Narc: inconsistent description

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Jun 17, 2023
After getting Narc her bits, her description and her "sex" text are inconsistent:
"Due to the excessive cleavage on display, you can safely guess she’s around a F-Cup. While you don’t know for sure what else she has going on, you are aware than some V-Ko’s have ‘additional features’ under the hood. Maybe she does as well? Under Narc’s skimpy skirt rests her fancy new vagina."
(seems odd - at this point Steele has had just about ever variant of sex with her, so there shouldn't be any question about what features she has, esp. since Steele knows about her vagina)
In her Sex button:

“Uh,” God, she has a way of making it sound unsexy. “Yeah, that...”

“Oh! Well...” Narc lowers her hands and takes hold of the hem of her skimpy skirt, lifting it up. “As you can see, that is currently impossible.”

Sure enough, you see what she means.

Something is clearly missing from her crotch, an empty port right where most bipeds keep their sex organs. The empty space takes up a fair portion of her pelvis, the missing add-on seemingly having some depth to it. You assume it must have been a vaginal component, but why the hell is it missing?

But it isn't missing - Steele got it for her, got the drivers, and it is available in the To The Ship menu.

Also - in the case where Steele gave Narc the standard nurse's outfit, it would be nice if there were an option to upgrade her if/when Steele gets the Dhaalian nurse's outfit.


Aug 26, 2015
Hopefully fixed for the next release. The flag for approaching her about sex was never set, always resulting in that variant of the text.
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