Dicks & Boobs Week Whatever

eradragon_bloodoodle_lnna_PCLast week I didn’t get as much time in on CoC as I’d like, so I’ll be poking at it some more over the days to come – interspersed with work on TiTS. I wouldn’t expect it to get totally done. Savin overestimates what we can do in a short time, sometimes, but progress is being made.

The Minotaur King & Excellia encounter is about halfway done – I still need to write two victory scenes and two loss scenes to finish it up (three victories are done).

Wish me luck~!

(Fanart from here)

CoC Week: Days 4-5

1352421368018Just keepin’ on trucking. Working on a pet-play focused bad-end for Lethice today, where the defeated Champion gets to become the Demon Queen’s favorite new slut-puppy. Meanwhile, for a dude who’s been sick, Fen churned out a shitload of minotaur writes in like, one sitting. A+ work Bronoxo.

Art of waifuest of dragons by Jass. Below, Shoupup’s been churning out the busts since coming aboard. Connie, a potential character in the upcoming KaraQuest Geddy’s working on coding, has probably my new favorite Shou-bust. <3

Connie Clothed (Shou)

[Minor Alert] Patreon Hacked!

First – not a huge deal. It looks like they kept the important shit pretty safe, but go ahead and change your password to be sure. More information can be found here.

CoCwork Report: Wrote about 3,200 4,100ish words of Minotaur King stuff. Mostly the combat abilities for him and Excellia along with a decent-sized scene for fucking his dick with your own if you’re 12″ or less. Don’t do that if you have a knot. It’s knot a good idea.

Also for some reason I spent 750 of those words on variations for the passive musk lust gain. Looks like there’s gonna be a lot of win scenes to do since there’s a guy and girl available. There’s a total of five I’m planning to write (so four more to go). No idea yet on bad-ends. Might wind up just doing a single omni-end. I can’t see many options for loss besides getting stuffed with minodick again and again.

Oh, and I slipped in a 920 word tittyfuck scene. Choo choo, motherfuckers. Smut train ain’t got no brakes.

It’s good to finally hit a writegroove again.

CoC Week, Day 3

LeiraMore Lethice victory scenes for me! There may be dicknipples. And breast expansion. And stuff. Gotta keep myself interested! Otherwise not overmuch to report, though I see Fen’s been designing some combat stuff to go along with the Minoboss.

Weds/Thurs are my half-days now (because fuck having normal weekends, I guess??), but I’ll still hopefully be cracking through a pet-play focused bad end by end of day Thursday. Either way, half days now mean full day Saturday to make up for ’em, as usual.

Art: Minerva’s shark-girl daughter, Leira, from Corruption of Champions&D done by Madame Squiggles. Not pictured: being made of Latex. Yay, zany kink-traps in long-forgotten (sex) dungeons!

Tainted Space Week, Day Infinity

ceria_nudeJust kidding, I’m poking at the Minotaur King & Excellia in my free time, but how about a free TiTS release?

0.6.7 Changelog:

  • Geddy fixed a bunch of bugs (Geddy, if you want to enumerate these so the blog viewers can bask in your awesome, let me know).

What’s New Since Last Public Build?

  • New encounters in Beth’s Broads.
  • Emmy, a hermaphroditic jackal that runs an energy weapon shop on Myrellion. She’s only partially completed at present.
  • New busts for many characters, courtesy of Shou.
  • Zil can sometimes drop bows, enabling earlier bow training.
  • Bess can be found and recruited on Tarkus, courtesy of JimT and Gedan’s tireless coding.
  • New scenes at the prostate milker on New Texas, courtesy of Nonesuch.
  • New Renvra scenes, courtesy of Zeikfried.
  • Probably some other stuff? The blog imploded, so it’s a little hard to keep track of.

Between Metal Gear Solid, Destiny’s Taken King expansion pack, and the blog going tits-up, it’s been a pretty slow month for us. There’s a lot of nice stuff piling up in the code hopper though – I can’t wait to share it!

CoC Week: Day 2

Gargoyle -AlderOff to a bit slower of a start than I’d like — hard to find legs to stand on, so to speak, on something I haven’t touched in like a year. Still, got a chunk of one of Lethice’s victory scenes done yesterday. Hopefully I’ll have that finished off then move onto one of her bad ends today. Meanwhile, Fen’s starting in on a Minotaur boss fight — the middle dude in a 3-boss rush to the end, following a corrupted drider and his pet goblin.


Also another excuse to dump old CoC art! Gargoyle sitting on something big and hard, by Alder.


Celebrate Monstergirls - AdjYeah, that’s right.

Some of you have been waiting for it. Some of you don’t care. Some of you want me to shut up. Doesn’t matter. This week, Fenoxo and myself are gonna throw all our write-energy at finally finishing off CORRUPTION OF CHAMPIONS. Maybe we’ll actually get to the end this week, maybe we won’t. But we’re damned sure gonna try. Personally, I think I’m gonna end up spending most of the time cranking out Lethice’s victory scenes. Maybe a bad end or two, maybe help with the epilogues or whatever follows.

Keep in mind this is not “When u write more [waifu here].” This is not “add more/new features” week. 100% Dungeon 3, 100% of the time until our eyes bleed.

I’m gonna be in #FenChat pretty much every waking hour until we’re done. Swing by, hang out, give us some moral support. We’ll probably need it.

(Oh, and sate your hype with more of the awesome CoC&D game Adjatha’s been running for us. #ShamelessSelfPlug. CoC monstergrill pregophile art also by Adjatha!)

[Backers] Tainted Space 0.6.6

ceriaIt’s a small one, but new content nonetheless. Public release ETA – Monday-ish.

0.6.6 Changelog:

  • Zeikfried’s enhancements for Beth’s Broads are now live, featuring encounters with a subspecies of rahn and an ovir dancer. High intelligence characters can even get a secret scene with the ovir. Enjoy!

Ceria at left is drawn by Shou! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna pass out in a corner.

TiTS Delay

The post below this one has a lovely new update for FoE! Looks like it’s packing in a whole new dungeon.

Sadly, it looks like my taintedspace.com server isn’t functioning right now, so I’m going to hold off on any release for now. It’s not a big deal – it’s just a few thousand words of scenes for Beth’s Broads. I’ll dig into it – and don’t worry, it doesn’t look anything like the sort of situation we had with the old fenoxo.com server. It’s just hung up on something, and I don’t have time to figure out how to get it to let me reboot it right now.

I’ve left a support ticket and will pursue it as time permits.

FoE – 0.4l

Alder here with a new, slightly-earlier-than-usual Fall of Eden update! While the last one was a bit threadbare on content, this one is bustling with it! FoE now has its first seasonal event, a Halloween content pack. This comes in the shape of a repeatable dungeon of sorts, available every year the period 14 oct – 14 nov. You can access it now by setting your clock forward, or by the much simpler method: just activate debug mode and access it all-year-round! The initial event triggers upon entering the Nomad camp during waking hours.

Play it here.
There is an offline version available here.
Check out the Fall of Eden forum.
Fall of Eden source code can be found on Github.
Check out the Android port here.
Report bugs on Github or on the forums.
Fall of Eden has a Patreon.

Enjoy your pumpkin pie.

UPDATE: Android port is available.