Need help with Brint/Brienne TS


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Oct 6, 2015
To put it simply I completely forgot once you get to Khorminos the cave where the curse armor is that turns Brint into Brienne collapses and becomes unavailable, is there any way I can do the transformation through the save editor? If so what do I gotta do to start the process?

Normally I would go back to an earlier save but I would really want to avoid doing that if at all possible as its at least an hour or two back from my current one.


Honestly: Brint, Etheryn, Cait, Azzy are the Companions I wouldn't mess around with save editor, code monkey...
If it's only 1-2 hours of play, you are better off going back to the save and do that properly. Especially because you have a ton of new dialogues, different interactions etc. Some things will remain the same so you can speed up that part because you already know what will happen.


It might be my own way of (over)doing things, but I always have my regular saves, properly named, and experimental ones where I try out next steps or just mess with things.


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Oct 31, 2020
You can go back from undermountain and then manually edit the save file. Look for a flag called MAD_COW_KILL and delete it. This will allow you to start the Mad Cow (From the original tile in Valley) quest and proceed from there.

By save edit, I mean using a text editor. It's been a long time since I used save editor on the forum.

Edit: I had old save file and it worked.

Before edit:
After edit

Delete everything between two comas and then one coma.

Warning - this will not clear any flags from Khorminos done with Brint - You will probably see the same scenes with Brienne (unless they have exactly the same flag) but if devs check somewhere for Brint specific flag and you have it - he will appear from thin air.

BTW. Changing Brint->Brienne is not that dangerous as game is more or else prepared for that - the reverse is a lot more difficult and dangerous to your save file.
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