Writing thread for drafts, comments welcome.


Oct 24, 2023
Time to write!

So, I have some ideas mixing hypnosis, tentacles, conditioning and bondage. few other fetishes too. I'm going to use this thread to post sketches I've written before forming them into more complete ideas. Maybe submitting mindwasher content is easier in the beginning, but who knows. Maybe this will develop into a fun one-off encounter!

This is done for fun, and to see what people think of the ideas. I'll probably polish something into a submission if I can spend a few days on it.

Edit: when drafting, I have the PC first name as Jonas, same as my build. Ausar traits etc, would be replaced with appropriate logical calls for PC config.

sketch below


You wake up, and the first thing you notice is the cold. Your body is strapped to a steel table, laying horizontal, and your vision is filled with bright light. Your eyes close quickly, given how uncomfortable it is to keep them open. Tensing various muscles you test the restraints, finding your arms and legs won’t move much, but your tail hangs freely below you and… is that a breeze? Dang that’s cold. Your fingers and toes are free to move and you flex them about, relishing in the tiny freedoms left to you.

clickclackclick clack click clack

Your ears perk and twitch, swiveling to the sound of footsteps growing closer. Then a feminine voice. At first you ask yourself is this Doctor Po? No way! How did she trap you for revenge but… Then you realize this is someone you have never met. Someone more chaotic.

Your nose twitches as the scent of aphrodisiacs floods your consciousness, and your muzzle opens wide in a gasp. Suddenly your cock leaps forth, painfully hard, and your pussy floods and spatters the floor with girlcum in a loud, orgasmic splash. “F-f-f-fuck, Void… I c-c-c-can’t stop iiiiiit” you shout as you helplessly start to writhe, shaking as the rush of pleasure crackles over your mind like fireworks, painful at how intense it is. Your balls are empty. Or are they full? There’s a thick coating of cum soaking into your fur. You’re confused and you can’t tell what’s going on.

fingers snap, and a bell dings

Suddenly your mind is crystal clear and your fur is dry again. Your mouth is parched… Void, you’d sell a kidney for a glass of water. Fuck how are you so sore?!

clickclackclick clack click clack


“Well, I’m glad I added a functional block to your programming. You’d be a worthless mess without it.” …what. Huh? Programming?! Where the fuck are you? You panic, remembering the probes, the quest, all your lovers, your family to raise, the company to run… Your mind stumbles over words like a dazed tentacle slipping through venus pitcher roots. Finally, you come to and your mind clears. Finding your voice you ask… “What’s going on?”

“Good Morning, Jonas. You’re on the ship Seph which is in orbit around the dark side of Uveto, cloaked in mirror shields. We’ve been silent running for three days. Your contract…” You hear the sound of paper rustling around. The female voice continues… “Expires in ten more days. You will be returned to your ship unharmed but not unmodified by then, unless you continue to disobey. Punishment has to have some bite, you see.”

{Fuck you} -> Bad end…


“Yes, well. You have to keep your free will don’t you? Can’t captain a ship without it. Now then what remains…” More ruffling of papers sounds, and you’re quite confused. Don’t they have a CODEX?! Sensing your confusion, the lady replies “Paper can’t be hacked, dear. And with what we do, we need that kind of security. Beth Carver would glass planets to get our secrets.”

You cough and sputter, the dryness in your throat getting the better of you as you try to talk. A warm, quite phallic, and entirely arousing tentacle pokes at your lips, squirting fluid. It’s aphrodisiac you’re sure, but the liquid… you open your mouth and invite it in. as a reward you are given several gulps a warm, silky fluid that tastes…. Great! Void you feel wonderful. You’re not sore anymore! You’re not hungry or thirsty either. Just as soon as you’re feeling better, the tentacle retracts, giving you an affectionate boop on the nose. You’re aware of your virility firing into overdrive, but it’s an out of body sort of experience. Your head remains clear, unclouded by lust. Blinking once or twice, you remember your next question

“What’s happening to me?”

“Oh fuck. You’re not supposed to forget. Not yet anyhow. Amnesia hmmmm” the voice talks to herself, ignoring you for a moment as she works at a console you glance at. Wait you’re not blinded now either. You see a scan of…. Your brain? “No damage, nothing out of balance. I guess we went too hard in the last session when you blacked out. Sorry about that.”

You hear a mechanical whine, and your body rotates forward until the table is almost vertical. You’re not standing, still restrained, but it feels comfortable. A tentacle similar to the one that fed you probes at your ass, squirting something wet and slippery on it… and then it slips inside, fucking you with vigor. Your doggy-dong squirts generous precum and you gasp, feeling the beginning of an orgasm ripping through your body… the sound of cum splattering to the floor as the tentacle only picks up pace. Void that feels good. So good you want more. You’d spread your legs if you could, but they’re held fast. Despite yourself, a smile creeps across your muzzle and your tongue lolls out.

You blink.

After everything that just happened, you feel normal, comfortable, and ready to cum again. You can think clearly. You were going to say something.

“Hey! Lady! I’ve been awfully patient. What’s,” you grunt, orgasm number two ripping through you, “happening to me?”

“My name is Jothrenne, and I am your doctor. Your contract states that you wished to alter your body and mind in ways they normally break, yet keep your faculties and sense of self. To that end we have genetically engineered cockvines with the right drugs and demeanor to alter your body slowly with use… and have built a visor to sculpt and strengthen your mind.”

She continues…

“At the end of this you should put any amazon to shame, but there’s a price. Your willpower is gone during the time you disengage both safeties. You aren’t a slave, per-se, you can make choices and have a personality… but you can’t resist. Your lust will never decrease. The safeties automatically re-engage after five days or a shorter time you set in your CODEX. If you go longer than that there’s no guarantee they’ll work."

You feel the visor being slipped over your face. Eyes opening automatically, as if they’ve been trained to do this, you gaze into colors. Words pass over your vision and you feel relaxed, happy, and safe. The tentacle fucks you to another orgasm and your muzzle opens in a howl, followed by a horny, needy word. “Yessssssssssssss”
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