Building the game


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Jun 21, 2017
I'm new to coding and would really like to build a game similar to Fall of Eden. I love the class system and everything! I've been practicing using Twine but its difficult to code a combat system with classes and skills and all of that jazz. So I was planning to take a look at your code and came across the article on github that says "to build the game". I tried running it the way the instructions listed but came up with an error "$npminstall is not defined". So my first question is, is this a way to build my own game in the Fall of Eden format and if so how do I fix this error?


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Sep 27, 2015
If you are looking for a reply from Alder you most likely will not get one. He has been away for quite some time. FOE is essentially a dead game unless he returns. Best shot would be to google the error


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Aug 26, 2015
I'm around, just not active on FoE.

As to the question, the only thing the build process really does is to package the game files into a more portable format, at the loss of code readability. Since FoE is written in JavaScript, there isn't any need to "compile" the code - it will be interpreted by the browser runtime. If your purpose is to read and understand the code, don't worry about the build stuff for now, it will reduce filesize, but make the code essentially unreadable. As for the reason of the error, you need to have npm (the nodejs package manager) installed, as well as gulp. These are only needed for the build/packaging process, not to develop or run the game itself. Get it here:

And then...