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    A banner of all my main NPCs (and one adopted) in TiTS, by Rohezk.

    Welcome to my Wall. Here is where I keep you all abreast of what's going. Transparency is critical to me, even more now that I represent Trials in Tainted Space as an employed writer. Please use this thread for all feedback and questions related to what I do as I continue working on TiTS. Thank you very much for your interest.

    I continue to operate a Patreon. As before my formal staffing, your pledges will support all the content I write going forward even if it's not commissioned or on hours. My main incentive since December 2018 was to offer a monthly communal commission. >$5 Supporters are able to vote on a poll and suggest scenes to be added to TiTS, and that poll will continue! Remember: by no means should you feel obligated or expected to do this, I will carry on as I always have -- and thank you, truly, to all who have supported me thus far.

    A CoC2 thread will be maintained in the future, but for now, everything related to my work can be discussed here - Cloud 10 included!

    NPCs Written
    • Roo | A kaithrit blackjack dealer on Zheng Shi's recreation deck. She strips as you go on winning streaks, and eventually offers sex and a final, super VIP prize!

    • Roxy | A laquine female on Uveto, in the Irestead Stadium. She's a sporty bun with a fetish for getting bred, impregnated, and fucked stupid -- but she's also a power bottom! Handle with care!

    • Bianca | A modified human that works as a doctor on all the Rush planets - Mhen'ga, Tarkus, Myrellion.... Bianca is a two-tailed, fox-themed MILF who will provide tender love and care as you're out exploring. Pulling away her sweater, her shirt, her big bra... you'll get to be super intimate with an experienced, mature woman with supreme sexual skill.

    • Easter Jumper | During the Easter holiday season you can encounter a festive laquine Jumper on Zheng Shi's combat tiles. She's a very lewd girl who will pin and cockslap you into submission if you don't accept an offer of getting egged up by her special jizz!

    NPC / ENEMY Contributions
    • Ardia | CREW
      • As part of Ardia's crew content, I have written [Ball Worship] and [Facesitting] for the BBW elf, letting the PC really indulge their beta side!
    • Dhaal Milk Thief | ENEMY
      • I've helped write over 35000 words across a number of scenes for the first enemy on Dhaal. [Facefuck], [Fuck Her Tail] as win scenes, [Milked( And Fucked)] as a loss scene, and [Submitting] to her milking demands if you're lactating!
    • Dhaal Zaika Hydra | ENEMY
      • Adjatha's fantastic Hydra-girl on Dhaal is chock full of content, a scene from Fen and two from myself. I'm responsible for the [Use GravCuffs] scene, allowing the player to [Facefuck] or perform [Anal] on her.
    • Bored Jumpers on Zheng Shi | ENEMY
      • Four Win Scenes: [TakeHerDick], [Cowgirl], [Heat Sex], [Blow Her]
      • Two Loss Scenes: [Crotch Worship], [Sex Pet]
      • Four Bad Ends: [Bed Warmer], [Gang's Pet], [Property], [Gift]
      • Post-Slave Rebellion Orgy in the Zheng Shi Mines
      • Three Pregnancy Sex Scenes: [Rvs. Cowgirl], [Spooning], [Sneak B.B.]; Scenes can be obtained after beginning a pregnancy with any of the Bored Jumpers on Zheng Shi!
    • L.D.C. + Shock Hopper; the Jumper Leaders | ENEMY
      • Four Win Scenes: [Dom His Butt], [Get Worshiped], [Threesome], [Drain Bunnies]
      • One Bad End: Shock Hopper's Shock Slave
    • Cyber Punk Security Operatives | ENEMY
      • One Win Scene: [Fuck Her]
      • Two Loss Scenes: [Male SecOp Throatfuck], [Female SecOp Femdom]
      • Two Bad Ends for M. and F. SecOps: [Slaveslut] and [Lucky Catch]
      • Special Scene for Mouse PCs: Fem SecOp can mistake you for a member of Rat's Raiders and try to bully you with huge wobbly tits and a nursing handjob. Beware!
    • Rat's Raiders - Pi-Rats on Zheng Shi | ENEMY & NPC
      • One of the top five gangs on Zheng Shi, slated for a massive expansion on this fine Year of the Rat. A highly repeatable and in-depth combat encounter that will lead to friendship or vilification based on your choices. Either way, prepare for the Rataclysm. Please use the Wiki Page if you need more details on this :p
      • Rat's Raiders Christmas Event | PC must not be a taur, must have a Penis (that fits) or a Vagina, must have 50+ Reputation with the Rats, and must have read the Rodenian Codex. When on Zheng Shi, there is a 25% chance when entering your ship that this event can proc during the Christmas Seasonal period.
    • Siege of Korg'ii Hold Contributions | QUEST
      • Milodan Temptress | [Sit on Face]
      • Drugged Korgonne Male | [Oral], [Frot & Fuck], [Get Fucked]
        • Oral for Dicks and Pussies; leads to Deepthroating/Stay or 69 finishers
        • Frotting for dicks; leads to more frotting or pounding his butt to finish.
        • Letting him fuck you works for everyone. Taurs, neuters, all here!
    • 'Kiro's Rescue' Contributions | QUEST
      • Generic Fuckdoll Win Scenes | [Ride Her], [Sixty-Nine]
      • KiroQuest Bad End + 4 Loss Scenes for Generic Doll Encounters
    • Gabilani Chemist on Dhaal | ENEMY
      • Win Scenes | [Get Oral] [Mating Press] [Use Grav-Cuffs]
        • Oral for Dick, Pussy, and Ass; three unique scenes.

