Belly Size Mysteriously Increasing?

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    May 7, 2018
    I've run into this issue lately where I've been perpetually stuck with the "Bulky Belly" status effect and I can't for the life of me figure out why. I'm well used to it cycling in and out with pregnancy or oviposition over time, but it seems like it's now stuck up there, with nothing explaining it that i can find. My description constantly has a 'obscene protruding belly' blurb, and even my codex states show the size rating.

    This is with no current pregnancies at all;

    * Belly, Size Rating: 76.25
    * Belly, Weight: 74.979 lbs (1 %)

    If anything, it seems like it's increasing repeatedly. I was trying to test it by spamming pregnancies and maternity ward, and it seemed as if that caused it to permanently increase again to 30% Bulky Belly now.

    What other factors influence this? Is this a bug, or a feature I'm overlooking? Is there anything that I can do ingame or editing the save to fix this?


    Okay, I've actually tracked it down now. My character picked up the Nyrea Eggs perk and has apparently been accumulating THOUSANDS of them for some time, and they seem to contribute to this rating. It seems like they are being produced far faster than I can feasibly get rid of them.

    Which leads me to 2 further questions; What determines rate of Nyrea / ovipositor egg productiong? (Fertility?) and what determines how many are expelled with orgasm?
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    this would be terrifying to see happen to a person. o-o three options either A immobilized from size. B death from rupture. o-o C death from crushed organs. well you could take the infertility drug until you get it under control somehow o-o or talk to lash. he can mess with that.

    I have a bet that the egg production might be in with cum production possibly if not with the fertility rating. as it seems like the build up and expelling is closer to cumming then the fertility. just a wild guess so take with a block of salt.
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    Fertility plays a large part in determining the amount produced daily. There are other variables which you can increase by eating Nyrea Candy. IMO the production needs to be tuned down a little because of the reason above in which they accumulate at too fast of a rate.