Can I get the rundown on Steph Irson?

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    Aug 27, 2015
    I've been out of this game for ages, so I've got some questions about Steph Irson, the intrepid would-be naturalist whose producers feel they're running a porno show:

    What was the original Treatment version of her New Texas scene?

    What was the post-Treatment encounter you could have with Steph like?

    What are Steph's opinions on how her producers basically set her up to get fucked by any and every alien she encounters? Do we know? Does she enjoy it, does she hate it, how does she feel about the whole mess?

    The wiki mentions that Steph apparently gets pregnant as a result of her trip to Uveto; how does that actually happen? Like, are we told she got knocked up, or does she fuck the Korgonne on screen and is then informed she's been bred, or does she even show up pregnant at some point after her frostwyrm fuck?
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    Jul 17, 2017
    Originally, I believe it was similar to the Boviuimum one. Though it happened before my time.

    You could meet her on Myrellion and either push her to keep on keeping on or convince her to get into porno.

    Hard to say. Part of her does seem to like it, but that just might be Stockholm Syndrome or something. I'm probably overthinking it.

    Sperm fertilized egg I imagine. :p As the Uveto vid is currently the last one of Steph's ongoing misadventures, it seems that the Korgonne knocked her up along with picking up some of Frostwrym TF. I imagine her next video have a little exposition. Shudder for them poor babies.
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    Sep 21, 2015
    I think steph is clever enough to be on sterilix at least after the first time she had a close encounter.

    Also i just wanna be able to knock up myself on camera.
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    Jan 18, 2016
    Stop hovering to collapse... Click to collapse... Hover to expand... Click to expand...
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    Oct 18, 2016
    I think the original was that she got jumped by some secret police types, or something, and dosed with the Treatment against her will. It didnt bode well with people, and the devs agreed, so the secret police thing was retconned, and what she was injected with was changed to Bovinium.
  6. Mister Gregar

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    Dec 8, 2016
    No secret police, but definitely treated against her will. As stated above, the follow up on ant planet can see you help her make up her mind about her career. It also grants the Steph Irson signed photo. As for the episode
    You seat yourself on one of the benches in the grill, kicking your feet up onto the table and turning your attention to the sizable Super-HD Viewscreen mounted above the bar. As you sit, the last commercial break is just coming to an end, instructing you to purchase the Treatment from the gift shop in the lobby before the screen fades to a superimposed logo of Steph Irson: Galactic Huntress, a popular nature show. Beneath the title script, a warning appears in large red letters: “This Show Rated X, Adults Only, by the Galactic Entertainment Ratings Board for Graphic, Sexual, and Disturbing Imagery. You Have Been Warned.”

    The camera pans down from a wide-angled shot of the vast, sweeping plains of Grand Teh to finally focus on the hostess, Steph, sitting atop a simple wooden fence at the field’s edge, one leg crossed over the other, showing off the calves beneath her sheer short-shorts. To her right and left are a pair of prodigiously-endowed cow-girls, their massive breasts bare, resting atop the fence-posts as they look placidly off into the distance behind the camera, both chewing on what looks like lettuce.

    “Welcome to a special edition of Galactic Huntress,” Steph Irson says, as ever in her strong New Brisbane accent. As the camera zooms in on her face, you’re treated to a close-up view of the perky cat-ears now resting atop her hair, as well as the odd, almost metallic-gray color of her lips and irises. Every time she blinks or speaks, the colors seem to shift and swim, as if alive and moving.

    She continues: “Today we’re coming back toward the core for a look at some more domesticated species. It’s always important to remember that, though the frontier is a wild and untamed place, full of wonders and mysteries and strange new life, each of the worlds you and I would call the Core were, once upon a time, just as wild as Mhen’ga or Tarkus. Today we’re on Grand Teh, once an inhospitable world that humanity carved out into an idyllic paradise. Rather than relying on advanced technology as many colonies do, Grand Teh’s retained its peaceful, farm-like appearance. This planet’s green fields and friendly farm-hands go on for as far as the eye can see.”

