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    The Friday Dragon

    I stood at the entrance of the city, at this time of night the buildings glowed bright with lights and the streets were filled with people from the lower east side or from off planet. Right above me hung the massive glowing sign with the name of the place. With as many times I've been here and left, I learned that the city's name isn't one of beauty, but one of crime and corruption, so like most cities in our time. I flicked the butt of my cigarette from my mouth and strolled out onto the main street taking my time before something stopped me, the sounds of a commotion from an alley, got my attention, I turned down the alley with my fist clenched fist by my sides ready for anything to be down here. The Alley led to the back of some store where a group of hooded fucks was circled up, before I could turn around and stop watching the circle jerk, I could overhear one of them talk about the situation."Kill her Morgan!" One of them yelled."You want to be one of the Disciples then you have to prove it, Blood in Blood out!"

    The as the situation continued I began to watch more, feeling curious of what this was about."This woman sold her body on the streets and to countless men, but that's not why she's here though. Morgan, this bitch killed a man she would call one of her "favorites" then robbed him before leaving him dead in the gutter."

    Soon the group backed away from a scrawny man standing over a chocolate skinned with blonde hair. Slowly walking around the two was a guy wearing what looked like a stone gray mask with blue markings on it, and a single blue eye in the center of the mask, it's self."Morgan!" The mask man yelled again."Join us! Take this murder's life and show your loyalty."

    The Morgan boy's hands shook as he held the blade and the hooker stumbled to the ground holding up her hand begging for mercy. I began turning around before the woman screamed out."Help me! Please!" I sighed before spinning on a heel and rushing into the group, I punched the skinny guy and knocked him off his feet, watching the knife be thrown under a nearby dumpster."Interloper! If you stand in the way of Justice, you'll be cut right down with her."

    I put my fist up and cracked my knuckles."People had already forgot about me? Fine I could use a bit of exercise." I told them, before noticing that the rest of the group were wearing masks with odd symbols. Looking past the weirdos in mask, they were all thugs like most that roamed the streets, one of my fist met and broke the mask of one guy, before I roundhouse kicked several of the others and simply knocked their mask off, once they recoiled from attack and held their faces, one of them must've gotten their memory kicked back into their head because he stood back and tried to get his buddies on his side." G-guys stop! Do you know who this is?" He asked the others." Just another Gryvain bitch standing in our way, why?" one of the few asked.

    He looked to the others sweat dripping from his brow hesitating on saying it, and once I figured he was too afraid to say it, I said it." I am Vertex, the first Enforcer of Clan Friday." I cocked my head to the side to better show my clan pin on my blazer. I watched as quickly the thugs began to disperse and leave the speaker behind along with the scrawny guy still flat on his ass. The speaker turned to me pointing a gloved finger at me before telling me."You will pay for this, I will see to it, Interloper." He then like the rest of his cohorts escaped the chance of fighting me." Fucking coward."

    I walked over to the scrawny guy looking down on him."Quit pissing your cargo shorts and go home to your mother." I told him as a wet spot began expanding on his crotch. Once I began leaving the alleyway the chocolate whore grabbed one of my legs, and I could feel the fabric of my suit pants rub into the scales on my leg." Thankyouthankyouthankyou!" She quickly told me while tears welled up in her eyes. I tried to shake her off before she would think about giving me a thank you blow job or something." I'm going to change my entire life around after this! I'll go back to high school and I'll pray to One god every night for as long as Live!"

    If I didn't shake her off now, she'd probably be telling me that she'll become a nun and never have sex again." Get off my Leg before I send you to all the gods that watch over us!" I yelled at her. Once I got her off my leg and saw her off I headed off to my original destination, Friday headquarters. I called up a taxi and laid back, relaxing as we took off for the headquarters, once the hover car stopped and opened up, I was greeted by the sight of the compound in all its glory. The H.Q had a big ass courtyard with the ground and steps being colored differently to keep the civilians from the possible danger of other gangs that might attack us, the building on the other hand, looked no different than other buildings in the area besides all the suited gangsters walking around armed with some form of protection.

    As I entered the empty courtyard and approached the building, I noticed the guards wandering about looking for possible trouble before I entered the building my eyes were greeted to the Clan's Lobby. It was a big fucking main hall with tiled floors and the clan banners hanging from the second floor balcony, leather chairs and a greeting desk for people coming in to meet someone a part of the clan, the person behind the desk was a badass Dzaan woman who could probably match up with me under the table." V, been a while since you've been back, you gonna stick around for good this time First Enforcer? Nobody matches your brutality."

    I took a couple steps before looking back to the Dzaan."Skythe, I already had one hooker try and blow me today, if you're looking to suck me off too, then it's gotta wait, I need to talk with one the captains." I shoved my hands into my pockets before making my way up to the office, outside the door I straightened up my suit a bit, fixing my collar and jacket before opening the door and letting myself in. Unlike the rest of the hall, the captain's space was massive to accommodate her large size, pictures of the captain's friends and loved ones or lovers were on the wall and oddly enough a picture of myself was among the wall art." Vertex." The captain pulled my attention to her.

    She was giant by most core world creatures, I forgot what name her race was but it must've been rare since there weren't many like her, big blue skin, horns protruding from her forehead, she was a strange alien to my eyes. She fixed the glasses on her face before she started speaking." Vertex, I apologize for bringing you in from the Rush, I know that you'd like to "Enjoy" yourself on the frontier, but we have a problem that's hard to pin down."

    I stayed quiet and paid close attention." I don't know if you noticed or not when you came back, but there's some odd gang trying to rise up. They already killed the Third Enforcer from Clan Sunday, and several of the lieutenants from Clan Tuesday."

    As she explained this, my mind when back to the masked thugs in the alleyway before the captain pulled out a stone like comedy mask with a terrible looking smile." You have to figure out who these people are and crush their little gang. Sadly bribing the police and Peace keepers isn't getting us any information, either these guys are some kind of pros or they have more cash than us, get to it."

    "You're too generous captain, giving me such easy prey to go after. I'll see to this problem and make sure it doesn't get too serious."

    Walking out of their office with the mask, I looked it over again, I rubbed my hand over one of the mask's cracks to realize it wasn't exactly stone or some kind of mineral and the crack was just something decorative to give the mask character. While I walked by the greeting desk Skye fucked with me again."Wow V, I didn't think a quickie with the cap would be that fast. You got enough energy to satisfy this girl?" She flashed me her small perky tits, her dark nipples looked as if they were gonna cut their way out her shirt if she pulled it back down.

    For the first time in a long time I denied the offer for free sex." Not right now, I don't feel like hearing that I got another kid and from a beta like you no less." I insulted the Dzaan." Put your shirt down and give your tits some hype before you pop'em out."

    The tanned alien blushed as she put her dress shirt down, probably hoping she didn't make much of a scene." Maybe next time I'll let you blow me, I don't need another kid."

    Once I got outside, my first thought was where could these fuckers be hanging out and what number of goons their little gang would have. I took out my pack of cigarettes before trying to piece together the little info I was given, seeing that we were attacked by them along with Sunday and Tuesday, that would leave only the Onxy Alliance as the only ones not under attack. Lighting up my cigarette, I knew where my first stop would be their main club back in Paradise, I put the mask under my arm and shoved off from the H.Q.

