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    The Purple Infinity – Pre-Pilot Casting

    Casting Our Lead: Ana Douglass


    Scouted Location: Sol System, Earth (the 3rd one with all the water), Las Vegas, Nevada

    Producer Assigned: Essi (fuck this one up and you’re fired!)

    Ana didn’t get dumped by her fiancé, while Sarah’s dick was in her mouth, nor when she was swallowing the thin, clear cum of her lover’s orgasm, but almost immediately after Sarah released the handful of Ana’s thick, blond hair at the back of her head. Sarah followed her final moan up with, “I’m leaving you after my SRS.”

    The night was supposed to be a sendoff of sorts for a body part that was a source of both pleasure and discomfort for Sarah. The first surgery of the two required for sexual reassignment was scheduled for the next day. Ana didn’t have a problem with any of it. She loved Sarah, loved her tits, loved her ass, loved her cock, loved her mouth, and had every intention of loving her pussy once it was ready to be loved. She saw no issues moving forward, but apparently Sarah did, and had, for a long time without letting her partner know at a monumentally shitty moment for a breakup.

    Ana was still on her knees, sweaty from the exertion of pleasing her lover, and feeling satisfied in having done so with the evidence already on its way down her throat, when Sarah told said it was over, that she was leaving her for a man, a lawyer, and they were going to start a family, away from porn, away from a transgender identity, and it went without saying, although Sarah said it anyway, that meant away from Ana.

    They’d met doing porn, started a series of videos as a couple, even a website, toy and lingerie line—more than just lovers, they were business partners and now Sarah wanted to go stealth and play housewife for a cis guy? How long had it been going on? Who was this motherfucker? What was she supposed to do now?

    It was the dick. Sarah’s dick, which was a magnificent 7” of thick, turgid glory in Ana’s mind, had been the problem for Anthony, the lawyer. But once it was gone, the day after tomorrow, he’d be the one to help her recover. Never mind all the parts of that relationship that were fucked up beyond reason.

    “Get out.”

    “You’ll understand someday why…”

    “Get the fuck out!!!”

    That was the last saw of Sarah. They actually both got the fuck out: Sarah to her lawyer boyfriend’s place and Ana to Lake Meade. There was a rocky little beach next to the blue-green water where Ana and Sarah used to go to watch the sunset. Instinctively, Ana drove there, breaking out her emergency bottle of white tequila tucked beneath the rear seat of her ragtop Jeep Wrangler.

    She sat on the shore, watched the sunset, and made short work of the fifth. When it was nice and dark and the cars passing along the distant highway had slowed to only an occasional set of headlights, she kicked off her flip-flops, stripped off her daisy dukes and tank top, and waded out into the water naked except for her crescent moon necklace and twin toe rings.

    The shallow, dark water held the desert heat even after the sun was long gone. She swam a little, but mostly floated once she’d gotten far enough out to the point where she couldn’t touch the sandy bottom with her outstretched toes anymore. They’d also used to go drunken skinny dipping together. She wasn’t thinking of doing anything to herself—maybe key Sarah’s new silver Acura which made a lot more sense in light of the secret lawyer boyfriend. She was definitely going to badmouth her on Twitter.

    Ana floated on her back, eyes closed, enjoying the sensation of her hair suspended in the water when she swayed her head back and forth a little. She could go it alone. The fans would side with her. She’d find a new partner. Fuck that. A bunch of new partners! A harem of cis and trans women to fuck on her website. Mentally, she began constructing a list of options and then drunkenly forgetting most of the names.

    When she’d finally begun to relax, the floating sensation changed. The water fell away and she felt cold, desert air pricking her skin. Her eyes flew open to be met with a soft purple glow that shifted into a swirling tube and suddenly she was flying into a vortex in the sky at an alarming speed.

    Something smelled like honey, she tasted lake water when her wet hair whipped across her face, she was spiraling like a perfectly thrown football through a tunnel of pulsing light and pleasant smells until all at once, she was standing on wobbly feet inside an all white…office? Cloud? Puff of vape?

    “I have to throw up,” she said after a particularly wet burp.

