Zendra's Quest (criticism welcome)

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    I came up with this idea for a dominating woman to regain her humanity after an encounter with a demon. It's set in a weird mix of a CoC type world where sex is more openly discussed and a bit of more modern tech thrown in. There's demons but they're more rare than in CoC. Mostly keeping to a few places. As far as the tech is concerned it's mostly old type tech but there's still cars, microwaves, phones, and a few other modern things. Cars are pretty expensive though and seen as a supreme luxury unless you have a business behind it like a taxi service. I don't know if I'll write more than a few scenes of this but I welcome feedback all the same. Either way I'll eventually write some kind of conclusion the the story.

    If you just want the sex scene it's in the spoiler tag. ;)

    Zendra awakens along a road with her armor and supplies beside her. She's in some pain not quiet used to sleeping with those damned horns sticking out of her head. Two of them. Even a simple look in the mirror is tainted by those two reminders of what was done to her. To say nothing of the difficulty of sleeping with her new set of wings, demonic wings at that. Red wings, black horns at least they are black now. She gathers her things and dons her armor.

    Setting off down the road. There's a man that seems to be living out of his carriage. Zendra sees how this guy doesn't seem to pose a threat of any kind. He's got a strong build with short disheveled red hair. His well groomed beard shows that he used to take care of himself pretty well but that he's just had it rough recently. As he seems to be down and out emotionally Zendra just casually greets him.
    "Nice tits" He says almost under his breath. Almost staring at her C cups. Trying to recover he looks up "Sorry, I mean hi." Zendra laughs "What's there to be sorry for? I'm proud of the girls. Besides you're the first guy I've come across that didn't talk about my horns or wings first." They share a laugh about it.

    She learns his name is Drevin and that he's only been on the road like this the past two days. He had a falling out with his boyfriend Lionel because he thought Drevin stole something of his. After he couldn't find it in the house he became suspicious of Drevin's sudden wealth.
    "I didn't do anything bad. I just took on a part time gig at the club. I wanted to surprise him with a car but I didn't even have the funds for a down payment yet. How could I have known he'd loose some valuable stuff shortly after I took the job? Before I could explain any of this he kicked me out. Well enough about me what about you Zendra was it?"

    Zendra explains her quest to regain her humanity. "Honestly I don't mind the wings too much. They make it a bitch to sleep in but I think I can eventually fly with them. I'll probably get used to them too. The horns on the other hand I need them gone. Damn Hadril! I should've never got with him."

    "Hadril you say?" Drevin asks knowingly. "I know him. Well I knew him through connections of mine. I could let you know where to find him for a price."

    Zendra's quickly filled with hope at ending her quest so soon but quickly becomes suspicious. "What proof do you have that you know him and what is your price for your contacts info?"

    Drevin glad to see that she's so direct about this "Well the price, a round of sex. I haven't had much since the part time gig kept me so busy and I'm single now so yeah..." Drevin gets a bit apprehensive realizing he was so bold saying that to her. When she doesn't look like she's gonna pummel him he continues. "Ok, yeah, so the proof is a bit harder. I met him at a party and I have a pic of us together but it's at my ex's house." Now Zendra gets angry!

    "You expect me to fuck you without even so much as any proof that you can provide a lead to him?" She forcibly pushes him and pins him against his own carriage.
    "Well hey, hey, hey easy now. I can't provide any proof to you if you kill me. I'm just gonna need some kind of incentive to make it worth it going back to my ex's house."
    She lets him down to breath a bit.
    "I'm not having sex with you as 'incentive'."
    "Ok fine" Drevin says "Then tell me something more compelling than you need horns off your head. They have plastic surgery lady."

    Zendra resigns to tell him exactly how Hadril gave her these demonic characteristics.
    Zendra knew that it wasn't the best idea to invite the demon back to her place but she didn't care. Hadril had the kind of looks she was hoping to find in a human, aside from the horns, but she could get over that. "It's not like I'm a virgin" She reasoned in her own mind. Still a bit meek she wasn't as bold as she would later be.

    Hadril at the doorway Zendra let him in they exchanged flirty words and greetings. Making Zendra almost blush. They were sitting on the couch when Hadril offered to get the wine. Zendra let him keeping an eagle eye on him pouring the drinks. After they drank Hadril started kissing Zendra and then stopped for a moment. Looking into those deep blue eyes Zendra kissed him back and started to undo his clothes. Taking off his shirt kissing his chiseled chest. Anxious to go even lower she unbuckles his belt. Hadril stops her. "Be still my lady. I want to taste you first." He says.

    Zendra lets him undo her blue dress afterwards he kisses up her thighs. Hadril puts his right hand under her lingerie "I can see your ready for me already." Zendra tensing up a bit knows she's wet in spite of her nerves. "I, um, thought you wanted to taste me" Hadril's hand rubbing in and out of the lingerie teasing her. "I just want to make certain you'll be primed to cum, over and over." Zendra doesn't notice how suspicious it is of a demon to want her to experience that much pleasure.

    Hadril uses his left hand to remove the lingerie at last. He rubs her clit over and over. Zendra moans in appreciation. Taking that as a cue Hadril inserts his tongue up her passage. He makes sure to continue rubbing her clit while pleasing her with his tongue. Zendra being taken to the edge of orgasm is disappointed when she feels Hadril's tongue depart. He stands beside her "It's time for you to do your part." Zendra gets the message and sits back up to take off Hadril's pants and underwear.

    Hadril, already hard, doesn't take much to please at this moment as Zendra starts to rub his cock over and over. Before long she's licking the shaft of his demonic dick. Hadril decides to withdraw. "So have you had enough foreplay?" Zendra asks "Because I'm more than ready to feel that inside me." Zendra's tension has been completely eradicated at this point, replaced with need for sex. Hadril notices this "How would you like me?" He says. "Oh you standing there is just fine." She stands up "no going back now" she thinks as she impales herself on his 10 inch demonic pole. They stand together thrusting into one another. He's the biggest she's ever taken and thanks to the foreplay it's easy for her to thrust onto him as hard as she likes.

    With Zendra on the edge again of an orgasm Hadril changes the positions. He lays her down on the couch with him pistoning in her on top. Just as the orgasm gets closer and closer for her he slows down for a bit. "You really shouldn't have let me give you a drink" He says making Zendra wonder what he means. She was certain she kept close watch on him pouring the drinks and he got the wine from her own stash. "You'll know what I mean when I give you this." He starts speeding up. Zendra's enjoying herself too much to even question what he meant. Thrust after thrust seems to be hitting her G-spot. Once more Hadril goes and hilts himself into Zendra. Zendra orgasms like she never did before and suddenly feels a change in her head. She reaches up and feels a single horn on the left of her forehead. "Ah and the elixir worked!" Hadril a bit too excited to go into detail still fucking her.

    He slows down just to tell her that if she wants the transformation to stop all she has to do is not orgasm with him. It'll just progress when he makes her cum. Even hearing that, the orgasm was too good to deny. She flips the position with her on top now. "Oh you'll make me cum again all right." She says determined gyrating her hips atop him. Riding him hard and fast. Hadril unable to hold out any longer orgasms into her and she takes him to the hilt to hold in his cum. Hadril reaches for a potion from his pants and downs it to get his dick hard again. Zendra feels this as she starts rising again to ride him once more. It's not long before Zendra gives into another orgasm this time feeling around her body for what was changed. She takes her hands from her butt up to her breast to her head to find another horn joining it's twin.

    After that Zendra changes the position again. She gets off of him and orders Hadril to stand up. She bends over the back of the couch demanding to be taken doggystyle. Hadril is more than happy to oblige and hilts himself in her from behind. Grabbing her hips to make the fucking as rough as he likes it. Zendra's lost in the feeling of sexual ecstasy with a building resentment towards him for these horns. He takes his right hand and slides it in front of her to stimulate her pleasure button. He rubs it nice and gentle while pounding into her from behind. This change of pace is enough to draw out another orgasm from her. Only this time it's quite evident what was changed as her wings sprout forth in front of him. He still needs another orgasm so pistons hard inside her. Not letting up until he's satisfied. Finally hilting in her a final time as he cums again.

    Zendra spent from the orgasms and the transformations can barely stand up without feeling dizzy so she sits down starting to feel the rage against Hadril building. She wonders if she lost herself to hate sex midway through. Hadril explains in full that he snuck the elixir into the wine bottle itself before pouring. It'll eventually turn her into the woman of his dreams if they have sex enough. "Wouldn't it be wonderful? You'd be mine and we could have so many fun nights together?"
    "No actually, I'd want to stay my own person. I don't want to become your dream girl through some kind of potion. I don't even want these horns. Just give me the antidote."
    "Hm well that didn't work out like I'd planned. You're already supposed to be bonded to me. Not this 'own person' garbage. Oh well, what a lost cause. Shame."
    This escalates to an argument with lots of vile words exchanged back and forth. Eventually Hadril flies out cackling "By the way there's no antidote and you'll never find out exactly what's in the elixir to make one!"

    "Wow" Drevin says "I didn't expect you to get into that kind of detail." Zendra notices he's gotten hard after hearing her plight. "Hey I couldn't help it." He says in protest noticing where her eyes are looking. "You're standing there with boob revealing armor telling me a sex tale."
    "I was just noticing that I must've gave you more than enough 'incentive' for us to go to your ex's for the proof you know Hadril." She remarks.
    "Oh? Oh! Yes of course. We can head on over in the morning. It's kind of too late now to go there by carriage. Sound fair to you?"
    "Sure just don't get any ideas that I'll give you a quickie before sleep."
    "Oh, right, of course not."

    They sleep in separate bedrolls until the morning.....

    And that's all I have time to write for it right now. Let me know what you think if you'd like to critique.
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    I really liked it. Other than some sentence structure and grammar errors, it was pretty good.
    So Drevin is bi-sexual then? Interesting.
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    Thanks and the errors are probably due to my own usage of English being a bit broken. It's my native tongue I just suck at it sometimes. I'll actually try to make time tomorrow to refine my own grammar usage thanks to this. However I'll be writing the next installment later on tonight so I apologize in advance for any more of these errors that may slip through.
    Indeed he is. Generally speaking in this story I don't want to explicitly state a character's sexual orientation. I kind of want to see if I can write it so that it's just understood without saying "so-and-so character is lesbian". Having said that the next part will be an outright exception to this as Lionel's a guy that's all about knowing these labels and he'll be in it.

    Thanks again for the feedback.
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    Before I get started with the next part I want to say here I think I'll keep the above formatting of keeping the sex scenes in the spoiler tags. Just because I feel it makes it slightly easier to read and helps break things up visually. Also if anyone just wants to read those specific parts it makes it dead easy to do so.

    All right part II.

    Zendra wakes up before Drevin and begins to pack her bedroll up. Meanwhile Drevin's tossing and turning. "Should I wake him up? He's probably in a nightmare." Just as she thinks this Drevin relaxes into a peaceful sleep again. She resigns to preparing to cook some food from her supplies. After about 15 minutes Drevin wakes up and walks over to her "you know we could just go to the Beef & Grill. They serve breakfast there. It's on the way to the house too." Agreeing to this Zendra packs her stuff in her bag and Drevin notices the sky. "Damn looks like it's going to rain."
    "Is that a problem?" She asks.
    "Well yeah. I was hoping to get there before Lionel was finished with his shift at the warehouse. Looks like I'm gonna have to face him again. I hope you're able to diffuse his anger somehow."
    "What's the worry? You already told me he doesn't have a car yet. He'd be dealing with the same traffic as us."
    "The company provides a bus for it's workers. So unfortunately he's going to be home soon after his shift ends."
    Zendra fake laughs it off "We'll just be there for a picture. Maybe I could put these to use and put him in his place saying I'm half demon and he has to listen to me." She says with some fake confidence. She doesn't really want to deal with someone else's angry ex when she's already got an angry demon fling to deal with.

    They make it to the Beef & Grill and order their food. They make conversation Zendra finds out that while Lionel's name is on the deed to the house Drevin's been paying more into the payments over the years than he has. She also finds out that Drevin bought their king sized bed as a birthday present. Where before they were dealing with two twin sized beds. Conversation and breakfast done they head out into the storm to get to the house. Drevin sees the remnants of what's left of his stuff tossed out in the bushes outside the place. "All the things I couldn't fit on my carriage." He says remembering. "All of it? Nothing's been stolen by now?" She remarks. "Yeah it's all still here." He states "this neighborhood's pretty safe. You're not likely to get something stolen from you unless you live with that person."

    Drevin opens the front door. He's greeted with a surprise visitor his sister's there. She goes over and gives him a comforting hug making her clothes wet in the process. "Woah, woah, woah what are you doing here Rose?" "I wanted to see you" she says matter of factually "only for Lionel to tell me how you two broke up. I was just about to ask him if he knew where I could find you when you walked into the door!" "Oh I see" he says "by the way sorry for getting your shirt wet you didn't exactly give me time to take my jacket off." "Silly Drevy I don't care about that. What matters is that I got to see you." Zendra enters the living room after hanging her jacket on the coat rack and leaving her bag at the door. "Who's this then?" Rose asks. Zendra and Rose exchange greetings. Rose lends a sympathetic ear to Zendra explaining a bit of her quest to regain her humanity. Lionel overhears all of this on the couch. "So why are you in my house and not off getting those horns cut off?" Lionel interrupts. Drevin explains that it was Hadril that did this to her and she wants proof that he knows him.

    "Ah good old Hadril." Lionel comments "I remember this game he would have us do. Holding out from an erection while nude women would masturbate and pleasure eachother in front of us. He didn't know I was gay until I won three times. Easiest way to furnish our kitchen ever! I still chuckle a bit getting drinks out of the fridge." Drevin relieved that Lionel isn't the angry mess he was before reasons that Rose must've calmed him down a lot. "So do you take that as proof then?" Drevin asks. "I still want to see the picture. I still gotta make sure we're talking about the same Hadril here." Zendra explains. Drevin asks Rose to get the photo albums from upstairs for him while she's upstairs Lionel gets curious and asks. "So what do you get out of this Drevin? You can't be doing this out some "goodness of your own heart". Thief." Before Drevin can answer Zendra puts out his foul temperament by explaining Drevin's part time job and how his sudden wealth was connected to that. "Right you believe him about the job with nothing but demand proof when it suits you. Still doesn't explain what he gets out of this and doesn't explain what happened to my top of the line fishing rod. Something like that doesn't just disappear. I loved that thing." Drevin having enough of this picks up the phone to call his boss. He puts the conversation on speaker and gets the desk guy Lionel recognizes his voice since they would go to the club from time to time. They have a talk that two co-workers would complaining about the boss and how much they're getting paid. The desk guy ends the conversation after making sure Drevin is still coming in to work tomorrow night.

    Lionel finally gives in and realizes what he's done breaking up with a man he loves over something he didn't even do. "I'm so sorry Drevin. I just thought I would never loose that fishing rod. I don't even know what else to say other than sorry." Rose comes downstairs with a few photo albums. Drevin deciding to deal with Lionel after finding the picture he sorts through the albums and finds it. He shows it to Zendra explaining that the guy in the middle is a mutual friend and that he's certain he would know where Hadril is. Zendra sees it's the same Hadril with the deep blue eyes. Lionel still curious politely asks again what Drevin gets out of this. "Well I asked for sex." He says a bit shy saying that around his sister. Rose seeing where this is going bows out as gracefully as she can she and Drevin exchange good byes.

    "I want him to watch" Zendra says pretty bluntly. "He deserves it after how he treated you." Drevin is turned on by the suggestion but Lionel's not so pleased. Lionel writes something on a piece of paper and hands it to Zendra. Explains it's the contact info for Hadril's friend and now she doesn't have to do any of this. Before Drevin can get too disappointed Zendra explains that she's a woman of her word and she still wouldn't have gotten this far without Drevin's help so it's only right to stick to the arrangement. Lionel reluctantly agrees to watch, for Drevin's sake, but tries to put stipulation on where. "Use the couch. At least then I can sleep in my bed without thinking of you fucking her." "No" Drevin stands up for himself "we're using our bed that I bought." "Fine" Lionel says "but after this we're even. You can't hold my mistake over me anymore." Drevin agrees but makes clear that they're not automatically in a relationship again after this. They head up to the bedroom.

    Lionel sits down in a chair looking at Drevin and Zendra. Zendra starts to strip her armor off she's just wearing shirt that was under the armor and pants now. Drevin sees this excited "so this is really going to happen huh?" "Of course it is. I'm not backing out of the deal when I've come this far." "Oh you've already cum? Is that it then?" Lionel jokes while crossing his arms Zendra ignores his comment while Drevin laughs nervously. "Hey you wanted me to watch. Don't be surprised if I comment." Zendra shows that there's much more that's going to happen as she starts making out with Drevin. This breaks Drevin's nerves down and he begins to get into it. Taking her shirt off to kiss her perky nipples. She moans with appreciation as she goes to work unbuckling his pants. Drevin takes this as a cue to get his pants off as quickly as possible. So he tosses it aside almost hitting Lionel with it. "Hey, hey, hey watch the aim there buddy." Lionel says. Zendra still ignoring Lionel's commentary reaches for Drevin's penis and starts to rub it under his underwear. Drevin can't help but moan. She uses the other hand to pull the underwear down and starts to give Drevin a handjob.

    Drevin can't stand anymore under her ministrations and sits down on the bed. Suddenly Lionel goes quiet. Zendra continues her work rubbing his shaft with both hands. She keeps on alternating between kissing him and rubbing his pole. Only stopping when she's horny enough to really go to work on Drevin. She takes off her pants and straddles him not yet allowing him to penetrate. Teasing him by rubbing her clit up and down his member. "Are you ready for this?" She asks. "Oh yeah let me fuck you." "All right a deal's a deal." Zendra says as she rises up and slams herself down on his 7 inch rod. Bouncing on top of him totally wet for him. Drevin moans in complete appreciation and looks over at Lionel who he would swear is starting to get into this too. Zendra continues her ride on top of Drevin. Taking him to the hilt and gyrating her hips. Drevin takes this moment to reach out and stimulate her pleasure buzzer and Zendra starts to really get into it and moaning. It's then that her black horns start to turn red. Drevin notices this and asks "are they supposed to change color?" Zendra's a bit confused slows down on her ride. "Your horns turned red now." He says "Oh I didn't know they did that. Does it bother you?" "Oh no, I just had to ask" He grabs her hips and starts pulling her up and down his dick and says "Let's return to the sex then." Zendra agrees and eagerly rams his dick inside her. She reaches around and rubs his balls to increase the sensation. Pretty soon she can't take it and gives into an orgasm. Screaming it out too.

    Drevin is still not finished so he changes the position. He flips her onto the bed and finally removes his own shirt. He starts to jackhammer into her grabbing onto her wings as he does. Meanwhile Lionel can't help himself and unzips his pants. He starts to rub his own erection. Zendra getting turned on even more by every thrust of Drevin's she's starting to build to another orgasm. Drevin's enjoying himself so much he bends down to kiss Zendra's breasts. Every thrust, every moan, every kiss makes him amazed that this is even happening right now.

    Lionel takes off his clothes and walks over to them sporting a hard on that is begging to be used. He tries to sneak into the sex itself from behind Drevin. Zendra notices this before he climbs into the bed. She somehow reaches out and grabs at Lionel's penis. "Now, now, now, is this the same man that bragged about winning his kitchen without getting turned on by watching sex?" She asks his dick hard in her hand. "That was watching women, you're fucking my boyfriend, it's different." "He's your ex hunny and you're not exactly getting soft by my touch." Drevin starts to slow down his thrusts as this is happening. "In fact" she continues "maybe I could show you what you've been missing out on." Zendra starts rubbing Lionel's shaft. "Give it up woman, I'm.... I'm no-.... I'm not getting turned on by you" he says stifling a moan from coming out. "Oh is that so? How about this then?" Zendra sits up a bit to lick Lionel's dick Drevin getting so turned on by the situation redoubles his efforts into fucking her. "I'm not, I'm not, oh, I'm not" Lionel says as Zendra starts to give him a full on blowjob. Lionel can't take it and gives into a moan. That's all Zendra wanted and stops with the blowjob. "Good now sit back on the chair and I'll..." She can't help but moan as Drevin is still pounding into her. "I'll see to you after Drevin." Lionel agrees and sits back down.

