan 15, 2018
Once the PC has been impregnated by zephyr the scene where she tells zephyr the news never triggers, this is standard behavior in every other in-game pregnancy so i assume the lack of one with this NPC is a bug. The dialogue just switches awkwardly to zephyr's new personality and that's about it.


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Apr 12, 2018
Minnesota, USA
There is no scene. In the first notification of pregnancy there is this line
"You can barely wait to tell her the news in person, quickly pulling out your codex and hammering out a little message to her." There is no specific scene after that, just changes to her scenes in general.

Thanks for the report but as a side note don't expect all preg to work the same. Each writer does things differently. I would love for there to be some standardization as it would make coding preg much easier.