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    Aug 22, 2019
    I should note beforehand that I haven't played either of the two games I'm about to mention, but I've definitely heard of them.

    Temmie Chang, known for her appearance in a certain worldwide indie hit that has everyone's favorite lazy meme skeleton who fingers a popular rap artist in the ass with the help of a gay visual novel boy, has created two short RPGmaker games: Escaped Chasm, and Dweller's Empty Path.

    This is the trailer for them:

    If this makes you say, "hey, I want to check these vidya jams myself," you can find them at itch.io, which I will link below:

    -Escaped Chasm: tuyoki.itch.io/escaped-chasm

    -Dweller's Empty Path: tuyoki.itch.io/dwellers-empty-path

    I hope you have fun checking these things out!