    The ride back to Paradise was a long one, it made me even check the time before I came to my stop and stood outside the Onxy Alliance night club. It wasn't their H.Q. The outside looked like it was a bright casino with the name "Borealis" in a cool tone. I strolled into the club flicking the butt of my cigarette out of my mouth and as I made it out onto the main floor I was instantly recognized by one of the members of the Alliance from the upper VIP floor of the club. It was some mouse bitch that began yelling over to the D.J by the dance floor to shut off the music so they could yell at me,"Vertex!" She called out my name jumping from the second floor to the first."Do you remember me?! Huh?!" She asked while strolling through the small crowd.

    I looked down to the mouse woman, her head barely reached my boobs as I looked down to her." I got no clue who you are, nor do I really care too much, I'm here for something else." I told the gray haired mouse woman.

    "Don't know me?!" She stomped one of her pawed feet." Bitch last summer you broke my arm and my ribs!"

    "So? I'm here to talk to someone and you aren't that somebody." I told the mouse bitch hoping that she'd probably shut up and fuck off.

    " So! So!" She parroted me." Bitch I'm a lieutenant now since last summer, I have proven my worth to the Alliance and moved up."

    I clapped my hands before saying." Nice job, it's a good thing the Alliance is getting rats in their upper ranks, soon it will show to the rest of the planet and galaxy that they are truly nothing but a bunch of roaches and mice."

    In what felt like a flash, the rat girl raked one of her clawed hands across my face and cut my cheek, I reached up to feel the blood coming from my wound and felt a little different. I threw the mask on the floor before cracking my knuckles, the ratty bitch began smirking as the dance floor began clearing out. Putting my fist up I delivered a punch only for it to meet the air around the mouse woman, the rat woman began to dance around my punches using her small size to dodge my attacks, the little shit clawed at me whenever I missed a punch tearing up my suit and clawing at my scales not really hurting me but pissing me off.

    When she clawed at the scales on my back, I got an idea, I cocked back my arm and faked her out with a false punch and brought my elbow to the little bitch's face, then with my other hand I quickly grabbed the rat by her neck and held her up off the ground. I had the idea of exterminating the little mouse, but before I could that, the owner of the club appeared on the second floor balcony. The person was a four armed bumble bee woman, with an abdomen sticking out from behind her, she had bright yellow chitin covering her body and wore what looked like strange white robes that covered her body.

    " First Enforcer." She spoke in an oddly calm tone." I don't believe you've come for a fight, or does Clan Friday wish to make war with the Alliance?"

    I chucked the mouse bitch across the dance brightly colored floor, then turned my attention to the bee woman." Chairwoman Ku, I didn't come here to cause trouble, I only came here to only gather information on something important." I told her." I believe that you could help me."

    Looking down on me from above the bee woman heard me out." Okay First Enforcer, come upstairs and we'll speak in my office."

    Looked over at the mouse woman doing her best to rise off the floor, then looked back to the balcony to see the chairwoman gone. After checking the time, I made my way up to the chair woman's office, she had two guards, and strangely the prostitute that I helped earlier was here. I didn't speak to the hooker, but sat down next to her as the chairwoman brought the two of us tea, she was a strange kind of person in our field of work."Nora would you kindly wait outside of the room?" The bee woman asked.

    When the dark skinned woman stepped out, she left the door slightly ajar, I didn't care if she wanted to ease drop, I just needed info." There's some group going around called the Disciples, they are attacking us directly and nobody can seem to pin them down or get an idea where they are coming. Do you know anything?"

    The Chairwoman took a quiet sip from her tea cup, then let her lower arms cradle the cup." Yes, but I wished that one of clans knew more, sadly you only know less, your people only know half of the group's name." She took another sip of her tea before continuing." They are called the Disciples of Bates, the serial killer. They are a tightly knit group of people that hide their faces and use undercover agents to infiltrate your gangs and groups, then when they are ready they strike. But we have discovered one of their agents, they go by the name Feng Hui and through some digging we've learned that some of them operate out of a warehouse numbered 0-45-"

    Before she could finish, my ears began ringing and I felt my face become spotted with some strange liquid. The next thing I noticed was the Chairwoman grew a new hole in her head and landed face first into the table with a growing pool of gray colored blood growing from her. I spun around to see one of her guards with the smoking gun, he turned his gun on me and acting on instinct, I covered my face and breast with my arms, knowing my scales would reflect the next shot, but before he could fire the hooker, Nora rushed in and jumped on the guy and took him to the floor. I quickly rushed the other guard armed with some baton, the second I got close he smacked the baton into my shoulder and it felt like a bunch of tiny razor blades dug through my scales and into my skin, I sucked in air through my teeth before I punched the guy in the throat then grabbed him by his face, I threw the guy out the office window while the guy on the floor managed to shoot Nora.

    I pulled the blonde hooker off the guard before kicking away his gun and stomping on his head and kicking him in the temple. Once the situation in the office was contained, I began hearing more gunshots come from the club, I pulled the door closed and pulled Nora into my arms before jumping out the window, the fall from the window wasn't too far from the ground and once my feet met the ground I took off from the club with the girl in my arms. Once I checked the time again, I swore under my breath and began taking the injured girl home with me, but midway on the walk back, I stopped at a planet side pay phone a relic from an old Terran time, Popping in a credit chit I dialed up the captain to give her the shock notes of the situation.

    "Well, shit. This isn't going to look too good, it will be a kick to their gang's teeth. But it's good that you got a name and a lead, head to the warehouse tomorrow when you can and hopefully we'll get closer to the head of this snake. Now get home safe."

    When I hung up the phone I noticed blood on the back of my hand, when I pulled up my sleeve I noticed it went all the way to my shoulder. I started to take my suit jacket off and unbuttoned my shirt further and spotted my injury, there was a dent in my scales and small, slow trickles of blood were coming from the dent, dragging my fingers across the wound I bit my bottom lip in pain and put in another chit to make a second call, as the phone rang and I began looking around the road hoping nobody I knew was around the vacant road and empty sidewalks, I was hoping that not a soul would notice me in my moment of weakness. When the other end picked up, I sighed, feeling like nothing could go wrong in the world." Doctor, I need your help, my scales are fucked up on my arm and I think they are digging into my skin."

    The voice on the other end sounded tired and annoyed." What?"

    " I said my scales aren't doing so well, I thought you said they would be as strong as a Saurmorian? I could've been killed tonight by some fucking self righteous Justice loving prick!" I nearly screamed at them over the phone.

    " Shut up!" They yelled back." You call me in the middle of the night during one of the only times I get to sleep and you scream at me fuck you and your scales."

