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    Weasel A/N: So, this is a Corruption of Champions fanfic where major decisions of the protagonist are decided by reader vote. If you've seen the quests on Spacebattles, Sufficient Velocity, or Questionable Questing, you know how this'll go. However, I need to set a few ground rules.
    -There will be a much bigger focus on consent.
    -Reducto will be noticeably rarer and more expensive to make/buy.
    -Archery and magic will be more focal, to the point they're actually viable full-build alternatives to melee, rather than just add-ons to it.
    -In addition to the above, the available spell list will be expanded. This includes both more supportive spells for group combat, more damage-dealing spells besides Whitefire, and even a few spells useful outside of combat. All lore-friendly, of course.
    -While canon characters from the game will make appearances when appropriate, the camp followers/harem the protagonist can recruit will all be original characters. You want to recruit one of the canon camp followers... just go play the game.
    -If we include a canon waifu as an actual romance/follower option, it will be because no one else could've done their character arc except the Champion, their arc was incomplete and could be expanded on further through fanwork, or we can change the arc significantly enough from canon.
    -Combat and adventuring alongside allies will be more focal due to not being limited by game mechanics.
    -Character creation will have a lot of choices, some of them not from the game. To avoid it taking too long, there will be multiple choices per post, grouped by category. These include appearance, life, abilities, sexy stuff, etc.
    -If you eat something, I'll pick the kind of transformations and how many based on what I personally like. Due to personal taste, multiple-appendage transformations (cocks, breasts, nipples) are unlikely. All transformations will be, if not directly taken from the canon effects of the items, at least lore-friendly in their changes.
    -Votes must be chosen from the options given. However, addendums to those votes, within reason, may be given. I you see "Write-in!," as an or the only option, that means you can enter whatever you want to happen. In some cases, write-ins are subject to vote tallies, but other times, every write-in that is reasonable will be used.
    -Update schedule will be once-per-day on average, but only if a minimum of five votes has been accrued since the last update.
    -In the event of a vote tie, I will either extend the voting period to wait for the tie to break naturally, incorporate both winning votes at once, or break the tie with a vote of my own.
    -In some cases, dialogue or narration will be copypasta'd straight from the game for a more authentic experience. I do not claim ownership of any of CoC's writing.
    -Some of the... better... aspects of the Revamp Mod and the original Unnamed Text Game may be used, such as Heal Pills, Calm Mints, Numbing Oil, and Purity Philters.
    -I will be privately recording Corruption, Sensitivity, and Libido gains and losses, but I will not share them. However, I may give warnings if Corrupion reaches certain levels. If Corruption reaches 100, the protagonist will lose their soul, become a demon, and the story will conclude.
    -Similarly, any canonical or original Bad Ends that are achieved will end the story entirely.
    -Becoming a Brute or Bimbo may severely limit control of the character, such as restricting certain options or removing choice entirely in certain situations, but will not cause a Bad End.

    Character sheet TBD
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    Chapter 1: Part 1

    You grew up in the small village of Ingnam, a remote village with rich traditions, buried deep in the wilds of a fantasy world. Every year for as long as you can remember, your village has chosen a champion to send to the cursed Demon Realm of Mareth. Legend has it that in the years Ingnam has failed to produce a champion, chaos has reigned over the countryside. Children disappear, crops wilt, and disease spreads like wildfire. This year, you have been selected to be the champion.

    The first, obvious, and arguably most important question is... Your biological sex.

    This won't affect abilities in any way, but will affect possible sexual positions and who is willing to plough or be ploughed with you involved.

    So, in the words of a great professor... Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?

    Reader Choice
    [ ] Male
    [ ] Female
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    [X] Female
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