[0.9.046-PUBLIC-ANDROID#3154] unable to remove old save files from android.


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Oct 2, 2019
So I'm trying for a fresh install of TiTs For Android just to make sure things are updating properly. Deleted all saves ingame, emptied my trashcan, ran CCleaner, redownload the app.

Upon installing and checking out the saved files to make sure everything was fresh. I found that all the slots were full of OLD save files that I loong since deleted and/or saved over. Idk where they came from.

I deleted the saves and reinstalled the app again and the saves were back again. These aren't even my most recent save files but some really old ones.

Where does the android app store its save files so I can clear them out.

Cause at this point they seem to actually be taking up space on my phone and I apparently can't delete them from the game app.


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Aug 26, 2015
This seems to be a device configuration issue and not a game issue; your device is more than likely creating some kind of backup portable copy of installed application data, that it is restoring when you reinstall the application. The fact that it is bringing back "old/saved over data" leads me to believe that it is restoring an old backup, created when those slots were actually correct.