    "Wait! Wait! I was angry because I nearly died and thought of my body as invincible as it always seemed." It gave me a headache being nice to her after what happened tonight, but if I didn't get my scales fixed up soon, then this gang might actually kill me on the street."I need to bring down this gang and-"

    "Hold on." She stopped me mid sentence, I could hear their footsteps away from the phone and even hear them using the bathroom before they got back to me, I fought the urge to just punch the glass of the booth out."Right you have your little gang wars your in, I can do something... Tomorrow." She paused on purpose to fuck with me." Come in early." She then hung up and I ripped the receiver out of the box and put my jacket on before stepping out.
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    A dragon's faded scales

    After I did my best to deal with the hooker's wounds and give her enough medication to survive the night, I tended to my own injury. I looked at my arm in the mirror getting another sight of the bruise, most of my scales were pushed into my arm, most of the ones that weren't pushed in didn't change from when I was in the phone booth, broken kind of like my bulletproof attitude. I wrapped up the area with a bandage, I knew it wouldn't fix the damage, but hiding it made me feel a bit better, I rubbed two fingers across the line in my scales, part of me couldn't believe that my scales would fail me. I began heading to bed passed Rie's room, peeking for a minute, my eyes locked onto her curled up on the bed sleeping, I closed her door before heading to my bed for the night.

    The moment I woke up and made my way to the kitchen, Rie was there in her pajamas, with her usual deadpan almost depressing look on her face. I gave her a warm smile, with my black lips and held my arms out for a hug." Good morning my beautiful daughter, you should hurry to the bathroom and get ready for your first day of high school."

    She silently looked down at her toes hesitating to answer me." I don't want to, I want to go to my old school." her voice sounded a little more depressed.

    I patted her on the head." I told you this before, you're too old to be going to middle school, you wouldn't fit the desk and you'd learn all the same stuff, plus the kids would make fun of you for being so big and older than them." I pointed to the bathroom." Now wash up before I take you to school."

    She reluctantly walked off to the bathroom, before Nora or whatever the hooker's name was found, her way out of the guest room still wearing her bloodied clothes. The former street walker seated herself at my breakfast nook as I prepared a bowl of cereal for Rie." You, saved me twice miss. I don't know how much I could thank you." She thanked me.

    I brushed it off as filled the cereal bowl with milk telling her."It's Vertex, and no, I saved you first and you returned the favor, I just did, you a solid and got you out of that club even after you lied."

    "I'm Nora." She looked down to the bowl before looking up at me." I-I wasn't lying! I was going to the Onyx Alliance to tell them I wasn't going to keep doing this anymore, that I wanted to change my life around even though I don't have anything or anyone to help me or go to."

    I crossed my arms, before giving her my parental stare." So you want me to help you or something? Or do you want me to give you money so you can buy your own place?" I asked.

    "No! No!" She shook her hands." I wasn't asking that." her eyes began darting around the kitchen.

    " Listen, I birthed two kids and fathered a third one, I'm old enough and dealt with enough to know you want something." My instincts kicked up into overdrive when I finally realized it." You can stay with us for as long as you need to, finish high school, hell if you can even come back if you fuck up going to college." I looked at a picture on a nearby shelf of my eldest daughter in her curvy treated form.

    "T-thank you." I could nearly see tears well up in her eyes.

    " But on one condition." I held up one of my clawed fingers." You can't sell your body like you did before, I know you kids now a days could buy gene modifications to make yourself into the next hottest alien, but you should respect your body and not let any old guy or gal into it."

    She wiped away tears forming at the corner of her eyes." I will." She simply told me then Rie stood behind our new house guest silently, wearing her high school blazer and skirt.

    I grew my smile once again, showing teeth even this time." Rie, you look perfect in that uniform." I complimented her.

    Looking over her shoulder to the new arrival, Nora laid eyes on Rie, before doing a quick double take back to me. Rie stood where she was looking down to the floor without speaking, I stepped behind of Rie putting a hand on her shoulder." Rie this is our new house guest for a while, her name is Nora." I explained to her." Nora this is my lovely daughter Rie."

    As I introduced them to each other there was a long silence before Nora chose to speak up." Uh-um, Rie I'm glad to meet you." She held out her hand, waiting for Rie to grab it, but Rie only stood still, not bothering to take the girl's hand for a handshake, before Nora could get the wrong idea I decided to jump in." Oh don't worry Nora, she's just a little shy. Now that you know Nora, you now have a friend and you should probably eat your cereal."

    Without a word Rie sat down and ate her cereal while I grabbed my car keys, once she was finished, I took both the girls with me dropping Rie off at school, as she got out of the car I stuck my head out telling her."Have a good first day sweetie, try to make a lot of friends!" I yelled to her, I kinda wanted to embarrass her by yelling it as she joined the other kids but knowing her, I hoped I didn't.

    Looking back to Nora, she had the look on her face as if she wanted to ask me something, then instead of keeping her mouth shut, she just asked as we pulled off down the street." Why? How. Um, I wanted to ask why is your daughter a..." She stopped before mentioning it." How is she a... Well, um."

    I sighed before making a turn." How is she a human girl when I'm a grvyain myself?" I asked without giving her a chance to answer." Sixteen years ago after my husband left me, I was doing the shit I'm doing today, crushing smaller street gangs and beating the shit out of street punks. If you wouldn't believe it, I use to be apart of the Onyx Alliance for a while till they stripped me of my rank and turned me into a civilian, one of the human bitches in the Alliance kept trying to stop me from beating her boss' ass after they took my rank away."

    I did my best to remember the situation." I remembered beating the shit out of a bunch of their fucking dudes with the Human L.T staying on my ass after I kept beating the shit out of her, it was till she pulled a gun on me that I back handed the shit out of her and grabbed some of that ass and fucked her in the hallway of their H.Q. Worst decision I made back then, she was lusting after me in the city and Rie became my beautiful little mistake, better than her older brother or sister."

    When I pulled back up to the house, I told Nora to stay in the car before I fetched her some of my daughter's clothes in a bag and tossed them into her lap before I began heading off to the Doc." Find something in the bag you want to wear, we're going on a bit of a journey to see my doctor here, because of last night I got an urgent medical issue that I need to get fixed." I did my best trying not to mention it was my scales as the car started up and I began driving us out to the sticks.

    " Kinda odd that you need a doctor for a small wound like that." She noticed my wrapped arm." Is it that bad?"

    I only looked to her for a moment saying." Yes. Yes, it is." As I focused on the road for a minute, I looked back to Nora." So Nora how did you get into this? How did you get pulled into Alliance?"

    She stared into the bag at the clothes probably recounting everything she went through." Well, my parents were in debt to Carver and other aliens, in some attempt to make something great. They tried to make a business that failed, and then tried to make some movie with a bad camera, and when it didn't even make them anything they kept mentioning they were in debt and even sold the house in another attempt to break even. Then my mother took money from Carver more than once to pay the debt, then one day when I came home, they just weren't there anymore and I was alone." tears began streaming down her face and she tried to wipe them away.

    Listening to the story, I started to understand it and knew what they were trying to do, but it was stupid." Your parents were fucking idiots." Nora looked over to me shocked at what I would say." They borrowed money from people they shouldn't have in an effort to follow a dream, sadly it was short lived and they are paying for it if they haven't paid for it already. With what you were doing with yourself you could've fallen into the same trap trying to get bigger breast or a thick ass with these new gene mods that pop up every day." I told her coldly.

    After telling her that the rest of the ride was quiet and an uneasy feeling was spread through the car, even the car radio couldn't really shake away the odd feeling I had after telling Nora her parents were idiots." I sorry for saying that." I told her.

