Incorrect Timestamps on Mail and Saves (With A Hint of Aina Pregnancy Progressing WAY too Fast)


Jan 5, 2017
So this one's a double bug of Aina's pregnancy progressing way too fast/emails being fired off at the wrong time and a timestamp bug that I first thought it was just on mail until I went to save a copy to upload (which isn't working BTW) and got the wrong timestamp on the save as well.

I got Aina's pregnancy email at 2:18 on Day 2 and then got her first progress email at 15:56 on Day 2 (which is WAY too soon because she's supposed to send that email after 15 days), but in the mail box, the timestamps are swapped on those messages and my saves are saying 2:18 even though they load at the proper time of 18:26.