What's the point of the Cum Cascade perk?

Lana Stephen

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Aug 18, 2018
to my knowledge Nuki Nuts allows your balls to fill beyond their max capacity and keep getting bigger while Cum Cascade fills your balls whenever you're orally filled, however even without the Cum Cascade perk the overflow happens. You can still get the perk which confuses me. Is this a bug or has it been made redundant? Or is this a nuki score/half nuki start thing?


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Strictly speaking, the two perks do different things; 'Nuki Nuts allows ball capacity to exceed 100%, while Cum Cascade greatly increases cum production while orally cumflated. It's possible - and probably intentional - to have 'Nuki Nuts without Cum Cascade, but not vice versa (as not having the former will cause the latter to be automatically lost).


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Jul 15, 2020
it speed up the increases cum production while orally cumflated, perfect if you want to get some really big nuts