    An oval opening on the wall materialized ahead of her and a feminine figure floated through. The floating figure was easily seven feet tall, willowy in an appealing way with the slights curves right where they should be, and purple, vibrant, shimmering purple. Ana did her best to swallow down her vomit that was definitely going to be straight tequila and whatever was left of Sarah’s cum from earlier in the night.

    The ephemeral purple beauty floated closer to her, trailing what she initially thought were ribbons but she quickly realized were three silken tails to ostensibly match the three pert breasts on the front, which made sense in Ana’s drunk and extremely disoriented mind. She had four arms as well. Two in the normal places and two more set just below. It threw off the number agreement of the rest of her until Ana realized it was three limbs on each side including the incredibly long, shapely legs.

    “I am Essi, producer and assistant casting director of Purple Infinity,” the floating purple woman said in a voice that echoed on itself in an underwater kind of way that Ana assumed must be the product of lake water still in her ears.

    “Okay,” Ana said, unsure of what to do with the information. “I’m Ana Douglass.”

    “From Las Vegas, Nevada, of Earth, yes, I know,” Essi said. “We’re interested in having you join the cast of Purple Infinity, as a primary character on your own exploratory arc. I’m authorized to extend a very generous contract including limited immortality for the duration, a multi-dimensional luxury class vessel, and performance based access to the studio’s expense account.”

    “Standard stuff, then?”

    “For a star of your standing, yes.”

    “I also want merchandising percentages and points on the backend,” Ana said, doing her best not to slur her words. She was increasingly aware of two things about Essi: one, she didn’t have a nose to go with her huge black, almond-shaped eyes, or nipples, or a bellybutton, all of which should have bothered Ana, but it really didn’t; and two, she was completely naked. Try as she might, Ana couldn’t keep her eyes from wandering down to between Essi’s legs where she wasn’t sure of what she saw. Perhaps a slit, or just a slightly darker vertical line of purple.

    “A shrewd negotiator,” Essi said, considering the request by tapping her pert lips with two fingers from an upper arm while her lower arms placed hands on her hips. She didn’t have hair in a traditional sense either—more like strange light patterns that undulated and sparkled when she spoke or thought deeply, apparently.

    Ana wasn’t really sure what she’d even asked for. She knew George Lucas made a shit ton of money retaining merchandising rights and thought points on the back end were how people made money on projects with continuing success, but she didn’t actually know what either thing was or how they worked.

    “I can offer performer and writer deal points along with a 15% gross merchandising percentage,” Essi said.

    “Make it net, and you’ve got yourself a deal.”


    Ana held out her hand to the tall, floating purple woman, who accepted it and guided Ana toward a floating cloud with English text slowly floating by at a pace perfectly suited to leisurely reading. Ana spotted a lot of typical user agreement and contract language, and her eyes glassed over.

    “Would you like me to take care of that for you?” Essi asked.

    Ana was too busy pretending to read the contract to see what Essi’s hands were gesturing toward, although she assumed it was the fact that she was dripping wet and completely naked, which seemed like the sort of thing a good producer would help a new starlet with.

    The only thing preventing Ana from panicking was that she was 99.9999% sure she was dreaming. If she’d fallen asleep while swimming in the lake, someone fished her out or she’d be dead. It was also possible she’d gotten blackout drunk and walked back to her Jeep to sleep it off and just didn’t remember doing so. Regardless, she figured going with the whole thing was easier than fighting to wake up, so she made small, “hmmm” and “ah” noises while the uninteresting words rolled by without being read.

    She stopped even pretending to read when strong, gentle hands grasped her shaft to guide it into a cool, sticky orifice. Ana’s eyes rolled back into her head from the new and incredible sensation. She reveled in it a moment or two before looking down to see what was even going on. She was rock hard, which made sense considering she’d been staring at a naked otherworldly beauty for several minutes. Her dick, straining at its full 8” was sliding easily into Essi’s mouth, which didn’t feel like a mouth at all.

    Her mouth was both incredibly sticky and slippery at the same time, which didn’t even seem possible. And it pulsated and caressed all the way up and down her length. Not just the hands and lips of a human blow job, but more akin to a high end sex toy that was somehow made of living, purring tissue. Within a moment, all of Ana’s higher functions drained out of her ears. She swiped to the end of the contract and signed with her finger so she could focus on the ecstasy that was Essi’s mouth.

