Anyone know of Free Steam Game list notifications?

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    Aug 29, 2015
    I'm already signed up for a few but more that offer free games on Steam, Epic, origin, GoG, ETC as they appear would be helpful. Anything like email lists, twitter feeds, discord channels, or subredits would probably be the easiest. Tired of missing the free deals.

    EDIT: Since its seems no one knows any, at least heres a subreddit Ive sign onto that has free game notifications.
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    May 14, 2020
    I just keep a folder labeled "Game Deals" on my bookmark bar, and click 'open all'. Some of these need free accounts to get you the games or the information. I also added a bookmark for the one you listed, but didn't include it here.

    Videogame ones include: An amazing source for deals, but so overwhelming I tend to just scroll down until it see "Free" or "100% Off". Lets you see a few members-only offers you otherwise wouldn't, and reminds you the Trove exists. Just scroll down to this weeks free offers. With a bit of work, you can launch them without Epic's spyware-based launcher. Lets you know if there are any developers that are willing to give you the DRM-Free version of a game you already bought. This one is amazing, but needs a free account and to wait about a day after making it to prove you aren't a spam-bot before you can view it. Easily one of the best on the list, and it includes threads on trading or giving away unused steam keys, as well as where to find free games. This need part of the forum in the previous listing. Anything is usually snapped up in a few hours, but I'm usually reading on the site's sizable fiction forums anyways, so I'm already looking for the alerts. Never go to the political debate side of Spacebattles, that way leads to SUFFERING. Just to look for seasonal deals. Lots of deals here, but the mystery bundles are usually almost entirely garbage. Self-explanatory. This one makes me feel dirty, but I already have an Ubisoft account as part of their twisted schemes with their Steam games. Indie games as far as the eye can see. Has some decent NSFW games as well, but nothing that compares to Fenoxo's work.

    Pen and Paper RPGs and Tabletop games are on my list as well. A great source of amazing bundles, and almost all come with free copies on, as described later. They removed the ability to select 'sort by price' in the store, but never removed support for the option, so typing in the word "price" in the correct spot in the address makes me feel like a 1980's movie-hacker while browsing games primarily set in "Dystopian Future of the 80's" style settings.
    This one deserves a category of its own, as it links to a bunch of other free sites. It also usually hosts free copies of almost all of your Bundle of Holding purchases. It is one of a bunch of linked sites that all share an amazing library app, that has one-click updating of your library, and a lot of other neat features. It's sister sites also include comics, 3D printing models, E-Books, card games, and a bunch of other things. This includes official PDFs of quite a few MAJOR brands, so it's worth a look if you're into comics. I got a cheap 1Tb hard drive that's meant for backups and isn't really suited to normal use or even being plugged in for longer than you need to, as the fan never stops as long as the USB-port has power, and I've taken to trying to fill it up with free stuff from here. It's a good way to waste a few hours if you're board out of your skull, and leaves you with a sizable library if your internet goes out. I was going stir-crazy during quarantine. It's basically a clone of Bundle of Holding, but without the free drivethru copies, or games. Just knitting and quilting.

    Edit: Nostalgia is an addiction. Help. No sales as of this post, but the store is still within easy navigational distance.
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    Thanks for the list but unfortunately most of these I already have or found. I'm sure others will find this useful though.