Bubble's 2nd CYOA: #15

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What does Lunaris do?

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  1. Submit for the treasure. Totally not to see what it's like being fucked by a big dick.

  2. Resist and turn away from the treasure. He's a guy and not ready for taking it anally!

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  3. Force Solaris to do it. This could lead to Solaris growing weaker based on her actions...

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    "Let's go. Time to finish exploring all of this place."
    Lunaris takes point with Darniya held in-front of him. The demon was the best to keep ready for this sort of thing, especially as she was his property now. That'd be a weird thing to adapt to, but Lunaris was up to challenges.

    "You know, I've never been in these parts." Darniya's voice reaches back as she looks over her shoulder at the girlyboy with a smirk. "Maybe something lies in wait, hoping for three girls to fuck. I'm sure it'd count you, cutie."

    The blush on his face is thankfully hidden by his pink scarf, Lunaris averting his gaze and taking the chance to look to Solaris. Noble and flat-chested again, she's finally finished adjusting her armor but refuses to make eye contact with Lunaris. Perhaps he had said too much before when they shared that kiss and demonic seed. The magus can't help but wonder just how that cum tasted, since it might be she's just embarrassed she drank so much. It wasn't as if she had ever swallowed for him during their messing around...

    But the group slows their pace as they near a widening chamber. It seems fairly empty, with its walls and floors solid and lacking any passages. But in the center of the room is an altar and behind it a cage. The magical runes running the stone prison make it evident it's part of the altar, a treasure barred within.

    A lengthy and brilliant blue cape, bearing a strange symbol unknown to the magus. And based on Solaris's blank stare, she doesn't recognize it as well. But the purple glimmer of the demon's eyes says it all, drawing Lunaris around and to her side.

    "What is this place and what is that cape? I'd never really heard of these ruins but both Darya and now you seem to recognize what this place is."

    The red-skinned parent turns that violet gaze to the effeminate male, smirking and moving a hand around to clasp his ass firmly and get a stiff jump out of him before whispering into his ear.

    "Simple... it's a virginity safe. That cloak bears a symbol of an order that once fought my kind... but explaining everything to you isn't going to matter much. All you need to know is that this sort of defense was used by that group to prevent demons from breaking in. We're believed to be a bunch of rapists who take the virginity of others. They saw fit to make this defense mechanism to require the handing over of a virgin's virginity to lift the seal. I never knew this was down here... but what better time than now to steal some treasure, mmm?"

    The demon's hand is smacked clear, the collared woman scowling as Solaris pushed between them and seemingly protected Lunaris from the groping hands.

    "So you said this is a virginity lock? Well, I'm not a virgin and neither is Lunaris!" Puffing her chest out, the myrmidon turned to Lunaris and then pointed at the cage. "Besides, you can open that can't you? Magus are trained to dispel runes-"

    A firm smack to her butt makes Solaris jump against the boy, Darniya laughing as the noble turns and yells.

    "Just what are you do- mmnf!?"

    But her bossy demeanor vanishes, Lunaris blushing as Solaris is brought into a deep kiss with Darniya. And surprisingly, the woman doesn't pull out of it! Instead, she lets her sword drop to the floor and reciprocates so that both women are exchanging saliva with their dancing tongues. The display instantly earns an erection against Lunaris' pants, but he juts his free hand down and covers the bulge before the two part with stringy strands of spittle connecting them. The demoness smiles, speaking to the girl as she strokes her cheek.

    "It's not just your virginities with a dick or a pussy. One of you bend over that altar and I'll fuck your butt. I'm the only one who knows how these cages work... so if you want that loot, someone needs to be fucked."

    Solaris' face flushes red, weakly wrestling free of Darniya's grasp before stepping back and away. She doesn't even recover her sword, instead standing back a few feet.

    "W-Well... I-I don't... I don't want to get fucked. S-So if Lunaris wants to... t-take you, then he can choose to. D-Don't sneak up on me like that."

    Something seems wrong with the blonde, but she turns her back to the pair and starts off toward the entrance of the chamber as Darniya pushes forward. Lunaris' blushing face is revealed as she moves a finger up to gently tug his scarf down, the red woman bringing them into a kiss. Her mouth is warm, her tongue strongly and dominantly pushing his flat and tasting his mouth. Her hands reach down and back, grabbing that plump ass of his and giving a firm squeeze. The effeminate male moans into the kiss against his will, gasping for air between the retreat of that demonic tongue. Only as Darniya backs off - right hand leaving his clothed butt to gently raise his chin - does she give him the time to talk. Of course, her kissing changes to his neck, whispering hotly as her hand on his butt starts worming up and pulls his robe up to slide two fingers beneath the surface and rub the top of his crack.

    "What do you say, boy... fancy trying to get treasure and learning whether or not you can be some hunk's cute boyfriend?"
    Origin Cloth: Pink [The Enes Republic]
    Birthright: Hidden Potential [Perk]
    Childhood: Sailor's Friend [Speak all common languages + Sailor Skill]
    Career Training: Arcane Vision [Skill]
    Main Hand: Old Wooden Knot-Staff [Staff] [Catalyst] [Ranged]
    Off Hand: None
    Armor Set: Magus Apprentice Attire [Light] [Leather]
    Head: None (occupied)
    Face: Enesi Origin Cloth (worn as a scarf)
    Back: None
    Hands: None (occupied)
    Feet: None (occupied)
    Ring 1: Sailor's Earring (right ear)
    Ring 2: None
    Waist: None (occupied)
    Accessory / Pet: None
    Mount: None
    Gold: 100
    Darniya's Clothing: A set of form-concealing robes, worn by Darniya to cover their whole body and appear masculine.
    Quest: Rituals of Solfria (Part 1): Head south, then east to locate and acquire the blood of bandits on the Isle of Solfria.
    Optional: Capture or take the ears for differing rewards.

    Adventure: Decisions Suck: Best the Strange Ruins and earn an abortion filtre, to choose whether or not to keep Solaris' child.
    Slave #1 - Darniya Gul
    A 5 foot tall red demon shemale. Her genitals consist of a bumpy-shafted and prickly-tipped foot long dick. The tight backdoor between her pert derriere is untested by Solaris, but is expected to fit any cock and lacks its virginity. Her perky D-cup breasts sport silver stud piercings through her perky nipples. Silky black shoulder-length hair (messily styled) and red-skinned with purple eyes help complete her effeminate looks. Her tone is fairly dusky and mature, allowing her to pass for a male when properly concealed.
    Currently Wearing: Tight shorts and a cropped top.
    Item Equipped: Silencing Collar (prevents magic)
    Starting Class: Magus
    Enslaved during the Adventure, Decisions Suck
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