    Every moan and gasp drew Essi’s floating form around her until the purple alien had entwined her legs like sultry purple seaweed, still hovering, attached firmly to Ana by the dick. Ana’s typically impressive ability to delay an orgasm dissolved faster than it ever had before. She was a porn star—not cumming until she wanted to was part of her job, her life, and none of that mattered. She strained not to thrust animalisticly against Essi’s mouth. The small, hesitant twitches of her hips communicated the desire and Essi answered without ever removing her mouth from Ana’s straining member by gripping her curvaceous backside and guiding Ana into the thrusting she yearned to do.

    She’d already cum once that night, earlier, on cam, while Sarah stroked her and sucked at her right nipple. Always the right one with Sarah—it got a little weird. That was a for-show climax, a stage jizz. When she felt Essi draw her all the way in, lips to the base, and she released everything she had down the purple alien’s throat, it was purely for pleasure, and not just hers it would seem since Essi’s hands gripped tighter to her ass and the cutest purring noise emanated from her throat.

    Ana didn’t even have a moment to take in all that happened before a wave of absolute clarity washed over her. All the tequila was gone from her system, all the fog lifted from her mind, the insanity of her current situation and the emotional obliteration she’d suffered earlier that night all came rushing to the forefront of her mind and combined with the incredibly sensitive state of her cock to make her squirm out of Essi’s embrace.

    “What is that I’m tasting, feeling,” Essi said, running her forked tongue around the inside of her mouth.

    “What? Cum?”

    “Obviously that but you have something else in there,” Essi said. “An altering substance made of cactus perhaps?”

    “You sucked the tequila out through my dick?!”

    “I’m a Faenai,” Essi said, floating idly in a reclined position a couple feet above the floor. “I could suck out your spine through your dick if I wanted to.”

    “Thank for not doing that,” Ana said. “Holy shit! Where am I? What did I just sign? Why are you putting a purple patch on my ass?”

    “It was all in the contract you read and signed.” Essi rolled the patch over once, licked the back of it, and then ran her tongue over a spot on Ana’s ass, and gently rubbed the patch into her skin until it absorbed.

    “Full disclosure, I didn’t read it, not really.” Ana’s head suddenly swam again and everything tasted…purple? Why would purple have a taste and why did it also suddenly have a feel. She glanced down to find the purple of the patch spreading out from her ass, slowly across the entirety of her skin. “What the fuck!”

    “Also in the contract.”

    Ana was sure it was. There were probably a lot of things in the contract and she regretted not giving it her full attention. The stuff her lawyer put in the terms of use for the cam site she’d shared with Sarah was seriously epic and probably only vaguely legal.

    She’d been thinking too small before, but suddenly it all made sense. Why just set up a better website and cam series? She’d fuck everyone in the universe! That’d be the solution to her breakup! She felt amazing, energized, and remarkably focused…on Essi’s body. The curve of it, the thing she’d like to do to it, the things she’d like it to do with her, and she was definitely getting hard again already, which shouldn’t have been possible even if she’d mainlined Molly and Viagra.

    “Pretend I come from a people who doesn’t read contracts or user agreements or even books very often,” Ana said. “Pretend I like to hear it all from the mouth of a beautiful woman. How would you summarize what I signed and what are you doing later? Do you want to maybe hang out, naked?”

    Essi smirked. “Your kind is strange to sign things without knowing what is in them, but I am your producer now, so I will do my best to explain.

    “Exactly 3,566,271,009 years ago, the show Purple Infinity began as a way to entertain the Odrovs. The Odrovs exist in what you would call the Higgs Boson. All of them across all existence. They put the god in the god particle and they are constantly bored because of it. That’s where the Faenai come in.

    “We’re eternals. We persist across all dimensions, all at the same time, which means we’re not bound to matter the same way the Odrovs are. We decided to alleviate their boredom by creating a show that would span space, time, and dimensions. These are things we can do, but Odrovs can’t. In exchange, they give us things that have never existed and could not exist without enormous numbers of Odrovs willing them into being. The better the show, the more Odrovs watch, the more astounding our rewards.”

    “So, why me?” Ana asked. “If Faenai are so incredible, why not star in the shows yourselves?”

