Lost Lands: Pollinator

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    A quick story about stopping to smell the flowers, and never quite going home after. Includes monster girls, femdom, hypnosis, mind control, and orgasm denial.

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    Jarick stared up at Lymia longingly. She smiled down at him, reclining in her chair of leaves and vines, her body puffed with the pollen mantle. It slid along her breasts and hid her pussy in a flare of golden softness. Frilled her wrists like bracers and anklets. Contrasting against it was her pale, soft skin. Ample and soft. Everything about her was just… so… soft…

    “Jarick,” she cooed, her voice, like her, soft and pleasant. She spread her arms, her face bright with love. “Jarick. My sweet pet. Come here. Come to momma’s arms.”

    Jarick rose on his knees and embraced her midriff. He shuddered as he buried his face in the puffy pollen which hid her sweet pussy. He remembered the first time he saw her. How he’d been walking through the Wire Woods. Oh he’d been warned, of course. Everyone knew the demon taint was strong in the wild forest and its ever expanding borders. But he’d gone in anyway. He’d been hunting. And while within he’d smelled that lovely pollen.

    He inhaled deeply, filling his lungs with her sweet, flowery scent. His head spun, his thoughts stirred and lazy. He moaned softly, nuzzling her pussy adoringly.

    Lymia giggled. “Good boy,” she crooned, petting his hair.

    Oh yes. He was a good boy. He smiled vaguely, inhaling again, drawing in as much of her intoxicating pollen as he could. He sneezed, feeling a bit more of his brain fluttering away.

    “Good boy,” she crooned. “That’s it. Get it all over you. My pretty boy.”

    Jarick nodded vaguely. He squirmed against her soft curves, rubbing himself against the sweet pollen that covered her. It tingled on his skin, alive. He wanted to be such a good boy for her. Such a pretty, lovely, sweet boy for his mistress. His goddess.

    It hadn’t always been this way, of course. He remembered being afraid when he first walked into the clearing. Seeing the swathe of wildflowers bobbing in the breeze. He’d walked slowly, inhaling air spiced so sweetly it made him just… forget about the world outside. And then he’d spotted her. Heard her call to him. The fear had been short lived. How could he have been afraid of his soft, lovely mistress?

    He wriggled against her, whining softly with need. His cock was soooo hard. His head was so heavy.

    “Shhh,” she cooed. “Shhh. Just get it all over you, sweetie. Just get yourself nice and covered in my pretty pollen. Oh good boy. Good boy…”

    He panted, his face flushed. His body burning like with a fever as he nuzzled at her softness. He licked and worshipped her tits, relishing the taste of her creamy flesh even as her pollen coated his chin and shone in his air.

    “I know, sweetie. I know how much you need to cum. You need it so bad, don’t you? You need to cum so desperately.”

    “P-please,” he moaned, rubbing his cock against her soft leg, looking into her shining eyes pleadingly. “Please. Mistress. Please…”

    She giggled, the sound ringing through his heavy head. He gasped as her delicate fingers grasped his cock, slowly pumping it. “Oh poor thing. You need to cum so badly don’t you? You need to cum, hm?” she said lightly, teasing him, her delicate fingers stroking up his throbbing shaft, swirling at the tip, tickling the underside. His balls throbbed. His cock ached from promised relief, but he never reached the peak. She just kept edging him. Edging him, her hands slowly stroking, speeding up, keeping him hot and heavy and needy for her. “You know how you get to cum, sweetie,” she whispered in his ear, her tongue flicking the lobe, making him cry out in helpless need. “You know what you have to do. But not yet. Just keep on that edge, sweetie. Just keep being needy. Just keep being my horny… horny pet.”

    He nodded. This was her way. Their way. But oh his head felt so heavy. So stuffed. So… thick…

    At last, giggling, she pushed him off her. “Okay sweetie. It’s time. You know where to go.”

    He disconnected from her weakly. His naked body was coated in the puffy pollen of her flower. She giggled at the sight of his flushed face, eyes dark with lust and cock jutting from his groin. “Off you go,” she said, fluttering her hands.