    Once we were far enough out in the sticks where the only thing leading back to it was a long stretch of dirt road and on both sides of it was a thicket of dense trees that went on for probably miles. Once we reached the end of the road there was an old school wooden cabin, checking the time reassure me that I had more than enough time for whatever Doc had in store for me before I had to pick up Rie. I stepped out of the car with Nora following my tail like a Terran baby duckling, quickly moving to the entrance of the cabin I let myself in as if I owned the place and the first thing that greeted the two of us was some rock music playing throughout the place, doing my best to ignore the damn shit, I looked over the odd paintings put up by the owner, then wiped my feet on the carpet inside to get on the woman's nerves.

    It didn't take me long to find the person blasting the music, it was a tall Milodan wearing a some casual jeans and T-shirt, but the clothes didn't hide the guy's light gray and white fur across his body and on his tail. The Alien guy was hunched over something with his ears twitching as he interacted with whatever the hell it was, I slowly approached the guy as if the music wasn't even playing and kicked him in the back of one of his knees making him fall on his back and hold his leg in pain. The room he was standing in looked like something in between an office and a patient room with a couple beds and curtains for privacy, around the room there was tech junk scattered about probably shit that the doc used on other people who managed to drag their ass out here. The furry pulled out a remote and hit the off button to music before asking why I kicked him." Your neighbors were complaining about you, they said you were blasting the music."

    The moment he opened his mouth to talk, a loud snore echoed through the cabin as if a buzz saw was running up, then I figured out why he was blasting the music, I pointed to Nora." Stay here change your clothes." I pointed to one of the patient beds before going on my search for the snoring. My spiny ears twitched picking up on a snore as made my way past a painting of some octopus monster and kicked the door in to the doc's room to find her arm hanging off the bed, drool pouring out of her mouth and her blanket draped over half her body. I kicked the metal frame of her bed to wake her up, and as she jumped awake, I yelled out in pain looking down to more of my black scales breaking off and some of them dug into my skin.

    " You Bitch!" The woman yelled as she picked herself up off the bed and wiped the corner of her mouth." Shit, you wake me up in the middle of the fucking night when I'm in bed, then you get here and wake me the fuck up, you rude fucking cow." She grabbed the hardlight clock by her nightstand and threw it aiming for my head. For a hologram the damn thing hurt when it hit me in my head and neck causing a couple more scales to break off, the moment she realized the situation she grabbed the bridge of her nose." Shit, your scales are unstable." She snapped into professionalism, or what she counts as being professional.

    " Alright, listen get the fuck out of my room, let me shower, clean myself up and clothe myself, then I'll give you something to better your old ass."

    I put a hand on her shoulder as she sat up with the blanket covering most of her body." Why can't you do it right now and get me the fuck out of here?" I asked her.

    She took my scaled hand from her shoulder before pulling the blanket off her body and revealing her nude form to me."Because unlike you, I don't wear a suit to bed." I stared at her slim form, her breast looked firm and perky, down south she had a fiery strip almost pointing straight to pussy, knowing her she'd probably be the only good person to fuck knowing she'd be just as rough as me. I let out a heavy breath drinking in her form before she realized and when I tried to move in on her, she pulled an entire shotgun from under her pillow, and pulled back on the fore end, she put the barrel under my chin and held me back with it." Just because I'm letting you get a look of me doesn't mean I want you just bend me over like that other cock hungry slut and pump a child in me, I got too much on my plate with helping you to just fuck whenever I feel like it or someone else feels like it. Now get the fuck out and wait for me."

    Moving back from her, I backed out of the room, closing the door on my way out. I started walking back to the other two shaking my leg and fixing my pants for the tent, I was pitching, once I arrived back in the patient room or office, Nora opened the privacy curtain showing off a simple white blouse and some black pants." Miss. V Your daughter is big."

    I sighed once she told me that." I know, ever since she took that treatment she's grown watermelon boobs, a big ass, and now lactates. Good thing she's off somewhere else and isn't here to bug me." Looking the young woman up and down." But I can see that you found something that fit you."

    Before we knew it, the sound of heels hitting the wooden floor echoed through the cabin as they closed in on the room. When the owner of the heels arrived to the room, she was wearing a white nurse's outfit along with the hat and wore a small mouth mask, her red curls were pulled back into some sort of folded ponytail pinned to the back of her head and latex gloves pulled tight on her hands. The doc looked to Nora before looking then back to me with her crimson red eyes." Starting to bring your friends here to my place of work and my home?" She asked before putting up her gloved hand to stop me from saying anything." No, don't say anything, strip down so we I can examine you and see how far this has gone."

    I slowly began taking my jacket off with the doc snapping her fingers to hurry me along." Come on, come on, this isn't a porno or a sex scene, get on with it quick, you don't have anything I haven't seen or whoever the hell your buddy is."

    While I unbuttoned my shirt and undone my belt, I told her."Her name is Nora." when I dropped my pants and took off my shirt, Nora and the Milodan stared at me." What?" I asked the two with the Milodan turning away from me and Nora tried doing the same, but she stared into the corner.

    "Alright, let's get to this." The doc crouched down in front of me, she moved her hands across my scaled thighs and moved down to my ankle."Does this hurt?" She asked before her forehead bumped into my balls. I grew a small grin telling her no, then she grabbed my pair and squeezed on them, I tensed up slowly reaching for her hand before she asked."Does this hurt?"

    "Yes!" I answered before she swatted my hand away and stood back up.

    Putting one of her gloved hands on her chin, she silently thought for a minute, probably thinking of ways she could overcharge me for all of this." I know what's happening." She told me before waving me into another room, she took me into her sterile lab and took a place next to a set of test tubes and beakers." I gave you a mixture ten years back something close to a Saurmorian mod to make the scales like small steel plates, but whatever happened over those ten years, whether it's just age or something you came in contact with degraded them and made them weaker." She turned around holding a thick needle with an odd looking serum held within.

    "Luckily I've worked on something, but there is a slight problem." She looked over the syringe."This could... Do something to you that's not what it's intended to be, it might even kill you. So you still want the injection?"

    Thinking about it, the one thing that popped into my head first was the price of all this." How much will this cost me exactly? I need to know if I'm paying the price of a candy bar to kill myself."

    "Nothing, you just need to contact me if there are... Changes." She answered almost instantly.

    "Is there anything else this thing will do to me besides just kill me?" I asked.

    She cocked her head back before telling me a long list of things that it could or would do to me and ending each one of them off with a percentage of it happening to me."Best case scenario, you will get your body back from thirty five years ago and a bit of extra side effects, mostly beneficial to you. Worse case you get an unending feeling of rage, grow several sizes in muscle mass, lose all of your intelligence and be a possible unstoppable killing machine."

    Both of those didn't seem that bad, if I ended up with the worse case I would be able to get back at her, best case I'd be in a better form of my prime. Thinking on the serum more she was taking more of a risk than I was if the worst case happened." Hurry up and choose what you're gonna do." The doc tried to hurry me along.

    "Okay, I'll take the shot, but I want to know its name first." I told her.

    " I don't have a name for it yet, but if it doesn't kill you or if it doesn't turn you into a monster, I'll think about naming it after you." She lifted up the needle." So are you ready?"