    • Pregnancy - Laquines!
      • The PC can now be impregnated by Laquines. A Generic Laquine Pregnancy system was also added. Multiwomb Birth is supported!
      • Bored Jumpers can be impregnated (one at a time), and they can impregnate the PC. This leads to even more sex!
      • L.D.C. and the Shock Hopper can now impregnate the PC during their one-time win scenes. A mixed birth is possible for Bimbos & Amazons with multiple vaginas; Riding the Hopper with a vagina will also ensure pregnancy. *In the future interactions, preg will still be possible!
      • Nursery interactions for infants and 'advanced age' children!
    • New Laquine Ears Effects
      • Lapine Legs !!
      • Lop Lapine Ears; Lapine Ears also polished
      • Grow Balls and Quad Balls
      • Extra Vaginal Puffiness and Capacity
      • Musky Pheromones!
    Patreon Polls, Monthly Commissions, Unique Additions
    • Mouse & Snake | A slyveren slavebreaker on Zheng Shi seduces a mouse boy from Rat's Raiders.
      • After being discovered as the CEO by Rat's Raiders, you can find this event on the Pre-fab tiles on the Forge Deck of Zheng Shi. The event has a 4-day cooldown and three modes of interaction.
    • Ceria [Pitch Doggy]| Facefuck the elfin stylist on Tavros and then bend her over! Or press her against the window!
    • Shekka [Blow Her] | Shekka can be given a horsecock and you can now suck it and, consequently, be facefucked by the libidinous 'lil rascal.
      • Shekka [Get Blowjob] | Shekka can also give you the blowjob. Make sure she gets her venom hit, if you're addicting her!
    • Nessa [Oral] | Nessa can now be to asked to suck you off for her favorite treat. If you want to make the cumflation cat a bigger mess, then choose this new option!
    • F. Raskvel [Worship] | Female Raskvel are now vulnerable to your big dick (and balls!) After getting a good crotch polishing, the next time you meet her she'll be ready for a proper mating press!
      • After using the [C. Worship] win scene, the next time you encounter a female raskvel, you will be prompted to pound her in a mating press. Two scenes in one!
    • Anno (Huskar) [Facesitting] | Anno, as a Huskar, can now sit that glorious fat butt on your face when you try to Eat Her Out. If you want more of that pussy, now you've got it!
      • Anno Morning Face Flattening | When sleeping with Huskar Anno, and you've seen the [Facesitting] scene with her, there's a chance you could wake up to a very pudgy dawn!
    • Noisy Rodents [Ear Sex] | Walnut and Chestnut are a pair of Rodenians part of Rat's Raiders on Zheng Shi who've slotted themselves into Cherry's Tap-Hall for boob-enhancing cumshots. Go give those protein pirates what they want!
      • Walnut & Chestnut [VIP Service] |Walnut & Chestnut, the noisy rodents in Cherry's Tap-Hall, now offer their favorite customer a special kind of rendezvous.
