(Disregard, apparently it's working as intended) [0.9.064-PUBLIC-ANDROID#3657 with Hotfix] Soreness status effect shrinks butt and hip size..


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Oct 2, 2019
Not much to detail in this one. The Fecund Figure Perk is supposed to Increase butt+hip size whenever your pregnant.

Well now it's going backwards and shrinking both Butt and hips during pregnancy.

Easy way to trigger is is the Carry Training from the egg trainer.

Save attached.

It appears that the Fecund figure perk may not be related. It seems that resting while the PC has the Sore Status effect, regardless of the source of the sore status affect seems to shrink both butt size and hip size.

I've tried mirrions' training, standard light/heavy training in the NT ten ton gym and Pages yoga and removing the soreness effect always reduces the butt / hips size.

Notice: you can disregard this post, apparently it's working as intended.


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