Bubble's 2nd CYOA: #19

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What battle plan does Lunaris suggest?

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  1. Infiltrate & Poison. The right guard knocked out and some poison littered in the camp? Easy!

  2. Set fire (TO THE RAIN) to the compound. It'd damage both the stored goods and the bad guys, but...

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  3. Draw them out and fight at range. Solaris won't be of much help that way...

  4. Distract & Attack. Darniya has holes that bandits would LOVE to fuck... and leave themselves open.

  5. Raid the place. The most suicidal option, but maybe there's an advantage to kicking the door in?

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  6. Other (Suggest/post below!)

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    "A-Apologize or I won't sponsor you!"
    As fast as he blurted the words out, all three of them were surprised. Solaris turned to instant anger, Necromis to confusion, and Lunaris to uncertainty.

    "I-I... uh... mean... apologize to Lady Lunaris and... w-we can be partners. I-I'll sponsor you and we can be friends. A-As long as you don't call me... or her... any names and show us respect."

    The words felt unnaturally confident coming from his lips, further shrouding doubt over the effeminate magus. They were so close to the camp that a bad deal like this was unwise and he should have logically tried to resolve it without any fighting or an outright lie. But here he was - demanding an apology - barking at a rather hunky centaur merchant. The handsy male didn't go grabbing at the scarf-wearing lad, Necromis instead giving a small trot and squaring up with the lad.

    "So I can't call you a pussyboy or cocksleeve? Odd, considering you fit the rumors... but fine." The confusion on his face resolved into a smirk. "But treat her with respect? Why would I ever?"

    The myrmidon reached to her blade and even had begun to unsheathe it. It only paused its advance as Lunaris moved a hand to his own chest and waved the other at the blonde.

    "Solaris, the one over there? She's the heir of the island! So pay her respect!"

    The words echoed briefly in the morning, grumbling and groaning from the camp slave coming from behind them in the tent. This brought a rather serious energy to the air as the centaur looked to Solaris and didn't even bat an eye at her for some time. But at last, making eye contact with the red-eyed dame and then looking to her belly, he finally turned his gaze back to Lunaris.

    "Are you sure it's not because she's going to be a mother? I mean... she looks like the type who'd get filthy an-"

    A resounding smack sounded, Necromis' blemish-free cheek stinging red. Solaris hadn't been the one to hit him - despite her stride already placing her in arm's reach - but rather it had been Lunaris. The two males shared a moment of eye contact... before the male finally smirked and grabbed the effeminate servant's wrist. The merchant guided the hand right back to his slapped palm, teeth showing like a predator on the now blushing and uncomfortable dark-haired lad.

    "Slapping me before our first date? Very well... no more insults. I'll accept your partnership, humbly level my apology to your companion, and..."

    The magus gasped as he was picked up off the ground nearly two feet as the centaur's other arm wrapped around his waist, hefting the boy up so they made genuinely close and intimate eye-contact. Necromis turned the palm that had struck him, gently kissing the palm and laughing.

    "I'll definitely court you and make you mine. Lunaris Vlandestrian has quite the ring to it... I bet you'd make a beautiful wife. But that's discussion for another day, when you're laying on your back and beckoning me to claim you."

    And now it was back to Lunaris, uncertainly gasping and looking to the nearby equally-uneasy Solaris for help.

    "Wh-what? I-I didn't... I-I wouldn't... b-be... your wife? B-But I'm a guy! That's not even-"

    Lunaris felt the pouch at his hip tugged and coin scrounged up before he could even re-tighten it. The centaur let him plop down to the ground once more, looking through half of Lunaris' gold coins and pocketing them into his own waist-attached pouch. And at long last, Solaris drew that trusty blade and pointed it at Necromis.

    "You won't be marrying him! That custom isn't a thing here, you Westerntrotter! Touch my servant and I'll castrate you!"

    Her defensive nature was backed with a smack of her blade's flat to his haunches, giving Necromis his first genuine startle. Lunaris was thankful for it - bashfully pulling both his hood over his head and his scarf up - but couldn't help but think that it took too long. Why had she waited and what custom was she speaking of? The only things Lunaris didn't know about were the traditions of high nobility, so surely that wasn't a custom, was it? Being made into someone's spouse because you struck them definitely sounded like a more bizarre culture phenomenon fit for the more hostile continent. In the Eastern continent, Solfria, and even the largely unknown Oroya there wasn't such an idea. The lands were built on political marriages and diplomatically acquired titles of war. Marrying an enemy was generally a move made to solidify the reign of someone. It was that tactic that the legendary Foucray utilized to try and conquer the West.

    Of course, that had failed and now there was a horse merchant-prince wanting to fuck his butt into a personal lover's sock. The idea was a strange one entirely, Lunaris averting his gaze for a moment before Necromis cleared his throat and spoke to Solaris.

    "V-Very... well. I'll court him traditionally since it's your land, heiress. I'll head to the capitol and set-up a small storefront. These coins should easily handle the problem with my boat's supplies, so I'll be set-up by the time you're back in town easily! And when you are... well, I'll have you both over for dinner. And if you find it fitting, then I will have delightful coitus with my future-"

    "GET OUT!"

    Solaris' shout was so fast and loud that it finally stirred their demon just as it sent Necromis turning and trotting away. Darniya was still bound and leashed, but her gag was absent to allow her to better sleep without drooling all over. But seeing the tail-end of the merchant didn't do much to inspire her confidence in whatever she woke up to.