    • Kerokoras [Fuck Her] | With the addition of this scene, you no longer have to lose/submit to the frog aliens on Mhen'ga if you want to give them a good stuffing.
    • Rodenian Boy [Anal] and [Cock] | A nameless Rodenian Boy is slotted into Cherry's Wall on Zheng Shi. Have a visit, if you're into femmy rodent boys.
    • Male Milodan [Cock Worship] | As the victor in any fight, you get to claim your prize however you want. Are you shameful enough to blow your enemy?
    • Maja [Make Love] | Maja is a lonesome Korg on Uveto, an animal tamer tucked in the recesses of Korg'ii Hold who got stuck with some drugs. Poor girl. Be the person in her life who can handle that big dick!
    • Shekka [Ride Her] | When Shekka grows a dick, it's a big, fat horsecock that just needs someone to take it for a while. Sit on that tiny rask and be her equestrian.
    • Female Zil [Facefuck] | Mhen'ga's wasp-girls are a feisty bunch. Maybe... clean their mouths out.
    • Slyveren Slavebreaker [Rut Smut] |If you're in Rut and have encountered the Slyveren in Zheng Shi's mines putting down a rebellion, you can distract one from their job with a nice breeding.
    • Raskvel Dockmaster [Facesitting] | In exchange for a discount, you can let this shortstack goddess use your face as a sex toy!
    • Bianca Valentine's Day Event | Some lovely time with Bianca, for those able to pursue relations with her. 40 pages/20k words including three sex scenes!
    • Milodan Fertility Priestess [Worship Her] | When you defeat one of the buxom tigresses on Uveto, you will be able to make sweet love to her, culminating in some dommy cunnilingus! Afterwards, if you succumb to the cold of Uveto, or Sleep in a cave, you have a chance of being rescued or ambushed by another Priestess who's heard of your oral talents and wants to get licked!
    • Slyveren Hypnosucker | A new, [Blue Viper] has been inserted into Cherry's Tap-Hall on Zheng Shi. Be careful around this powerful psionic domme!
      • BAD END! | If you've become enslaved to this fine blue lady in the wall, you now have the option of joining her harem! Simply keep visiting her, fill her with cum, and you'll be worthy.
    • Vahn [Titfuck] | Vahn is a very loyal and good boy, and is also your main mechanic based in Tavros. Reward him with a nice, soft titfuck.
    • Kase Spoiling | After welcoming Kase to the crew, and having his arm healed, having sexed him, and having him employed by Steele Tech, there's a chance you'll find him needing some help! If you help him, you might think about giving him a few rewards!
    • Female Sydian Lovemaking | If you've had [Gentle Sex] with a Female Sydian on Tarkus, then you run the lovely opportunity of meeting her again for one last affair! Make sure your seed takes!
    • Anno & Shekka Morning Threesomes | Sleeping with both Anno & Shekka now runs the possibility of waking up to a variety of sexual encounters. Keep your morning wood in check!

