Perhaps a rename is in order?


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Jun 17, 2023
Since nobody seems to read what this forum is about, and misunderstands the name to mean this is a suggestions forum, perhaps renaming the forum is in order? Maybe if this forum were named "I am working on...." it might be more clear what the intention is?


Aug 26, 2015
It should really just be closed down. It serves no function and has never served a function. People who actually have things that they personally are writing either do it in private or do it in Event Submissions, and there aren't nearly enough people who write submissions to clog that forum.

The only thing that the Ideas subforum does is give people a void to yell into, and then have other people complain that they're using Ideas wrong and redirect them to What Content Would You Like Added?, which is another void for them to yell the same idea into again. And then nobody picks up the idea and it disappears because nobody has ever, or will ever, write someone else's idea if that person isn't willing to pay them money to do it. But there does still need to be a void because it's impossible to convince people that the above statement is true. So either Ideas should be the intended void, or it just shouldn't exist.


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Oct 18, 2016
The only thing that the Ideas subforum does is give people a void to yell into
Nananananana, see, that is the function. It's a trap for all the dumbasses to keep the other threads clear of their bullshit.

Amakawa Yuuto

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Sep 6, 2015
Well the trap won't work if you put a sign that say trap right above it.

Also, bold of you to assume they would actually read it. If they did we wouldn't be having this discussion.
It's the other way around:
It doesn't require a trap because they're obviously not going to read it.
That description could say "The ideas forum is the place ideas go to die, abandon all hope of implementation, ye who post here!" and people would continue posting their ideas here.
Besides, going by your reasoning, there's currently no trap, either, because the description says "Don't post here unless you plan to write it yourself".

On the other hand, adjusting its stated purpose to fit its actual use would prevent it from setting a "Fuck the rules, do whatever"-precedent for those who, y'know, actually do read the rules.
No cost, all benefit.