    Drevin gives a few final thrusts and lets out a jet of cum inside her. Spent he lies down beside her "thanks, thanks for keeping your word. That was incredible." She rolls over and gives him a kiss. "I got one more word to keep." She goes over to Lionel. "I, I don't understand how you're turning me on" He says "I've seen plenty of naked women but never got horny by any of them until you." "Why fight it?" She says as she starts to massage his rod. "I, I don't know a reason to" he says moaning. "Okay then I'll keep my word with you as well." She takes a nearby belt. "But you'll be stuck to this chair" Lionel doesn't protest as she binds his feet to the chair. Drevin gets to enjoy the show this time. Wasting little time with foreplay she impales herself on his 9 inch shaft. Zendra moans clearly using Lionel for her own pleasure. "Rub my clit" she demands. Lionel's too lost in the sensations of the sudden sex to listen. "Rub my clit! Now! While I fuck you." She says louder this time he notices and gets to work rubbing her pleasure button. Zendra moans and moans and gives into another orgasm her horns glowing bright red. Taking Lionel's full shaft while climaxing. "Am I your first woman?" Zendra asks a bit more clear headed "am I the first woman you've had sex with?" Lionel stops moaning just long enough to nod and say "Yes, oh yes you are! I never even experimented with women before." "Then I'll be nice and let you finish inside me" Zendra continues to let him thrust inside her only slowing down to take his full shaft to the hilt. The show gets Drevin turned on again and he masturbates to another cum. Lionel finally gives in to an orgasm and lets loose his cum to mix with Drevin's inside Zendra. Satisfied at having made him cum Zendra stands up.

    Zendra asks for the showers and heads to wash up. Lionel can't believe what happened and asks to be unbound from the chair. "She can untie you after she showers" Drevin's too spent after everything and Lionel just sits there waiting for release. He has no urgent desire to get up anyway.

    That's all I have time for tonight. I wanted to expand on the ending a bit but I ran out of time. If I can I'll edit this post tomorrow night expanding on the ending of part II. Nothing will be changed prior I'll just add more. I made a quick edit to fix a typo that snuck in however.
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    I was going to add on to part II but I think that I'll just start part III here.

    Onto part III

    Zendra gets out of the showers and looks in the mirror, wiping the steam off, and sees her red horns fade back into black. "What other surprises do I have to worry about from these things!?" She thinks as she looks away. Returning to the bedroom Lionel sees her. "Your horns!" He blurts out making Drevin take notice. "Of course that has to be it. I was wondering what went wrong and now I know." Zendra asks him to get to the point and he explains. He was wondering why he felt attracted to her and now that she's back, the only thing changed is her horn color, he doesn't feel the same way he felt just a few moments ago. That her horns must give off some irresistible essence, signal, or whatever while red. Zendra takes this in and wonders if it could be true. Drevin gets up to head to the showers as well. "I think it's okay to untie him now." He says and Zendra gets to untying Lionel while Drevin showers.

    Zendra and Lionel head downstairs to get a drink not really bothered to get dressed just yet. Lionel offers some drinks out of the fridge but Zendra just gets water from the tap. "So how'd you meet Hadril?" He asks curious why she didn't have a way to get back in touch with him. "Oh nothing special really. We were just walking down the sidewalk and I said 'Hi' because he looked handsome. I didn't really know much about him when I invited him back to my place and things just happened." They sit down on the couch and Zendra explains the whole experience to him. "Unfortunately, I think you're right about my horns." She says confusing Lionel. "When I told Drevin about me and Hadril he was already hard. You don't even seem hot and bothered." Drevin comes downstairs already dressed up. "So are you ready to call Riall about Hadril or are you and Lionel trying to experiment for round 2?" Drevin asks seeing them both still naked. "There's no experimenting going on here, just chat." Lionel states.

    Zendra takes the offer of calling Riall up right now. Drevin calls him and puts the conversation on speaker. They find out Hadril's at work in an island somewhere for the company. He won't be back for two months. There's a party going down next week hosted another demon Tar. He's certain that Tar would know which island Hadril was sent to if they wanted to get in touch with him quicker. Ending the conversation Zendra decides to attend that party and asks if it would be all right to stay here until then. They agree and she gets her bag into the guest room. Drevin retrieves whatever items of his that weren't ruined by the rain.

    It's three days before the party. Drevin's at work and Lionel wonders if Zendra's up to the task of being at one of these parties. "Are you sure you're ready for this?" He asks. Zendra's not sure what he means. "Well a demon party's not just about contests for furniture. It's about being involved, it's about sex and lots of it. Going in there single is just asking for all of it. If you're with someone they don't bother you as much." Zendra considers this and asks "are you offering to become my temporary boyfriend just for the party?" "Oh no of course not!" Lionel retorts "they'd never believe it anyway." Lionel explains that he's offering a bit of training to help her deal with the amount of sex there's bound to be at this party. "How is that going to work? You're not actually attracted to me you're attracted by whatever my horns do." "Exactly why you need training you need to be able to control those things or you'll be a target for everyone in there." Zendra realizes he's right. "So what do you have in mind for this "training" of yours?"

    Lionel begins "first things first you should get undressed and meet me in the backyard. You need to become more comfortable with a more open environment when doing this." Zendra agrees and meets him in the backyard undressed. He's laid a blanket down to make things a bit more comfortable. He explains that they need to find out just what activates her horns before proceeding to control it. He bought several sex toys for her yesterday in anticipation for this training. "Why are you helping me like this?" Zendra asks noticing the sex toys must've cost a lot. "It's not just for you. I want to figure out how exactly those horns tricked me. Besides I can't let the only woman I've had sex with get assaulted so soon after. I may not be attracted to you but our sex still means something." Zendra appreciates that and sits down on the blanket. Lionel explains that it'd be best to start with some simple masturbation and to use the toys if she needs any help reaching climax.

    Zendra lays down and gets into it. Starting by rubbing her cunt. Her legs are spread giving Lionel a front seat view to her pussy. She gets wetter and wetter and starts to moan. Lionel doesn't see any change to her horns. She starts to finger her self. Jamming two fingers up there at a time. She keeps at this for a few minutes moaning on the edge of cumming. Finally she climaxes and gives into orgasm. Lionel goes over to her and hands her a dildo. "I think you'll need this, your horns are still black. It's not as big as me but I think you'll manage." Lionel returns to watching her as she places the 8 inch dildo at her entrance. She begins to push it in nice and slow. Picking up the pace as she rams her self hard with it. "Wow you really like it rough don't you?" He remarks. "Yes, yes, yes, yes!" Is all Zendra can say mind preoccupied trying to climax again. She grabs the blanket with her other hand as she continues thrusting in the dildo with the other. She can't hold out any longer and gives into another orgasm.

    Lionel notices her horns are still black. "I've got an idea but you should probably rest for a few first." Zendra agrees and they head on inside and Lionel gives her a glass of water. After Zendra takes a quick shower they talk for about a half hour long enough for Drevin to come home. Drevin notices that Zendra's naked when he walks in. "Ah I was hoping you'd be home soon!" Lionel says as Drevin wonders what's going on. Lionel and Zendra explain the training and how it went. Drevin's intrigued but still confused why Lionel wanted him to be home soon. Lionel explains that he thinks that cum is what helps activate Zendra's horns. He felt Drevin would be a willing participant in giving her pre-cum so she could masturbate the rest of the way to climax. "Are you okay with this?" Drevin asks uncertain. "I wouldn't mind another roll in the hay with you." She says.

    All agreed they head to the backyard. Drevin starts to undress taking his shirt off. Zendra helps him by taking his pants off and sliding off his boxers. Lionel's watching intently for any change in her horns. Zendra rubs Drevin's cock to get him hard and ready. Drevin's got an erection pretty quick. Zendra lies down on the blanket. Drevin reaches into the box and gets some lube. Slathering his penis with it before proceeding. She spreads her legs as an invitation and Drevin gets into position. "Thank you" he says right before slamming his shaft in her. She's taken aback by how forceful he was with that thrust. They grind together, thrust and thrust. Lionel notices a change. Zendra's horns are turning red. "Drevin you need to pull out. Her horns are red now." Drevin tries to get in a few last thrusts. "Drevin the training." Zendra says disappointingly as she's enjoying herself too. He realizes the training's important and pulls out. Lionel's starting to have an erection tent his pants.

    Lionel comes over with a vibrator in hand. "It's pretty difficult to keep myself from fucking you again but how about this?" He asks. Zendra agrees and Lionel starts pleasuring her clit with the vib. Drevin lies down beside them. "Now thank you" Zendra says as she reaches out to rub Drevin's shaft. Lionel inserts the vibrator and moves it in and out. The air is filled with Drevin and Zendra's moans. Zendra speeds up rubbing Drevin's penis making it so he can't hold out any longer and cums some of it hitting Lionel's face. Lionel wipes some of it off before getting back to work pleasuring Zendra. Zendra's enjoying every motion the vibrator's making in her. Soon she can't hold out and gives into an orgasm. Lionel notices her horns are a faint pink not the red it was earlier.

    "It seems like the more cum in you the longer the horns stay red." He says still rock hard. Zendra notices this and offers to help him release that tension as a thank you. Lionel declines doesn't try to have sex with either one of them "hey I've got to learn to control myself too." Zendra understands as she and Drevin lay there to rest. "I wonder what the next step of Lionel's training is gonna be." Zendra thinks as she looks up at the stars.

    And that's the third part. I won't have time to continue the story until Wednesday. I have three more parts in mind. So unless I think of anymore that's the length of the story.
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    Aug 28, 2016
    So having time to think about it, the story's likely to be a bit longer. Just because it'd be too much summation to fit it into just three more parts.

    Now part IV

    Zendra's walking over to the breakfast table. Just Lionel is there looking at her with his green eyes. She sits down eyeing his well kept blonde hair and mustache as she asks "what's for breakfast?" Lionel gets up and gets a plate of pancakes. Zendra eyes his 9 inch love stick as she realizes he's naked. "What's on the menu is in my hand, or would you rather a special treat from the lower decks?" He asks knowingly. There's a loud sound and Zendra suddenly wakes up realizing what kind of dream she was about to have. "Sorry," Lionel says, a bunch of boxes laying at his feet, "I needed something from the closet and they just fell." Zendra brushes it off explaining how she was about to get up "anyway" while still trying to figure out why she was dreaming of Lionel.

    Drevin comes into the guest room and explains that he's got an idea to help her out in the training, unless Lionel's is better. Lionel explains that he intended the next part of the training to be Drevin and Zendra fucking until Zendra developed mental discipline to control her horns. "I can't deny that would be a lot of fun but I still think my plan's better" Drevin states pretty bummed "remember Audria?" They both explain how Audria's their second main contact for invites to the demon parties. Drevin elaborates into how she told him one time of an experimental elixir they were developing to protect women from getting pregnant. "Protecting them from cum is how she put it. She said it was supposed to be superior to birth control. One drink and that's all you need for life." Zendra's apprehensive of another experimental elixir swimming around in her body, especially one that could prevent her from ever having kids. "That's the great thing about it. She told me about the elixir a year ago so it's probably stable now and it's supposed to allow you to control whether or not you want kids." Zendra weighs her options and as tempting as more of Lionel's training sounds Drevin's offer can't be passed up if it works. Drevin calls her up and it turns out it does work now and if he needs some for someone else just to bring them along.

    They take off in Drevin's carriage to visit Audria at the Downtown Uptown Manor one of the places the demon parties occur. Getting to the gates Drevin flashes some sort of frequent visitor's pass and they let them in. The manor has a big garden in front passing that the five story building comes into view with a fountain just in front of the parking. They exit the carriage and pass the naked statues in the fountain to the manor's doors. Entering the place they are greeted by the maid Stephen. He lets them know that Audria's in her office on the fifth floor. They head up and enter her office adorned in red along the floors and walls. Pillows scattered around with three doors behind the desk Audria's sitting at. She's got long flowing blue hair, mostly nude aside from a revealing black vest with fishnet stockings on her legs.

    "Ah this must be the lucky lady you had in mind when you called me this morning." Audria speaks up seeing them walk in. "And she's got quiet a set of horns on her to boot!" Zendra, unsure if they should talk about her quest to her, takes the lead in the conversation and tells her how cool the elixir sounded when Drevin mentioned it to her. How she couldn't wait to try it out. Drevin taking that as a cue that she doesn't want to discuss the quest plays along. Audria lets them know she's got a box of 'em on hand and opens the center door behind her, it's a closet, and takes the box out. "Here we go just one of these and you'll be set for life. No more pregnancies until you want them." Zendra getting into her "eager" roleplay reaches out for it as Audria pulls it back. "There is a matter of payment my dear." Zendra tries to pay with some money but Audria shakes her head. "I don't take payment, like that, for this deary. Plus this still needs to be activated to work." Audria makes her intentions clear by grabbing Zendra's shirt and tugging her in for a kiss. After she makes out with her Audria pulls away. "Do you still want this?" Zendra's unsure since this'll be her first time with a woman. She glances over at Drevin wondering what he got her into but realizes by his expression that even he didn't expect this. Zendra quickly gets back into her "eager" act and agrees so long as Drevin gets to watch. "Fair enough" Audria says.

    "Take a seat" Audria says as Zendra sits on one of the pillows on the ground. Audria takes a strap-on out from the closet. Drevin sits across from Zendra. Audria steps out from behind her desk giving them a clear view of her wanting pussy. She walks over to Zendra. "Before I put this on" Audria with strap-on in hand "you better make me ready for this." Audria puts her right leg over Zendra's shoulder presenting her vagina to her. Zendra's still a bit nervous "I gotta get these horns under control, time to do this!" She thinks to give her courage to start licking Audria's clit. Her licks are slow at first but she gets into it. Alternating between licks and kisses. Soon she's licking circles around her cunt. "Come on girl, really get into it!" Audria decries and Zendra realizes she can't be timid about this anymore. Taking one last glance at Drevin who's starting to get hard over this display. She uses the memories of their sex as fuel to dive into this.

    Zendra grabs Audria's ass and plunges her tongue straight into her passage. She doesn't hold back anymore and licks in and out with wild abandon. Audria lets out a moan "Yeah that's more like it!" Each time Zendra pulls her tongue out she tries to dive it in just a bit further than the last. She goes on long enough that she has to pull out to catch her breath. Audria, made sufficiently wet from the experience, looks down at her. "I think you're ready for the second part of my payment." She takes her leg off her shoulder. Drevin's obviously hard after seeing that. "The both of you should take off your clothes." Audria tells them confusing Zendra. "Are you going to get Drevin involved in this 'payment' too?" Zendra asks while taking off her shirt. "Oh no honey." Audria explains "but he's allowed to release his tension from watching us." Drevin and Zendra get undressed afterwards Audria gives Zendra the dual-ended strap-on. "Put this on me so I can pound into you." Zendra slides the other end of the strap-on into same passage she just licked clean enticing a moan out of Audria and straps it into position. Audria spreads Zendra's legs as she lays back ready for Audria's pounding. "Gotta test the goods" she says sticking two fingers up Zendra's pussy and pulls out. Seeing that Zendra's not very wet she quickly grabs a bottle of lube from the closet. She has Zendra put the lube on the strap-on and gets into position over her.

    "Time to take my payment in full." Audria says as she slides the 11 inches on both ends strap-on into Zendra stretching her out. Audria can tell she needs some time to adjust and she takes the strokes nice and slow. Drevin's getting more turned on by this and starts to rub his cock. Zendra finally gives into a moan and Audria increases the tempo. Jutting in and out of Zendra's passage faster and faster. Drevin cums first shooting his jizz over Zendra. Audria doesn't mind this and slows down to lick his cum off of Zendra's breasts. Audria takes this time to remove her vest fully revealing her D-cups. Zendra gets a bit more bold from the pounding and grabs onto Audria's breasts. "Ah yeah that's more like it!" Audria says starting to speed up again. Thrust after thrust gets easier for Zendra to take and gives into even more moans. Zendra reaches down and starts to rub Audria's clit while she's pounding into her. It doesn't take long for her to cum after that. Audria screams in ecstasy after the relentless pounding she gave Zendra. She slows down and withdraws from Zendra leaving her wanting for an orgasm.

    She walks over to her desk leaving Zendra laying there and gets the elixir. "Here's your elixir" she hands it to Zendra still shamelessly wearing the strap-on "thanks for your payment." She says as Zendra drinks the elixir, it tastes surprisingly sweet like candy. "Now you need to activate it and for that I gotta wake the boys up." She walks over and opens the two side doors behind her desk. It opens into a dormitory of some sort and 5 men exit from the doors. They're all already naked and know their jobs well. She explains that these men have all been treated with potions that change their cum and they each act as one stage of the activation. Zendra's wondering if the horn's effects will make them forget their jobs and they'll just gang up on her.

    "I've come this far. May as well go all the way." She thinks as she approaches the first man. Nelly's a shorter guy than her at 5 feet. He's got a six pack and looks like he tries to make up for his short stature with muscles. Zendra starts to make out with Nelly running her hands through his silver hair. They start to lay down on the pillows and Zendra gets on top of him. Still horny from earlier she wastes little time impaling herself on his 6 inch pole. Almost desperate for an orgasm she rides him like a wild bull. It doesn't take long for Nelly to ejaculate into Zendra's womb. Zendra still trying to derive orgasm from him can't as he goes soft and slides out. "Don't worry Zendra. You have 4 more men to have fun with." Audria says from her desk.

    Zendra approaches Vor. A slender young man about eye level with her. "I like your wings" Vor mentions a bit shyly. "I like them too. Let me show you something else I like." She says as she kisses down his chest and starts to suck on his penis down below. This brings a moan out of Vor but he stops her. "I have a job to do." He explains and Zendra lays back down into the pillows in understanding giving him access to her pussy. He brings his penis into position. "Are you ready?" He asks and Zendra nods. Vor penetrates her and Zendra's horns begin to glow red. Vor grabs Zendra's hips to really thrust hard into her with his 8 inch shaft. Thrust after hard thrust finally brings Zendra to her first orgasm since she got there. He keeps going pounding into her until cumming hard leaving satisfied. Drevin seeing all of this gets turned on again.

    The horns have had their effect on the rest of the men. She doesn't even have to approach Xent, Larry, or Tinus. They're triplets with little to tell them apart, excepting how they keep their facial hair. They're all dark skinned, tall, handsome men. Xent with a mustache goes first. He kisses her breasts and makes soft licks at her cunt. Getting rock hard he gets on top of her. Zendra gives a little nod to keep going and Xent thrusts his 10 inch rod into her. She's still spent from her orgasm so she just lies back and enjoys the ride. Thrust after thrust Xent gives her all he has and ejaculates his jizz up in her, mixing with all the cum from before. Drevin starts rubbing his cock again enjoying the show.

    Larry with a full beard is up next. He lies down next to her and starts to kiss her. They make out tongues going down eachother's throat. Larry breaks the make out session to get up and lay down behind Zendra. Still on their sides he positions himself to penetrate her vagina from behind. He gives her one last kiss on the cheek and slides himself in. Taking it slow at first. Then he increases the speed. Impaling all of his 11 inch shaft into her. "Well that's another way to tell them apart" She thinks as he's pounding into her from behind. Getting her on the edge of another orgasm. He grabs onto her wings as he gives a few final thrusts. Finally Larry cums mixing his cum with his brother's.

    Tinus with a goatee is the final man. He's surprisingly more gentle than she anticipated. He lies down on the pillows beside her and gives her gentle kisses. Zendra gets on top of him and takes him in still ridiculously horny from Xent and Larry. She's almost hilting him in her when she realizes that he's the biggest sized guy there with at least 12 or 13 inches. She gives into the more gentle pace Tinus was trying to set and gently rocks up and down his pole. Tinus stimulates her clit and causes her to get even more wet. She takes advantage of that and rides on him faster finally able to take all of him in. She rides him hard enough to drive herself into another orgasm. Screaming it out. Tinus grabs hold of her hips and keeps her going. She gyrates her hips and he gives into cumming into her. They depart from one another spent from the orgasms.

    Drevin's just gotten harder and harder watching everything trying to hold back from fucking her. Audria speaks up "Ok it's activated now." She walks over to Zendra to give her a secret key word to think about when she doesn't want cum to affect her. Just as she does that Zendra's horns turn from bright red to black. "I see there was another reason you wanted my little elixir." Audria says noticing the horns change. The men return to their dorms while Zendra notices Drevin's plight. She asks Audria if it's ok now to have sex with whoever she wants. "Oh yeah no worries dear, nobody else's cum or anything will have an effect on the elixir. It's a done deal or your 'money' back." She says jokingly a bit.

    Zendra turns her attention to Drevin he's still sitting down with a hard on. "I think we're going to need your office for a little more time." Zendra says to Audria. "Sure thing doll, I don't mind to watch." Zendra asks him if he'd like her to give him some relief. "Well, if you'd be..." He pauses for a moment "yes fuck me please! I've got so hard watching you with those other guys!" Zendra almost chuckles at his sudden change of attitude. She sits down next to him and starts to rub his cock with both of her hands. He starts to moan in appreciation. "Thank you" he says to her as she bends down to deep throat his dick. After several moans of his she stops and gets on top of him. Wasting little time she takes him once again into her vagina. He thrusts up to meet her and they get into a rhythm.

    Thrust after thrust they fill the office with moans as Audria breaks out a vibrator. Drevin kisses Zendra's tits as she continues to pump him inside her. Her well used pussy is taken to the breaking point again as she climaxes on him. Audria is masturbating with the vibrator as she hears Zendra's orgasm making her hotter by the second. Drevin isn't done yet and flips her on her back. He grabs onto her wings and starts driving into her once again. Filling the air with sounds of their sex Drevin fucks into her hard. Slapping his balls onto her with each thrust he brings her onto the edge of another orgasm. Driving into the hilt he moans aloud and gives into cumming. He gives a few last thrusts and starts to pull out when she reaches out for him to stay. They flip position with her on top again and she gyrates her hips trying to get one last orgasm out. Drevin tries to help by reaching out and rubbing her clit. This is enough to bring her over the edge to another orgasm. She and Audria cum together and their moans echo outside of the office.