    Smiling at the camera as it zooms back out, Steph puts a friendly hand on the shoulders of the two cow-girls beside her. One of them moos quietly, looking up at her. “Here we’ve got Grand Teh’s native inhabitants, the Tehans. Generations of traditional genetic modifications have given them a cute, bovine appearance — and a whole new meaning to sexual dimorphism. Males and females of Grand Teh are pretty different physically and mentally. We’re going to see just how so!”

    Steph hops nimbly from the fence post and takes one of the cow-girls by the arm, giving her a gentle tug towards the camera’s left. The cow moos, her floppy ears perking up. “Milk time?” she asks, obediently following along behind Steph.

    “Milk time, big girl!” Steph coos, petting the cow on the head. Turning back to the camera, Steph explains, “Human milk is Grand Teh’s primary export. The slightly modified milk produced here is excellent for your health, highly nutritious, and if I’m in luck in a few minutes, absolutely delicious! Gotta admit, never tried cow-girl milk before, so I guess I’m in for a new experience today. Isn’t that right, cutie?”

    “Moo!” the cow-girl cheers as the camera follows the pair of them into a barn at the end of the fence. The pair of them step through a small side door and into what looks like a stable full of cow-girls just like the one on Steph’s arm, all bent over harness-like apparatuses with long tubes leading from their breasts to pumpers in the stall corners. The audio is temporarily drowned out with loud moos, low groans, and cries of pleasure. More than one cow the huntress passes has a vibrator or other toy lodged in her cunt, helping her along towards the orgasmic pleasure of milk release.

    Eventually, Steph leads the cow to an empty stall, followed dutifully by her camera drone. “Now, let’s take a gander at the milking tech at this particular ranch. These lovely ladies produce more milk in their chests than an old-Earth dairy cow per day, and that all has to go somewhere: and that somewhere is here. C’mon, sweetheart, let’s get you saddled up!”

    The cow grins and hurriedly steps up into the harness hanging down from the ceiling. With a little help from Steph, she’s soon putting almost all of her weight on the two cords of the harness, one under her chest and the other just above the groin, which leaves her bent-over with her big, milky breasts hanging down for easy access. The cow moos in excitement as Steph moves to her side and crouches down; the camera finds itself angled just perfectly to catch a glistening bead of excitement pearling on the lips of the cow’s sex.

    “Right. Now, normally milking here’s done by pneumatic suction,” Steph says, pulling a pair of blue gloves on over her hands, “But I like to get a bit more hands-on, don’t I?”

    Flashing the camera a grin, Steph drags a bucket underneath the cow’s hanging bosom and reaches up to up one of the cow-girl’s tits. The cow groans, her fluff-tipped tail swishing happily as Steph’s hands work onto both her boobs, squeezing and massaging the huge, soft mounds. Steph’s quickly rewarded with a little spurt of milk trickling from the cow’s teat, a pair of white streams pouring down into the bucket. The cow-girl shudders and moos quietly while her body sways in the harness as she’s milked and her legs tremble with pleasure.

    “The girls on Teh just love getting milked,” Steph narrates as her hands continue to rhythmically massage the cow’s tits. “Generations of selective breedings, genetic manipulation, and a special, top-secret drug called the Treatment have made Teh’s women into the ultimate milk-cows. Just a couple minutes of this, and I’ll have a full bucket of creamy, delicious milk. Won’t I, cutie?”

    “Uh-huh!” the cow smiles, eyes almost crossed. Steph works the swollen teats harder, pumping squirt after squirt into the steel bucket until, as the camera drone zooms in on it, you can see the white sea nearly cresting the lip of the bucket. For every tug and squeeze Steph lavishes on the cow’s teats, the bovine beauty answers with a quiet whimper or low moo of pleasure, groaning and gasping until you’re sure the busty cow’s about to cream herself.

    When she does, you’re treated to a shrill cry of ecstasy as the cow cums, her whole body wracked with spasmic shudders that nearly send milk spraying everywhere. And what milk there is! As she climaxes, the cow’s tits work themselves into high gear, spraying what looks like gallons into the over-laden bucket. After several minutes of orgasmic milking, Steph steps back and hefts the bucket up from under the twitching, blissed-out cowgirl.

    “Now, let’s take a taste, shall we?” she grins, bringing the bucket up to her lips and drinking deep. When she lowers it, she’s grinning from kitty-ear to kitty-ear, a great big milk moustache on her upper lip.