    Done - Awaiting Implementation
    • Currently, N/A

    Content Roadmap - In Order of Priority

    • Leila pre-Crew and Roo Crew Expansions
    • Rodenian TF Commission - Ear Pussies and Ear Sex Scenes to be included.
    • Zheng Shi Operations Deck random events + reintroducing Vanika, the Shock Hopper
    • Jumper Gang and Rat's Raiders Expansions as Main priorities around Dhaal development. The infinite bunverse and the whole mischief.
    • Bianca (part 2) - Love and Sexpac + Reina Harper, the Nursebun.

    All Publicly Available Project Docs

    Private Docs - Projects Posted to Patreon
    • L.D.C. + Shock Hopper - My Scenes
    • Laquine Pregnancy + Laquine Ears TF Effects + Oral Teases
    • Warg'ii Hold - Milodan Temptress Face Sitting
    • Warg'ii Hold - Drugged Korgonne Male
    • Roo, Blackjack Dealer at Treasure Nova.

    Fictional Stories Posted to Patreon
    • January 2019 - A Night to Remember | A dual-cocked laquine herm looking for companionship is found by two seductive slyvereen. (Femdom, Oral, Hypno, Mindbreak)
    • February 2019 - Far From Home | Urbolg is targeted as a mate by a fertile Milodan pirate captain who is also in heat. (F/M, Dom vs. Dom)
    • March 2019 - Thumpin' and Humpin' | L.D.C.'s early life in the Jumpers, getting abused, and taking drugs... and fucking. Lots of fucking.
    Fictional Stories I Wrote For Myself
    • A Hop, Skip, and a Jump | A scent-sensitive ausar girl encounters a sweaty laquine pirate, learning just how good it feels to be an oral slave to a bunch of horny herms. (Female PoV, Futa Oral Worship)
    • The Temptress' Home | Subby ausar girl submitting to an imposing milodan woman, starring the eponymous Temptress from Warg'ii Hold. (Femdom, F/F, Cunnilingus)
    • Cat and Dog | Riley, my subby ausar girl, is in Heat, and she gets bred by the kaithrit Roo - who, as it turns out, suddenly has a juicy kitty cock! (Futa-on-Female, Breeding, Heat Sex)
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    Jul 13, 2016
    From one guy that overachieved in a submission to another:

  3. Raskputin

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    Oct 21, 2018
    This might have been answered already in another thread, but will Leila be one of the pre-existing jumpers (as in the player chooses which jumper is canonically Leila by recruiting her) or will she be an independent character?

    I wouldn't mind either option, just curious as to how you will be handling it.
  4. William.

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    Apr 16, 2018
    You will be able to choose which Jumper Leila is. I did write a few thousand words into her document a while ago on the series of events for this. I decided that after 20 Jumper encounters you will have a rare event in the mines where two laquines are accosting one. You can decide to step in or walk on. If you step in, then you see four options, letting you decide what color bunny is being harassed. There are consequences for the choices in these events for her character.

    Afterward, Leila will always be found in the Break Room with the Dong Designer on the Foundry level until recruitment is formally possible.

    In short, you get to choose which of the four bunnies you like for aeshetic (I lined out a load of [leila.##] parsers for this), and it's always Leila. For future content, since LDC + Shock Hopper are coming up soon, when you beat the Jumper leaders Leila will approach you automatically without the Mine encounters, and you can go on to things from there.

    She's going to be designed like Ardia a bit in that she provides you some more info and can be sexed up royally when you first get to Zheng Shi.

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  5. Axilgreen

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    Apr 28, 2016
    a new crewmate and pregnancy. well someones after my own heart
  6. Raskputin

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    Oct 21, 2018
    Thanks for the comprehensive response,

    couldn't agree more, cant wait for it to come out
  7. null_blank

    null_blank Well-Known Member

    Oct 29, 2015
    Wait, are the Bored Jumper pregnancies just for the rando jumpers or will Lelia also be able to get knocked up/impregnate Steele?

    This would make Lelia the 2nd crew member capable of impregnating Steele.
  8. William.

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    Apr 16, 2018
    I've chosen not to have pregnancy in my NPCs, sorry. In Leila's case I fall back on the lore: fertility plague. Leila does not go into heat (without some form of medical assistance ;)) and is incapable of conceiving children. When Generic Laquine Pregnancy is added, it will prevent Leila from spawning in the mines until any existing term is carried out, because I want Jumpers to be preggable by the PC with several events like the Zil Pregnancies.

    You might think you could preg and be pregged by all the jumpers and it would count but nope :catte:
  9. Axilgreen

    Axilgreen Well-Known Member

    Apr 28, 2016
    in other words it won't be the uveto problem again. that shit got annoying
  10. null_blank

    null_blank Well-Known Member

    Oct 29, 2015
    Eh it's okay. When Shekka joined we had a about 1000 kids over the course of a weekend. I'll just satisfy myself by taking it out on the randos. :catte: Things are probably better this way.
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  11. sumgai

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    Jul 17, 2017
    I'm still staggered by the number of spawn you put out. I thought 40+ kids was ambitious.

