[0.9.007] Fei An Location Bug


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@lowercase_donkey As per my discussion with Yui on the Discord from here: https://discord.com/channels/161544001441366016/201340961526120448/989002785104224297, it appears that Fei An Strozo's location is either not being set properly, or being deleted when it shouldn't. Neither of us have any idea why this happened.

Note that while the attached file isn't the original, it's an undo of the edit that fixed the problem (setting flags.FEIAN_LOCATION = 2F7), so it should be identical to the original (or close enough). It's also not mine; I'm submitting it on Yui's behalf.

Also, the spider web icon that should mark the location of a quadomme is coming up as a question mark instead, though it's possible that's a missing/unloaded/etc. asset thing exclusive to the downloadable version.


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