    "Don't tell me you both got fucked while I was sleeping... nnn... I was hoping to be the one to take his butt-virginity." Darniya slowly reached up and back with her bound hands, giving her leash a small tug as the pair both looked back. "Did they at least leave clothing I can wear?"

    Both of them shared a look and sighed. That hadn't even been part of the conversation, unfortunately. Having Darniya naked was good for punishing the cock-seducing bitch... but it made things very difficult to account for all the people that would freak out at seeing her. But considering what they were about to do, that might be a good thing. Solaris was the first one to move, approaching the bound Darniya and gently snipping her hand binds with a twist of her blade. Lunaris recovered his staff whilst the red-skinned demon rubbed her sore wrists, then pointed to her collar. But Solaris' scowl spoke as loud as she did.

    "No. You're going to be leashed to me and act as my personal bodyguard. Your job will be to protect my flank while I fight. Lunaris will work better without having to worry about you and I won't hesitate to kill you if you try something."

    The idea was sound, but Darniya shot a purple-eyed look at the magus nearby as she pointed to the one flaw.

    "How does the dumb cow expect me to fight with this band sealing my magic? I'm a magus, but I have no capacity to use a staff."

    Lunaris seemed at first to hesitate, but then looked her up and down. Aside from her cloth-caged cock, there wasn't really a weapon for her to fight with. Darniya was powerful with her enchantment, but fucking someone in the middle of combat was unlikely.

    "You could always use whatever weapon that the first person defeated drops... or find a good stick nearby." Lunaris' comment was meant with a sigh and a roll of the eyes, but he turned his attention to Solaris to continue.

    "Until she finds something, you'll definitely need to protect her. We can't get answers and make her pay for what she tried to do if she gets killed... so maybe we should scout things out and see what we're dealing with..."


    A Short Time Later...

    The trio had made their way through the forested hills of Solfria, cutting east along the final stretch as planned. It had been maybe a few hours, but they were there and the sun was still rising from the looks of it. They'd found a nice lookout, letting them see the enemy compound. And it was... quite impressive. It spoke leagues to just how well the mercenaries had been doing and that they had been plaguing the trade route of Solfria for some time.


    The guard towers were just seeing a swap of guards, four of them in total visible from their shaded spot overlooking the place. The walkways over the site was definitely the most dangerous, with much of the place being flammable. There were a few fires as well as the larger main building beneath most of the towers quite large. It was likely that they'd pour out of there, with the small outhouse nearby boasting only one man who had stumbled in there after what appeared to be bad water from a closed-up well nearby. The banners hung up were tarnished banners of some long-lost legions, worthless in the hands of these bandits.

    "Well, I think we're probably going to be taking out some serious trash. At least fifteen or so men."

    Solaris murmured, prone with her blade in her hands. Darniya was nearby, holding an obviously unorthodox stick and laying with her ass bare to the sun. The hillside at least concealed her since she was far back enough... she just didn't get lucky enough for the shade. Lunaris looked to his companion with a smile. It was times like this, resorting back to planning and their confidence, that he was happy for. This was their original quest before the diversion put into effect by the cock-curious ex-virgin. It was finally time to do what they had come to do and take care of a genuine problem for the region! It was far more exciting than running a gambit of potentially being sexually enslaved. Not that this was somehow less likely, since bandits liked fucking nobles and cute boys just the same as any demon.

    "Well, we can take care of this easily. All we have to do..."

    Origin Cloth: Pink [The Enes Republic]
    Birthright: Hidden Potential [Perk]
    Childhood: Sailor's Friend [Speak all common languages + Sailor Skill]
    Career Training: Arcane Vision [Skill]
    Main Hand: Old Wooden Knot-Staff [Staff] [Catalyst] [Ranged]
    Off Hand: None
    Armor Set: Magus Apprentice Attire [Light] [Leather]
    Head: None (occupied)
    Face: Enesi Origin Cloth (worn as a scarf)
    Back: Strange Symbol-marked Ancient Cape [Feather-Foot]
    Hands: None (occupied)
    Feet: None (occupied)
    Ring 1: Sailor's Earring (right ear)
    Ring 2: None
    Waist: None (occupied)
    Accessory / Pet: None
    Mount: None
    Gold: 100
    Darniya's Clothing: A set of form-concealing robes, worn by Darniya to cover their whole body and appear masculine.
    Quest: Rituals of Solfria (Part 1): Head south, then east to locate and acquire the blood of bandits on the Isle of Solfria.
    Optional: Capture or take the ears for differing rewards.
    Quest: Mark of Questions?: Find out someone or something that can help you figure out what the symbol on the Ancient Cape represents.
    Optional: Find more gear and artifacts bearing the symbol.
    Slave #1 - Darniya Gul
    A 5 foot tall red demon shemale. Her genitals consist of a bumpy-shafted and prickly-tipped foot long dick. The tight backdoor between her pert derriere is untested by Solaris, but is expected to fit any cock and lacks its virginity. Her perky D-cup breasts sport silver stud piercings through her perky nipples. Silky black shoulder-length hair (messily styled) and red-skinned with purple eyes help complete her effeminate looks. Her tone is fairly dusky and mature, allowing her to pass for a male when properly concealed.
    Currently Wearing: Gagged, nude, with her cock in a cloth-wrapping chastity cage.
    Item Equipped: Silencing Collar (prevents magic)
    Starting Class: Magus
    Enslaved during the Adventure, Decisions Suck
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