    @William. lots of love your for contents. :)
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  12. Lkynmbr24

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    Oct 30, 2016
    We are the crazy ones~
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  13. Oaklandpain

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    Nov 15, 2018
    as someone who loves ball worship and sweat your content has been a godsend! cant wait to see what you come up with next
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  14. Alecsandr

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    Dec 11, 2015
    out of most of the enemies and npcs added to the mines i gotta say i enjoy the jumpers the most, i think only ardia (who scratches particular fetishes of mine), and Maike (such an interesting set of scenes), and the forge hound (again muh fetishes) are the only ones who really compete and all but one of those is repeatable now i think about it
  15. William.

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    Apr 16, 2018
    I chose to be lazy the past three days to be on top of Rats and any potential issues... and to just be lazy, I needed it. I'm aware of a few quirks in the Reputation dialogue scaling (Befriending them should replace a few things like in the shakedown text) and missing words, I'm going to make the attempt to hash out as much as I can next week for the public patch so they can basically drop in mirror-shine mode, but for how little issue there is overall with them I am just way too complacent and happy that they turned out the way they did for their size.

    Today my plan is to finish LDC + Shock Hopper contributions for Savin and Fen. I still have the Hopper's Bad End and half a Bimbo/Amazon scene where you ride LDC and get DP'd by the Hopper -- the actual sex, and the amazon lead up. Amazons get to dom the sissy-boi after all.

    Often times I come up with too many ideas, but once I make it through my backlog I think I can start getting more consistent. A few times I've said that it isn't a project by me without oral sex being taken to the maximum, but I think I will be adding Breastfeeding to that. My next idealized breastfeeding scene is if you're nice to the rats and their gang overall then you get to breastfeed the entire gang at their hideout -- to be added in the future with their boss Mikhail. I believe there's a stipulation where you never run out of milk so the Dairy Cow/Treated variant will have a different ending where they just all fill up their flasks and bottles with your [pc.milkNoun].

    And since Mikhail has only been mentioned briefly (mostly on Fenchat Discord), the five gangs that run Zheng Shi naturally have bosses. LDC + Shock Hopper are the Jumper leadership. Three are undetermined and up in the air. Fen simply said that the Rat boss would be 'a human male with the mouse ears + tail TF'. I'm going to handle him. I forecast him as a romantic rogue, a farcical and dramatic man, but a very standard man for female PCs to engage with. Since he's a regular, average human - much as you can be for a TF + sci-fi game like TiTS - the more modded up amazons/females gain more of an edge and ride him into the ground. Should be funny imho.

    On the inverse, not-so modded female PCs will have a very romantic and flirtatious experience.

    *All of this assuming you don't just smack them all over the head and forgo being nice to them :p Every boss will serve a purpose for post-Probe engagement on Zheng Shi.

    Anyway that's all. This thread exists to let me ramble at people in a more visible spot about the things I will do.
  16. Raindrops

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    Jun 19, 2016
    any chance of letting us give Mikhail something to change his penis? To another penis type, that is. I just don't like human penises, but he sounds interesting so I want my female Steeles to bang him, lol
  17. William.

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    Apr 16, 2018
    Haha, I don't know right now. When I wrote his appearance I gave him a 9-inch human dong. More than likely it'll stay that way, I can't imagine anything else fitting him.
  18. Regardless

    Regardless Well-Known Member

    Jul 20, 2018
    Out of curiosity cut or uncut?
    Uncut, uncut, uncut!
  19. Linarahn

    Linarahn Well-Known Member

    Jan 6, 2017
    I'm kinda hype for the good doctor. Really looking forward to her.
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  20. William.

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    Apr 16, 2018
    Most likely =V
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  21. BubbleLord

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    Jun 24, 2016
    There's not even any gay stuff.

    How is this wall supposed to satisfy me, the 2%?

    I am going to write a very serious letter to my congressman about this wall.
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  22. William.

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    Apr 16, 2018

    But there are two boys in the Rat Pack, and you can fuck their butts.