    “Croickey! That’s amazing!” Steph says, clearly surprised. “I think I’ll be switching brands at home if all the girls have your talented teats!”

    “Glad you liked it,” the cow-girl murmurs, half asleep in her afterglow.

    Steph sets her big bucket down, cracks her knuckles, and wipes the milk from her lips. “Right, then. That’s a Tehan sheila for you. Now, we’re going to have to be a little more careful up ahead: we’re on a quest to find a Tehan male. Now, these bovine ladies we’ve met so far are typical of their sex here: quiet, content, eager to please. But the studs here on Grand Teh are a bit more aggressive. They’re outnumbered ten to one by females, with each bull able to control his own harem of females or, as is the case on many ranches, spread their wild oats freely among all the girls. But the Treatment’s made ‘em big, burly, and eager to go toe-to-toe on a hairpin.”

    As she’s talking, Steph’s walks out of the stall and back into the barn proper. Her “quest” takes her all the way to the other end of the barn, where in the background of her narration, you can see a huge, muscular man pounding away at one of the harnessed-up cowgirls, plunging his cock into her spread pussy as the automated milkers work their magic on her. Seeing the proceedings out of the corner of her gray eye, Steph freezes mid-step, hunching down and whispering to the camera drone, “Alright, here we go. I’m going to have to be very, very careful not to earn this bull’s ire. Small words, a non-threatening tone.... I absolutely do not want to be seen as a threat, especially during what must be mating season here on Teh.”

    In proper Galactic Huntress fashion, Steph starts to creep up toward the bull, stealthily making her way up behind his pistoning hips. The camera drone floats around to get a better picture of him: mostly human, but freakishly tall, with massive bull horns growing from his brow. The man’s muscular to the point of a bodybuilder, with a thick layer of body hair that clings tightly to his darkly tanned skin. His jaw is locked in a frown of effort, and he’s grunting deeply, almost like a real bull. Every powerful hip-thrust sends the cow-girl rocking in her harness, her assflesh rippling with the impacts.

    “G’day, mate!” Steph says suddenly from the stud’s side, leaning against the stall wall.

    “’Sup,” he answers, not breaking pace nor looking up.

    Inching closer, Steph asks, “Got a sec to answer some questions, big boy? For the viewers at home?”

    “Working,” he grunts, slapping the cow-girl on the ass. She shrieks, a large red-mark left on her behind.

    Steph pouts. “C’mon, you’re the first stud I’ve seen all day.”

    The bull finally looks away from the jiggling cow-butt between his legs and glowers at the huntress. “Lady, I’m balls-deep in a bitch right now. Can you wait like, five minutes?”

    “That doesn’t make for exciting television, now does it?” Steph says, arms crossed. As she does so, her camera drone shudders and re-focuses on the gap between the stud and his breeder, zooming in on his huge cock pounding her spread pussy, giving you a gloriously high-def view of the fem-cum spurting out around his rod. That’s some good television, right there.

    The stud blinks at Steph. “You’re not too bright, are you?”

    “So... interview?”

    The stud grunts, taking a step back from the well-fucked cow-slut and letting a torrent of spooge pour out of her packed pussy, a waterfall of white that nearly splatters the camera drone. When it recovers, you’re treated to a full-frontal view of the stud’s cock: a huge equine phallus almost as long as his arm dangling nearly to the ground between his legs. He takes one massive stride over to Steph, grabs her head, and shoves her down onto her knees.

    “I’ll give you some exciting footage, slut. How about two of them?” the stud grunts, forcing Steph’s face into a crotch that is still glistening with cow-lube and his own cum. Steph grunts, struggling against his grasp, but it’s much too strong for the slight young woman. The camera drone, too dumb to realize what’s going on, dutifully follows its master’s face down to crotch-level with the stud, getting a great angle on Steph’s face as the bovine man grinds his heavy, oversized balls along her face, his massive shaft hanging half-hard overtop her head. She grunts and gasps, fighting for breath as his huge nads all but smother her. You can only imagine the musky smell mixed with fresh sex. The mere thought makes you shudder.

