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What will Lunaris suggest?

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  1. To clear the dungeon and get it. What they do with it can come later. [Adventure: Decisions Suck]

  2. Risk it and take on the original quest you were given.

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  3. Accept and comfort her, possibly even encourage! Maybe this could become more...

  4. Other (Post below.)

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    "Fuck... Solaris, I'm t-taking your virginity!"
    Foggy-minded from his growing lust, Lunaris rises up and over the two women, both of his hands pinning Solaris' wrists against the ground while Darya slips her hands down to their crotches. One hand places a finger on either side of the noble's plump pussy with the middle finger rubbing the slut's slit while thumb-flicking her clit. The instant response of her gasping and quivering in their combined hold only made the trappy lad harder, feeling Darya grasp his rod and align it to the entrance.

    "N-Nnnf... d-don't... Lunaris... p-please..." Solaris pleads to her servant, the male bringing that effeminate face of his close. "I-I... I wanted to be the one to c-control this... d-don't-"

    Pushing their lips together, Lunaris didn't feel one bit bad about thrusting slow and deep into the virgin. Even as she screamed out into their kiss, Darya shushing and nuzzling Solaris to calm her, all of this was simply payback. No blood slipped from their now-linked phallic intruder and tight box thanks to the gal's fooling around with toys, but the virgin-tight depths were untested waters all to their own-right. The magus didn't rest until his nuts gently rested against her and Darya's hand playing with that clit and helping spread Solaris was stuck between the pair. His tongue grows aggressive in exchange for the lack of motion, tugging and playing within the oddly sweet mouth of the noblewoman. It made sense that she would somewhat, considering the food was better, but the best part was the soft touch of her tongue as those scarlet eyes uncertainly looked for signs of approval.

    But for their first kiss, parting with a strand of saliva linking their tongues, Darya was the only one with experience to judge, bringing the hand that had guided Lunaris to the hot and tight love-tunnel up to gently rub Solaris' cheek and kiss at the blonde's unprotected neck.

    "Such a cute kiss, my apprentice." Her native tongue rolled a bit as she aggressively nipped at the unpierced lobes of Solaris' ears. "Such a big cock, mi'lady... you should thank him appropriately."

    Those smoldering eyes glanced at the dark-skinned elder, hesitating before sharing a peck of a kiss for viewing pleasure of the trappy lad. Only then does her attention turn up to her first cock's owner, hooking her thighs gently around his wide hips and leg-locking him.

    "D-Don't just... stay still." Her tone was far more subdued, gasping as her walls tightened almost too hard. "I-I... I have to get used to this... s-so do your best to... m-make me feel good."

    Even now, speared and quivering with her legs wreathed on him like a brothel slut, she was still acting so big!? This was part of the problem... the green-eyed lad squeezed her wrists tighter.

    Make you feel good? I... I-I'm going to make you scream! Y-You... I-I'm going to make you addicted!

    The lengthy rod slowly begins retreating, stopping a few times thanks to the spasming lack of control the ex-virgin has, but finally the head of the well-hung magus is barely visible once more. But shifting back and tugging her arms to keep her still, Lunaris pulls her into his cock while thrusting. The hard smack of his balls against her gets that desired scream, hitting her deepest parts and causing the small-titted lass to clench her hands into fists.

    "Y-You're going to make me feel good!" A grind up against her was all he could do, tugging her up and off of Darya. His hands forced her arms back, the leg-lock putting them in a kneeling face-to-face cowgirl. "Now wiggle those hips or I'll really l-let loose!"

    Forced to stare down her now angered and dominant-acting servant, Solaris flared with anger and seemed about ready to break his hold. He could feel the strength of the myrmidon flex against his hold, but it suddenly vanished in place for those fists uncurling and the girl resting her head on his shoulder.

    "Y-Yes... o-okay, just... d-don't... do that."

    Solaris... was submitting? Lunaris felt his shaft harden at this softer and more... well, cute part of his childhood friend. His hands even let go of her wrists and grabbed her plush butt, supporting her and getting a good chance to grope away. Both of those firm swordsman hands grabbed hold of his shoulders, letting Lunaris look down her back to watch her shake and grind gently around with the cock buried in her. Darya laughed and sat up to the sight, the dark-skinned woman crawling over after a moment so that she could reach her arms down and around. Both of her palms grabbed at Lunaris' ass, getting a shiver from the boy as he looks face-to-face with his instructor.

