[Game Version: 0.9.000-PUBLIC#1940] Inseminator Pro - Problems and Crashes

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Mar 13, 2022
(Please let me know if you want me to post these as seperate bug reports)

[EDIT] Lost Variables upon Load​

After testing a bit on some of my save files I realised that the Inseminator Pro works completely fine until you save and then load your file.

For some reason after you load a save file these variables get set to undefined and break the whole thing:
  • pc.inseminatorProCumQ
  • pc.inseminatorProEnabled
  • pc.inseminatorProMaxCum
  • pc.inseminatorProRefractoryRateOrig
  • pc.inseminatorProVirility

I'm pretty sure this problem is the one that is causing the others.
I can confirm that resetting them in the console fixes all the problems mentioned.
(I've put a save just before and then just after installing the Inseminator pro

Buttons Don't Work​

I've just installed the Inseminator Pro on my Steele and tried to change some settings, in which didn't do anything.
The only setting which actually changed was my Steele's Refractory Rate.
Inseminator Pro - Buttons Not Working.png
I'm going to assume that from flash to the js convertion the variables used have been changed (like the current problems of tail genitals)
EDIT: The variables it does use just magically dissapear upon load.

NaN% Refractory Rate​

So, usually when something doesn't work you'll want to deactivate it so I did just that and it set refractory rate to "NaN%".
Inseminator Pro - NaN Refractory Rate.png

And given, how refractory rate affects ballFullness it also set that to "NaN%" which crashes the game after any time has passed.
The game also crashes the same way if you then try to either reactivate it or try to get it uninstalled.

I don't know what could be causing this, the only thing special about my Steele is that I've taken 5 galomax pills.

Save files attached:
  • Just about to implant the Inseminator Pro.
  • A save file with the Inseminator Pro already installed.


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  • Inseminator Pro - Installing.json
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May 4, 2022
I also get this issue and was about to report it, sometimes it fixes itself when deactivating it and activating it, but it can also cause the game to crash when it goes to NAN, most effective solution (that isn't actually a solution) I have currently found to keep playing with it and use it is uninstalling the inseminator pro, buying it, and installing it again, which honestly is a very annoying money sink...


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Mar 13, 2022
The way in which I fix it is to just put the listed variables above and define them in the console.

For example: I've just got a sticky note with the listed lines:
pc.inseminatorProEnabled = 1;
pc.inseminatorProCumQ = 0;
pc.inseminatorProMaxCum = 13000;
pc.inseminatorProRefractoryRateOrig = 4;
pc.inseminatorProVirility = 10;

Everytime I load a save with inseminator pro installed; I just open the console (F12) (or Ctrl+Shift+K in firefox) and copy and paste that entire block of text in and everything's fine (...until it breaks).


Apr 12, 2018
Minnesota, USA
Fixed. It might show up as deactivated when you load a game from when the bug existed but will work correctly from now on once you activate it.
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Mar 13, 2022
Things are working correctly for me now in [Game Version #1958].
I just had to repaste the code I had on my sticky note and I've not had any problems so far.
Thank you!
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