Ramis additional crew wake-up scenes not triggering


Aug 19, 2023
Ramis' wiki page mentions some additional scenes for her wakeup menus for traps:
  • Lap Sit- Instead of doing that thing, your gonna sit on Ramis' lap while she toys with you.
    • Requires the PC’S height to be less than 6'4"
    • Requires a penis with the length of 6" or less.
    • Requires a penis wearing the Silky Cock Bell.
      • This scene has a 60% chance of occurring over the other scenes if they meet all the requirements.
      • This scene has 2 variations: If the player has Blue Balls they will get an orgasm. If not, Ramis will milk your cock without letting you experiencing an actual orgasm. Reduces cum stored to minimum and increases lust.
  • Face Sitting- Ramis sits on your face while you lick out her pussy and ass and she plays with your willy.
    • Requires a penis.
  • Lickjob- Ramis lifts you up and slowly laps at your cock.
    • Requires a penis wearing the Silky Cock Bell.
    • Requires the PC to have done the Face Sitting scene at least twice."
My character fits the requirements of having a penis of less than 6" while wearing the silky cock bell and being less than 6'4", but the only wake-up scene that ever happens with Ramis is the generic one where she rides you.


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Nov 10, 2016
The wiki is wrong, these scenes are not when waking up, they are on her pool of random sex scenes if you are a trap and she is top. The lickjob one requires a penis smaller than 5 inches and will appear after you click on her sex option.
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