[0.9.090-PUBLIC-ELECTRON#4586] Sleeping with Eitan isn't sleeping


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May 20, 2023
This Eitan sleep scene only advances time few minutes and doesn't restore Health/Energy
As you start preparing for bed, Eitan finds his way into your room. He looks hungry - almost feral - as he stares at you while you’re undressing yourself. You start to wonder if it was a good idea to ask him to share a bed, but your doubt is soon replaced with arousal as Eitan starts stripping himself too. In a minute, you’re both naked in the captain’s quarters.

Before you can say anything, Eitan steps over, picks you up, and slings you over his shoulder. You can’t even protest before he gently puts you on the bed with him. Crawling over you and pulling the blanket up and over the both of you.

“I apologize, I was... excited to be in a bed that could hold me. The bed in the other room made it hard to sleep fully spread out. Though I curl up when I sleep, it is nice to stretch my arms,” he murmurs, about half a foot away from your face....