[Game Version: 0.9.001-PUBLIC#2028] 'Plasma Conduit' Key item not in inventory upon converting AS to JS

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Mar 13, 2022
(This is kinda of a repost of this thread, but I'm adding a bit more detail.)

When using TiTs 0.8.160's convertor the converted save doesn't have the key item "Plasma Conduit" in the inventory.
Key Items Inventory - No Plasma Conduit.png
This makes it impossible to leave the FIRST-14 with your ship:
You need to find a plasma conduit.png
Sadly, you can't even refight the Overqueen to get it back/Go back to pick another one up.

I think this problem exists because the Plasma Conduit doesn't stay in the inventory in the AS version:
AS Key Items Inventory - No Plasma Conduit.png
This is because it gets consumed when first attempting to fly.
AS Consuming Plasma Conduit.png

Whereas in JS version this doesn't happen and instead just checks to see if the Plasma Conduit is in the key item inventory.

A way to possibly fix this is to just allow the player to repick the Plasma Conduit up at it's usual location.

How to fix on affected saves:
  • Open the console (F12) (or Ctrl+Shift+K for Firefox)
  • Type in: pc.createKeyItem("Plasma Conduit");
  • Should be ready for take off.

Attached Save:
A converted save on the FIRST-14.


  • Converted Save on the FIRST-14.json
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Aug 26, 2015
Fixed. This one fell down the back of the "Changed in Flash after heavy rework massively changed the version in JS" sofa.
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