FoE 0.5.6 feedback and comments


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Nov 18, 2016
Thought I'd post in here to get some thoughts down about the game. I'm not sure how much Alder really puts into the game time-wise, but I know that sometimes all you need to get going is some discussion or the thoughts of others.

So here I go:

- When you choose Kai/Kaia, that portrait stays forever no matter what you do with them.
- [GRAMMAR] Growth lines in the debug tool are missing words or even size descriptors.
"Kai's cock(s) grow in thickness, giving him dick"
"Kai's cock(s) grow in length, giving him average slab of meat"
"giving him shaft"
- Dom and Sub scales don't seem to do much with Kai/Kaia. As a character that's almost always around - support for these should be built out for them, first.
- Burrows Questline is neat, but I wish there was more reward or variance for Vera, Ophelia, and perhaps Roa. This would be a great use of the Sub/Dom Mechanics in combination with the transformations you're providing the burrow.
- Characters in the game should have their description displayed on the screen, or have an option to do so. Especially considering how they may change in so many ways according to relationship.
- Going off the previous comment. Perhaps instead of making all of these bespoke scales for relation, sub/dom, sluttiness, and other variables - create a single scale and structure their content so you can create content for them more quickly. That way you can fulfill the existing features of the game.
- [Farm] Adrian's content seems stuck. I like making zeroes into heroes, and Adrian really could use this content alongside Gwendy. While it's a large bit of work, I think you should support sub and dom mentality on all key characters. Structuring content so the structure can be copypasted really does make a difference and it only enhances what you're already put into the game.
- The debug mode really could use some more features to control NPCs and yourself.
- Sub/dom is a major feature and it has no control other than grinding it. That's not how it really works. add potions or some level of toggle.
- This is mostly because of a lack of content, but determine the meaningful result of pregnancy and birth and implement it. Then make it carry both ways for the player's exploits.

Giving FOE Some Energy:

The game might seem like a boring project, but it doesn't need to be. There's a few things that this game could do to make itself stand on its own merits, and all it takes is some hard work to flesh out the core features.

Instead of making javascript files to deal with constant conditions based upon points - leverage choices. You can explain every choice you offer the player via the tooltip, so use flags and counters to define how content proceeds instead of values. Now you only have to worry about gating choices off on the player end of sub\dom, which they should have some control over themselves outside of grinding it in scenes.

I think it's better to have fewer characters with more variation in content than a large cast of characters with shallow content. People will surely become invested in someone - the question is that, in a setting where people can change themselves easily - do they stand on their own merits enough to be transformable? How? and what does that do to the relationship with the player?