    Then you can keep fucking them, leaving them gaping.

    Also, you can take both mouse-boy's anal virginities.
  23. BubbleLord

    BubbleLord Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2016
    You can’t stop this letter; it’s too late B O I
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  24. Raindrops

    Raindrops Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2016
    I honestly can't think of anything either, as I have no idea what a rat dick looks like

    Just figured I'd ask, just in case. I mean, everyone on this forum seems to think horsecocks go well on anything :p
  25. Thebiologist

    Thebiologist Well-Known Member

    Jun 24, 2017
    As someone who's had to deal with lab rats I can tell you they are surprisingly human-like. You would be surprised how often you you need to fondle with a rat's junk as a biologist. No, not in the way you're thinking. If I tell you how you're probably not going to sleep well tonight so I'm gonna put it behind a spoiler and I highly recommend you don't open it.

    Rat dicks are the best place to stick a needle, because veins are ridiculously hard to find.

    So yeah, they look a lot like human dicks, but with a very thick layer of skin all over, so the head is barely noticeable, it's almost like a solid tube of skin and it's also sheathed when flaccid.
  26. Linarahn

    Linarahn Well-Known Member

    Jan 6, 2017
    Are you trying to tell us you have to tickle rat nuts to get anything done in terms of administering medication reliably?
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  27. Banana212

    Banana212 Member

    Dec 19, 2017
    So, is the Rat Raiders encounter supposed to be incredibly tough, or am I just doing something wrong?
    My Steele is a level 10 merc with either Vamp Blade or Plasma Hawk and good stats (Physique maxed, most other stats high) and either Goo Armor or Suit of Augment-weave Armor.
    I've never come close to beating them. They stunlock me with grapples, blinds and such, they heal each other's shield, even if I focus fire I can't defeat one before I'm taken out myself.
  28. ScarletteKnight

    ScarletteKnight Well-Known Member

    Dec 19, 2015
    Well you do more damage with Kinetic weapons than Energy, it's better for a Merc to use gear that increases Defense and Fortification, and your perk setup might be wrong.

    Since you mentioned melee weapons, I will assume you are a melee fighter. Go for the biggest Kinetic damage number you can find, like the Saurmorian Hammer. You want Detonation Charge to damage single targets because your other perks give your melee multi-target damage. Since melee Mercs can hit flying enemies, use the Warden Shield from Kattom as your ranged weapon. Augment-Weave isn't bad, but you should try to get the Ramshackle Power Armor or Frostbane Plate. Use Second Wind only when you reach 0 Energy or 50% health.

    I'm not a Merc myself, but this is how one of my friends plays, and he hasn't lost.
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  29. Raindrops

    Raindrops Well-Known Member

    Jun 19, 2016

    ... Huh! TIL. That's nice to know, and I really wish I hadn't opened the spoiler. Curiosity killed this kittybirb for sure

    Oh well, minor detail, if the rat-dude is interesting enough I'll probably bang him on my female Steeles anyway
  30. William.

    William. Well-Known Member
    Staff Member

    Apr 16, 2018
    Rats have 75% immunity to Electric and Burning when their shields go down; ergo, you are intended to be using Kinetic, Cryo, Chemical etc against them afterward. Your weapons won't beat them. A Vamp blade is great to drain their shields into yours for longevity (and it is in fact their most critical, crippling weakness if used correctly) but unless you were a Drone Tech Specialist you can't beat them this way. A plasma hawk is all burning, so it's out.

    I take it you must be an all Melee Merc with Cleave and associated perks. You can totally win reliably and easy, but you need to use different weapons. Any weapon you get from Plot or Waifu/Husband quests like Taivra's Spear, the Saurmorian Hammer, etc, are all great. You can even go a step farther and destroy their evasion if you beat the Forgehound and grab his +Aim Accessory. Also, it's far easier to Stun female rats because they have much lower physique, letting you follow up with power strikes.

    If you deviated from a pure melee or ranged build then you might have bigger problems. When playtesting Rats I played at least 30 rounds as Melee/Ranged builds of all three classes. If after this you're still having trouble then you'll need to tell us what perks you picked.
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