    "D-Darya, I-"

    A kiss between the two silences him, the aggressive tongue of the woman pushing in as her large tits go flush against the grinding noble's rear flank. Trapped in the middle seemed to only embolden or comfort Solaris, the girl giving the occasional small hop on the sheathed rod deep inside. Her tight grip on him made each little jerk or bounce feel great across the entire length of his cock, squeezing her butt to reward the clingy gal. With this being their first time, it was on a different level entirely compared to the foreplay before. The wetness of her large-lipped cunt was a testament to how good her body felt, too.

    "Come on now, Lunaris... cum inside her." Darya's voice whispered between them mid-break in their kiss. "Bringing an heir to the throne... that's the ultimate way you can serve your master, isn't it?"

    Those green eyes grew big, Solaris even turning to look over her shoulder and peek at the dark-skinned woman with fear.

    "W-wait, I didn't- ooOOOOH!"

    Solaris lost her ability to fight back in an instant, Darya slipping her hands off Lunaris and pushing a finger up her truly virgin backdoor and hooking it lightly to keep the blonde still. The other hand lifts up, grabbing her shoulder and pushing her down. Lunaris, stuck as he is, can do nothing but squirm with all the weight being held down. He's so close, there's no way he can slip out now! He should have pounded Darya, he should have pounded-

    Moaning out and letting go of that plump butt to wrap his arms around Solaris' back, Lunaris loses it. His sack fires rope after rope of baby-batter as deep as possible, no doubt reaching the target destination of her womb as his body shakes in spasms against her. But the blonde's own arousal is just as high, each shot bringing a louder gasp until a final moan and tightening of that vice-like cunt. Her juices sprayed from those thick cunt lips, followed a moment later by gushing semen racing down as if to try and catch it. And the two of them could do nothing more than sit there, shaking and clinging to one another.

    Solaris has likely become pregnant with Lunaris' child.
    Darya smiled to the distant-sighted male, kissing his cheek before slowly getting up and snapping. Her clothing appeared in a flash, leaving her the only dressed one in the ruin's chamber.

    "You two have a choice. Once you rest, you can either try to clear this ruin for me and earn a philtre of abortion I'll magically seal within this chamber to ensure Solaris isn't pregnant... or you can leave and resume your journey to best those bandits." Pulling free a vial, she tosses it into the air and snaps, magical spheres surrounding the container in an instant. "I know Soldaria would enjoy hearing that you didn't try to abort this. She likes to think that you're the ideal fit for her daughter, but don't tell her I said that. Next time, Lunaris, maybe I'll see if you can dominate me like you did her. A second chance at us, hmm?"

    Turning and leaving the camp for the pair of them, she started toward the stairs as Solaris finally began to stir. The soft sting of scratches on his shoulders only now became apparent, Lunaris wincing gently as she finally loosened and adjusted her grip to lean back and let them see one another.

    "Y-You... dolt. Cumming inside... y-you..." Her red eyes seemed between growing angry and watering up, looking down and resting her forehead against yours. "I... I don't know what we should do. I-I... if I did get pregnant, then... we should try to get that vial, right?"

    She's clearly unsure of what to do next, the blonde tomboy trying to recover her composure despite still being naked and balls-deep on Lunaris' meatstick. Pregnancy wasn't something to take lightly... even with alchemy, a pregnancy could be quite the ordeal and time-consuming. Naturally, it was even heftier for a human. It was likely a good idea to recommend the next move... after all, the pair of them just traded virginities and now were faced with the reality they could have just made a kid.

    "Well, Solaris... I... I th-think we should..."
    Origin Cloth: Pink [The Enes Republic]
    Birthright: Hidden Potential [Perk]
    Childhood: Sailor's Friend [Speak all common languages + Sailor Skill]
    Career Training: Arcane Vision [Skill]
    Main Hand: Old Wooden Knot-Staff [Staff] [Catalyst] [Ranged]
    Off Hand: None
    Armor Set: Magus Apprentice Attire [Light] [Leather]
    Head: None (occupied)
    Face: Enesi Origin Cloth (worn as a scarf)
    Back: None
    Hands: None (occupied)
    Feet: None (occupied)
    Ring 1: Sailor's Earring (right ear)
    Ring 2: None
    Waist: None (occupied)
    Accessory / Pet: None
    Mount: None
    Gold: 100
    Quest: Rituals of Solfria (Part 1): Head south, then east to locate and acquire the blood of bandits on the Isle of Solfria.
    Optional: Capture or take the ears for differing rewards.
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