    I nodded and she told me to turn around, it was more than some damn little prick that I felt she jabbed into my butt, when she pushed down on the plunger I felt a heat spark up inside of me, I doubled over nearly falling on my own face as I felt my scales just fall off my body, it was a slow start with the coming off in a cascade of scales on the floor before my eyes even the scales on my boney ear fins came off, out of nowhere I felt a fatigue come over me and I needed to take a moment to close my eyes. As quickly as I was to close my eyes, they shot open a moment later and got to my feet with new found energy, I looked at my hands and was greeted to my new blue scales that ran up my arms.

    With a quick investigation, I felt that there were new tiny scales around my neck and going around my jaw line, there were even a couple on my gut and a spot on my chest, then I felt something missing, something gone. My wings weren't there, I looked over my shoulder attempting to find them only to see my ass, tail and the wall of hexagonal scales protecting my ass." Huh? Wasn't expecting your wings to shrink and break off. I guess like your wrinkles they disappeared." She went over to one of her cabinets messing with a number of different things." Alright, before you go off on your adventure, I know you don't have one of these because you aren't, how they say it now. Down with the kids, so take this." She handed me some odd gizmo about the size of my palm in the shape of a rectangle." It's an older model codex, use it to call me if your body is starting to feel weird in any way and I'll come to you."

    I flexed my arm, looking at my muscles, then focused on her." Alright, if I'm feeling odd in any way, just call you and you'll fix it."

    She shrugged her shoulders before saying." Yeah, something like that."

    I walked out of the lab and back to the others, I quickly put my clothes on telling Nora we're going, and as we got in the car I tried buttoning up my shirt to the top button only for my shirt to get completely tight, undoing a couple buttons, I showed off my cleavage and the chest scales before starting up the car.
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    A Heat reborn
    With my new scales, it was time for me to get back into action and find out more about these Disciples. The information the chairwoman told me echoed into my mind as her last words and my only lead into stopping this gang, the warehouse number and the name stuck with me, hopefully finding the damn place won't be a bust. When we came up on the warehouse district, I parked the car and told Nora to stay with it, I didn't want to have her getting in my way or getting hurt because she wanted to follow me into some dangerous situation. I strolled away from the car starting my search, and searched I did, without my wings, I had to walk around more often like a normal person would and finding the wrong warehouse after looking for what felt like hours on my feet felt like a big "Fuck you" to my face, I sighed before thinking over the numbers "045" I said to myself going to the first of the 045 section I found a warehouse with its massive doors cracked and the light of the sunlight peaking into the place.

    I pulled the doors opened the doors and my sight was greeted to the sight of a messy warehouse, but instead of crates of dog treats and other crap, there was furniture turned over, computers smashed to shit, televisions busted up as well, blood pools were scatted around the room with no bodies. But in the center of the warehouse, there sat a single man in a kneeling position with a sword on the ground next to him. The guy was wearing one of those odd concrete colored masks, but the one he was wearing only covered his mouth, he wore a black button up with blue pinstripes, his pants were some simple black trousers and on his feet were an odd pair of sandals. The moment he looked up to me he greeted me with a silent stare." So the Onyx alliance reinforcements have arrived." He spoke one of those heavy terran accents." I expected more to come meet their end here." He pulled his short hair back into a tiny ponytail then grabbed his sword." I'll take it that their numbers must be dropping."

    Before I could tell the fucker that I wasn't a part of the Alliance, he dashed at me covering ground insanely fast, and swung his straight sword over head. I brought my arms up crossing them at the last second to block the sword with my scaled wrist, a loud clang filled both our ears as I blocked the attack and I pushed the guy back. I shook my wrist before bringing the back of my hand across his face, before he could attempt to get away, I grabbed him by the back of his head and brought my knee into his forehead, while he shot his head back and still standing, I brought both of my fist together and held them up high before slamming them into the guy's chest and knocking him off his feet. As I stood over him, part of me wondered where did this extra energy came from, if I came here yesterday, this fight would've just been me cracking him across the face and kicking him to the floor first chance I got, then I would've stomped on his head, if I was fast enough to block that attack, but then my thoughts were interrupted, the masked man brought his sword across my stomach, the cut stung like a motherfucker and made me grab my gut with a tight fist.

    As the man got to his feet, he stared at me with judging eyes."Like a dragon, your weakness is your belly." He spoke out loud." He cocked his head to the side as his green eyes stared down on me." Like all corruption you'll be destroyed!" The swordsmen yelled swinging his sword for my head. I threw my hands in front of my face again blocking the sword with my wrist and gave him my pissed off glare."Corruption?!" I shook my head." Guy you stepped right out of a comic strip. Why are you and your lot killing members of my clan?" I questioned him.

    He leaned forwards and pushed me, thinking his skinny ass could attempt to throw me off balance."Clans such as your clan Onyx step on the little people, You use and kill who aren't useful to you, you bribe police officers into turning blind eyes towards your actions, you force businesses to give over money for "protection." without the clans this city, no this planet would be a better place for everybody!"

    I pushed back on his sword, and punched him in the face hard enough to send him staggering away from me and dropping to his knee."Listening up dumb shit, because I'm not gonna say this twice, I'm the first enforcer of clan Friday, that circus shit show, you're talking about is the Onyx alliance, they are considered the lowest in the clan hierarchy ladder due to their leadership and their members."

    The man waved his hand out in front of him before standing up."Regardless, you are still a criminal, and with one of those disgusting clans." He held his blade with two hands."So I will slay you dragon, I will cut off your head and make you into an example." He charged at me with his sword at the ready. The moment he swung the blade, I felt as if things slowed down and I threw a right hook, this time not aiming for his face, but aiming for his sword, the moment my fist met with the cold steel of the blade, the thought of this being a really stupid idea went to the back of my head, the second the blade broke in half with small shards scattering across the room.

    He only had a second to really look at the situation he had before I delivered a combination of blows to his head, with each punch, leaving a darker bruise than the last as they multiplied across his fair skin, then I finished it off with a hard uppercut to the bottom of his chin and knocked him on his back, the moment I started to see him slowly pull himself off the ground. I charged towards him jumping and delivering one punch with all my weight behind it, and when it connected I knew he wasn't going to be shrugging it off, not with the other bruises he collected from me.

    Once the fight was over, I still felt the rush of battle and wanted more of it. I wanted a group of goons to show up to back this whack job up, I didn't care if was the bug pony Lethians, the furry Ausars mutts, or the twin tailed Kaithrit pussies, I'd take them all on and come out on top with bloodied knuckles. When I calmed down, I took a deep breath and started the search the warehouse, but after searching the place top to bottom, or at least nearly the top to the bottom, I only found some weird sleek rectangular thing with a couple holes on one side of the doodad, one of them that looks like some kind of port for something to be plugged into it.

    I put it into one of my pockets with the feeling of failure falling on me, but anger started to rear up in me and I wanted to take it out on this swordsmen, Feng if it was really his name, but I stopped myself from beating the shit out of a knocked out man. I walked out of the warehouse kicked one of his legs as I passed by heading back to my car and slamming the door shut with Nora giving me a questioning look."So did you find anything?"