    They all rest for a few minutes after the experience to regain their senses. "There's showers in the back" Audria points to the right side door. "The boys are probably done using them now." They all head to shower afterwards Drevin and Zendra get dressed and head back to the house. On the way there Drevin says to Zendra "I think you're more than ready for the party now."
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    Aug 28, 2016
    Got some time tonight so I'll continue writing this thing.

    Part V starts now

    Zendra's taking a shower. One of the guys enters the bathroom. She doesn't know who it is until they enter the shower with her. It's Lionel. "What better way to conserve water than to shower together." He says as steam rises in the room. Zendra's more than ok with this seeing his body get glistened by the water running down it. From his short blonde hair, down his chest, her eyes looking a bit too long at his penis. She quickly looks back to his green eyes only to see him checking her out as well. Watching as the water washes down her c cup breasts, down her toned stomach and he's looking at her pussy. "Like what you see?" She says to him. "What do you think?" She looks back at his still flaccid member and takes that as a solid no. She turns around to continue showering, bending over to get a soap. She's taken aback by Lionel pushing forward and she can feel him getting harder as she stands back up. Just then she's startled awake from the dream.

    She can't help but wonder why she keeps dreaming of Lionel. Is she falling for him? Is her subconscious overwhelmed by the amount of sex she's had lately and using him as a target to create a "single" encounter to make sense of the madness? She can't be sure. Either way she knows she's been changed. She can feel just how wet her stretched vagina is, already ready for sex just by waking up. She gathers her senses and gets ready. It's the day of the party and she needs to be focused. The party starts in the afternoon, extending well into the night. Lionel offers to drop her off. She takes him up on it, still not telling him about the dreams she's been having. She gets dressed up in a red dress and black lingerie. She and Lionel go to the Luxy Mansion. It's not as tall as the manor she saw before, with it's three floors, but it makes up for that sheer width. The mansion is massive and there's a huge garden in the back to boot. Lionel pulls into the parking area. "Unfortunately I've got work in the morning or I'd join you. Just call and Drevin will pick you up after work." She understands about to get off the carriage as she gets a quick kiss from Lionel. They're both unsure why that just happened and awkwardly leave it alone. She exits the carriage and he heads back home. Anticipating the amount of sex she's about to be around, and likely partake in, she takes a few deep breaths and heads on in.

    Inside everyone's surprisingly well dressed. Almost looks like a fine dinner party. "Almost" being a keyword with there being plenty of sexual items throughout. Just the room to her right alone is filled with sex swings. Everyone's chatting along and she does her best to blend in with it all. She makes light of her horns and wings and brushes them off. Acting as though she's a result of a demon with a human. They all buy into it and wonder what kind of sexual tricks she could show them tonight. The demon host shows up and gets in front of the room. Tar makes a typical speech about how great it is to see everyone and lets have fun tonight. Then the really party starts. Zendra keeps an eye on where Tar is headed and he's going up to the third floor. She follows some ladies up to the second floor where there's a room full of new vibrators to try out. She tries to break free from the crowd discreetly to go up on the third floor when she's stopped by some guards.
    "Members only. The third floor is for members only." He says.
    She gets the details on membership from him and there's three prerequisite rooms, with inductors, to go through first. After that she'll be a member and they'll be informed of her status. Seeming simple enough she goes to the first room he points out.

    As Zendra enters the room she's greeted by a nude strapping young man. "You wanna be a member huh?" He looks at her skeptical. She tries to reassure him by acting eager. "I don't like how you're so willing but it's not my job to question your motives, just to put you through the process." He relents and sighs "nice wings by the way." Zendra eases up and waits for him to explain what's required. He brings a machine out. "This tests your health and potential sexual performance. Score high enough and you'll be allowed onto the next step. I'm required to let you know it's easier on men since we only have to give the ass insert." He says almost bored since he can tell she's after something more than simple "membership". So it's a given no matter how hard this thing is she's gonna go through with it. She straps into the machine.

    He starts the machine up putting lube on the inserts. He slides in the ass insert first. Zendra's holding back her nerves for the first time she's had something stuck up there. "You can drop the act if you want. I know these things aren't the most pleasant thing." He says trying to alleviate her need to act strong but she doesn't give in. "Ok suit yourself." He says as he gets in front of her to put in the vagina insert. As he slides it in this finally gets her to break her strong exterior. "Can you go a bit slower with that please." She pleads as the flat metallic insert seems to be 15 inches long. He's glad that she's finally showing a bit of truth and inserts a bit slower. Once inserted he lets her know the testing phase is about to begin. When he flips a switch the inserts start spinning around in her. It's not the most pleasant thing and this goes on for several minutes until it's complete. He lets her know she qualifies to proceed onto step 2. Zendra's already a bit exhausted dealing with that machine but stays strong ready for the next step.

    "There's one thing the machine can't do and it's test how good you are at blowjobs." He says while undoing the restraints and taking out the inserts. "Every member passes mine." Zendra understands and reaches out, still sitting in the chair of the machine, and starts to rub his cock. "It's a blowjob not a handjob." He says to make sure she's clear on what she has to do. Wasting no more time she takes his penis into her mouth. She licks and sucks until finally he's getting hard. Licking from the top of his 7 inch shaft to the bottom she licks his balls and sucks one of them into her mouth. "Ah yeah that's it!" He says as Zendra licks her way back to the top of his cock. Taking him in her mouth again in and out until deep throating him. Taking him out almost to the tip and deep throating him again. He cums down her throat and for a moment she's wondering whether to spit or swallow. She decides swallowing would be her safest bet and takes it all in. She licks him clean after he climaxes and he's satisfied. "You're better than most. A lot spit my cum out unprepared for how fast I cum. Those I'm forced to put through another machine but you passed!" Zendra's relieved that she doesn't have to go through another machine and takes the pass he gives her to room 2.

    Entering room 2 she sees various hard surfaces with three sex swings. Two men enter the room. Slain and Terry. They're both shirtless with only pants on. "I was hoping someone would want to be a member tonight!" Slain grins widely. "Yeah if nobody wants to be a member we gotta have fun with each other." Terry says "not that, that isn't a good time but it's always more fun with another." He chuckles while stroking his beard in remembrance. "Those horns look fun too." Slain mentions. Zendra asks what's expected of her here. They direct her to get undressed and sit in the swing of her choice. She takes off her dress and lingerie and sits in the center swing. They explain they have to test her out in a threesome. Terry goes over and starts making out with Zendra. She's getting into it even getting into french kissing. Slain walks over to her right and removes his pants. Zendra takes notice of that and grabs onto his cock stimulating him into an erection. "You're doing good so far" Slain says noticing she didn't just keep on making out with Terry ignoring him. Terry removes his pants while they make out and Zendra takes initiative and uses her feet to stroke Terry's shaft. Terry, not really expecting that, breaks out of the kiss to moan. She continues to stroke both of their shafts, grinning the whole time, as they moan.

    Terry remembers he's got a job to do but lets her stroke his cock with her feet a bit longer. Slain talks him out of the self-indulgence and Terry gets back to work. "Your feet are hot but there's something else even hotter." He says as he spreads her legs giving him a nice view of her wet and ready pussy. He teases her by rubbing her clit with two fingers getting her even wetter. Zendra withstands the teasing and keeps on stroking Slain's shaft. Finally satisfied she's teased enough Terry grabs onto her wings and dives into penetrating her. She moans as his 9 inch member almost makes her forget about pleasuring Slain. She quickly redoubles her efforts rubbing his cock while Terry does his best to distract her telling her pretty and naughty things and thrusting into her hard. She can't help but moan.

    Slain pulls away for a minute to get some pillows. Terry keeps on pounding into Zendra keeping her occupied. Slain sets the pillows up under the sex swing and gets into position Terry moves her forward out of the swing a bit to give Slain better access. Zendra's getting an idea of what's going on and she's soon proven right as Slain penetrates Zendra's ass with his 10 inch pole. Getting into the double penetration better than she thought she would she begins to ride them both. They let her take the lead now and she uses the swing's momentum to grind on their two shafts. Each thrusts onto one leaves another almost out so she's always got a dick in her. Terry, enjoying himself, bends down to give her a kiss. Slain can't take it anymore and gives into orgasm. Shooting cum straight up her tight ass. He stays in her as long as he can before sliding out. Terry wastes no time and grabs her by the hips and pounds her hard. Zendra realizes she got so out of her element with the double penetration she's not even close to cumming. She screams a fake orgasm hoping it helps her pass this test. Terry gives into his orgasm and shoots his jizz straight up her love tunnel. "Good work, you can move onto room 3." Slain says handing her the pass. "One thing, no one likes a sex liar here." Terry says while still in her. "Fake orgasms may work out there but not in here. You only passed because you were good at the sex itself. I would've helped you to cum if not for that." Zendra lets them know she understands and Terry exits from her. She gets dressed and enters room 3.

    In room 3 it's Tar himself. "They let me know there was some new blood and I'm the one that decides if you're a part of the family." The room is pretty sparse, just a bed and drinks. Tar's already nude smiling he asks "say how'd you get those extra bits? I know those weren't standard issue." Wrestling with thoughts about telling him the truth or not she remembers Terry's warning that nobody likes a sex liar here. She takes a chance and tells him the truth summing up her time with Hadril. He just laughs it off. "So you had a bit of fun and you got gifts in return! That's hilarious!" He can't stop laughing until he finally gets his senses back. He goes to a closet and gets some paper, writing down Hadril's current location, and handing it to her. "That's it!? Really." She says shocked. "Yes really," Tar states "I don't like holding blackmail over someone's head to get them to fuck me. I tried it. It's too hard to keep track of keeping X thing from Y person or whatever. Too much work." Zendra feeling at ease sits down and they chat for a while. They laugh and drink. Zendra's getting taken in by his sweet demeanor and looks into his brown eyes. Suddenly, she reaches out and rubs Tar's shaft. "I'd like to thank you now, properly." Tar smiles "see I'd knew you'd want to fuck."

    He undoes her dress and removes her bra to see her perky nipples. Leaving the rest of her dress on her waist. He starts to kiss them as she rubs his shaft. Tar gets hard and forces Zendra to lay down on the bed. He straddles her pressing her breasts together. "You definitely want to thank me right?" Zendra nods getting an idea of where he's heading with this. Tar grabs some lube from beside the bed and slathers it on her breasts. Zendra takes this as a cue to press her breasts together again and Tar starts titfucking her. Zendra does her best to give him pleasure from this and opens her mouth and lets his tip inside each time he gets close. He's so close to cumming just a few more thrusts and he cums all over Zendra's face. He gets off of her and let's her know she's an official member now with full benefits while handing her a wet towel. She wipes her face off and asks "what are the member benefits?"

    Tar explains it consists of complete access to the facilities of the manor/mansion parties, VIP treatment on the highest floors, and private one-or-more sessions with our select high quality demons. "High quality demons like you perhaps?" She says still horny and wanting of a good orgasm. "Oh I'm the highest quality there is." Tar leans in to kiss her and she stands up to take her dress completely off and he removes her lingerie. He sticks two fingers up her twat sinking them in deep. She moans in appreciation. He moves in and out a few times before adding a third. Zendra's realizing just how much she's stretched to take his three finger easily. He grabs her ass to pull her forward and starts sucking on her cunt. She moans again really getting into it. The moist heat of her mound gets to him and he has to fuck her. He stops fingering her and licking her clit leaving her disappointed until she looks down to see his erection. She straddles him and dives onto his waiting fuckstick. Taking all of his 12 inches at once. Her maneuver shocks him and he gives out an appreciative moan.

    "I see you don't like it gentle" He manages to get out among his dire moans. Zendra shows him how rough she likes it. Grinding his tool up her with wild abandon. They both get hot and sweaty as their bodies get to know eachother. Thrust after thrust Zendra's folds accept Tar's manhood. Driving her gash upon his pecker as rough as she can she finally climaxes into orgasm. Tar's not far behind her thrusting his fuckrod up in her to the hilt and ejaculating his cum all the way into her womb. They rest for a few minutes until she gets up. Tar directs her in the direction of the showers and she cleans up before dressing up and calls up Drevin before departing.

    And that's part V. I won't have time to continue this story until sometime next week.
  8. NathanTrial

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    Aug 28, 2016
    I've finally got time to work on this again.

    Part VI begins now....

    On the way back to the house Drevin asks Zendra about the paper she's holding. Zendra explains it's Hadril's location. She reads it aloud stating "Luminous Island. Lower district, 57884. On a mission of critical importance. Member number..." She stops herself "Oh wait I read a bit too far." Drevin looks at her smirking "Well now I don't have to ask how you got that. Though I'd still love to hear it." He says hopeful for more detail. Meanwhile Zendra's wondering what this "critical mission" Hadril's on as they make it to the house. They all rest throughout the night. Zendra starts to dream again...
    Lionel's there again. Wearing a tuxedo with a bowtie. Without a word he approaches her unbuckling his pants and tossing them aside revealing his 9 inch man meat. They start to make out and Zendra feels Lionel rubbing his shaft against her clit. It's then that she realizes she's completely naked and her vagina is wanting. Lionel keeps teasing her, as they make out, lowering a hand to her pussy and beginning to finger fuck her. The fingering isn't enough for her and she takes charge removing his hand from her passage and guiding his dick into her passage. He obliges and thrusts the rest of the way into her. Lionel breaks from the kissing to moan as he pounds into her standing up. Zendra starts to grab onto Lionel's tux and enjoys the pounding. "Yes, fuck me! Fuck me hard!" She cries out and he grabs onto her wings to really start to pound her mound. Thrust after powerful thrust their moans fill the entire dreamy area. Until finally Lionel cums into Zendra, hard. Zendra, wanting more, tries to ride him for a few more thrusts until she wakes up and realizes it was all a dream. She's in her pajamas but her pussy is wet and wanting.

    Lionel's sitting at the breakfast table and she resolves to finally telling him what she's been dreaming about. She sits across from him and tells him of all the dreams she's had since they had sex. Lionel doesn't seem surprised, rather he seems a bit uneased. "I didn't want to admit it but" he finally blurts out "I've been having dreams of you too. Eerily they were pretty much like your own. Even down to the tuxedo I wore." They take this in and realize the horns effects must've done this to them. Drevin walks over to the table wondering what's going on. They explain and ask the obvious if he's had wet dreams of Zendra. "I wish!" Drevin exclaims "you two get some kind of psychic sex life and I haven't been dreaming at all the past few days!!!"

    Zendra proposes an idea of trying to find out if Lionel's able to fuck her without the horn's effects, now that she has them under control. She's hoping this can cancel out the dreams and she'll be able to travel to Luminous Island with a clearer head. Lionel's ok with this idea but he wants to make sure Drevin's okay with it first. She jumps to the conclusion that they might be trying to rekindle their romance. "Well not exactly," Lionel says "but I'd sure like to try again with you." He says looking at Drevin. Drevin gives the ok for Zendra's plan but decides not to get back with Lionel. "You kicked me out over a fishing pole!" He yells "We can have a grand goodbye fuck but I'm not taking you back." Lionel understands and looks at Zendra. "Would you like to test out your theory now or later?" She's a bit shocked that he's not that effected by Drevin denying him a second chance but then realizes she's still horny from the dream herself. The horns must've had this effect on them. Seeing no reason to delay she agrees to now.

    "So where are you two thinking of doing this because I don't mind watching I just want to know where to sit." Drevin's eager to invite himself into Zendra's theory test. Seeing as how that's the case Lionel takes the initiative and walks over to her. "How about right here?" He asks as she's still sitting at the table. She agrees and he gets a chair to sit next to her and they start kissing. It's a bit slow and awkward at first until they ease up and get into making out like their dreams. Zendra breaks from the make out to get her shirt off. Lionel stands up and removes his sweatpants. Zendra can see he's not even a bit hard yet. "Well time to put my "theory" to the test." She says right before grabbing onto his shaft and giving him one hell of a handjob. Just watching this Drevin gets hard. Lionel's a bit disappointed that it's not working.

    Seeing this isn't enough Zendra starts to lick his floppy shaft. She keeps trying to get him hard, deepthroating him over and over. Lionel still isn't hard. Zendra gets an idea from the last dream. She takes off her pajama bottoms and pushes the plates aside. Drevin lowers his pants enough to get his dick out and start masturbating. "Start to rub your cock against my clit, like our last dream." She says as she gets up to lie on the table. Presenting her wet and aching pussy to him. Understanding what she's getting at Lionel starts jutting his soft shaft against her cunt. He bends over to kiss her and after a few more rubs his pole is finally getting hard on her. She can feel this and begins to moan appreciatively as his hard shaft circles her clit. "I guess you were right afterall." He says noticing how hard he's gotten while her horns are still black. Lionel takes his shirt off and gets into position to penetrate. Zendra nods and Lionel dives right into her mound. Thrust after thrust of his fuckrod up Zendra's inviting pussy leaves them both moaning. Zendra's on the verge of climax as Lionel gets even more into fucking her. "Yes! Yes! Right there!" She says when he thrusts over her G-spot. He takes notice of this and thrusts a few more times in that direction. This is enough for her to scream out in orgasm. Drevin's getting so hot from watching this he takes off his shirt and starts to rub his cock even faster.

    Lionel grabs her by the hips and thrusts into her a bit slower now that she's climaxed. "Why are you slowing?" She asks. "I know what you like, now it's time for you to learn what I like and I like things to last." He says gently fucking her now. Moving into her at a more steady pace. She reaches down and starts to rub her pleasure button as Lionel takes his time thrusting into her. Seeing this he speeds up the pace. He starts to moan as he fucks her harder and harder. Drevin's been getting on the edge this whole time and gives into his climax shooting his jizz onto his own chest. Zendra is taken over the edge into another orgasm while Lionel continues thrusting into her pussy. A few more minutes pass thrusting, moaning, panting Lionel cums into Zendra and hilts into her. He gives a few more languid thrusts until pulling out of her and sitting in a nearby chair. "Took a while to get going but, wow!" Is all Lionel can say while he sits down to rest.

    Zendra's tempted to just fall back asleep right there but she gets up and gets into the showers. Lionel and Drevin take a shower after her, they all get dressed, and they discuss what just happened. "I'm hoping that was enough for you, to clear your head, for the trip to the island." Lionel says solemnly while Drevin's getting something from upstairs. Zendra and him talk about how now he knows that Drevin won't take him back he's just devastated. She doesn't even have to ask if the effects of the horns are still with him, it's pretty clear they've released their "spell" on Lionel. Drevin comes downstairs with a travel flier. He explains it's the boat tour his sister used to work at. It makes a stop at three islands, the second being Luminous Island. "It's probably the cheapest way you could get there. It'll take about two days but you'll be there." Zendra thinks that's a great option and books a tour for the next day. While she's booking the trip Drevin looks at his work schedule and sees that he has 5 days off during the time she'll be traveling there and asks to come along. "I really enjoyed our time together and I'd like to spend some more time with you." He says and Zendra doesn't see the harm so he books his tickets to join her.

    Nighttime arrives and Drevin comes home from work. He sees Zendra at the table reading a book. Lionel comes downstairs, glad to see Drevin back home, he's eager to remind him of something. He's glad to have a clear head again and he reminds him of the goodbye fuck he promised earlier. Drevin's surprisingly not as eager. "I'd thought you forget about that." Drevin's uncertain about this, watching him with Zendra was one thing, actually screwing him is something else. After all this is the same man who treated him like trash to be thrown out just about two weeks ago. Lionel promises to make it worth it for him. He agrees so long as Zendra gets to watch, since without her he wouldn't have even returned here, so it's only fair. Zendra hears this and is ok with watching and Lionel agrees. They sit down in the living room.
    They're all sitting at the couch drinking wine. Lionel's sitting in the center of them, with Drevin on his right. Drevin gets an idea to make it more fun for Zendra and gets up for a moment. Returning with the box of sex toys Lionel bought for her earlier in the week. He sits back down to the right of Lionel and he starts kissing him. Drevin's still a bit unsure but his libido is stronger and he gets turned on. They start making out and Lionel reaches down to unbuckle Drevin's pants. He reaches into Drevin's boxers to free his erection and starts stroking it. Drevin's really into it now and bites his lower lip to hold back a moan. "Come on you know you want to." Lionel teases as he rubs his cock in all the ways he knows Drevin likes it.

    Drevin's holding out of giving him the satisfaction of a moan so early. Lionel takes that as a challenge and bends down to give him a blowjob. Zendra's getting turned on by this display and gets undressed. She takes a vibrator out of the box, turns it on, and starts to circle her clit with it. Lionel licks Drevin's shaft over and over. Taking him completely into his mouth. Drevin holds out on moaning completely until he looks over and sees Zendra insert the vibrator into her wet pussy. He can't help it anymore and gives into a moan. Lionel reflexively smiles a bit, but he can't really. He takes in Drevin's shaft over and over. Drevin holds onto Lionel's hair and starts using his mouth as a well used fuckhole. Guiding him up and down his shaft and enjoying every minute of it. Zendra and Drevin fill the living room with moans as Lionel continues his expert maneuvers on Drevin's cock.

