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    My name is HighGrove, and I write insanely overproduced pornographic rom-coms.

    Like was undoubted the case for many of you out there, Corruption of Champions was my first real exposure to written erotica period, let alone high concept fantasy smut. In a very real sense, that game and it's successor in Trials in Tainted Space is what prompted me to begin exploring what was out there in the realms of pornographic writing, and from there to tentatively writing works of my own.

    As I've become more comfortable with my own tone as an author, I've settled into a style that I suppose could fairly be called Twee as Fuck. If you decide to take a chance on one of my stories, it's a fair bet to assume that everything else aside, you're in for Quite Pleasant people in absurd settings that invariably result in some real-deal boning. Maybe it's an acquired taste, but if you like your porn to be lighthearted and charming than you may have found your match.

    I currently work periodically on two stories in progress over at CHYOA. The first is a branch on the insanely huge Game Monster story: A Mongrel Pack. The story concept on the whole was already crazy before I ever got around to it; in essence, each branch is a different type of MMO monster clawing their way up from bottom of the food chain to top-tier power. My particular branch starts out with a pack of puppies mixed with hamsters mixed with ewoks mixed with stupidity called Mongrels, and eventually reaches a tribe of Polt from Monster Musume Expys.

    I also started and update an original branching story of my own, Wanted: Prince for Wildly Implausible Fuckfest. In it, an average guy is transported into one of several overtly sexual fantasy worlds in the role of a prince. Think A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, but with much poorer prose and significantly more fucking.

    In the end, I mostly just wanted to share what this website ultimately inspired me to create back to the website. If any of it happens to catch your fancy, let me know here or feel free to leave a comment/message me on CHYOA. Like many of the great writers, I'm always open to feedback/greedily starved for attention, so any chance for discourse with a reader is a huge win for me.

    Hope you enjoy!

    - HighGrove
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    I'm quite enjoying my read of game monster. its sweet how the main three act together. it's really cute~.
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    Jul 27, 2017
    Glad to hear it! I'm very pleased with that story myself; my only regret is that it's the very last option in a story hub with like fifty choices :/