    Eventually, Steph’s struggles subside into hopeless submission, and her tongue rolls out onto the taut skin of his bullish sack. “Yeah,” the stud groans, patting Steph between her cat-ears. “Just like that, slut. Worship them like gods.”

    Obediently, Steph starts to lavish the stud’s sack, licking, kissing, and even nibbling the thick skin of his bullnuts. She opens wide, jaw straining to wrap around even one of his balls. She sucks hard, slurping at the black underside of the stud’s testicles until she finally manages to wrap her lips around one of them, head bent at an awkward angle just to get at it.

    “You’re a natural,” the bull grunts, grabbing his own cock and starting to stroke it. “Too bad about your tits, though. Too damn small for this thing.”

    In the corner of the camera, you can just see the swells of Steph’s cleavage under her shirt. By human standards, she’d be considered pretty damn buxom: she’s easily cramming D-cups under that khaki shirt of hers, and they’re already straining a bit against the fabric. Then again, compared to the cowgirls you’ve seen so far...

    “Then again, maybe I’ll just fix that for you,” the bull says, pulling a small syringe packet from his pocket. With one hand still pinning Steph into his crotch, the bull uses his teeth to tear the package open. When he’s freed the needle from its wrapper, the bull wastes no time in jabbing it down right through Steph’s shirt and into one of her heaving tits. The huntress yelps, letting the stud’s sack fall free of her lips as she’s injected with what looked like a white liquid.

    Grinning, the bull steps back, still holding Steph steady by her head. From this new angle, he lets his massive cock fall onto her chest, the elephantine member cresting her tits and falling over her shoulder. Good heavens, it’s enormous! With a grunt, the bull starts to shift his hips, smearing Steph’s face with the still-wet slickness of cow-girl cum and his spunk coating his rod. She gasps, this time not in revulsion but... pleasure? Her mouth lolls open lazily as his huge, flared head nears her mouth, and with little enough fuss the bull pushes his cockhead into her welcoming maw, her jaw straining to take its thickness. As she does so, the bull releases her head, reaching down to rip her shirt off with one easy tear, baring her breasts to the camera.

    They’re GROWING.

    Even as Steph’s force-fed inch after inch of cock, her bust seems to grow a commensurate size, her flesh swelling out to pornstar lengths. She groans around her mouthful of horsedick, her hands reaching up to cup her burgeoning bosom. They’re easily F-cups... no, G-cups before they start to slow. Suddenly endowed like a proper cow, her tits easily envelop the tree-trunk of a cock being rammed into her mouth, squeezing tight around it as the bull starts to thrust.

    The added pressure on her super-sized bust brings another change to before too long: a thick, white stream spurts from one of Steph’s nipples, squirting onto the bull’s thigh. Steph only moans, eyes rolling up into her head as she starts to lactate to the beat of the titfucking she’s giving, her mammaries ejaculating every time the bull hammers his cock through her cleavage. She doesn’t help matters as she grips her tits, squeezing them together around his pistoning rod and even starting to hump back against him.

    The camera, always looking for the best angle, zips around behind Steph and angles down to the dark, wet splotch between her legs. Her shorts are practically soaked in her lust, and she clearly knows it. One of her hands slinks down, pulling her too-short shorts down and revealing her lacey pink panties, now a whole darker shade of red as they’re drenched in girl-cum. Her fingers delve down beneath them, furiously working into her slit.

    “What’s that, slut? Need a little attention down there?” the bull growls, pulling his cockhead out of Steph’s mouth, letting it stand erect on its own for a moment. He reaches forward, grabs Steph under her arms, and hefts her up. She’s like a limp, leaking doll in his hands, tiny and helpless as the stud picks her up, turns her around so she’s facing her camera drone, and drops her down on his flared cockhead.

    “You following me, camera drone?” he laughs, slamming Steph down on his cock. The drone dutifully zooms in on the action, focused in as his massive shaft spreads Steph wide. Looks like her lips down there are steel-gray too, showing through the tatters of her panties as they fall around her waist, torn asunder by turgid horsemeat. You watch as Steph is bounced up and down by his bucking hips, her gut distending to make room for the sheer mass of cock inside her cunt, stretching and compacting as the bull fucks her brains out. Steph cries out, grabbing at the stud’s arms, her tits, anything she can to steady her bouncing, jiggling, orgasming body.

