[New Side Quest Idea] NEW TEXAS AUCTION!!!


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Mar 4, 2024
Hello all, as a fan of the games here I've noticed one of the Endings on New Texas to be a bit of a drag. This one being where you the player help the Cowgirls from the Cum Milking Stalls build a Farm/Ranch. Not saying the Ending is bad, but it doesn't need to be so point and click. I find it a bit sad that the game just makes it an ending instead of say someone from Steele's ship finding the player and dragging them back with some other options to either deny or agree with the crewmate. But let's stay in the confines of the game's choices; either stay and build or leave to go back to the ship. Thinking about it, I figure that if the devs see this or the community it could be put in the game.
So here's the idea; You the player, after helping the Cowgirls after 5 or 10 times building, with some sexy times in between added for flavor, you then get a message from one of the cowgirls. She states that you need to come to New Texas as fast as possible. Upon arrival you head to the Milk Stalls only to find the Cowgirls in conversation with a Business man or woman, could also be Steele's cousin but that's not really necessary. The point is that the Cowgirls had failed to keep up with their taxes on the Farm/Ranch and as such the bank has taken it and will sell it at auction. This obviously devastates the Cowgirls, as we know it's their dream. They ask that the Player helps them buy back their Farm/Ranch by any means. This leads to two or three options; One is that the Player agrees, where they would give the Cowgirls the money to buyback their land. This would then simply restore the previous system and would only result in the Player getting some more sex scenes with the Cowgirls, but otherwise you as the Player would still get the game over ending. Option Two has the Player agree, but states that they will buy the land and the Cowgirls would be allowed to live there and run the operation. This would require you to have a good relationship with the girls, as they will accept this and become the Players Cows and would allow impregnation of them. But that is all for not if the Player does not have the funds. If that is the case, after the auction the girls would thank the player for trying and would then return the Milk Stalls for future updates to that outcome. However if the Player does have enough funds and succeeds in buying the Farm/Ranch, they then can visit it at anytime, work on it till it's completion, and be able to have sex with the Cowgirls and impregnate them as in Option One. The difference is that you the Player own the Farm/Ranch, and as such you no longer get the Game Over Ending as you do now. You may return to the ship whenever, even give a place for some of the characters who have milky tits or massive balls to be sent to for either profit making or new location to free up space on your ship. Option Three is you don't help and as such you destroy your relationship with the Cowgirls and as such, they will ban you from the Milking Stalls and are no longer in the game. Option Three probably doesn't need to happen but it's there just cause.
During the Auction you can meet new characters, such as a CowTaur, another Cowgirl or two, a bull, and perhaps a wealthy Cowgirl or Minotaur that you would hopefully have more funds over hers; which would cause her to want to meet you on occasions on New Texas due to your name and would result in sex, including her getting impregnated and being one of the girls to come around the Farm/Ranch should you the Player buy the property. The Business Man or Woman would also be lewdable, but that would depend on if you meet them during the time between the Auction and the time getting funds. That could lead to them making the betting easier for you, by giving you some extra funds or not, but gives you the acceptance that they'll help any way they can. This is optional, but it would be up to the coders and writer tasked with doing it.
Overall I think this would be an amazing way to continue the New Texas Content, but also allow there to be another place for the player to enjoy sexy encounters, milking, new characters, a new way to make currency and to probably spend some of it, and enjoy more time with existing characters without the game over.

What do you all think? Leave comments and hopefully get word out to the Fenoxo Dev Team to see if this could work!

(Yes, I did post this in Event Submissions, since the characters are not mine, unless someone asks me to create the new characters for this side quest, nor is the Farm/Milk Ranch facility my idea, so I posted it there since it would be a continuation of that specific event. I had believed that the Event Submissions tab was a location where ideas could be pitched along with members of the community bringing in their own work so the devs wouldn't have to work as hard to create content. That is on me for not looking into it more and I hope this doesn't create animosity since I like you all just want to help make the game better or more enjoyable overall.)
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Amakawa Yuuto

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Sep 6, 2015
It should be noted (as Bast already said, but just to make it more explicit) that the Ideas subforum is still for stuff you are thinking about writing yourself. Not for suggesting stuff hoping that someone (whether dev or otherwise) will pick it up.

As mentioned in your Event Submission thread, the place for pitching ideas hoping that others write them for you is still the "What Content Would You Like Added?"-thread.