    “We do,” Essi said. “I broadcast your contract signing and sucking off ceremony just now. But we’re limited in our streams across dimensions because the same thing can exist in two dimensional places at once, but not in the same space at the same time.”

    “You lost me,” Ana said. “Also, can I do things to you while you explain or do you want to do things to me? Which brings me to other questions, why am I horny and purple?”

    Essi sighed and tapped two fingers together making almost a chime noise. A shimmering portal opened in the wall beside her. “Okay, in order, and we need to move quickly.” She reached down and gently grasped Ana by her practically twitching cock and led her to the portal, gently stroking her along the way.

    “This is an inter-dimensional portal. You can walk through it, but I can’t, because a version of me already exist there, while you only exist here,” Essi said, tapping the portal with the back of her hand like it was solid glass.

    Ana reached in and her hand easily passed through the same surface that held Essi out. “Whoa, trippy!”

    “You’re horny and purple because I gave you an eternal kiss,” Essi said. “You have my essence in you. It will, until I remove it, give you limited immortality, while granting you an accentuated version of yourself. Your already developed sense of adventure is increased, your healthy libido is ramped up, your promiscuous nature is unleashed, and your problem-solving skills are heightened.”

    “Problem solving skills?” Ana asked, absentmindedly caressing her own breasts.

    “You’re an excellent candidate for your own story thread on Purple Infinity because of your innate wanderlust, potent sex drive, plethora of kinks, and how difficult it is to stump you. We’re making entertainment for what your kind would consider gods—if you hit dead ends you couldn’t get out of, you’d be pretty boring to watch.”

    “That’s actually really complimentary,” Ana said. “My looks didn’t enter into it?”

    Ana knew she was conventionally attractive. Big brown eyes, a pert nose, lips to die for, a heart shaped face with a dappling of freckles on her high cheekbones, and thick sunshine colored locks that begged to be grabbed and pulled. Her delightfully curvy figure, high profile breast implants, and utterly perfect dick completed the sex-goddess visage that served her so well in the porn industry. Granted, much of what she had going for her came from large doses of estrogen and the hands and scalpels of the world’s finest plastic surgeons. She was already made from the best marble; the surgeons and hormones simply shaped what was there to a more fitting form.

    “Truly? No,” Essi said. “The places we’re sending you will likely find different things to like and dislike about you. Some based on physical appearance, others based on a thousand other things.”

    Ana seemed a little deflated by this revelation.

    “That being said,” Essi cooed. “I don’t do all this for just any casting job. I genuinely think you’re attractive in a number of ways and was glad to enjoy a couple of them already.”

    “You mean that?” Ana smiled in spite of herself.

    “I do,” Essi said, matching her smile.

    “I have something in mind, something I’d like to ask of you, but I’m not sure it’s even possible or why the image keeps running through my head,” Ana said.

    Essi smirked. “It’s there because I put it there.”

    On an instinctive level, Ana knew there was something underneath the dark purple line between Essi’s legs. Something long, thick, perfectly smooth, and beautiful beyond earthly understanding. Ana didn’t know how Essi got that crystalline bit of knowledge into her mind, but she was positive it was true, and what was more, she wanted Essi to use it on her.

    “When you hit a rating of a five-share, I’ll give you what you’re thinking about,” Essi said, guiding a dazed and ridiculously aroused Ana toward a portal in the wall.

    Essi was so slender, but Ana knew she was also extremely strong. More than strong enough to lift her up with just her lower arms under Ana’s thighs and settle her onto the long, purple appendage that she also somehow knew was analogous to a human clit.

    “Everything you need, food, medications, clothing, and even Chairman Meow are already aboard your ship,” Essi said. “Make me proud, Ssysrina.

    Vividly, far too vividly to be a mere fantasy or day dream, Ana could feel her back against Essi’s chest, purple lips on her neck, strong hands holding her up, legs spread wide while the other two arms guided her up and down nearly the entire length of the silken purple phallus. What she couldn’t feel and desperately wanted to, was the sensation of being penetrated so, and she knew on an instinctive level that information was being withheld by Essi until she could indulge in real life.

    “But…” was all a dazed Ana managed to say before the portal closed and she was alone, naked, horny, and deeply confused inside what she could only describe as a futuristic luxury yacht.
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