    Drevin looks over to Zendra and asks her to take Lionel's pants off. After a few more self strokes with the vibrator she helps by taking Lionel's pants off leaving Lionel free to keep pleasuring Drevin. Seeing this his attention is drawn back to Lionel and his ass. Drevin reaches over and inserts two fingers into Lionel's familiar back door. Stimulating him in all the ways he remembers how. Lionel can't take it anymore and lifts his head from Drevin's blowjob to give him a knowing look. Drevin knows exactly what to do next. He removes his fingers to grab him by the hips and Lionel gets in front of Drevin back turned presenting his rear. Drevin wastes little time impaling Lionel's pucker. "Ah yeah fuck me good!" Lionel says riding Drevin's hot pole. They grind together like this for several minutes. Zendra's been fucking herself with the vibrator and edges onto climax.

    Drevin notices how rock hard Lionel's shaft is and reaches around to jerk it off. Lionel keeps moaning from this getting hotter and hotter from all this action. Zendra gives into her orgasm from her self fun and it's then that Drevin slows things down. Gently rubbing Lionel's rock hard fuckstick. Lionel's unsure what's going on and Drevin looks to Zendra. "Zendra how's about you join the fun? Lionel's still rock hard." Lionel gets angry hearing this and talks about how it's supposed to be their fuck not hers. Drevin retorts "You said you'd make it worth it for me and I want to see you two fuck again. Besides, your body doesn't seem to mind." He says still stroking Lionel's hard erection. "I'm fine with giving you all you want out of this 'goodbye fuck' if Lionel's willing." She says while placing the vibrator back in the box. Lionel reluctantly agrees too horny to want the sex to stop now.

    Zendra goes in front facing Lionel and Drevin grabs at her hips. He guides her wet tunnel onto Lionel's hard fuckpole. Lionel gives into a moan penetrating her again. Zendra's still spent from her orgasm doesn't ride his shaft as rough as usual. Lionel gets into a rhythm when he's at the head of Drevin's shaft he's hilting Zendra's pussy. He's moaning and panting from the dual sexed experience. Drevin gets so turned on watching them fuck while getting fucked. He gives a few last thrusts into Lionel's willing butt and cums so hard into him. Zendra's getting so horny again that she starts to roughly impale herself on Lionel. Drevin thrusts a few more times into Lionel before slipping out leaving a trail of cum coming out of his ass.

    Lionel sits down on Drevin's lap while Zendra continues to ride his hard fuckstick. A few more hard thrusts and Zendra gives into another orgasm. Screaming out Lionel's name on reflex. Not having cum yet, Lionel keeps Zendra's ride going. Zendra's not complaining as she gets back into it taking him in and out of her wanting folds. She takes him to the hilt gyrating her hips on him then roughly guiding his pole in and out of her. It's not much longer until Lionel's on the edge of cumming. Zendra gets so into it she's on the edge of another orgasm. Their moans fill the room as they manage to climax together. Lionel driving his all of his shaft into her pussy as she once again feels Lionel's seed bursting into her.

    They sit next to each other on the couch recovering from the intense fuck-fest they had. They're all exhausted and don't say much to one another before showering and getting some sleep. Drevin and Zendra thinking about what the boat trip is going to be like as they drift off to sleep.
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    Aug 28, 2016
    Ok time to continue this thing.

    Part VII starts now.

    It's the morning and Zendra wakes up first. Not being bothered with dreams of Lionel for the first time since they fucked she now knows their psychic sex link is gone. She gathers her things and dons her armor before getting breakfast. Drevin and Lionel wake up both meeting her at the breakfast table. They make small talk and, once breakfast is done, Drevin gets ready for the boat trip. After giving her thanks to the guys Zendra gets set up in the carriage. She sees Drevin saying goodbye to Lionel as they share one last goodbye kiss. Drevin gets into the carriage and drives to the port.

    They get to the docks and the tour boat. It's an old style pirate type boat juxtaposed with it's finely dressed staff. They check in their tickets and are greeted by the sexy stewardess Linselle. She lets them know where their rooms are and gives the customary greetings and farewells she gives all the guests. Before they head to their rooms the boat departs and they reach the port side of the ship. Seeing a grand sight of the faraway mountains and the first island on the tour Placial Island.

    After some sight seeing they go to the room to put their stuff away. It's a modest room with two beds, a bathroom, and a place to store their things. All pirate themed, even down to eye-patch patterned bed sheets. A semi-transparent bag falls out of Zendra's big bag and Drevin looks over to see it. He notices it's a bunch of the sex toys Lionel bought for her. "Looking to have some more fun?" Drevin asks with a smirk. Zendra puts the bag back into her big bag. "Well Lionel just offered these things as a goodbye present and I didn't see any reason not to take them." Their stuff secured they venture out onto the deck of the boat. Zendra reflects on all she's been through so far in her quest, all the sex she's had, and still wonders what mission Hadril's on as she overlooks the sea. She goes to get lunch in the lounge and Drevin decides to just take in the sights.

    Inside the lounge there's a restaurant type setting and Zendra's seated at a table. She can overhear a few people murmuring about her horns and wings. From what she hears it's not bad stuff, they're just worried about pissing her off because they think she's half demon. The sexy stewardess passes through the restaurant stopping to greet Zendra again. She looks up at Linselle seeing her succulent lips with blue lipstick and stunning purple hair. "I was hoping to run into you again" Linselle says grateful to see Zendra sitting there. "The captain nearly lost her shit when, I mean," she stutters trying to regain composure "I'm to inform you that we have special rooms for our demon guests and if you'd like there's one available you can upgrade to for free." Zendra doesn't know what to say to this since she's still just unused to people thinking she's part demon. "Also due to our mishap of not informing you of these rooms prior to boarding we'll throw in our extra 'services' for no extra charge." Upon hearing of the 'services' she can't just let this opportunity pass and lets them think she's half demon. Really getting into it she slacks off into the chair and acts the part "It's about time I got some decent respect from this ship. Give me that room number and someone to move my things after I eat." Linselle explains that she's already been assigned to move her things when she's ready. Zendra directs her to sit down then because she still wants to eat first.

    After lunch they head to the room to bring her stuff to the new suite. Zendra writes a note for Drevin telling Linselle about how she'll be inviting her companion to join her in the suite. She's ok with that and ready to bring her stuff to the new room. They leave and arrive at a lavish suite, the one area of the ship that's not all pirate themed. The suite fits in well with the fancy uniforms the staff wear. A big circular bed in the center with two other beds at either side. Two massage tables are behind the head of the bed. A big jacuzzi tub in the large bathroom completes the fancy room. Zendra tries to hold in her awe at the place and continues acting the part "This'll do. Now you told me there's extra 'services'. Just what might those be?" She asks as Linselle puts Zendra's things in a nearby cabinet. She explains that it includes massages, erotic showcases, a few other things along with all-access use of any steward or stewardess she may desire. Zendra's suspicious of that last one. She remembers Drevin saying that Rose worked on this boat and she didn't seem to be the type to take this kind of job. "Any steward or stewardess? You don't happen to have some kind of crew manifest with pictures I could use to see my selection, do you?" She asks figuring it must take some time for a manifest like that to be updated if it exists. Linselle replies in the affirmative and goes to get it leaving Zendra in the room.

    Zendra sits down on the bed and tries to relax but her horns are giving her pains again. "One of those massages might not be a bad idea." She thinks as Linselle returns with the manifest. Zendra takes it and looks through the crew. Flipping around she sees plenty of handsome men she might actually want to use this service for. Then she sees her, it's definitely Rose. She asks if Rose is available and sure enough she's on the boat with them! Still working this job. She asks to see her and Linselle is only too happy to oblige. Rose enters the room and recognizes Zendra immediately. Rose is uncertain how to react and Zendra tells Linselle that, "that's all I'll need from you for now." Linselle takes her leave a bit disappointed. "This suite is for the demons. What are you doing here?" Rose asks and Zendra explains the situation. "The question is why are you still working here? Drevin told me that you used to work here not that you still did."

    "It's complicated, the rules weren't always like this." Rose gets into explaining "This boat used to do regular tours. Until one day when an actual half demon lady took interest in our operations. She's the captain now. Drevin didn't want me working for her and so I let him believe I quit. Now our tours are anything but usual when there's a demon guest aboard. There's no other job I know of that pays this well but if it weren't for the tape I'd still probably be working another job." Zendra asks about the tape and after some back and forth she concedes to explain.
    Rose was working and there were a set of guests 4 people, that were made up of two married couples, that wanted everything recorded. Migel was married to Pauline and Jessica was married to Neal. The captain at the time designated Rose to take care of all their filming needs. She was actually exited about that. She'd always wanted to record things but camcorders were always too expensive for her. They payed for a fancy suite they all could stay in. Complete with a balcony window view of the sea. Their filming needs started out simple but quickly got uncomfortable for her. It wasn't long before she was asked to record them sleeping, to record them taking a bath, to record them eating complete with close-ups. The fun quickly waned for her.

    Nighttime came and the two couples wanted to have some recorded fun. Rose put in yet another new tape and got ready to film them in their suite. Jessica was already undressed and making the moves on Neal. They were making out on the couch. Neal gets an erection and it's very visible by the tent of his pants. Jessica removes his pants as they make out and Neal motions for Rose to get closer. Rose reluctantly does and gets close enough to be up close and personal with his cock. Jessica starts kissing down Neal's neck and moves down to deepthroat Neal's penis right in front of Rose. At the same time Migel and Pauline enter the room. Both are already naked ready to get things started. Migel guides Pauline to the loveseat and he comes up with an idea.

    Migel calls for Rose to get closer to them. She does and Migel asks her "Hey how's about you give me an extra special message and rub my cock?" Pauline's initially upset with this until he suggests that Rose finger her as well. Rose tries to get out of it by explaining that she wouldn't be able to hold the camera. Migel volunteers to hold it for her. Rose swallows her pride and hands over the camera. She starts out by rubbing Pauline's twat. Migel gets an intense close up of that. Neal is moaning enjoying Jessica's blowjob. Migel zooms in to that action and changes his mind. "On second thought. I'd like you to give me a piece of that action." Rose knows what he wants and is sort of unsure. Migel can sense this "Gee it sure would be a shame if you broke our camera. What would your boss say?" Migel holds the camera over a table, ready to smash it if Rose refuses. Rose can see she's already gone too far to stop now and with her job now at risk too. She leans forward and starts to suck on Migel's ready erection. He takes the camera back and is sure to get a close up of Rose on his cock.

    Rose inserts two fingers into Pauline's wet cunt and continues to lick Migel's dick. On the couch Neal removes his shirt and motions for Jessica to bend over the arm of the couch. Migel points the camera in their direction. Neal gets behind Jessica and starts fucking her doggystyle. Jessica's totally into it and moaning as he pumps himself into her wanting mound. Migel begins to moan as Rose continues sucking on his shaft. He turns the camera focus back to her and says "You know you're really, really good at this." Rose feels a bit of unintended pride hearing that and gets into it even more. She makes sure not to forget to keep finger pounding Pauline during all of this. Pauline wants to be angry with Migel for complimenting Rose but she can't. Not when Rose is doing her best to finger fuck the hell out of her cunt. "No, no he's right!" Pauline manages to get out in between moans. "You are REALLY good at this. Oh yes! Even better than my husband!!" She says momentarily forgetting that he's sitting right there. Migel hears that and takes it as a challenge.

    "Rose, get your clothes off. I wanna see what else you're good at." Rose doesn't see any reason to deny the request seeing as she's already sucking his dick. She takes a break from pleasuring them to undress. Revealing her B cups to them first before taking off her pants and underwear showing them her wet pussy. "So you were getting as turned on as the rest of us." Pauline says noticing her wanting muff. Rose can't deny this whole situation has gotten her wet and willing. "I propose a sex off" Migel states "you scissor my wife and I'll fuck her after. Then she'll determine the winner." Rose is game if Pauline is and Pauline's certainly up for the challenge of being a judge. Meanwhile Jessica's being pounded by Neal and loving every moment of it their moans can be heard throughout the room.

    Pauline lies down on the extended loveseat and Rose gets into position over her. Rose starts out slow rubbing her clit against Pauline's. Migel's getting every second of the action. Rose bends down to kiss Pauline's D cup breasts and Pauline starts to moan as their twats mesh into one another. Rose keeps rocking back and forth making sure that her twat pleasures Pauline's button. Pauline's moving her hips up to get as much of that friction on her clit. Migel gets a close up of their pussies in action making eachother hot and horny. Rose starts moaning as her breasts bounce with every grind against Pauline's wet cunt. At the same time slaps can be heard as Neal gives a few spanks to Jessica's ass and continuing to thrust into her.

    Rose speeds up her humping onto Pauline and she's loving it. "I never knew a woman could be this good!" Pauline cries out and grabs onto Rose's butt. Rose continues her grind on Pauline and encircles her stiff clit with her own. A few more hot and heavy grinds against Pauline's needy twat is all it takes for her to climax screaming out "oh! Fuck yeah!" Pauline releases her grip on Rose's rear and Migel tries to get Rose's attention. Rose is still into the sex and it takes a few more humps before she notices Migel trying to hand her the camera. She looks up at him and he says "This is a sex off remember?" Rose is still incredibly horny but understands. She takes the camera and gets off of Pauline. Neal notices this and motions for Rose to get closer to them.

    Rose gets up close to Jessica being pounded by Neal. Neal's thrusting harder into Jessica now that the camera's on them. He's been holding back, eager to get his money shot on camera. He instructs Rose to get a close up of the penetration. Back at the loveseat Migel's eager to continue the fuck off but he wants to retain all of his "victory fuck" on camera. So he waits until Rose is done with Neal and Jessica. She gets a great view of Neal fucking Jessica's pussy doggystyle. Jessica's moaning out and enjoying every second of it. Neal gives a few last thrusts into Jessica's vagina before pulling out and shooting his cum across her back. He slides his dick back into her a couple more times and gives out the last bits of cum into her passage. Spent, Jessica and Neal sit down on the couch. Migel and Pauline get Rose's attention to film them again.

    Rose goes back to the loveseat. Migel gets into position on top of Pauline. Rose is ready to capture all of the action. Before he penetrates Migel reaches down to rub Pauline's well loved clit. "Oh you really want to win don't ya honey?" Pauline says looking up at him smiling. "You know it doll." He replies back just before leaning down to kiss her. While they kiss Migel manages to thrust himself into Pauline's wanting pussy. Pauline's shocked at his maneuver as she's being pleasured in all the ways she likes. She moves her fingers through his hair as they continue making out while Migel's fucking her hard. Migel uses his free hand to grab onto Pauline's right tit and caress her nipple. He starts kissing her neck allowing her to moan with all the pleasure she's experiencing. "Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!" She screams out and Migel rocks into her knowing he's going to win. He's feeling so alpha male right now that he speeds up his thrusts. Pauline's enjoying the change of pace and screams out wordless moans of pleasure. Feeling him pleasure her love bud, tending to her nipple, and driving into her pussy she falls into climax. She screams out as she cums hard under his brutal fuck. Migel having made her cum, assured he won the contest, brings his hands to her hips and starts to fuck her for his sake.

    He directs Rose to get Pauline's "bouncy boobs" in the same shot of him fucking her pussy. Rose manages to get a wide shot of all the action and Migel pounds into her mound. Jessica and Neal are watching the two go at it and are enjoying the show. After a few more minutes of Migel riding his alpha high relentlessly thrusting into his wife's soaking twat he hilts into her. Migel shoots his load far up into Pauline's well used vagina. Once satisfied he pulls out leaving a trail of cum leaking out of her pussy. They rest for a few minutes until Migel has to remind Pauline about the contest and that he's ready to be declared the winner. Pauline teases him a bit. "Well you kept on fucking me just so you could cum. I'm not sure how many points to deduct for that." Migel can't believe what he's hearing and his expression shows it well. She continues "On the other hand Rose was only thinking of my pleasure. She stopped her fuck after I came." Migel's just about to set her straight about how he had to stop Rose when Pauline starts laughing. "Oh honey you should've seen your face. Of course you won, you're married to me after all. You'll always win having sex me." It's not exactly what he wanted to hear but it makes him happy all the same as she leans over to kiss him. It's at this moment there's a noise from the balcony.

    Rose gets a shot of the balcony as there's a red glowing light just hovering there. None of them know what to make of it. It's large enough to be a portal of some kind. Some mysterious creature steps out of it confirming that it is a portal. There's a woman that steps out of the portal behind it. It's the future demon captain of the ship. She notices Rose has a camera and steps inside to take it. She stops the recording and tells all of them that no one must know of the creature. They're all confused about this and start to ask questions until the demon stops them. "This" she says as she holds up the tape "Is evidence that you all knew of this creature before the appointed time. If word gets out that these exist and I trace it back to you you're all dead."

    "You mean you're going to kill us over knowledge of that thing?" Neal asks pointing at the creature. "I personally won't but there's others that want these kept secret and they love to silence tattle tales. I show them this tape and they'll make sure you're dead, even if you haven't told anybody." She elaborates on how she'd like to keep them on a short leash to ensure their cooperation. So the demon bought the boat and forced the 4 guests to be a part of the crew and made sure they all knew their place.

    I'd like to write a bit more but I just don't have time tonight. So I'll see if I have time tomorrow.
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    I'm just adding this post real quick as I already noticed an error in part VII and I tried to correct it but got some kind of spam-like message. So I'm guessing that one word I tried to add pushed pass a character/word limit the forum has. So I'll just be leaving this corrective note. In one part I noticed I wrote "having sex me" when it should've included "with" as in "having sex with me".

    To the forum code I apologize in advance for the "with" spam word in this message ;).

    Editing to update that I don't have enough time tonight to continue the story. I'll continue the story at another time.
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    Aug 28, 2016
    I've got some time now to make a short continuation of the story.

    Part VIII

    Zendra's taking in what Rose told her about the creature caught on the tape. "Why would you tell me all of this!?" She finally gets out after absorbing the knowledge for a while. "I've already got one demon to deal with and now you're telling me something that could get me killed by another!?" "That's exactly why I told you." Rose says trying to put down Zendra's irate behaviour. "I know that you're on a quest to take a demon down. So I don't think you'll blab around that you know about this. If nothing else you're someone I can, at least, talk to about it." Zendra calms down and she's relieved that she isn't asking her to take on the half demon captain of the ship. "If you're going to tell me things you might as well tell me what that creature looked like." Rose describes what she can of the creature. Mainly that it's green, with fur, and big, almost like a green bigfoot. They chat for a little while until Drevin knocks at the door to the suite. Zendra quickly explains how she invited him to take part in the suite upgrade too. Rose understands and she takes a service exit from the room. Zendra lets Drevin into the room and he's starstruck by how fancy the suite looks. She explains the suite's "services" and he's most interested in taking in a massage soon. They settle in for a nap and wake up just as the boat takes it's first stop on over at Placial Island. Drevin decides to call up a massage while Zendra goes to check the island out to see what it's about.

    She steps off the boat with the other guests and sees a seemingly endless row of palm trees. The place they docked looks like a typical island resort complete with umbrellas in the drinks. It's also plain to see this area is clothing optional. She sees some people playing a game and decides to join them. After she plays along with their comments on her horns they're ok with her playing with them. They're playing with the owner of the bar behind them. It's an odd game of poker. It's got some special rules.
    -You can't fold instead everyone gets three tokens to start to use as a "get out of jail free card" winner of the available hands gets the pot.
    -You can't win a hand if you use a token. This opens you up to loosing.
    -Loosing once is an automatic clothing item loss. If you're naked the winner can decide a dare.
    -Loosing twice in a row means you gotta loose an article of clothing or a dare - up to the winner of the second hand
    -Getting full house as the bar owner means an automatic veto win and he chooses who to fuck in the middle of the bar.
    -Full house as a guest means auto-loss and all the other players get to choose what happens with the loser.
    -Only one full house qualifies for the veto win and auto-loss 2 Jacks and 3 sevens.
    -Sex dares last three minutes. With the exception of aforementioned full house.
    The bar owner Jack deals the cards and they begin to play the game. There are two other players. Suzie a hot blonde haired woman with luscious lips. Suzie's boyfriend Frank who just loves this game like he loves his blue-dyed hair he even dyed his beard. It's a tense few hands while people are loosing clothing left and right. Suzie's down to her bra. Frank's naked already. Jack's down to his boxers. Zendra's got her shirt and underwear still on but she lost the last hand and she doesn't have anymore tokens. She gets a hand from the deck and it's four of a kind. Suzie and Jack both use a token and the hands are shown. Frank wins with a straight flush.

