All saves disappeared.


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Jun 13, 2023
Im assuming the android version runs on Javascript since the one save file I still have is one I saved to file while still on Myrellion, over a 100 in game days ago. But yeah I was planning on playing a bit, since I already had Sidewinder and was max level but nope all my saves were just gone and I have so far spent 5 hours obsessing over getting them back, since theres literally nothing online about where they could potentially be I wound up rooting the old phone I was running the game on in an attempt to see if they were still in the game files. Still havent found anything. Ive noticed other people reporting this, I was using the downloaded android version, and have updated it to 062 from 061 and my saves were still fine. The last person to lose their files seems to have lost them at the same time as I did, or at least found out at the same time. Ive spent too long being pi.ssed about this so Im giving up and just reporting it as a bug. This sucks cause I wanted to get the probes after Zheng Shi, but starting over from the save file Ive got feels tedious and editing it still means its not gonna be the exact same.


Apr 27, 2016
All browsers clear out stuff from websites over time. There's nothing the game specifically can do to prevent this and believe me we have looked.

Always back up your saves via save to file at the end of a session.