Bubble's 2nd CYOA: #32 (Solaris Boogaloo)

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Can it be true?

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  1. "No... that... that's not... I can't accept any of this."

  2. "I... I... if it's... all true, then I... oh gods, I..."

  1. BubbleLord

    BubbleLord Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2016
    "Save my nation, beast. Impregnate me... make me fertile with my third child if you dare!"

    "Then so be it."

    Solaris - or more accurately Solfria - grit her teeth as she knew what was coming even if she wasn't facing this Lunaris look-alike. And as he sank into her folds, her mind surged with heat and arousal; her words left her as she squeezed the sheets and that thick meatstick.

    "You squeeze down well for someone reluctant... or perhaps getting pregnant for your country turns you on? Sluts like you deserve to be bred; even if you act like you hate it."

    Those powerful hands grab her shoulders and she feels lips upon her flesh, turning to look back over and at that same face; was this an ancestor of Lunaris? Was it another incarnation? The clap of his hips against her and her entire cunt being molded to his shape clouded her thoughts. Even though she had been warned these experiences were something else, there couldn't have been any example believable that Mother could have given her. The stamina of her magus doppelganger easily sailed above any other; he roughly fucked her whole pussy all the way to the womb without missing a beat in his tip-to-balls thrusting.

    It just... felt so good!

    Her tongue lulling out, Solaris wanted more; there wasn't any communication but the man fucking her sopping box released her shoulders and pushed her face-down against the bed to climb up higher and thrust down along her cunt's lining. He was molding her so relentlessly; a matured man compared to one with little experience. If it weren't for having rode Lunaris, her mind may not be entirely capable of withstanding these linked sensations. Her hands drift to gently rest on her stomach, each thrust bulging the smooth skin when he struck her deepest depths.

    "C-Cum... inside already." Her voice had begun speaking without her intent. Not that she minded sense it was precisely what she wanted. "Be done with me... y-you... demon."

    Wait... demon? This was a demon? The man slides a hand from her back to her neck, laughing proudly above her as the sounds of battle draw closer.

    "Then we strike a deal! One day, I will return... and I will take your descendant for my wife! You will herald the beginning of the end of this world! The beginning of corruption and the end of everything! And to start... let's make sure I give you the sole child who will survive to adulthood! Your heir will bear the mark of our curse! And you will watch from beyond whilst they fall!"

    Thrusting as hard as he could, warmth floods her very being. Impossibly large amounts, completely inhuman in heat as is stuffed her oven with a new baby. The fertile womb had no defense against such a quantity, copious amounts of white seed spilling back and out of her pussy in gushes. Solaris felt her body writhing and rejoicing, cumming and violently opposing her desires to not give in.

    And then she awoke back in the crypt; on her knees with a puddle of girlcum surrounding her for nearly two feet. She felt like she had just endured sex with Lunaris five or six times at the least... and her breath caught as she looked to her mother. The only knowing face there was; and all she could see was an uncertainty to the woman who always had acted as an anchor even if she wasn't the most kind.


    Cleaned up and redressed, Solaris sat in silence with her mother. Queen and Princess, the two of them looked strikingly similar when still and contemplating; waiting for the first move with patience that surrounded the Hanlo family's legacy. Patience that now seemed very misplaced with the shared knowledge. It was the only reason her mother could have known. Her grandmother must have seen the exact same thing and told Soldaria such so long ago.

    Soldaria turns her gaze to Solaris, reaching a hand up to gently brush through her sweaty hair and offer her a glass of water at last.

    "Drink." The command was simple, waiting for her daughter to gently take and start sipping before continuing. "I remember when I saw it... you handled it better than I. That man, he..."

    "Looked like Lunaris."

    The words sourly hung within their family crypt, Solaris raising the glass and downing the glass entirely. A moment later, it went flying across the tomb and shattered upon her ancestor's burial casket, that immortal face still lying in her trapped stasis.

    "Why... why did she-" Solaris felt her voice choke, looking to her mother as she felt her face flush with anger and the confusion she had been bottling up. "Why would she... make a deal with a demon? Why didn't she tell anyone? Wasn't there anything that she could do!?"

    Soldaria stared at her daughter for a few moments longer, finally looking back to the broken glass scattered about the coffin. Her eyes darkened and her face paled, but her voice spoke with that same strength she'd held when she told Solaris her father died long ago.

    "Because this is what she did; she tried to take her own life, on the cusp of bearing her child. But they were able to save the child before her stasis magic activated. They lacked the ability to save her, so they didn't remove the dagger. She's lived on, sharing her memory through her immense magical potential... for our sake-"

    "Why haven't you let her pass!?" Solaris interrupts, storming to her feet as her mother looks back to her with a frown. "Why not prepare instead!? You make her sit there suffering so she can... teach us? Teach us what? To fear a demon and-"

    "Lunaris is that demon, Solaris. I tested his blood long ago."

    The words froze the tomb, Solaris' skin paling and her eyes widening. Her small chest heaved, stepping back and collapsing back to the ground. Soldaria let her sit there, completely lost in the idea... and then hammered again.

    "That demon used a type of magic I learned of from my last memory bond with Solfria over ten years ago when I thought he looked familiar... the demon turned himself young. I do not know how he forgot who he was or how his body changed; his body looked different every time I changed Lunaris or gave him a bath. Despite his body, his mind and soul... everything about him is different. But his blood? I compared it with the aide of your father. Lunaris is that demon; the demon known as Kondarios... his blood was sent to me in a sample from the Strengen mage college where they still study demons."

    This wasn't possible, right? She... Lunaris... this was all just part of destiny?

    Can that really be true?
    Health: Good
    Mental Health: Normal
    Arousal: Minimal
    Currently armed and fully clothed.
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  2. Nik_van_Rijn

    Nik_van_Rijn Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2015
    Not a fan of this twist to say the least, so I chose not to accept it. Which also just makes sense for Solaris to do.
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  3. BubbleLord

    BubbleLord Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2016
    (Don't give up hope. Destiny totally isn't real. Right? Right?)​
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  4. Thi

    Thi Well-Known Member

    Apr 18, 2017
    Well, who knows right?

    Maybe that "dream" just was a possible future of this "timeline". Like if we do the "right" or the "wrong" choices(depending on how you see it), Lunaris will "become" Kondarios?

    Or this is some timeline inception where we are in a alternative time line to the "actual Solfria"?

    Or time in this world goes in a circle-ish pattern/history repeat it self and Solaris is the new Solfria?

    Endless possibilities :)
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  5. BubbleLord

    BubbleLord Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2016
    Sorry for the delay everyone; I’ve had some issues with my ISP destroying my router while upgrading my plan. It’ll likely be fixed today (with luck), so hopefully we should be seeing the next one soon.

    :negativeman: You will not be let down; gud stuffz cummin
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