    Frank takes this opportunity to throw down the first dare of the night. "Well since you're new to our game I'll go easy on you. I dare you to make out with Suzie." Zendra's a bit unsure about this but Suzie's not at all and she practically jumps onto Zendra's lap ready for some action to start. Zendra takes this as cool as she can and she reaches behind her head and draws Suzie in for a kiss. Their tongues dance together as they kiss. After a few minutes of the hot make out session Suzie's pussy is getting wet onto Zendra's thighs. The kissing dies down after about a minute more and Suzie returns to her seat leaving her cunt juices behind. The guys are both turned on from seeing that but get their senses together to draw and play the next hand. Hand after hand and Jack looses a hand to Frank, leaving him naked now. He looses his second hand to Suzie. Suzie's still horny from her make out with Zendra and dares Jack to lick her out.

    Jack goes to Suzie's chair. She spreads her legs presenting her wanting pussy to him. He starts out kissing her cunt. The other bar guests take notice of the game now and look over. He buries his face in her pussy lips taking in her moist heat as she begins to moan. Frank starts to really get turned on by this and he's starting to get hard watching them. Jack continues suckling on her clit. "Ah yeah I love it when you do that!" She says remembering the various times they've played this game of theirs. Jack thrusts his tongue into her passage, eager to try to make her cum before the time is up. He dives in over and over again. Just as Suzie's getting into it and panting heavily the three minutes are up and Jack slides his tongue out. Suzie's a bit disappointed but remembers they are playing a game as the waitress brings over a fresh set of drinks. Zendra's enjoying this game more than she thought she would. More hands are dealt and Zendra's the last one with clothing on, and even then it's just a bra. Jack looses a hand to Zendra and she gets to throw down a dare. Zendra dares Jack to give Frank a handjob. Frank's still turned on and his erection isn't saying no to that notion.

    Jack reaches over to Frank, who's already sitting next to him, and starts to rub his cock. Frank is taken aback by how quick he was to act on the dare and yelps a bit making Suzie chuckle. Jack is just that determined to make someone cum tonight that he does his best giving him a handjob. The other bar guests are loving the show. From the base to the tip, each motion he tries to make it pleasurable for him. Jack reaches down and tends to his balls adding to the sensation of his other hand moving over Frank's prick. Frank keeps on moaning and enjoying every second of it. A few more strokes and Frank cums just before the three minutes are up. Jack directs his jizz up onto Frank's chest. Jack returns his gaze to Zendra "Did you enjoy seeing that darling?" Zendra can't deny that she's turned on now and Frank wipes his cum off into a napkin. They all get back into the game. A couple of hands in and Zendra looses her last bit of clothing. They're all naked now. Zendra looses another hand to Frank but it's the full house so they all get to choose what happens. After some discussion it's decided she'll be dared to let Jack fuck her pussy doggystyle and licking Suzie's wanting twat. Zendra's a bit apprehensive but she figures she's too far into the game to back out now.

    Jack's standing up with an erection that's begging to be used. She goes in front of him bending over showing her wanting pussy. "It's only three minutes right?" She asks before things get started. "Oh no, my dear," Jack says as he grabs her hips. "You must've forgot, that full house means you pleasure us until we cum." Suzie lies on top of the table wet and ready to get started. Zendra takes a breath and gets ready to play her part in the game. "Ok let's get started then." She says giving the go ahead to Jack to start inching his hard python up Zendra's hot delta. Zendra starts to tongue Suzie's vagina. Jack takes it slow at first and lets Zendra get used to half of his shaft. Suzie's moaning in appreciation of Zendra's hot tongue work up her cunny. The other bar peeps are seeing everything and a small crowd is gathering. Zendra gets used to the rhythm and it's then Jack hilts his cock in her channel.

    She suddenly stops her oral assault to moan under Jack's maneuver. She understands now why Jack was slow. Feeling him thrust into her she could swear he grew into 15 inches. After a few hard thrusts she remembers she's got a pussy to pleasure and starts to suck on Suzie's pearl. Suzie's enjoying herself as she looks over to see Frank start to get hard again. Zendra feels Jack's tool pound into her over and over again. She starts to use that drive to her advantage as she sticks her tongue up Suzie's slit once again. Suzie's experiencing the momentum of Jack fucking hard into Zendra and her tongue with the same passion. A few more piledriving thrusts and it's enough to make Suzie scream out into climax. Zendra slides her tongue out and braces herself against the table. Putting her hands on either side of Suzie.

    Jack is fucking her hard enough to make the whole table shake with Suzie's breasts start bouncing in response. The whole bar is watching cheering them on. Jack reaches up and grabs onto Zendra's tits. He bends over to drive all of his shaft into her once more. Zendra keeps moaning and looses herself into enjoying the fucking. Forgetting the people watching, forgetting the game, forgetting everything but her and Jack screwing her just outside his bar. She closes her eyes and gives into enjoying the pounding. "Fuck yes, Jack! Keep it going! Yes!" She cries out. Jack thrusts hard into her love tunnel. Zendra's breathing heavy and their wet embrace doesn't let up as it gets steamier and steamier. Zendra's loving it so much that she screams into her climax "Jaaaaack! Fuuuck yes!" As she comes down from orgasm she remembers the things she let herself forget. The bar patrons, the game, everything. He doesn't let up on his thrusts. A few more minutes of Jack's forceful pounding drives him into cumming into Zendra's welcoming womb. He thrusts a few last times before sliding out of her passage. The game complete the patrons are made to give them some room by the bar staff. They reluctantly get back into their previous seats, some of them visibly horny, before it turns into one big orgy. Suzie gets off the table and sits in a nearby chair. Zendra goes to gather her things but Jack mentions there's showers upstairs if she'd like to use them. Zendra takes the offer and heads to the shower. Suzie notices Frank's still hard and leads him up to the showers too.

    The showers are one big room with several shower heads. Zendra turns one of them on and she notices Suzie and Frank enter with her. Frank turns another shower head on and then turns to make out with Suzie. Zendra gets to watch it all as Frank takes Suzie against the wall. The sounds of their hot and heavy fuck echo into the shower as water pours down them. Frank cums into Suzie's hot cunt and Zendra finishes her shower. She can hear a few last moans as she goes downstairs.

    Halfway down the stairs she reflects on the game. Zendra wonders if she would've agreed to play that game just a mere 3 weeks ago. Heading outside she gets dressed and sees Jack again. Jack smiles "so I'd really like to play with you again. Even if it's not here at the bar." He hands her his contact info. "I enjoyed playing" she says taking his info but unsure if she'll ever take him up for another game. She stands near the ocean taking in the sights when she has an urge to flap her wings. As if subconsciously controlled her wings flap with ferocity and bring her up into the air. She's flying! It's short lived, like a shooting star, and she needs to land. She flies over to the ship and just about manages a landing. She pauses for a moment after that and wonders what else her quest has in store in the future.
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    I've finally got some time to write more for this story. Just a story part tonight. I might have time to write sex scenes tomorrow.

    Part IX

    Zendra returns to the suite and hears snoring before she opens the door. The handsome masseur opens the suite door and she sees Drevin enjoying a nap on the massage table. She and the masseur exchange pleasantries before going their own way. Zendra's exhausted after playing the game and she drifts off to sleep in the suite's fancy bed. As they sleep the boat gets everything in order to depart to Luminous Island. It's then that a knock at the suite door wakes Zendra up. It's been a few hours and Drevin was already awake so he opens the door. It's the half-demon captain of the ship! They're both confused why the captain is paying them a personal visit at this time. She explains that after seeing Zendra fly she just had to pay her a visit and how it's not often she gets to talk to a half-demon like her. Zendra quickly comes up with a fake backstory of how her demon mother abandoned her to be raised by her human father to answer the questions the captain asks. Drevin wisely keeps his mouth shut about Zendra's actual quest and doesn't interfere with the conversation. The captain excuses herself to see to the ship's operations and Zendra closes the door behind her. She breathes a sigh of relief. She looks over at Drevin who's just as relieved to have the captain gone as well.

    The boat departs Placial Island and sets sail for Luminous Island. Zendra takes a quick shower and settles down for another nap. When she wakes up she sees Drevin thumbing through a book he brought along. It's titled "Dragons A Dangerous Tale" and it's clearly a fantasy tale. "Oh hi" Drevin says, noticing Zendra's awake, "I wanted to show you an inspira- Ah ha! There it is!" He shouts as he sees what he was looking for. He quotes the book in his most epic narrator voice possible "In the darkest times, Bastion knew in his heart that he had one thing to see him through to the end, his enduring hope that all that he sought to do could be accomplished. He takes this hope as a burning fire to drive out the darkness in his path and to see him through to victory!" Zendra smiles. Before they can converse further there's another knock at the door. Zendra opens it up and standing there is the sexy stewardess Linselle, the handsome masseur, and Rose Drevin's sister! Zendra notices the masseur's nametag this time and she realizes it's Migel and that he must be the same Migel from Rose's tape.

    "What are you doing here!?" Zendra directs her question to Rose. She answers that she and Drevin are in trouble. Drevin's shock and anger at seeing Rose still working here is overridden with curiosity about what she could mean. She elaborates that the captain knows Zendra's faking being a half demon and she's preparing to kill them both for lying to her. Rose has gathered some crewmates she can trust to help them get off of the boat. Zendra and Drevin gather what they can of their things and follows them through the service exit. They go through a complicated path of the lower decks and just about make it to the life boats when they're all caught by the ship security. Zendra takes this as an opportunity to make use of her armor. There's a tense battle that follows. Blows are exchanged. The security's sticks are no match for Zendra's steel armor. Guard after guard is brought down and they eventually make it to the life boats.

    The half-demon captain flies to them before they can depart. Upon landing she gives them a disappointed look and starts to talk. "I was hoping you'd be tougher prey. I thought those horns you got would make you smarter. Now I know your smarts are just as fake as your horns are." Before Zendra can defend herself, both verbally and physically, the captain conjures up a gushing whirlwind of fire surrounding the group with it. It's like a globe of fire. The captain continues "now sit down and surrender or be burned alive." The flames inch themselves closer and closer to everyone in the group and one by one they sit down. Rose and Zendra are the last ones standing. "I'm not really known for patience" the captain tells them "sit down. NOW!" Rose hears the change of tone in the captain's voice and sits down. However Zendra sees something that makes her stand her ground. She sees how hard the captain is struggling to maintain the fire. The sweat pouring down the captain's face. She sees just how sporadic some of the fire seems. There's something she sees about it that doesn't seem as dangerous as the initial display made it seem. Zendra takes a chance and covers her face walking through the firey whirlwind surrounding her. The others look on shocked as they see her take the first step into the fire.

    Zendra's heart is pounding hard. With each step she second guesses her decision but keeps walking anyway. Fear builds up as her temperature rises. She's too far in to back out now. She can't even see where she's walking with her hands protecting her face. She takes three more steps until she feels a cool breeze of air on her whole body. She takes her hands off of her face and notices the firey whirlwind claimed her clothing and armor, and she's hot and sweaty but otherwise unscathed. She looks at the captain and boldly says "looks like I'm not the only one faking things around here." The captain is incensed but she lets up on the whirlwind, defeated. Zendra walks over to her clearly ready to battle the captain, even in the nude, and just before she gets into punching distance the captain surrenders.

    In her defeat she talks to Zendra "If you let me live I'll be your slave." Zendra explains that she has no need of a slave that was just her enemy. The captain double checks that the guards are still passed out before incentivizing the deal by offering up information. She explains that it's pretty hard to actually be a half-demon and that her demon father never thought she was good enough. It wasn't until she modified a low level nudity spell into that whirlwind fire that she got any sort of respect from him. He had her test the spell on a human boy and when all it did was remove his clothes and make him sweat he disowned her. If she was made a slave of a superior opponent it just might make him respect her again. He'd see it as her "learning her place." Zendra's skeptical about all of this.

    "If it was that easy to get his respect back why didn't you become a slave earlier? Fuck, why should I help you anyhow? How do I know this isn't some kind of trick?" Zendra pesters the captain with questions. The captain explains she'd have to become a slave to a superior and everyone else was intimidated by the fire and her tricks are over. She's willing to do whatever Zendra wants to prove what she's saying. Zendra takes this time to think about accepting her offer or not.

    Ok that's all I have time to write tonight. I'll see about trying to continue this quest tomorrow.
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    Aug 28, 2016
    I've got some time now so......

    Part X starts now!

    Zendra's been thinking it over for a few moments and decides to try to help out Rose. She makes her proposal to the captain "Rose is my friend's sister so make her the new captain of the ship or if she doesn't want to be captain, keep her on the payroll while she does whatever she wants." Rose is shocked to hear this and Zendra continues "and I do mean whatever she wants. If she wants to destroy the fancy suite, or whatever else might be on this ship, let her." The captain's about to disregard her offer when Zendra further controls the conversation. "That'll prove to me that you want to be my slave and that you want to earn the favor of your father." The captain looks down and sighs accepting the offer and offering the captain position to Rose. Rose doesn't take it because she doesn't want the responsibility but gleefully accepts Zendra's other plan. Drevin smiles knowing his sister no longer has to actually work for the half-demon captain. The captain looks to Zendra for guidance "what would you have me do mistress?" "Get back to work getting us to Luminous Island. I have business to take care of there and I don't want to be late." "Of course, right away." The captain returns to the cockpit to set sail to Luminous Island. The guards start to wake up and they get a message over their walkie talkies explaining the new order of things. They understand how things are now, and the least injured guards offer to bring their bags back to the suite. Zendra and Drevin accept and Rose declares that Linselle and Migel get to be on break now. The captain, still listening over the walkie talkies, agrees and they all head back to the fancy suite.

    Once in the suite the guards leave for medical care. They all sit in various places in the suite just relaxing. Zendra, still nude, just lays back on the bed. She realizes just how accustomed she's gotten to being naked in front of just about anyone. Migel can't help but look over at her and remark "I like you lady, you've got style. The way you walked through that fire was tense! Not just that you're comfortable showing us all your body's got to offer." He says gazing from her C cup tits down to her pussy. After some conversation between them all it's revealed that Pauline and him have a very open marriage and how he'd love to know what it's like to fuck Zendra. Zendra admits she thought he was hot when she first saw him exit the suite but she's uncomfortable just taking them at their word about the open marriage. Rose offers to get Pauline up there and Zendra takes it. Rose leaves for the lower decks Drevin leaves with her to spend some time talking with his sis. Pauline gets to the suite and sees Migel there with Linselle and Zendra. She confirms the open marriage and comments that she doesn't mind watching and participating either. "Well in that case, get over here Migel." Zendra pats the side of the bed beside her.
    Migel's getting hard already tenting his pants before walking over to Zendra. He sits down and Zendra takes the lead starting to kiss him. Pauline sits where Migel was watching the both of them make out. Migel cups Zendra's breasts before kissing down her neck and continuing to kiss further down onto her right nipple. Zendra bites her lower lip for a second and glances at the two girls watching them. Pauline's clearly enjoying the show and Linselle is obviously getting turned on. Zendra informs them of the sex toys she's got in her bag and that they can use them to enjoy themselves. They go and get few out of her bag. "Oh you are a prepared woman" Migel says in between kisses just before sliding his hand up her thigh. "Mind if I see just how 'prepared' you are?" Zendra gives him the go ahead and he rubs her pussy a few times. "Ah yeah wet and ready to go!" "Oh you have no idea." She says as she reaches over to unbuckle his pants. Linselle takes her underwear off before relaxing on one of the massage tables watching the show. Vibrator in hand she turns it on and lifts her skirt to start to tease her clit. Migel's pants are off now showing off just how ready he is for this too.

    Zendra starts to stroke Migel's cock. He moans in appreciation and lays back to enjoy the sensation. Pauline is getting hot and bothered watching her husband's cock being stroked by Zendra. She reaches under her own underwear to rub her clit. Zendra's eager for some action and pumps his shaft getting pre-cum all over her hands. After licking up the pre-cum she takes another glance at his wife. She can see Pauline's got her pants off now and she's inching the dildo Zendra used a few days ago into her wet twat. She turns her attention back to Migel and gets on top of him. She's hot and horny so she just slams all of his 13 inch shaft into her wanting pussy in one go. He's shocked at how fast she was ready to take him but he's not complaining. She starts to moan as she roughly drives Migel's fuckstick into her. Linselle drives the vibrator into her wet delta as she enjoys the show. Pauline takes her shirt off and keeps up masturbating with the dildo and moaning watching Zendra fuck her husband rougher than she ever did. Zendra bends over and kisses Migel. Allowing their thrusts to slow down a bit while they make out. Migel sits up a bit reaching his arm behind Zendra to hug her closer. They break their makeout session just a bit to let Migel take off his shirt. Zendra's rocking back and forth on Migel's hard shaft and enjoying every second of it.

    Soon everyone's naked and the room is filled with hot moans. Migel grabs onto Zendra's wings and changes the position. Now he's on top fucking into her. Zendra doesn't mind this change at all and expresses this by kissing Migel. He glances over to his wife and sees how hot she looks while fucking herself with the dildo. He thrusts a few more times into Zendra's welcoming delta while looking at his wife. Pauline looks over to him with a knowing look and Migel turns his attention back to Zendra. He keeps thrusting his rod into her but slower this time wanting to talk "What do you say to a menage a trois?" Zendra calms down while panting hard slightly dissappointed. "I don't know, I was kind of enjoying our one-on-one time, even with spectators." After a few more languid thrusts Migel replies back "Are you sure, sweet thing? You might enjoy fucking in a group." Zendra moans and says "It's just, it's been a while since it felt like the sex was this intimate." Migel understands but keeps persisting "Maybe a round two group fuck?" "Fuck me well enough and I'll consider it." Migel nods and gets back into the fucking. Zendra moans as Migel's pounding increases speed.

    He reaches down to rub Zendra's pleasure nub while thrusting into her the best he can. Linselle keeps thrusting the vibrator into herself and screams out into climax. Migel's hitting all the right spots in Zendra's passage. After a few more hard and wild thrusts Zendra's taken over the edge into climax. He takes another look at Pauline who hasn't cum yet in spite of being hot and ready for it. He begins to leave Zendra's passageway to fuck his wife when Zendra grabs onto his hips. He's not willing to risk loosing out on the threesome. So he quickly thrusts all of himself back into Zendra before she notices he was trying to leave. He pounds into her slit hard and eager to finish so that he can help his wife orgasm. Sliding his tool in and out of her like a piston engine it's not much longer until he unleashes his sperm up Zendra's welcoming pussy. He's still cumming as he pulls out of her vagina exploding the rest his cum onto her folds. Leaving a mess of cum beneath them. It's at this moment Pauline's driven herself into climax thrusting Zendra's dildo up her pussy long enough. Migel lays down besides Zendra to rest.

    "Thanks, wow, I really needed that more than I knew." Zendra says just now realizing how eager she was for another fuck. As they all rest for a few moments she thinks back and wonders why she was that horny for Migel, a married man no less. It occurs to her it must've been that spell that took her armor. Then she remembers how the captain first tested that on a human guy and reasons there's bound to be more to that story.

    I may post a short Part XI addition in a short while. If I don't Part XI will be sometime next week or so.
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    Aug 28, 2016
    Looks like I'll be able to write some more now.

    Part XI begins now.

    As they lay side by side Migel looks over to Zendra and asks the obvious question. "So how about that round 2?" She explains that she might want to save that for her return trip, after she takes care of her business on Luminous Island. Migel accepts that and continues to relax. For now Zendra gets up and starts filling up the jacuzzi tub she gets in it as the water raises. They all start to look at her and wonder if they should invite themselves in. She starts to laugh when she notices the attention and hesitation. "You just enjoyed watching me fuck Migel and Migel enjoyed fucking me. I think it's ok to share a bath together. After all there's no reason to be shy now." They laugh as the feeling of tension in the room drops considerably and they all join in the big jacuzzi tub. Migel sits in between Linselle and Pauline on the opposite side of the tub facing Zendra. As they look at each other another type of tension rises in the air. Everyone's getting turned on again. They try to engage in chatter but it's of no use they're all horny and sharing the tub just makes it worse. Linselle's checking out Zendra's tits that were bouncing just moments ago thanks to Migel's thrusts. Pauline's noticing Linselle's pussy just underneath the water and her impressive rack. Migel's getting eager to fuck Pauline and his rising erection shows it. Zendra's noticing just how horny she's getting again glancing at Migel's penis across from her. "You may not be ready for a round 2 but I sure am." He says to Zendra still mainly looking at his wife "how's about you watch this time?"
    Pauline begins to make out with Migel. They go at it for a few minutes until Migel reaches under the water and starts to finger Pauline's delta. Linselle's getting hot watching them and puts a hand on Migel's shoulder. They take notice and she asks "Can I join in?" They give approving knowing nods and she begins to give Migel a handjob under the water. He manages to continue finger fuck the hell out of Pauline's twat. Pauline starts to moan as Migel kisses her tits. He starts to encircle Pauline's clit with his other hand. Teasing her with light touches on her nub. Linselle continues her rub down on Migel's shaft being sure to give his balls attention too.