    Looking the young girl in the eye, I sighed before pulling out the strange doodad."Just this weird thing." Nora stared at the object before taking it from my hands and turning it around in her hands."Careful, it could be some sort of weird unknown weapon, I wouldn't be surprised if it was, I've seen crazier out on the rush." I told her sounding as if I knew what it was before she looked at me as if I was crazy or something.

    "Miss V this is an external hard drive." She showed the small holes to me pointing to them with a chocolate finger." See, this is where you connect the drive to a computer or a codex. You... You did know that right?" She questioned me.

    "N-no I'm not much of a technology person." I was starting to feel a little like an idiot when she explained what it actually was to me."If it was anything else, I'd probably know what it was."

    She stared at the hard drive before getting an idea in her head, she was quick to tell me."Well, Miss V, since you're doing so much for me letting me live with you, how about I make myself useful."

    I could only respond with a."Huh?"

    "Miss V you're looking into those people that that tried to kill me right? I want to help you."

    The idea of her helping me didn't feel right and I wanted to tell her no, but the second I began to say it she cut me off.

    "Ms. Vertex you aren't going to go some tech store and ask the people there to have a look at the drive are you?" She asked me before following up with."People there might get the police involved, and if it's really serious the Peace Keepers as well, and I doubt you want to deal with either of them."

    I was beginning to wonder if this girl was really a prostitute with this kind of criminal savvy, but she was actually right about what she was talking about, if I went to a store asking to pull info off this drive I'd get weird looks and with the reputation I have someone wanting a pile of creds could inform a Peace Keeper agent, I stared at the young girl and nodded."Okay, you have a point." I started up the car telling her." I'm going to take you to my buddy's spot back in the city."

    Putting my foot to the pedal taking us back to the city, hopefully the streets weren't crowded at this time. Once we pulled up to the city, the colorful signs of the clubs were powered down, several if not dozens of people and gangsters wandered the streets; even though the sun was out the crime in this place didn't seem to let up and oddly enough not a cop was in sight. I parked in a tiny lot, then told Nora we're walking, as we strolled through Paradise Nora began asking me about my buddy." Al's okay, she use to be the second enforcer of my Clan, she ended up focusing more on her club instead though, even got a couple of them goldie myr working for her last time I checked."

    Once, we were just a block away from the place, I could spot a gold myr ant woman chilling out in front of the club, she was bit of a husky four armed thing, but looked like she could hold her own if some trouble came for her. The goldie was holding a book in two of her hands and letting her other rest on her thick looking thighs; as I approached with Nora following behind me, I waved getting her attention from her book for a split second before she went back to reading telling me." Clubs closed right now, come back at sundown." The ant woman dismissed me.

    Shooting the four armed alien a glare I told her that I was a friend her boss, to which she just told me the same thing again along with." For all I know you could be some perv trying to get into the ladies' locker room, back up or smacked up." She threatened me while flipping a page in her book casually.

    "Bitch you must know who the hell I am, I told you already I'm a friend of your boss, now I'm being nice here and not kicking that thing hanging off your ass, now let me in."

    She chuckled smiling briefly before telling me."Keep this up sweetie and I'll think you have guts."

    "You keep this shit up, and I'll fucking see your guts." I shot a threat back at her.

    Suddenly she pulled her black eyes off the book and looked to me with one of her hands disappearing behind her back and pulling a gun on me, with a finger on the trigger; moving almost on autopilot, I grabbed the woman's wrist and directing her hand away from my head and firing off over my shoulder, I tighened my grip on the ant woman's wrist before bringing the back of my fist across her face and making her drop the gun.

    I let her go as she tumbled off the stool, when I tried to tell her who I was She swung one of her bottom arms at me landing a punch on my boob, I jutted my chest forwards pushing her off my tit and retaliating by punching her in the forehead, then grabbing her by the head, I pulled her over to a parked car slamming her head against the bumper, then punching the side of her head, then when she slumped over on the ground I stomped on her head. The ant woman's arms flailed under me as she tried grabbing my leg, I put my weight down further on the myr's head, then her hands met with my ankle and thigh." I can't let you in bitch, I can't let you kill the boss, she's not even running with that clan anymore."

    I sighed, feeling a migraine coming on as I started to explain to the ant who I was."Listen, I'm not who you think I am stupid, I'm Vertex, First enforcer of Clan Friday, crusher of tiny shit gangs, and occasionally, a planet rusher; I'm your boss' boss." I told her before picking her up off the ground and throwing her into the glass of the door."Open it up." I poked her in the butt with a finger as she unlocked the door."Nora! Come on."

    I put my scaled had on the back of the four armed alien's neck, holding her as we walked inside. The club had a cool feeling to it with its purple color; just standing here in the vestibule calmed me down a little from the earlier fight with the goldie; I then just noticed that the place wasn't a night club and looked more like some kind of lounge of sorts. There were several small booths taking up a most of the space, each and every one of them had a small table, resting in the middle of the booth, sitting just a couple steps away had been the bar, it was stocked with over a dozen different liquor and beers to make customers throw away their credits.

    Pushing the myr woman to the floor, I Called out to Al."Hey Bitch, I beat up the guard ant! Come out and face me like a real woman!" I yelled with both my hands cupped around my mouth.

    Before I knew it, I got a response."Hold your horses you overgrown iguana!" before I knew it, Al appeared from behind the stage curtain with a case of some sort. The dark skinned amazon woman looked just the same as I've seen her the first time, hell she was even wearing part of her same suit and same dark blue silk shirt; her heels clacked as she walked across the wooden stage, each step almost as loud or louder than the last then brushed off a dark spot on her black pants.

    When she hopped off the stage, the amazon walked over to me with a look in her eye as if she'd punched me in the face, but it was a subtle look as if she was pissed wanting to let it out on someone, and with her green been eyes locked on to me, it gave me the clue she wanted to fight, but the moment she bumped her tits with mines she looked up to me simply saying."Sup." She then took a step back." So you colored your scales again, then came to my place huh? Tearing shit up that doesn't belong to you First enforcer?"

    I put my foot on the gold myr's back before going over everything with her and telling her of my situation. The dark Amazon shook her head, shaking her short messy hair around." At this fucking rate the Capt's gonna be calling me in to come back to the fucking clan too." She groaned before looking down to her employee." Lala, listen carefully, you might be a new arrival here, but you can't just go off on people expecting them to be these disciples or whatever else, tell them to leave and if the situation escalates and you are losing a fight, then shoot them, don't shoot them."

    After giving a speech to her beaten employee, she sent the myr back outside before continuing with me." You two need a computer, there's one in the office that Nora can use." Once she took Nora to the back and connected the hard drive to the computer, I asked Al what kind of club this place was, it didn't look like any kind of night club I've ever seen, she stared at me the same way Nora did back in the car before explaining to me what it was."Damn Vertex you are an old gal." I glared daggers at her."Calm down Dragon."

    "The place isn't really a night club as you can see, it's more of a club for talking and winding down really."

    "Winding down?" I asked.

    "Yeah, not all aliens out there want to just come across the galaxy and fuck the first thing they see you know, some of them want to just sit back and have a beer and a conversation with an exotic looking woman, or a girly boy. I have my bitches offer conversations, pour drinks, and some sexual touching, for extra there are private party rooms for just the customer and the girl, but they are only for trusted and repeat customers."