    Steph’s climax is as loud as it is wet, heralded by a scream of pleasure at the bottom of one of the bull’s bucks, when every inch of cockflesh that can be is crammed into her. The camera watches close as her pussy sprays out a thick load of femcum, splattering the camera lens with that and a geyser of milk spraying from her heavy, bouncing tits.

    Satisfied that he’s taught the huntress her place, the bull takes a step forward and presses Steph into the wall of the stall, squishing her between his body and the hard boards. With her immobilized, he’s free to grip her hips and start pounding, thrusting as hard and deep as he can to get himself off in the bovinified-Steph’s sodden box. He doesn’t take all that long to reach his peak when he puts his mind to it, and soon he’s grunting with effort, balls visibly clenching as he prepares to cum.

    At the last moment, the bull pulls out, leaving Steph’s pussy gaping. He grabs his cock and aims it over her like a hose, letting the mammoth tool loose to spray a torrent of thick seed over Steph’s back and ass, practically plastering her to the wall with his sticky load. By the time he’s done, Steph looks like a snow-woman, completely covered in white spunk. The bull grins, slaps her ass, and turns to leave...

    ... Only to turn back, grab the camera drone right out of the air, and shove it between Steph’s spread legs and... oh, lord. The camera feed cuts out, and a commercial break cuts in.
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    Apr 12, 2018
    Is the content where Steele meets her going to be added back in eventually?
  8. Klaptrap

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    Aug 27, 2015
    Not unless somebody commissions for her to get a dick.
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  9. Xeivous

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    Sep 21, 2015
    That content is effective unusable given that the New Texas scene was reworked and Uveto has progressed her story.

    Perhaps we'll see her again on the next planet, be it a probe one or a side one.
  10. Karretch

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    Aug 26, 2015
    Makes me wonder what they'll do for Zeng Shi, being a "hidden" pirate base, if there's a bar or something to do one. Maybe a special on Breedwell or Canadia Station/Vesperia.
  11. ScarletteKnight

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    Dec 19, 2015
    I'm imagining Zheng Shit gets a bar and non-pirate characters can show up like they do at every other bar in the Galaxy. Like, this secret base that the space cops can't find is constantly visited by random law-abiding delivery girls and whatnot.
  12. Savin

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    Aug 26, 2015
    Steph originally got the Treatment rather than Bovinium. Fen didn't like it so I changed it.
    You could meet her on Myrellion, get an autograph, and then push Steph to either keep working on her show, go into porn, or give her a less exploitative position with Steele Tech. This entire counter has been removed. RIP.
    We no longer canonically know anything about Steph outside of her show appearances.
    Steph does get pregnant on Uveto. Next time there is a planet for her to appear on, she will show up with a baby bump.
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  13. Xeivous

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    Sep 21, 2015
    I can only imagine how Steph's twin feels about her sister getting preggers with some random stone-age alien catdog's brat on galactic tv.
  14. alkeiser

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    Jun 26, 2016
    Why was that stuff removed?
  15. Karretch

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    Aug 26, 2015
    Partly collateral damage from the backlash of the original Treatment version of the scene, though as I recall people didn't hate the meeting scene.
  16. Mister Gregar

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    Dec 8, 2016
    Yeah, the forced bimbofication didn't sit well with a lot of people. The ant planet encounter, on the other hand was the reason I made sure to keep a copy of a version with that stuff still in it.
  17. Dark67titan

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    Mar 26, 2016
    damn were did you keep this with being removed fuck knows how long ago
  18. TFMaster

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    Jan 23, 2016
    He literally said how in the post directly above yours!

    Sorry if that sounded mean I was just pointing it out to you.
  19. Karretch

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    Aug 26, 2015
    I can't say about forced bimbofication in regards to how others take it vs how the game world work but it was very much the fact that the Treatment is a highly regulated drug that one has to consent and take oneself, not have it forced on you as in the scene. That is what I remember the whole issue being.
  20. Dark67titan

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    Mar 26, 2016
    though if you live on new texas its mandatory to be treated or if you were born there , you get treated on your 18 birthday hence the likes reaha running away as she didnt want it(not that she'd get the bimbo version any how)