    As Zendra watches this display in front of her she wonders if she could begin masturbating without any of them noticing. How sneaky hot that would be. Sharing the same tub while they have sex with no idea she's more than enjoying the show. She's gonna orgasm into the same water they are. They'd be sharing her orgasm too without even knowing it. She has to try and she sneaks a hand under the water and begins to rub her clit. She's getting so into it but she holds back moaning the best she can. Meanwhile Pauline's getting plenty of love from Migel and he's enjoying his +1 Linselle working his cock.

    Linselle turns Migel's face to her, keeping one hand on his shaft, and starts to kiss him. Zendra can't help herself and drives a finger up her recently fucked pussy. Trying her best to hold back her moans and stay silent as the display in front of her gets even hotter. Pauline whispers something to Migel and Zendra breifly wonders if she's been caught. She holds her finger still in her pussy feeling the tension. Migel stops making out with Linselle and tells her "Pauline wants to fuck now." She understands and Zendra breathes a momentary sigh of relief before resuming fingering herself. She adds another finger this time.

    Pauline gets in front of Migel facing him and Linselle helps guide Migel's fuckrod into his wife's pussy. Zendra gets to see Pauline get fucked by Migel right in front of her. Linselle's attention is still on Migel and she rubs his scrotum while his prick is fucking his wife. The water is making waves everywhere as they thrust onto one another. Zendra's fucking herself with three fingers by the time she almost lets out a moan. Pauline can't take it anymore and gives into orgasm on top of Migel. They thrust onto one another a few more times until she climbs off of him. She sits back down beside him and calms down panting hard. Linselle sees this as her opportunity and starts stroking his cock again. Zendra keeps up her silent masturbation but it's getting harder to hold back moans.

    Now that Pauline's satisfied she takes a look at her surroundings. She notices Zendra having quiet a bit of fun herself. "Enjoying the show?" She coyly asks her. Zendra knows she's busted and can only reply back with "ah yeah! You bet I am!" Migel notices this and says back to Zendra "you could've told us if you wanted to join. After all there's no reason to be shy." He just about manages to get that out before moaning again under Linselle's expert hand movements. "Do you think you could handle another go?" Zendra asks him. He smiles and replies back "I think I can hold out for you after Linselle." Linselle's excited to get some action and she bends over the edge of the tub. Presenting herself doggystyle for Migel. Migel stands up and begins to fuck her eager twat.

    The water splashes all over the outside of the tub as the two go at it. Linselle all ready edged herself to climax out of excitement and it's not long before Migel's able to take her over the edge to orgasm. He sits back down erection still ready to go for more. Linselle sits as well. "Are you ready?" He asks Zendra. The other two girls watch as she once again approaches Migel's dick. She brings him in for a kiss when she gets close enough. "What do you think?" She straddles him and he once again guides his 13 inch rod into her wanting vagina.

    She grinds on him slow at first. "Changing it up I see." He says and she worries if she should start to get rough before she wants to. "I like it. You're not just the same screw every time." She's relieved and keeps the gentle pace. "I gotta make sure you last." She gets out after moaning. She gyrates her hips on him making splashing noises in the water. Pauline gets back into the action and begins to grab at Zendra's tits. Zendra's ok with it too busy enjoying her ride on Migel's fuckrod to object. Pauline takes this as an ok to keep going downward. "Yes! Yes! Oh yes!" Is all Zendra's saying and all she's thinking about is her ride with Migel.

    Pauline begins to rub Zendra's clit while she rides her husband. It's then that she notices Pauline's actions but she's to horny to care and goes with it. Being pleasured by both husband and wife she gets back into her rough riding self. She takes Migel's shaft hard while enjoying the pleasure she's getting from Pauline. A few more hard thrusts is all it takes before she's giving into climax and cumming hard onto Migel. She takes him to the hilt while Pauline continues her assault on her pleasure buzzer. It's not over yet as Migel grabs onto Zendra's wings to keep her there.

    Migel keeps pounding into her over and over. She's taken into new levels of pleasure feeling Pauline and Migel pleasure her. Migel gives a last few hard thrusts and sends his cum up Zendra's pussy all over again. Hilting himself in her he gets all of his cum that he can in her before Zendra lets him slide out. When Zendra sits down she has no time to relax. Pauline's over her and ready to fuck her. Before Zendra or Migel can make any statement on the matter Pauline's taking action. She lifts Zendra's right leg and spreads herself to get into the right position to scissor her and mashes their pussies together. Zendra's a bit unsure about this but can't help it as her horny state gets the best of her as she feels Pauline's clit grind against hers. She gets into it and starts moaning appreciatively and Pauline makes sure to use the maneuvers she learned from Rose on Zendra. It's not long before the clit intimacy forces Zendra into another orgasm and she cries it out. Pauline manages to rock a few more times before giving into climax herself on top of Zendra.

    They all sit next to eachother in the tub relentlessly exhausted from the intense fuck they all shared.
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    Aug 28, 2016
    I got some time tonight so I'm writing some more.

    Part XII

    It's the morning, Migel, Pauline, and Linselle returned to the lower decks after the sex last night. Drevin spent the night chatting with his sister about what she's been doing on the ship all this time. They're currently having breakfast in the ship's lounge. Zendra's waking up and noticing that she's still wet and ready for more sex. She brushes it off to go talk to the captain. When she's about to head out the door she's starting to realize how much she's changed since she met Hadril. With her hand on the door knob, she's only now realizing it'd probably be a good idea to put some clothes on before heading out. She puts on a blue dress and composes herself to head out. She makes it to the cockpit and starts to talk to the captain.

    The captain tries to make pleasantries and downplay what happened but Zendra's not having it. After some back and forth discussion Zendra gets to the point of how horny she was after that nudity spell and how it's still affecting her. How she wants to know how to stop it and to hear the full story of what went on with the captain and that boy she tested the spell on. The captain resolves to tell the tale.
    Having cast the fire ball nudity spell the caged boy stands before the captain and her demon father completely nude. "You failure" her father says to her and the captain has a worried look on her face. "You show me this spell to impress me and it can't even kill this 20 year old boy. It just takes his clothes off, like that's of much use to intimidate. I brought you up to dominate! Not this petty fair." It's then that the scared boy shows the signs of the other effect of the spell. His penis gets hard and he frantically tries to cover it up. It's of little use as they both notice this development right away. This gives her father an idea.

    "You get one last chance. Take charge of this boy, to my satisfaction, and I'll train you to improve your spell craft. If you fail again you're banished from my stead until you find another better than you, to be a slave to, to make up for your inadequacies." She isn't quiet sure what he means by "take charge" and asks for a bit a clarification. "Did your human frailty strike again?" He asks "Consider it part of your test to be smart enough to know what I mean. Now get to it! I've got more important matters than taking care of you." The captain is nervous and goes over to the cage. She reasons that her father wants to see something sexual come out of this. He didn't mention taking charge of the boy until he was covering up his erection. It's the only thing that makes sense in her mind. She asks the terrified boy his name before unlocking the cage. It's Milus. She unlocks the cage and drags Milus to one of the torture table. After locking him in she gets a whip.

    She approaches the table and starts to rub Milus' cock. "My spell was just too strong for you wasn't it?" She says in as an intimidating matter as she can. He gives a scared nod and the captain whips his stomach. "Naughty, naughty boy." She goes back to stroking his shaft and every time Milus groans in satisfaction he gets another whip. His mind is spinning with the contradiction of pleasure and pain. His stomach and chest is now beaten, bloody, and bruised. Yet he can't help but keep on feeling horny thanks to the spell. "I've given you so much pain and yet you're still hard for me." She says still pleasuring his cock. Milus' face is showing signs of complete pain and satisfaction. The captain decides it's time for a change of tactics. Her father continues watching and judging this whole scene.

    She takes her pants and underwear off and uses it as a gag in Milus' mouth. "Time for you to really understand the power of a demon." She says trying to say anything that sounds intimidating. She gets up onto the table and straddles Milus' penis. She teases him by forcing his shaft to rub her clit. "You'd like to penetrate this pussy wouldn't you? To get your penis some release up into my womb?" She continues her taunting while grinding her clit up and down his shaft. Keeping him from penetrating her. He gives eager nods. "Well I got another place in mind for you." She positions his dick at her rear entrance and starts inching him in. It's slow going at first but eventually she's able to take all of his 9 inches in her back passage. It takes a bit for her to get used to this feeling but she remembers that she's supposed to be dominating him.

    She starts to ride him roughly. "All of your seed is going to be wasted." She taunts him "it'll all belong to me but you'll get no heirs to your name." She continues her rough anal assault on Milus until he eventually cums ejaculating his sperm into her pucker. She gets off of him and whips his chest a few last times before putting her pants back on, leaving her underwear gag in Milus' mouth, and returning to her father.

    "You're useless." Her father says "that wasn't what I had in mind at all and you probably wouldn't understand even if I told you." The captain tries to talk her father out of banishing her and he merely states "begone from my sight!" It's at this moment Milus starts to get hard again and her father notices. "Firstly, before you go, undo whatever you did to make this boy perpetually horny. I need him to work in the mines." The captain isn't sure how to undo it but she tries casting the same nudity spell again figuring it couldn't make things worse. As simple as that was, it seems to have done the trick, and Milus is no longer erect. She looks at her father for any sort of recognition that it was at least good that she could figure out how to undo the spell's side effect so quickly. Instead she hears him mutter something about how he can't believe she asked the boy his name while looking away from her. She goes back to her room to gather a few things and makes arrangements to stay at a demon friend's house before leaving her father's house.

    "So that's it then? Just cast the spell on me again and it'll be over?" The captain reasons that it should work the same way for her as it did Milus. Zendra agrees to letting her hit her with the spell again but she doesn't want to loose anymore clothes because of this. So she puts her dress aside and stands before the captain in the nude. The captain unleashes the spell again and Zendra notices she's still turned on in spite of being subjected to the cure from the spell. She takes a few moments to think and just then she realizes that all the sex so far on her quest must be getting her eager for even more. There's a certain drop to her lust level so the cure did work but she's still more than ready for another fuck. She tries to hide this from the captain and gets dressed as she thanks her for the cure. The captain informs her that they'll reach Luminous Island in the afternoon.

    "Good," Zendra says "I have business on the island. So I'll need some means of contact for when I need you to bring the boat over to pick me up." Zendra's expecting a number to some phone someplace or even one of those neat walkie talkies. Instead the captain hands her a strange orb that fits in her hand. It's about the size of a magic 8 ball. She explains that demons have figured out how to conjure these contact orbs to keep in touch with anyone they want. All it needs to do is touch the other person's hands and you can contact them by activating the orb. They get a glow on their hand and they know who it is that's trying to contact them. They can answer or decline at their leisure. The orb essentially becomes a part of your hands when you close them together. "What if I don't want this thing as a part of me?" Zendra asks "Well you can just store it in a bag or something. It's just a lot easier to store in the hands and you can remove the orb at anytime." The captain says demonstrating how the conjured orb works. Zendra's hesitant but still tries it and it's surprisingly simple to remove the orb from her hand at will. She gives her goodbyes to the captain and heads on out orb literally in hand.
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    Time for the next part!

    Part XIII

    The ship makes it to Luminous Island and Zendra prepares her things to depart. Drevin returns to the suite and they give eachother goodbyes. He returns to spending some relaxing time just hanging out with his sister. Migel and Pauline go to the suite as well, explaining that Rose told them that Zendra would be leaving here and not at the end of the tour. There's another reason they're stopping by to give her a goodbye. Migel really wants to join Zendra on her quest. "Whatever 'adventure thing' you're on I want to be a part of it!" He says and Zendra asks the obvious question about his wife. "I'd actually be grateful if you two had a fun time together." Pauline says "As much as I love Mig. He has an exhaustive sex drive." Zendra's unsure about bringing Migel along. At the same time she knows she's getting turned on just thinking of all the sex they could have. Pauline can sense her apprehension and elaborates "it's why our marriage is so open. I need breaks and I think you could help me here." After a bit more back and forth on the issue Zendra gives into her lust and allows Migel to come along. Migel and Pauline share a goodbye kiss and he departs the ship with Zendra, and the other guests, to Luminous Island.

    Luminous Island lives up to it's name with bright, and flashy signs all over. They're decorated with reflective light materials like glitter. Zendra realizes that Migel should know a bit about the Island since he's been working the tour for a while and asks about good places to stay. He mentions the Brigade hotel in the center district. There's other places that are better but that's also why they're booked solid 2 months in advance. Upon hearing that they set off to the Brigade hotel. The exterior of the hotel looks pretty standard for hotels. There's a sign with the name on, place to part vehicles, and among other things there's also a quick snack shack. They check in and get a couple's room because it's the cheapest for two people. The room has a king sized bed, a standard shower with a large tub, and it's otherwise an ordinary hotel room. Migel gets settled in and starts to read a book he brought along.

    Zendra uses the hotel's phone line for the operator. She gets directions for the best way to the lower district and writes them down. After the call she sits down, taking it all in that she's about to confront Hadril. "Should I train more? Should I get another suit of armor? Should I just charge it and demand the cure!?" All these thoughts go through her head as she tries to figure out the best way to confront him. Migel notices that Zendra looks so freaked out and tense all of a sudden and they discuss a few things. She doesn't get into full detail, just that she's worried about how to proceed. "Well I know one thing that can ease tension." He says giving a knowing look. "Pauline was right wasn't she? You're all ready geared up for more sex." She says. "Actually I was going to offer a relaxing massage. Did you forget I worked as a masseur on the ship?" He says slightly teasing and Zendra chuckles a bit. "though if you want a 'happy ending' I'd be glad to oblige." Zendra accepts his offer and starts to take off her clothes.
    Migel takes his shirt off but leaves his shorts on, for now. Zendra lays down on the bed face down ready for her massage. He gets some massage oils and lube, that he brought from the ship, out of his bag. He starts giving her a massage by giving her shoulders a good rub down. "How does that feel?" He asks. "Good, just, can you get my neck too?" He takes care of some nasty knots in her neck. "Looks like you needed a massage after all. These are some of the nastiest knots I've come across." "Yeah it's because of the weight of my horns. My neck's not used to them yet." After a few more moments of a proper massage, her body feels the best it's felt since her quest started. He even took care of some tension under her wings that she didn't even realize was building up. He moves his hand lower now and starts to massage her buttocks. He's getting turned on and he's starting to tent his shorts.

    Falling back on his training, he asks her "Do you still want this to go further?" "Yeah, sure, of course." She says as she gets up a bit to look at him and he gets the lube. "I don't think you'll need lube though." She tells his with a smirk. He explains that it's not just lube it's a pleasure enhancer. It's what he uses with Pauline to make it more intense for her. Zendra's intrigued and he gets back behind her. She lies face down again. He squirts a bit of the lube onto her back door. As it makes it's way down towards her cunt she can already feel the difference. It's turning her on like nothing else has before. He reaches down and starts to put his expert masseur hands to work on her pleasure button. She lets out a little moan as he massages her clit. He uses the other hand to massage any remaining tension away from her upper legs. The tension gone he focuses on her pleasure and sinks two fingers up her hot and ready twat.

    Zendra's moaning and enjoying every bit of the finger fucking Migel's giving her. He goes even faster in her hot cunt and she's amazed at how fast she's nearing the edge of climax. The pleasure lube is doing it's work and sending waves of pleasure up and into her brain. He keeps rubbing her clit with one hand and pistoning his fingers in and out of her vagina with the other. She's taken into her first climax of the day and she screams it out while clutching onto the bed sheets. Migel keeps up on his finger fuck, wanting to keep her as into the mood as possible, for a few more minutes. Zendra gets eager for more under his assault on her pussy. "Mmmm, yes! Fuck me!" She pleads and Migel smirks. He holds out for a bit longer wanting her to really want it. "What's wrong?" She asks as he wordlessly starts to slow down fingering her and stops pleasuring her clit. "Don't you want to put it in?" "Oh yes indeed, I just had another hole in mind." He takes his fingers out of her vagina and takes his shorts off. She prepares for whatever he's got in mind and she raises her head up a bit to look at him. He gets in front of her face, completely hard, and he knows his meaning is clear now. She doesn't want to get completely up so she just scooches to the edge of the bed just enough to comfortably start to lick his penis.

    She jacks off his shaft while keeping the head of his prick in her mouth. Migel starts to moan and closes his eyes to fully take in the sensation. He can feel her tongue tickling the tip of his pole. Her lips suckling around his shaft alternating with her hands following up and down. He puts his hand on her head and starts to thrust into her mouth like a fuckhole. Some moments pass and he opens his eyes. She's managed to flip over and start laying face up somehow with his prick deepthroating her mouth. He can look up and see Zendra's wet and aching pussy. Zendra's been so turned on that she's been rubbing her clit for the past few moments. He slides out of her mouth and gets on top of her in the bed. "Do you want it?" He asks "Yes!" She cries out in anticipation and grabs onto his hips. "Tell me how bad." He says while teasing her clit with his tool. "I want you to fuck me, hard!" "You can do better than that." He says while continuing to tease her clit with rubs. "Fuck me, make me cum, make me scream your name!" Having teased her long enough, he's too horny to hold out any longer, and drives all of his 13 inches into her in one swift thrust.

    "Fuck yes!" Zendra screams out while feeling every powerful thrust Migel is driving into her. Her breasts start bouncing in tune to the rhythm of the hard pounding Migel's giving her. They're both filling the room with moans as it gets hotter and hotter with every pulse pounding thrust. Zendra's showing the look of rapturous pleasure on her face as the lube works it's magic in tandem with Migel's thrusts. Over and over again he bucks his hips forward driving his fuckstick into her. She feels him ram his cock into her wanting twat bringing her to the edge of orgasm. The sounds of their intimacy are the only things to hear in the entire room and Zendra's overwhelmed with pleasure. "Oh, Migel! Oh, yes, Migel!!!" She screams out in climax. He's not done yet and bends down to kiss her tits. Then he continues thrusting into her.

    Thrust after determined thrust Migel looks at Zendra with pure lust on his mind. She can see it in his eyes and he doesn't let up on his pace. Continuing to fuck her for several more minutes he's relentless with his rhythm. He takes a few last forceful thrusts before cumming straight up into her pussy. He rides out his orgasm and thrusts a few final times before pulling out.

    They lie down together and rest. Zendra knows that all of her tension is out now as she drifts off to a nap.
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    I had tried a few times before this to finish this part but I just got busy off line so I couldn't. Now I can finally finish this part and continue writing more for this story.

    Part XIV

    It's late in the evening at the hotel. Migel's finishing up a shower and Zendra's waking up from the nap. She's laying there, still nude after the sex, as she takes in just how intense Migel was when fucking her. She idly wonders how it would be to fuck him again and she notices she's still horny for more. She hears Migel turn the shower off and the sound snaps her out of it and she remembers the quest she's on. Still she can't help but be curious as to how Pauline's and Migel's open marriage came to be. Migel's drying himself off and walking towards a bag to get some clothes on and Zendra asks him about his marriage and why it's so open. "You're the first one of my side chicks to ask me that." Zendra's a bit taken aback at being called a 'side chick' but understands as Migel goes on to elaborate. "Believe it or not, our whole arrangement was her idea." Zendra's obviously skeptical about this and he can see it on her face. "Oh don't look at me like that," he says. "It was a surprise for me too. You gotta understand she tried to keep up with me. She wanted to make sure any time that I wanted sex I could turn to her. Which is what made it so unexpected for me when I came home one night and she had pictures of three women to choose to have a threesome with."
    When Migel came home that night he saw Pauline sitting there on the couch. She had a different look about her. It was as if she was nervous but hopeful at the same time. Migel and his wife went through some small talk before she felt able to talk about what she really wanted to. She took three pictures out of her purse and explained that she thought it was time to spice up their sex life by inviting someone in. She showed the pictures of the women to him explaining that she already discussed the possibility of a threesome with them and all of them were ok with it. The first was Angelique, a lady with firey red hair and dark brown eyes. The second was actually a nude pic of Koral, a woman with a fair complexion and D cup breasts. The third was of Jessica, she has succulent looking lips and stunning blue hair.

    Migel jokingly picks Koral, thinking that the whole thing's not going to happen but it gets all too real as Pauline picks up the phone to call Koral. Koral can be there in the morning and they agree because they're not busy then. She hangs up the phone and he's shocked she went through the call but he still wonders what else is going on. The morning comes and Koral knocks on the front door. Migel answers it and sees her standing there with a sexy blue dress on. He invites her in and she sees Pauline and they exchange greetings. There is a bit of awkwardness as they discuss how to go about this and they head to the bedroom. In the bedroom Pauline breaks the tension by giving Koral a quick kiss on the lips. "Thank you for being here for us." She says and both Migel and Koral feel better about proceeding into the threesome. Koral sits down on the bed, she brings Migel into a make out session as Pauline takes off her shirt. Koral and Migel's tongues intertwine and they really get into it. He alternates between kissing Pauline and Koral. After a few moments Migel's tenting his sweatpants and it's quite obvious he's ready for more. Both the women help him out of his pants.