    As Al explained everything I couldn't believe that she made a club like this and people would pay to come and just talk mostly, it was kind of hard to wrap my head around, but before I could try to get more of a grip on the idea of the club, there was the sound of the club's door opening that startled the three of us. I charged out of the office with Alice beside me thinking the disciples were here only startle a young modded girl and have her fall to her ass.

    She was an odd looking piece with shiny black arms and legs, bright white skin, black and gold eyes and lavender hair; she was wearing some tight shorts and tube top squeezing her boobs. Al shook her head before helping the girl to her feet, then she snapped her fingers." Hey Vertex, how about I give you an idea of how my club works with a more hands on experience." She slapped the young woman on the ass and she stood up straight, holding both of her armored hands together and bowing in front of me, she then pulled out a card from the back of her tight shorts and held it with both hands before presenting it to me.

    The picture was of the girl with several little web designs on the card and telling me her name in a flashy hologram, the name Mozzi, glowed in different colors as I moved the card up and down." Boss, this is one of my girls, Mozzi, as you can see she's modded, she use to be a drider with several legs. But since we have a no taur policy because of space, I told her to lose the extra legs and I'd hire her on." She patted the girl on the back again."Say, Hello to the Dragon of clan Friday Mozzi."

    "Hello dragon of the clan Friday Mozzi." She said to me before getting slapped upside the head by Al.

    The dark skinned Amazon put a cigarette in her mouth and told me."As you can see, she's a bit of a smart ass."

    Al took us to one of the private rooms, it seemed more like a thin hallway; The Amazon slid open one of the doors and held out a hand for us to go into the room that looked way bigger on the inside. The floor was carpeted the couch was bigger, there was a karaoke machine, and small liquor cabinet filled with my favorite poison." Boss, I had this private room just for whenever you were coming around, I just thought it would've been under different circumstances, you'd be coming around though." She lit up her cigarette, then told Mozzi something." Alright Mozzie, this here is my best friend, don't give her a bad time or I'll make sure you have a bad time, you dig?"

    The humanoid drider nodded, saying." Got it Mama."

    Once Al left, the two legged drider girl tried to pull me over to the couch hugging herself up against my arm, I let her lead me over to the sofa and seat me before she fetched a tall bottle of Dragon slayer. As she poured the drink into two glasses, the smell of the liquor nearly got me buzzed; when I took my first sip Mozzi began questioning me to start a conversation, she asked me the basics, like my name for one and what I do, then asked if I had any hobbies.

    "I don't really have many of them, I guess, after doing some time in prison and joining Friday I didn't really find a hobby, I use to own my own ship and was a rusher for a bit."

    The modded girl's eyes lit up when I told her I use to be a rusher."Wow, Really?!" She seemed really interested in it."I always wanted to be one, but either something would come up like my bike breaking, or my rent being raised or I accidently impulse buy."

    When she mentioned impulse buy, it reminded me of my eldest daughter."You shouldn't buy things on impulse or you'll end up like my oldest daughter, coming back to me every other month to beg for money while making "modern art" in her room. Just, don't buy things in the heat of the moment, you might buy things you don't need."

    She put an onyx colored finger to her lips before telling me."But I can't help it, when I see something that looks like it would be fun or someone else says it would be useful to me, I feel I need to buy it."She sighed, then told me she'd work on her buying habits, she then brought up my daughter."So how is your daughter?"

    I groaned before taking a long drink from my glass and felt the alcohol do some of its work."She went off to art college for a year, then went and got herself treated, then bought a bunch of humana+ to make herself look more human." After talking about her I sighed before checking the time.

    "Is something wrong?" She asked.

    I sprung up from the couch nearly spilling my drink, I did my best to shake myself sober before running out of the room and heading to Al's office and barging in on the two of them surrounding the computer." Al I gotta run and do something important, watch over Nora I'll be back as quickly as I can." She shot me a thumbs up as I rushed out of the club and past the wounded gold ant sitting on her stool. I began running back to my car as fast as I could, regretting my lack of wings and the weight of my new scales, the moment I got into my car I was pissed at myself forgetting about Rie.
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    The whole drive to the school, I was smacking my forehead, angry with myself for forgetting Rie, the second I pulled up to the school it was just letting the high schoolers out. I waited in the car as what seemed like an endless crowd of these young adults spilled out of the building; when my little girl came out, she looked a little depressed looking at the ground and dragging her feet. I got out the car ready to give her some attention, but before I could open my mouth to ask what's wrong, a Puazi girl came up behind Rie and in broad daylight told her." Remember to bring your money tomorrow, wouldn't want to hurt a cutie like you." She brought a dark finger to Rie's chin and then forced her to look up at the tall red and black student; She had her school uniform blouse tied up to show off her perky tits and stomach.

    I stepped in grabbing the Puazi's dark wrist, I fought the urge to crack the girl in her red face; she fought against me trying to pull her wrist away from me screeching."Get your lizard hands off me you bitch. Do you know who my father is?!" I let go of her hand and let her continue." My Dad is a member of clan Friday and he could kick your ass!"

    When she was finished screaming; I took a look around wondering where her father could be or who he was, I poked her in the forehead right between her tiny horns." If you're some kind of school bully you aren't gonna pray on my little girl here, I'll kick your dad's ass and your ass at the same time if I need to, and don't think about trying to do stuff to her because of your kind's Libido."

    The alien girl's face twisted into a disgusting frown."You racist scaly bitch!" She swung her hand trying to slap me in the face, but I stopped her hand and started to crush the little bitch's wrist." Either you're really stupid or don't know anything about your father's job." I let go of her wrist telling her." Tell your pops that a dragon nearly broke your wrist on your first day back to school."

    I opened the car door for Rie and once we were heading home, she moped in the back telling me how she didn't like me stepping in to defend her."I'm sorry pumpkin, but I felt like you were getting bullied and I wasn't going to let that stand."

    Once I dropped off Rie, I explained to her that I needed to take care of something in the city and I'll be back tonight. I drove back to town and once I stepped out of my car and the codex thing began buzzing in my pocket, I looked at the thing and began pressing the buttons answering the call and putting it up to my head, Al's voice blasted into my ear and caused me to recoil away from the small device."Yo! V, the info Nora pulled off that drive was filled with a bunch of addresses and shit. Like one of them is the address to the Borealis club that got fucked up the other night."

    I began strolling back to Al's place asking her how she got my number? Then she told me about how she knew my doc, then told me about something important." Hey boss, there is an address leading to a bar called the Honeypot." When she told me the name of it, I could already tell that there was going be gold ant either running the place or a bunch of them working there. "Look up the place on your Codex and you will find a route there." After walking me through on how to better use the codex, I found the bar on the G.P.S then started heading to the place.

    From the outside, the place looked as if it was some old school twenty-first century Earthling bar, wooden door, and blinds, it was like one of those... Pubs that they would have, didn't think that one would be on my planet. When I stepped into the pub it looked like something out of a Jackie Wick film, the bartender was dead and draped over the counter, the patrons were dead in their booths and some were splayed out on the bar. I started to feel as if I was too late to stop this bloodbath and before I could leave the scene I heard a woman's voice call out a name. "Kirara!" a series of snaps followed behind the name like someone was calling for a pet."Kirara! I know you are here, I can smell you."