    He nodded, staggering from the clearing. His head throbbed with her pollen. It seemed to permeate his skin, filling him with a warmth. A need. He knew how to quench it. He staggered through the humming forest, pollen flaking off him, drifting into plants and flowers, his cock guiding him on. On into the tangled woods and towards the promised relief. He staggered through the fronds. Heard in the distance the squeal and cry of creatures wrapped in their own pleasured embrace.

    But he kept going. Kept walking as Mistress’s pollen drifting off him, saturating the land he passed through.

    “Oh. Well now, what’s this?”

    Jarick stopped. He turned towards the voice. A woman stood before him, strong and imposing. But not human. Not human at all. Dark fur puffed around her throat in a collar, her hair a similar shade with a pair of sharp, triangular ears poking free. A fluffy tail wagged behind her, a V of fur framing her pussy.

    “Well well,” the wolf girl said, sauntering towards him, her yellow eyes hungry. “Look at this. What’s a pretty little slave like you doing wandering around?”

    Jarick stared at her, entranced by her. Even before her musk hit him he was hers. He whimpered, staggering towards her. “Please…” he moaned.

    The wolf’s nose twitched. She sniffed deeply, sneezed sharply as she caught a whiff of the pollen coating him. “Oh,” she gasped, her eyes growing darker, pupils dilating. “Oh. That’s…”

    He reached her before she could escape. Clung to her. She gasped as she inhaled a sudden, thick puff of the pollen coating his body. “Oh…” she gasped as he rubbed himself against her. Her eyes grew dim, drunken. “Ohhh…”

    Jarick was long lost by now. The wolf’s musk overwhelmed his already weak mind. The heaviness in his head consumed him. His need was too great. He kissed her, and she returned it eagerly. They fell together to the forest floor, rubbing against one another, delighting in the sensations of their over sensitized skin pressing against each other.

    “Yessss,” she purred.

    “N-need it,” he panted, nuzzling her breasts, getting the pollen into her tickling fur. His cock slid against her soft mound, found her pussy. He pushed inside.


    He moaned as he began to thrust. She joined him, clinging to him, her soft breasts pressing against his chest as he fucked her, driven towards the promised completion. His balls ached with need. The softness of the bestial woman entranced him. He nuzzled her fur, inhaled her heady scent.

    “Yes,” she panted. “Yes!”

    “Mnnnnn!” He whined, crying out, quivering as he came in her, pumping his load of pent up seed into her hungry cunt.

    She gasped, pulled him down, smothered him with a kiss. He rolled with her on the grass, suddenly beneath her. The wolf woman reared above him, her eyes glassy but bright. Her hips rolled as she rode him into the ground, fucking his needy cock, her breasts bouncing on her chest.

    “Yes. Yes! Ahhhh!” she screamed as she came again. Jarick cried out, twitching beneath her, joining her orgasm with his own.

    Hours passed. Again and again they came together. Pleasured each other. He licked her intoxicating skin, soaking in her heady musk. She pawed and stroked him, fucked him to exhaustion.

    The sun was setting, the shadows of the forest growing long when she at last climbed off him. Her eyes were still dim as she slowly walked away, her fur twinkling with pollen that drifted off her like stars in the night.

    Jarick lay in the grass for a long moment, spent, content. But he was without pollen now. Without the sweet fluff of his mistress. His cock twitched, hungry again for her teasing touch. He slowly climbed to his feet and staggered off into the woods once more, called back to his mistress’s garden. Called back to be kissed and teased into mindless, needy bliss, his body coated with sweet pollen that he could bear out of the garden. To allow himself to be taken by a creature of the woods and spread his mistress’s seed onto them, to in turn bear it further into the world. To spread her across the Wire Woods.

    He smiled blissfully as he staggered back into the swaying field of flowers. When the petals stroked his legs and thighs. And his cock throbbed when he heard the giggle of his mistress.

    “Come here, sweet boy.”

    And he fell once more into her arms, and their soft, puffy bliss.
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