    Koral looks down at his raging erection and then gives a look to Pauline. When Pauline gives an assuring nod she bends down and starts to lick Migel's dick. Just as he can't believe this is happening Pauline starts to make out with him. Here he sits getting a blowjob from a hot woman he only knew of last night while his wife is playing tonsil hockey with him! He reaches up to cup Pauline's breasts and stimulates her nipples as they kiss. He breaks the kiss and sees his wife's pants are still on "You are so hot right now, come on let's see that pussy!" Pauline stands up next to the bed and starts to strip off the last of her clothing. He helps her out of her pants while Koral starts to deepthroat his shaft. Pauline's standing there nude and he dives into pleasuring her cunt.

    She gives out an eager moan as she feels her husband's tongue voraciously pleasure her wet twat like never before. Utterly lost in her pleasures she momentarily forgets there's another person there and screams out "Oh Migel! Fuck me now! Fuck me like you did on our wedding night!" Koral stops with her blowjob when she hears that and he looks up to his wife "Are you sure you want to give Koral that kind of show?" She then remembers the threesome she agreed to and offers a better idea. "Better yet Mig, let her experience it for herself." Koral's excited to experience this and strips out of her dress. Migel explains that their wedding night actually got started with him taking a shower and that he'll let Pauline explain the rest to her as he goes to start the shower up. Pauline explains how she surprised him in the showers and Koral takes her lead. She steps into the shower along with Pauline and they both say "boo!" They all laugh at the silliness and get back into the hot and heavy action. With the three of them in there it's a good thing they have a big shower!

    Pauline takes the lead showing Koral what she did that night. With the water running down her chest Pauline cups Koral's boobs and moves her hand towards her pussy. She begins to circle her thumb around Koral's clitty. She's certainly enjoying Pauline's maneuver as she smirks at Migel watching the show "Like what you see?" They both laugh hearing that, saying, that's exactly what Pauline said. After the laughter Pauline sticks two fingers up Koral's wanting cunt causing her to moan. "Oh yeah I'm liking where this is going" she blurts out as Pauline finger fucks the hell out of her slit. After a few moments of intense fingering Pauline withdraws, allowing for Migel to approach. Koral looks at him and he says "Are you ready for this?" She takes one last look at his rock hard shaft before giving an affirming nod to continue. Migel's so horny at this point he roughly impales her on all of his 13 inches in one swift motion. Even with Pauline helping her get wet and ready it's still tough for her to take his dick like that.

    Migel doesn't notice her discomfort at first and he just pounds into her pussy for all it's worth. It isn't until Pauline gets him to realize that he should take it a bit slower that he eases up and starts thrusting into her at a gentle pace this time. They fuck like that for a good half hour by this time Koral's orgasmed twice already but they continue fucking until Migel cums up Koral's well fucked pussy. He hilts in her getting all of his sperm that he can up in her welcoming womb. They all clean up and exit the shower. Koral expresses her enjoyment and offers to return if they ever want to have fun again.

    Zendra's intrigued now that she's getting it and Migel continues. "At first I thought it was some kind of stupid test she was playing on me. But it was no test and eventually we had plenty of fun threesomes. I went to pick up Jessica for our next one and when I returned home Pauline was passed out asleep. In her hand was a drug to keep her awake. She had fallen asleep before she could take more. Jessica cared enough about Pauline's well being that she demanded to stay and see if she was ok. When Pauline woke up all three of us discussed things and we came up with a new arrangement. She took a liking to Jessica for caring about her well being. So Jessica and I could have sex without Pauline being involved but if it was a new girl Pauline had to be there too. This allowed her to get the rest she really needed from doing everything she could to keep up with my sex drive." "That sounds way too neat and tidy to be the truth," Zendra interjects "you just happen to marry someone that wants to satisfy your sex drive so badly she has zero ill will with you fucking other women!?"

    Migel admits that there were rules and Pauline did, sometimes, get jealous if he spent "too much" time pleasuring the other woman. Nevertheless eventually those rules got less and less as Pauline realized just how high Migel's libido is. Still it wasn't until they were working on the ship that most of the rules went away. When Migel was called upon to fuck demon guests she realized just how much more rest she got those nights. It was freeing for her and so most of the rules went out the window once Pauline recognized that she was waking up more and more rested. Zendra takes all of this in and thanks Migel for sharing that with her. After hearing the full explanation she feels relieved and ready now to focus on completing her quest.

    She goes to take a shower to get ready to tackle her quest. The shower starts to make her feel dizzy. She braces herself on the shower walls and cleans herself as best she can before stepping out. She calls out for Migel and doesn't get a response. Making her way to the door she can see that Migel's passed out on the floor. She tries to go help him but it isn't long before she faints as well.
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    I don't have enough time tonight to complete part XV but I will tomorrow night.

    Now I have a solid idea of how I want to write the next part. However there's one thing that's pretty flexible and there's various ways I could write it. I figured I would ask for reader opinion before I can write the next part. Based on feedback, if any, I'll change how a character is handled from that part moving forward.

    So the question's a simple one.
    Do you like the Migel character? Yes, no, no (giving reasons why not), or don't care.
    If you don't care about Migel, letting me know that will change how I write his character in the next parts.

    I was going to make this a poll but didn't know where to do it and I didn't want to mess around with my first post in this thread trying to make one there. So you can just PM me "Migel, yes", "Migel, no", or "Migel, don't care" if you don't have anything to add beyond that and you want to cast your vote that way.

    Update: Ok I'll be writing the next part in a few hours. So any further feedback, from the time of this edit, on Migel's character won't be incorporated into it. This thread is always open for criticism, on Migel or any other character/story point, I'll just be too busy writing the next part to incorporate any changes based on it. At least when it comes to part XV as it stands for now.
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    Time to write the next part!

    Part XV

    Sometime passes and Zendra's coming to her senses. At first, when she wakes up, she can't see anything. She only hears the sounds of the carriage she's in driving through the streets. There's no blindfold so her lack of sight must be from whatever drugged her to pass out. She gains more of a sense of where she is and she feels the bonds holding her strapped to the bed of the carriage, spread eagle, binding her arms and legs. She knows she's still nude as the cool breeze passes over her naked body. Suddenly she feels something and she now knows she's not alone in the back of this carriage. It's a tongue licking up her thigh. She tries to shout at whoever's doing that but she realizes her mouth is gagged. The tongue reaches her clit and starts to suckle on it. She tries to do something, anything, to stop this but she can't right now. The tongue circles her clitty and they start to lick all over her pussy. She finally regains her sight and she sees the roof and walls of the huge carriage. This thing must've been made for warehouses. She looks down and sees who's been licking her out. It's an imp, a scrawny looking one, and he returns to sticking her clit in his mouth. He sees that she's awake when he looks up. She tries to shake her head "no" but the imp ignores her and continues on for hours. He's keeping her entirely horny this whole carriage ride. She starts to wonder what happened to Migel as she realizes this is just how the trip's going to be. They finally make it to the destination and the carriage comes to a halt. The imp finally stops and opens the back of the carriage.

    Turns out she was strapped to some kind of bed on wheels and she's wheeled out the back wincing at the bright sun above. She looks around at the desert like area they're at and she's wheeled into the only building around. She brought into a room that appears to be some demon's torture room. Her bed is adjusted so she's more or less vertical. Practically standing in the middle of this strange room were it not for her bonds. Hearing a door open behind her Zendra wonders who it is. They approach behind her and free her from her gag. "Who are you!?" She demands an answer that's denied as they reach under her arms and cup her breasts, staying behind her the whole time. The hands feel familiar somehow. The imp returns, from the other side of the room, and starts to get back to his duty of eating her out. This time he sticks his tongue straight up her vagina. She can't deny that she's gotten incredibly turned on from the ride over here. He's licking up every bit he can inside her and she manages to finally muster the focus to say "No, stop that right now!" It's then that a familiar voice pipes up behind her. The imp takes a rest from pleasuring her.

    "Oh but you don't really want this to stop do you? My lady." He says that as he steps out in front of the bed. Zendra immediately recognizes those deep blue eyes, it's Hadril! He's wearing, what looks like, a regular business suit. "Or at least you would be my lady if the stupid elixir did it's job right!" He continues. They get into a bit of an argument and Hadril laughs about the "quest" Zendra describes. "Some quest, you weren't even smart enough to know that booking hotels with horns and wings draws attention! It made it so fucking easy to know where you were." Zendra's irate at his commentary and questions "why'd you bring me here anyway? This can't be something you do with everyone you've fucked."

    Hadril knows that Zendra could be useful in his mission going forward but he doesn't tell her that. Instead he offers her a choice. Let his imp slave fuck her and help him out in anyway he asks or she and her "hotel friend" dies. "That's not much of a choice. Help you or die!?" She says with furious anger under her breath. "And leave my friend out of this, he has nothing to do with this." "It's a choice, it has two options, I don't see the issue here." He calmly states.

    Zendra takes all of this in. Any plans she had for confronting Hadril before went right out the window and she's tied up here being given a choice. There's just something so odd about the choice and she figures it out. "Why would you want your slave to have all the fun?" She asks and gets to the obvious point that he went through all that trouble before to drug her with that elixir to make her his dream woman if they fuck a lot and now he's passing up this opportunity to make it happen.

    Hadril just goes to a nearby table, looking away from her, and sighs, sending his imp slave away as he does. "I was hoping you'd be dumb enough to miss that." He relents and gives up hiding the truth from her any longer. He faces her and explains that the elixir backfired on him too. It created a telepathic sex link between him and her. Every time she had sex he experienced it's pleasures and saw everything. Moreover it's the only sexual pleasure he can have now. "So that's how you actually found me isn't it?" He nods knowing she's talking about her time with Migel. He elaborates that the link was supposed to make her bond to him, not the other way around like it has. If they fuck again the bond just might be permanent. She makes a counter proposal, cure her and they can both go back to their lives.

    "A cure doesn't exist yet." He says and she rolls her eyes stating the obvious going to the person who made the elixir to make a cure. "I can't" he continues "you have your quest, I've got a mission to complete. I can't contact her until the mission's over." Zendra offers to help in his mission if he'll free her and her friend and take a chance at getting permanently bonded with her by having sex again. It might be that Hadril being in such close proximity to Zendra has already made the telepathic bond stronger but he doesn't give much resistance to that offer. Only renegotiating Migel's freedom after they fuck again. Zendra agrees to that if she gets to see him first after being released from the bonds. Hadril agrees and undoes her bonds.
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    Aug 28, 2016
    Part XV got pretty wordy so I'm breaking it up into another part now.

    Part XVI

    Migel is brought to the room Zendra and Hadril are at and Zendra makes sure that he's ok. Migel is unharmed after they discuss a few things Migel is sent to another room assured by Zendra that after she takes care of matters here he'll be freed. Zendra turns to Hadril, "now for the next part of our agreement." She says giving him a knowing look. They don't waste much time with foreplay as Hadril takes his shirt off while Zendra approaches to take off his pants.
    Zendra's pussy is already wet and wanting thanks to the imp earlier and she forces Hadril to sit in a nearby chair. It's one of the torture chairs with built in straps. She straps his feet in first, and straps his left arm, leaving his right hand free. She grabs a hold of his pecker and starts giving him a handjob. Going nice and slow up and down his shaft to get him hard and ready. It's not long until he's hard as a rock for her. She gets into position for penetration and teases him a bit. Rubbing his dickhead against her clit. Making him encircle her clitty over and over again. Hadril moans as she gets into it. Then she remembers the telepathic link and how he probably can't be teased like this. Her pleasure is his pleasure. Still, she's having fun, so she continues "teasing" him for a bit, chuckling as she does it.

    Having enough fun "teasing" him, she gets her twat over his cock. "How does it feel knowing you're about to be bonded to me even more?" He doesn't want to admit it but he's too horny to care at this point "Yes! Do it! Fuck me! Fuck me now!" She gives into his pleading and sinks all of his 10 inches into her on the first go. Hadril enjoys the sensation of finally feeling sexually complete again and he savors it. She grinds up and down his hot demonic pole. He thrusts a bit up into her to add to the sensations. Sliding her body up and and down his eager shaft at a rough pace causes her to moan with delight. She can see how much of an effect it's having on Hadril. He's definitely lost in the throes of exquisite pleasure brought on by the telepathic link.

    Not only does she see him get lost in the telepathic link she feels the link get stronger. Every time she bucks against him she can feel that she's overwhelming Hadril with even more desire to be with her. She can see into his thoughts, into his mind, and she finds out he thought this might backfire on her. "Jokes on him" she thinks while still impaling herself on his shaft. "Bubble butt, fish nookie, mermaid grand slam!" She continues to think of silly things to test the waters and Hadril's completely unaware. It's definitely a one way street, with her getting to peek into his mind whether he likes it or not.

    Using his free hand he rubs her pleasure button to add to both of their pleasures. It's not long until Hadril can't hold back his cum any longer and he explodes straight into her welcoming folds. She bucks against him while he shoots all of that hot seed in her. He softens up and gives a few last desperate thrusts into her. Zendra can tell that he's not going to be able to get hard again right away and starts to get up to change things up. "Please let me stay in" the link broke Hadril to the point of giving this plea. She does her best to keep him in and finally hilts him in her. He continues using his free hand to rub on her clitty. They both feel this sensation and moan at the same time. He strokes it, rubs it, circles it anything he can to bring them both more pleasure.

    Moments pass and Zendra feels Hadril's hot demon rod get hard in her once more. She starts to ride him once again. Slower this time, enjoying the ride. Up and down at this more languid pace she really gets into Hadril's mind and she can see into his secrets. She gyrates her hips atop him starting to get close to an orgasm. Getting rougher and rougher with him she speeds up the pace. Hadril's lost in the sea of pleasure Zendra's giving out. He closes his eyes to really take it in. The wet slaps of their hard fuck echo around the room. A few hard thrusts take Zendra over the edge to orgasm and Hadril joins her as they cum together.

    She lets him slide out of her and goes to sit in a regular chair to rest after all of that. She notices the telepathic bond is still there after they're done having sex. She concentrates a bit and finds she's able to turn it on and off again, at her leisure, whenever she wants to hear his thoughts. She wonders how she's going to use this in the future as they both rest from that intense fuck.
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    Time for another part, it's just a short story part as I don't have time to write much beyond this tonight.

    Part XVII

    Moments pass and they've rested from that intense fuck. Hadril uses his free hand to free himself from the chair and starts to get dressed. "I have to admit," he says to Zendra as he gets his shirt on, "I don't quite feel like the same demon I was just a few moments ago. There's something more now, more engaged in me, I don't know how else to describe it." She idly wonders if she made a mistake using sex as a bargaining tool with him. He's fully dressed now and before Zendra can walk to him he goes to her and she makes sure to keep her new mind reading on. He gives a small nod that turns into a little bow before saying "I don't know if you'll believe me or not but I'll never harm you again. I'm sorry for what I did to your drink and I swear not to trick you again." She can tell that he's genuine about what he's saying but she's dubious on what extent he considers a "trick". She tests him and tries to get him to admit that his thoughts about the backfiring during the sex they just had without directly asking about it. She also wants to confirm that she's not just imagining this new ability. He not only admits it but he's genuinely sorry he ever thought of it. Satisfied that both of her tests turned out positive she turns her attention to freeing Migel and demands his release. Hadril gets right to it but he's sure to remind her that she agreed to help with his mission. She sees Migel again and they chat for a bit before he's escorted back to the hotel room.

    Hadril doesn't waste anymore time, now that the arrangement is worked out, he explains what he can of his mission to Zendra. It's to do with the creation of new creatures by an unknown group within the demon underground. The one defining characteristic of all the creatures they've made is that they're green. They've captured, and transported, a few for study but it's been worthless since every one they caught ended up dead after 2 weeks of being captured. He's tasked with finding out any inside connection to those making the creatures and others are tasked with finding out the motivation behind making them. Both teams haven't had much luck and it's been slow going making any progress aside from catching the few beasts they find scattered in the underground. Zendra remembers Rose telling her of that creature she saw with the demon captain and now she knows she can't back out of helping Hadril. She thinks upon the death threats the captain gave Rose but quickly says "So how am I supposed to help you?" She asks feigning confidence, and she's glad that he can't read her mind now.

    He explains there's a club he's been working at, as a bouncer, for his cover. He's suspected a few guests of being connected to the group but he's never able to take breaks long enough to get any intel when they're there. If Zendra were to just visit as a guest he could get the intel he needs through her eavesdropping. They're due for another visit to the club in 4 days. "Sounds simple enough" she says "I go in, listen in, get back out. Unless there's anything more to this club I should know?" "Hmm?" he asks "oh no the club's just a regular club. There is one more thing I should mention you'll need to be cleared for the mission by our doctor." She rolls her eyes in an "of course" kind of way and he continues explaining that it's necessary she's found fit to undergo any situation she might find herself in in the mission. He had to be cleared the same way. She doesn't give much resistance to the doctor's visit and Hadril sets up an appointment.
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    Oh~! This is a very nice find. I think I shall happily mark this for later. Perhaps I shall give my feedback on a later date~?

    Keep up the awesome work!
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    Thank you:) It's been a while since I've been able to get back online as I'm one of the millions affected by the hurricanes. Back now though, people I know are ok now, and I'll be writing a continuation either tonight or tomorrow.
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    Time to finally write the next part.

    Part XVIII

    2 days pass and Zendra heads for the doctor's appointment escorted by Hadril. They make it to the house. Of course with the mission being secret they had to meet up at the doctor's house instead. There's a regular fence surrounding the property, a nice lawn with plenty of flowers, and garden gnomes. The doctor greets them at the fence as though they're just friends over for a visit. He even gives them hugs to really sell the illusion before they step into his house. The doctor's a surprisingly young looking man, he looks like he keeps himself in tip top shape too, he's got dark brown hair with a snazzy beard. They go through some standard mission protocol stuff before starting the examination. They enter a secret backroom he's specifically set up to take care of the team. It's got everything needed for exams and a few "extra" looking pieces of equipment. Namely a few sex swings. Doctor Silver sees Zendra eyeing the swings. "He did explain to you that I got to clear you for every scenario right?" To avoid looking like she was naive as to what this might entail she flips it around "I'm just thinking of what his checkup must've been like." Hadril and Silver laugh and she's mentally preparing herself for the full examination. She hopes they're too distracted laughing to notice just how nervous she actually is.
    There's a standard checkup that happens and Hadril's watching it all. Silver asks if Zendra's ok with Hadril watching the next step of the "checkup". She explains that it doesn't matter and they proceed to the next step. Silver asks her to lay down on the examination table. She does and he has her spread her legs when he approaches that side of the table. He reaches under her dress and begins to remove her panties. He doesn't fully, instead he takes a pair of scissors and cuts the sides of the panties just enough to be able to rip them off. Zendra keeps her composure but she's wondering just what might be next. "Good, you reacted to the underwear removal better than most." He continues the exam by roughly forcing three of his fingers up Zendra's wet vagina. "Oh wow you don't waste time!" She blurts out, taken slightly aback at his maneuver. He doesn't say anything, too busy making sure he does a good job exploring every inch of her passage. The way his fingers dance in her draw out feelings from her that she hasn't felt anywhere else. In spite of all the partners she's had recently he still manages to bring out the passion in her in an all new way.

    Just as she's realizing exactly why this was needed and she's aching for more he quickly pulls out. "You're wetter than I expected but there's nothing unusual" he explains. She can't believe just how calm he appears after finger fucking her like that. He then removes his pants and she can clearly see how it affected him. Silver can see her eyeing his towering erection and he just smiles. Getting on with his work he uses the same hand that's covered in her pussy juices to rub his cock. At the same time his other hand travels under her dress to rub her clit and dives back into her passage. Hadril's lowering his pants to get his already erect dick out and starts to masturbate, feeling the same pleasures she's experiencing right now. Just as Silver's got Zendra moaning at his unique touch he pulls out again. This time he motions for her to undress and get on one of the swings. As she approaches the swings she glances back, seeing Silver use his other hand covered with more of her wetness to stroke himself. Using it as a natural lube and getting it all over his cock. She lays back in the center swing exited for what's next.

    Silver approaches her on the swings and brings a large dildo with him. He sets the dildo on a side table for now and roughly impales Zendra on his 14 inch cock. Even with how wet she is it's tough for her to take him like this. She groans out of pain mixed with pleasure. Every thrust from Silver seems rougher than the last. He's practically jackhammering her with his fuck stick and it's getting harder and harder for her to take it. Just when she thinks her pleasure is going to be overwhelmed from the pain of this rough fuck he slows down and begins to get gentle with her. She looks down to see his dick gently penetrate her. He's finally bringing her more pleasure than pain. "Nice hole" she hears him say "I almost want to forget my job and just enjoy it." They're both breathing hard and she looks up at him and smirks "would it really be so bad to count this as a break?" He bursts out laughing, elated, and grabs onto her hips "sure I could use a break!" He changes pace, making love to her now.