    I followed the voice further into the pub, then into the back kitchen where even more bodies lay sprawled out and forming almost infinite pools of blood. I watched my step as a woman in a dark blue dress came into view. She had her back turned to me so I got a good look at her, she wore some kind of ballroom dress that stopped at her thighs and showed off her back, clinging to her back, hung a long barreled heavy machine gun, the barrel of the weapon was changed out to one that had some oblong shape; her hair had a bright brownish color to it spilling down her back and her skin had a deep tan look. When I took a step towards her, she looked over her shoulder at me, I could instantly tell she wasn't a survivor of this massacre, on her face she wore a stone colored mask with the design of a woman's face on it, she stared at me for a while before cocking her head to the side. "The overgrown lizard." She drew the machine gun from her back with insane speed and pointed it at my belly." I know how to slay a dragon like you."

    I stayed silent as she began speaking." Before I tear you in half with superheated plasma, care to tell me if you've seen a young girl dark girl with silver and black hair and really small, she's about the size of a toddler." She was beginning to get on my nerves. The moment I could give her a smart ass remark something just out of my peripheral dove out of a cupboard and rushed out the back door, the moment whatever it was got out the door, the woman slid over the stove and followed it out back into the alley. My curiosity got the better of me, I chased after the heavily armed lady, the smell of piss hit my nose as I stayed on her tail, I leaped over fences and dodged dumpsters to keep up; whatever or whoever was in front of her must've been the fastest runner on this side of galaxy with all the running and jumping we've been doing.

    The moment I turned a corner I was face to face with the heavily armed woman once again, this time with her heavy rifle aimed at me and firing a barrage of plasma. I jumped back while the rain of plasma melted a dumpster into goo, the second she stopped shooting I charged from around the corner head first; in the back of my head I knew this was one of the dumbest things I've ever done, but when her gun went "click" A grin grew on my face when I tackled the bitch onto the ground and grabbed her mask, I ripped the damn thing off and chucked it over my shoulder.

    Right as I brought my fist back to redecorate this chick's face, I noticed that she looked familiar to some degree. Her face had to be the spinning image of human beauty, small button nose, full lips, and dark green eyes. Before I could even punch her in the face, she went stiff under me, not in that way, but the woman sat there petrified. While I reconsidered beating the crap out of her something caught my ear; I searched around hoping it wasn't this bitch's back up, but to my surprise, it was a small child climbing up a fire escape to the roof of a building. I gave the lady a stay of execution punch to her forehead before scaling up the fire escape myself.

    Once I got to the roof, I spotted the child on the ledge, I quickly snatched them up from the edge and into my arms, she kicked, squirmed, then tried to bite my scales before she ran out of steam. The little twerp had half the hair on her head be a bright silver while the other side was a dark black, she was the kid that bitch down in the alley was looking for." Calm down kid!" I yelled at her." I'm not here to hurt you." I told her, I didn't want one of her legs accidentally hitting me in the crotch if she started trying to get out of my arms again.

    Right as she was beginning to calm down and look up at me, I could hear multiple cars stop in the alley and several sets of feet below us." Alright, no screwing around." I told the kid. I felt the muscles in my legs twitch and tightened before I got a running start and jumped to the next rooftop, putting distance between me and those Disciples; but it wasn't long before they would be catching up, a group of them were right behind me catching up to me slowly, as I was running out of rooftops and hitting a dead end. I landed on some roof with a bigass bright sign, before I knew it they were already behind me, I turned to face them, and the biggest one of them did the talking for them,"Listen, Lizard lady, we just want the kid that you have there, ya' see you don't know the full situation here." He fixed his cobalt colored jacket." Now the little tyke you got there was made with a ton of credits and a ton of time, something your kind may not understand people like us don't have a lot of." the lunkhead spoke with a heavy southern drawl.

    I put the girl behind me telling him." No offense but I don't think you guys have any good plans for her and handing her over to you feels like a bad idea boy."

    The heavyset human sighed before cracking his knuckles." Fine if that's the way ya want it lady then we'll have it this way."

    I slammed my fist into the heavyset human's mask when he closed in on me, I quickly grabbed him in a chokehold and spun him around, using him to smack his buddies around before throwing him onto a ledge. The built human quickly recovered and tackled me to the ground, the son of a bitch started to punch me in the face several times before I kicked him off me, my blood started boiling as I jumped to my feet and wiped some blood from my lips.

    The both of us threw a punch at the same time and hit each other's fist, the moment he recoiled his hand, I started punching him in the chest a number of times before something else came over me. I quickly grabbed the guy by his head and headbutted him twice bringing him to his knees, I then slammed my knee into his chin and knocked him to the ground, lastly I rubbed salt into the wound stomping on his masked face heel first grinding my foot into his face before stomping once more.

    When the big guy was taken care of, reinforcements were moving in and after the last fight with the big guy I was ready for more, but just as they made it to our rooftop, something or someone else used some kind of window washer's elevator to come up to the roof. The being was a Thraggen man, he was wearing a suit and a trench coat with a scarred green visage and bright yellow eyes. The guy brandished a gun and fired a round off into the air to ward off the reinforcements, a couple of them headed grabbed some of their own before backing off.

    I grabbed the kid before the well dressed Thraggen could approach her."Are you okay?" He questioned me." I am Detective Khol." He showed his badge.

    He wanted me to explain everything that happened and who the girl was, I told him I would but first, we would need to head somewhere safe and off the street. The three of us made our way back to Al's club and once we walked through the front doors we were greeted by a number of different alien girls lined up in skimpy dresses with Al welcoming us." Hey V!" She then locked eyes with the child." So was the bar some kind of daycare or something? Or is Rie just younger than I remembered?"

    " No, we need that room you told me about earlier."

    Al didn't spare anytime taking us to the back and even brought Nora into the room with us, I began explaining what happened at the bar and meeting the child and then meeting with the detective, I then told the detective I am the first enforcer with clan Friday and I am trying to stop this gang from causing any more bloodshed.

    "Hmm, it sounds like it makes sense, despite how bad the Clans are they don't usually leave a trail of bodies or drag civilians into their gang wars."

    As crazy as it sounded he wasn't wrong, our clans were filled with criminals sure, but our strict rules kept the police from just raiding and arresting everyone who flew a clan banner or wore a clan's pin. I turned to the child and asked her who she was, but the moment she started talking she only mumbled and looked away from us, she stared down at her feet. I had a feeling this wasn't gonna get anywhere and seeing how hard it was for her to talk to us or even look at us; I searched around the back room and luckily found what I was looking for, a notepad and pen, I handed it to her and then asked her who she was again.

    The child scribbled on the notepad, and in big words, she wrote, Kirara, but the k was backward. She started writing once again but something long on the notepad before showing it to us. Kirara told us that she's from a big machine, the big machine birthed her and she had no parents, she then wrote that the masked people and a pale man kept her in the big machine and in a different world. After taking the info in, I couldn't make heads or tails of what she was writing, I couldn't understand what "the big machine" meant or who "The Pale man" was or who they could be. I reclined on the couch and groaned.

    "I'm just back where I started, Damn it!"
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