Power hungry


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Jan 1, 2020
You are a corrupt champion who recently earned the title of Baron thinking about your future which hand you will marry, of course someone from the nobility and has a strong influence in some territory to further reaffirm your domains.

Prepositions Atani, Ahmri, Nyzerrah or/Nyze, Kobold Queen, Etheryn, Carmen and some more that I am forgetting

Keep in mind to think more about assuming the role of a character anxious for power, so instead of choosing for taste or physical attractiveness, choose your spouse for strategic reasons.
for example...

Nyzerrah or/Nyze: Your Wayfort benefits from new flying patrols as well as the ability to trade SWEET SWEET honey.

Carmen: Perhaps her treasury is somewhat empty and you are already a respected figure in Hawkstone but now you would be the official lord of these lands and you would collect taxes.

Etheryn: You could become the new king or queen of the elves, but is a throne that is currently going through so many difficulties so worth it, could it even be due to decline?

Ahmri: Improved trade system cities due to the help of centaurs

Kobold Queen: Army of midgets angry with knives
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Feb 9, 2018
Hmmmm Well... the more famous and strong you became, the more work you have to do. At Least people will know you more. The good and Bad things.

It cames along when you walk everywhere and go into everyone business, and meet and talk with every single person of importance and some who are not.