    He bends down to give her a kiss while she lays back in the swing. Thrusting his dick into her in a more languid fashion. He lets most of his length slip out until only the head of his dick is still in her eager passage. He breaks the makeout session before easing himself back in. Inch by satisfying inch. A sensual rhythm builds up between Silver and Zendra. The swing's momentum adding to the fun. Taking in the sensations Zendra reaches up and puts her hands over Silver's toned physique. He follows suit, caressing her wings before moving his hands towards her breasts. They hear a moan from across the room. It's Hadril, who's been masturbating this whole time. They both chuckle when they hear him and turn their attention back to each other. They stare at eachother with a mutual lust in their eyes. Silver nearly gets lost in the hot sensation between them both. Before he does he remembers he's got a job to do. "Break time's over" he declares just as Zendra was really enjoying herself.

    He roughly hilts his cock in her, forcing her to take all of him balls deep, and keeps himself in her like that. The side table's in arm's reach so he opens the little drawer under it and takes out a bottle of lube. He gets the dildo and slathers it with the lube. She figures he's going to use that to get her used to the feeling of a threesome and gets prepared for some anal play. "It's time for your stretches" he says showing her the dildo that looks like it could be over 10 inches long. "I love knowing that I'll be the last man to enjoy your pussy being this tight." She looks down as he aims the dildo under her clit to join him in her. "Wait!" She cries out in a panic stopping him in his tracks. "You can't! I mean, how!? You're filling me up as it is, that thing, I've got another hole you know." "That's why it's called a "stretch" darling." He replies, unable to be persuaded to stop doing his job. "And don't worry, your neighboring hole isn't going to be lonely for long." She tries a few last words in vain to get him to stop but it's all for naught as the head of the dildo slips into her vagina joining Silver's hard & long prick.

    It takes some doing but eventually Silver eases about half of the dildo in her painfully stretching her passage. She cries out from the pain. Pain starts to be replaced with pleasure as Silver rubs her clit. After Zendra's had some time to get used to the filling sensation she's taken to another level of pleasure as Silver thrusts the dildo in and out of her delta. Stimulating them both as the dildo glides over his dick and into her cunt at the same time. Everyone's moaning in pleasure as he pulls the dildo almost all the way out and plunges it straight into her as far as it can go. He starts to alternate thrusts with the dildo. When he would pull out he'd drive the dildo right on in so she's constantly filled. The stimulation proves too much for her and she gives into orgasm causing Hadril to cum at the other end of the room. As she calms down from climax she's surprised by the feeling of a buttplug being nestled into her derrière. "My job's not finished yet." Silver explains.

    Silver and Zendra keep fucking each other's brains out well beyond what he's required to do to prepare her. Many orgasms later, after they've all had a nap to recover. Zendra approaches him to ask "do you really prepare everyone else like that!?" He looks at her with a stern look on his face. "If you were anyone else we would've finished hours ago."
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    I thought I was going to be able to write the next part last night but that didn't happen. The time just got away from me. I'm making this post as an update because I'll be too busy to write the next one soon. Next time I got some free time is in about a week and a half. So I'll write it then.
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    Got time for the next part now! It's gonna be a short one but I'll be able to write another part tomorrow night.

    Part XIX

    It's the day after Zendra's visit to Dr. Silver and she's having lunch with Migel. They're at a restaurant near the hotel. They're sitting right next to each other because they both wanted the booth padding instead of the hard chair on the other side of the table. She discusses what she can with him about what she's about to do for Hadril. He doesn't get to know much beyond the fact that she'll be going to the club tomorrow night. Migel sneaks a hand under the table and starts to run it up Zendra's thigh. This catches Zendra off guard while she's mid-bite into her chicken tender. After swallowing her bite of food she looks at him and he smirks.

    "So it's been a few days since you and I enjoyed ourselves. What do you say we have a bit of fun right here, right now before you go on your dangerous mission?" He says while sliding his hand under her dress and near her pussy. Zendra's still a bit overwhelmed from her visit to Dr. Silver. She's still sore from yesterday in many places. Still the slow tender approach that Migel's giving her is starting to make her pussy ache for another fuck. "I'm not hearing a 'no'." He continues, and he sneaks a finger underneath her panties and sinks it into her welcoming vagina. She closes her eyes to enjoy the sensation as Migel moves his finger in her. She's beginning to breath harder and she snaps back to remembering where they are when she opens her eyes. "Wait," she whispers and Migel holds still within her "this place is packed. What if they see us?" "I don't mind putting on a show." He says playfully. She replies back "You know what I mean. They're already looking over here because of my horns and wings." This is obviously bothering her so Migel withdraws out of her pussy and goes back to finishing up his food. "Back at the hotel then?" He suggests. She smiles in agreement and he likes that idea and they both finish up their food and call the waiter over.

    The waiter comes to the table with a grin on his face seemingly a mile wide. They try to pay for the food but he says they can't pay there. There's a cashier but there's something they need to see before paying. They both find the situation a bit odd but reason that the waiter might view Zendra as a half-demon and this is just how things are when they have a half-demon eating there. They don't make a fuss and just follow him upstairs and into the empty worker's restroom. He brings out a camcorder explaining that he was ordered by his boss to test this out today for a commercial shoot they got next week. He shows them that he got some rather interesting footage earlier. He plays the footage and they have no idea how but he managed to get the perfect angle to catch Migel fingering Zendra's pussy. "So are you just showing off your camera skills or did you want something for this?" Zendra doesn't waste time asks him directly. He begins to get a bit nervous, taken aback by her directness, but recovers enough to spit out that he wants them to meet him after his shift at his place for a threesome. It takes some negotiating but eventually they agree to the waiter's terms and they even manage to get him to cover the cost of their lunch! They pay and head out to Tom the waiter's place.
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    Time for another part!

    Part XX

    When they reach the apartment complex Zendra hears Migel wondering aloud whispering "should I tell Pauline about this?" She takes them into a nearby alley and gives him a means of contact with Pauline with the orb the captain gave her. Pauline and Migel discuss the matter and while she's not happy he got blackmailed into a threesome she understands and Migel's left more relieved about the situation. They then enter the lobby and wait inside. The manager walks over to them and asks if they're looking to rent a flat. They explain that they're just waiting for a friend and she leaves them be. Some time later Tom enters the lobby and Zendra and Migel follow him to his place. He opens the door and lets them in.
    It's basically a standard one bedroom flat with an unusually large living room. "Go ahead and make yourselves comfortable on the couch and eat anything from the kitchen." Tom says "I've gotta shower off work and then we can get started." He heads for a quick shower and Zendra gets her and Migel a few drinks and they sit on the couch. "Well he told us to get comfortable." Migel says as he puts his hand on her thigh again. "That he did." She replies smiling. Zendra takes her panties off and tosses them aside. Migel slides his hand under her dress and rubs her clit. It doesn't take long for her to breathe heavily under his gentle touch. He takes this opportunity to drive three fingers up her well stretched pussy. "Wow they really did a number on you yesterday huh?" She nods but she's still able to enjoy his ministrations. After a few moments of Migel finger fucking Zendra's pussy Tom finishes with his quick shower.

    He steps out of the restroom toweling himself dry and he sees that they've already started. He walks over to them and chuckles "I was worried about how to start this but looks like you took care of that for me." Tom tosses his towel on a nearby chair and presents his growing hard on to Zendra. Tom starts to say some words but he's cut off as Zendra takes the initiative and starts stroking his cock. "Oh yeah babe, just like that" he says while Zendra brings his erection to full mast. Migel starts to help Zendra out of her dress with his free hand and manages to get the top part down showing her boobs. He starts to kiss on them while everything else is going on. "Ok, ok, ok" Tom says overly exited "give me a chance at that hot pussy." At this Migel obliges him and departs from Zendra's now familiar folds. He takes a seat on the recliner and watches as things unfold between Zendra and Tom. Zendra takes her dress off the rest of the way and lets Tom see her wet and wanting cunny. "Do you think you can handle this?" She asks. "Oh I can more than handle what you can throw down." He says with confidence. He guides her to lie down on the couch and wastes no time pile driving his fuckrod into her cunt.

    Tom thrusts his 11 inch tool in her with reckless abandon. She moans out in pleasure taking in every hard thrust with ease. He sees she's able to take this and speeds up even more. The couch is practically moving across the floor with how intense Tom is pounding into her. Zendra moans out and bucks back against him. She's giving as good as she's getting from him. Migel's loving the show and gets his pants off, freeing his towering erection and begins to rub one out. "Ah yeah!" Tom cries out "demons can fuck hard!" Zendra barely notices Tom casually call her a demon, lost in a sea of pleasures from Tom's rough penetration. Tom slams himself to the hilt in Zendra's delta several times letting his balls slap against her pussy every time. He hilts himself in one more time and lets his seed loose deep in her twat. He stays in her, breathing heavily, and she feels him soften up inside her.

    Tom can't believe that just happened. All he can do right now is look at her in shock while his penis stays inside her. He doesn't want it to end but he's softening up and he knows it's going to end soon. "That was incredible! None of my exs ever let me fuck like that!" Zendra's disappointed he's just getting soft in her before she got an opportunity to climax but she hides it behind a fake appreciative smile. Unthinkingly her hips gyrate against him deriving what pleasure she can from him staying still in her like this. He can feel this and uses this to his advantage. "Say, how's about you give me a few moments to get hard again? I'll make it worth it for you to fuck me again." She can't deny that she's still incredibly horny but she keeps her wit about her and asks "What about the tape?" "Oh that, it's in my pants on the bathroom floor." He turns to look at Migel who's been waiting for his part in this "threesome" "He can go get it." Migel sees Zendra give him a nod and he goes to get the tape.

    Tom leans down kissing her boobs, keeping his soft dick inside her. Zendra asks when he's going to get Migel in on the action. He did ask for a threesome after all. "Oh that" he replies somewhat awkwardly "I just said threesome so your boyfriend wouldn't pummel me. I wanted you all for myself." She explains that it's not an issue because he's not her boyfriend anyhow. This is enough for him to get exited again and she can feel him getting hard inside her. Migel returns with the tape and sits back down on the recliner watching them again. Tom starts thrusting into her once again fully erect. He's slower this time, wanting it to last. Migel's had enough of being left out and he gets beside them.

    Migel cups one of Zendra's breasts and Zendra reaches up to stroke his cock. Meanwhile Tom continues to enjoy fucking her wet pussy. As Zendra's rubbing his shaft Migel brings his hand lower and rubs her clit. Tom speeds up his pace to compete with the pleasure Migel's giving her. Receiving this dual stimulation is bringing Zendra to the edge of climax. Both men are determined to be the one to make her cum. Migel uses various techniques to stimulate her clitty. Tom gets even more aggressive, putting all the energy he has into this fuck. It's turning into a battle and Zendra's enjoying every second of it.

    The heat is rising and the "battle sex" permeates the air. Tom hilts in her at the same time she moans out in climax. Feeling victorious he gives her a few more gentle thrusts before giving over to another cum in her. This time he pulls out letting some of his cum leak out of her. Zendra motions for Migel to sit back on the recliner, he does and she saunters over to him. She guides Migel's shaft into her inviting pussy. They fuck for a good while until Migel finally gets to cum.

    They all sit in various places in the living room resting after the fuck. After a few moments they shower and just relax while Tom makes them dinner.
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    Aug 28, 2016
    Delays happened due to sickness. Apologies. Plus I'll be busy over the weekend so the part after this will be written sometime next week. For now next part!

    Part XXI

    Migel, Zendra, and Tom are finishing up dinner. Tom offers to let them stay the night and seeing how it beats trying to get back to the hotel by carriage they accept. In the morning Migel takes care of the tape and Tom reluctantly says his goodbyes to them both. When they get back to the Brigade Hotel they just spend the day relaxing enjoying the amenities, like the pool. Zendra mentally prepares herself to deal with whatever might happen at the club as the night approaches. Hadril's sent a carriage to pick her up and Migel wishes her luck before she takes off. An imp in the carriage fills her in on what the guests look like. She doesn't get much information beyond they're two half demons, one is a red head the other blue. They arrive at club Dunton, lots of flashy lights and loud music are on display. Zendra steps out of the carriage and she fits right in with the party in her semi-revealing tight red dress. If it weren't for her demonic looking traits she'd blend completely into the crowd.

    Getting to the entrance she passes by Hadril and barely gives him any look to maintain both of their covers. Zendra joins the party and dances with various people. Time passes and it feels like hours before the half demons finally arrive. The red headed one looks like a tall body builder. He's got this stern gaze that looks like he doesn't even want to be here. The blue haired one is more relaxed but shows he's here for business with his almost too formal clothing. They take a seat in a booth away from most of the party and start talking. Zendra does what she can to get closer.

    Still amongst the dancers Zendra attempts to use her new mind reading power on the half demons. She starts to hear Hadril's thoughts loud and clear. He's hoping Zendra doesn't screw this up for them both. She pushes his thoughts aside, trying to gleam any info from reading the half demons. To her surprise it starts to work. She's reading the red headed one's mind. His name is Ruall and she gets an address that seems important. Her power wanes and she makes one pass closer to their booth. "Meet me there tomorrow at 9" she hears Ruall say before rejoining the crowd. Considering her job done she heads to the bar to relax and get some drinks. To her surprise moments later she's joined by the blue haired half demon. "I haven't seen you here before." He states.

    Zendra looks back at the booth real quick and notices Ruall's gone. Whatever business they had tonight must be done so she tries to play like she's interested and explains that she's on vacation and wanted some fun. He introduces himself "I'm Bren, and I could be all the fun you need tonight." She plays into his obvious innuendo "think you could bring the fun all night?" "Why don't we find out?" He says putting his arm on her shoulders explaining that the place next door has some rooms for rent for a night. She takes the initiative and gives him a quick kiss. After the kiss he doesn't waste any time and they go out to rent one of the rooms.
    They both enter the room and it's a simple looking room designed with one purpose in mind. A night of hot sex. The showers even have a waterproof bed. Bren's so eager to get things started that he rips at Zendra's cleavage revealing her C cup tits with perky nipples. He starts kissing her breasts and she laughs playfully getting into it. She unbuckles his pants to get at his hard shaft. He takes notice of this and looks up at her "fiesty one aren't ya?" It's not long before they're both nude. Zendra's red dress in tatters on the floor. Bren's suit in various places in the room.

    They've gotten to the bed and Bren's kissing along Zendra's thigh. Half way up he surprises her by going straight to sucking her clitty. Roughly tonging her hot wet cunt drives Zendra wild with desire. Bren's about to answer that desire as he stops his tongueship. He climbs onto the bed with her and whispers "enough foreplay" just before driving his 14 inch demonic dick into her wanting pussy. She can't help but moan as he pounds himself into her passage. His wings flap with every thrust he gives into her. Jackhammering his fuckstick into her like nothing else matters. She reaches for his face and brings him in for a kiss while he continues pistoning in and out of her. She then reaches down and grabs a hold of his ass as he continues his poundfest into her. He's determined to make her cum now for him and he keeps fucking hard until he notices where her g-spot is.

    He slows his rhythm down paying special attention to Zendra's g-spot with each thrust. "Oh yeah! Just like that!" She cries out in between moans as every thrust brings her closer and closer to orgasm. "You're going to cum when I want you to cum." Bren says with determination and Zendra's starting to realize the power trip she got herself into. "Time for you to cum for me!" And sure enough with a few more hard thrusts Bren forces Zendra into climax. "Good little girl" he says before speeding up his pace. Zendra's able to turn the tables and switches their position so she's on top now. "Now it's time for you to cum when I want you to cum." She says roughly riding his dick for all it's worth.

    The power struggle of dominance goes on between them for several hours. After all of this the room is trashed and it's a total mess. The result of many orgasms and a blur of sex happening all throughout the place.
  29. NathanTrial

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    Aug 28, 2016
    So I ended up more busy than I anticipated last time I posted here. I did try to get part XXII out earlier than this but I fell asleep from overwork. I'm not surprised that I've run into issues trying to keep this story updated since I thought it would be shorter.

    That said I have some more free time at around 9pm so I'll do what I can to get out at least two parts sometime after that. I can't write much right now so this is just an update post.
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    So my free time ended up being a lot later than 9pm due to other matters. So I can only write 1 part tonight. I'll likely be writing another part tomorrow though!

    Part XXII

    Zendra wakes up the morning after her night with Bren. She's still in the room with him and she sees that Bren's still asleep. She quietly gets up and uses the torn up remains of her dress as a vest. Just before she can make her quick exit Bren wakes up and calls to her. She acts fast and puts on a dopey appreciative grin before facing him. He buys into it and they discuss a few things, laughing over how tattered her clothes got. She plays like she wishes they had more time in the room for some more "fun" he tells her "I guess I forgot to tell you, I added the morning package to our room while you slept. Room service should be here in a half hour but until then let's have some fun."
    "I like the offer silly goose" she says really trying to play into her undercover role. "But I've got other things to do today."

    "Real shame, I could've shown you what being a real half-demon is like." He says nonchalantly as though it's obvious to the whole world she's not an actual half-demon. "Oh sure you had a kickass surgeon, or whatever, give you those wings and horns but it's nothing like being born with them. You haven't a clue about what wings and horns could do."

    She's intrigued by what he could mean by that but she also knows that she's got to pass along the address to Hadril. "Listen stud, you talk a big game but you haven't shown me anything that I can't do too. It's been fun but I should get going now." Just then Bren shows off a bit and changes his wing color from red to black. Zendra's unimpressed by his display "Ok I can't change my wings colors. You win. Congrats." she says sarcastically. Bren then shows off his wings growing and they reach out to her just before she has any time to exit the room they grab her and drag her closer to him. Bren's still nude from the night before and he presses his body close to hers as his wings wrap them together like a cocoon. "Wow, this is something different." She says, wondering if she could actually do something like this too. Bren tosses the tattered remains of her dress out of their "cocoon" leaving no barrier between their bodies. "Now let's see just how much fun you could actually be." He says "if you entertain me enough I'll help you out with a few tricks." She realizes there's no way to back out of this.
    Bren takes them into the large shower with the waterproof bed. He has Zendra reach out of their "wing cocoon", as it were, to turn the shower on. He uses that as an excuse for her to turn around. The water turns on and runs over both of their naked bodies. When she tries to turn back around to face him he stops her. "Oh no, no, no you're fine just the way you are." She can feel his demonic dick harden up under her buttocks. Just seconds later he positions his cock at her rim and before she even has time to think about it he's sliding himself in, penetrating her back door. She lets out a moan.

    He gives a few forceful thrusts into her before saying "I see I'm not the first to have you this way." She doesn't skip a beat "of course you are! I've never been fucked in a wing cocoon before." With Bren's ego stroked he just laughs it off and gets back into the fuck. Roughly impaling her on his 14 inch demonic tool until she's not sure whether to cry out in pain or pleasure. He reaches down and sticks a finger up her wet pussy. The dual sensation makes her shake with anticipation. He continues to thrust his prick into her back door while jamming his finger up her snatch. He works his finger in her expertly driving her to the edge of release. He's determined to have her cum by his anal play. He keeps his finger still up her vagina and doubles down on fucking her ass.

    Thrust after pleasurable thrust Zendra moans out in appreciation. They're still in the wing cocoon and she grabs onto his wings for support. She's almost taken off balance by a few rough thrusts with the wet shower floor below. Meanwhile Bren can feel the delicious caress of Zendra's boobs up against his wings. He rockets his pace back up and drills into her hard. All of this is enough to have her climax, her vaginal muscles clench down on Bren's finger and she moans out as orgasm takes her.

    He takes his finger out, covered in her juices, and urges her to taste of herself before the shower washes it away. She takes his finger into her mouth sucking off her own pussy juice off of his digit. She lets out a bit of a giggle over everything and hopes he doesn't notice. "Oh you like that don't you?" He asks while smirking. "Shit," she thinks "he heard that!!" "I should introduce you to my cousin Calira" He suggests "she'd love to meet a woman like you." Zendra just giggles a bit more while licking the rest of her juice off of his finger. Just then Bren opens up the wing cocoon and takes Zendra over the the waterproof shower bed doggystyle. His dick still up her rear.

    The water crescendoing over their bodies adding to the sounds of the hot thrusts between them. Bren's balls smack against Zendra's wanting pussy while he pounds into her anus. Zendra starts to feel something odd as Bren gets into some kind of trance. Along with his rough thrusts there's a weird sensation. At first she thinks she's imagining it but it feels like he's managed to get even deeper inside. "It can't be" she thinks at first but she realizes the truth. His demonic dick is growing in her! He doesn't let up on his thrusts as keeps on growing. With each thrust it's like an inch is being added! Thrust after thrust, inch after inch, she tries to keep herself calm. He finally gets out of his trance when he must've grown a mid-20-inch shaft up in her rear. He looks down at her and smirks "you did well" before getting back into his thrusts. This time at a slower pace.

    It only takes a few more thrusts until he unleashes his seed deep within her pucker. He pulls out after letting all of his jizz coat her insides. His dick rapidly returns to it's normal 14 inches. They wash up in the shower just in time to enjoy room service.

    "You passed" He says over breakfast. "Passed?" Zendra asks confused "I didn't think I was taking a test." "Oh but you were" he replies "most women scream and try to run for their lives when I start to grow. I haven't had another fuck that didn't since my ex-wife. You and I could have a lot of fun together."