Viable full tease build?

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    So, long story short, I'm picking up TiTs again and see how far I can go, and out of curiosity I wanted to ask about the idea of going full on tease damage.

    I do plan to turn Steele into a bimbo and really mostly in teasing and so for and maybe use guns like the heavy slut ray. However I have two questions.

    1) I haven't played in a long time so what would you suggest to a bimbo full tease build?

    2) It's possible to beat the game like that? As in, is there any encounter that wall you off cause if immune to tease? optional or not.
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    Oct 29, 2015
    Just wear sexy clothing and use tease attacks. Outside very specific enemies, there is no point in lust attacks, especially on the later planets.
  3. Theron

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    Nov 8, 2018
    Depending on how long ago you played, there have been some major changes to Tease combat you might not be aware of:
    1. Sexiness on gear no longer scales indefinitely. Armor/Outer clothing maxes at 5, underwear at 3 each. Each slot with nothing in it has full Sexiness.
    2. Tease skill is gone. Now it's tied to Libido, so you want it high, unless you take Ice Cold at character creation.
    3. Sexiness adds to Libido. Maximum Libido also increases by 1/2 your Sexiness. Resolve affects Willpower the same way.

    Stack Sexiness, obviously. The changes above make +Sexiness perks more valuable.

    If you use Heavy Slut Ray, you sill want to max out Aim, because you get 1/2 Aim to damage. Mercs and Tech Specialists get best use out of it. Mercs because they can fire it 4 times/round (otherwise it can only be fired once), Tech Specialists because they can do 1.5x-2x damage/shot. Personally, I'd recommend Shoot First + Royal Shard Bow for a Smuggler. That said, Heavy Slut Ray does seem to Stun every other shot (with maxed Aim).

    Most high Sexiness gear has high Evasion, meaning it's the kind of thing Smugglers would want to be wearing anyway. There's also a Smuggler perk under consideration for level 11 that would give extra Sexiness. It was proposed before the Tease overhaul, though.

    Bimbo Siegwulfe from Dr. Badger is extremely useful, especially early on. She doesn't scale with Attack Drone or Drone Control.

    You also probably want some of the Pheromone perks: Alpha Scent (Lupinol), Jungle Queen Scent (Amazona), Musky Pheromones (Laquine Ears/Lion-Os, requires a penis to gain, can remove after).

    If you wait until after recruiting Yammi and uplifting the Pexiga before gaining any instances of Inhuman Desire, you can get an extra 15 from the Doll Maker.

    Consider investing in Mega Milk, Vanae Milk or Milk Fountain as they allow using Milk Squirt at all times. Milk Squirt is a Drug based attack.

    Tarkus: Tam's Auto Turrets, Captain Khorgan's mech phase. Rocket Pods can be skipped if you're a Tech Specialist or Smuggler. You also won't be able to defeat the Sex Bots for a Hammer Shield, which isn't as big a deal after the Scrap Shield at Shekka was added. Security Droids in Anno's recruitment quest. Nym-Foe can be teased, very slowly. I don't know if she can be defeated that way, however. I don't think you can beat Doll Maker with Tease. They can be cheesed with EMP Grenades.

    Uveto: You can Tease the Milodan Amazons, but I think they have infinite Lust resets, so they can't be beaten that way. Can't defeat the Frostwyrm with Tease, so if you planned on romancing... Pretty sure none of the fights in the Deepsea Research Lab can be beaten with Tease.

    Zheng Shi: Can't beat the Mining Robots, which are a great source of cash. However, you can prevent them from appearing entirely, and Blackjack is better.

    Void Pirates wherever they appear (Saendra's Distress Call, Kara Quest 2). Oddly, the Juggernaut can be Teased.

    There are some enemies you auto-lose to if your Libido is high enough. Venus Pitchers and Cockvines, for example. Neither are fatal.
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    Woah, ok, this does help a lot and I was unsure on picking either merc or smuggler. So tease attacks are over and my only option is the slut ray? Also what to do for those encounters besides holding an actual gun to fight those? If thats the best option which you recomend?
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    Oct 29, 2015
    You can literally win in a single action with ranged merc's Rapid Fire special and the heavy slut ray.


    You can still win with tease attacks, but there isn't a reason to specialize in it.
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  6. Theron

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    Nov 8, 2018
    There are a few Lust damage types. Tease (Heavy/Advanced Slut Ray, Bimbolium Emitter), Drug (Royal Shard Bow, Bio Whip, Milk Squirt, Myr Venom), Pheromone (currently only from Perks and Allure), Psychic (Light Savicite Maul).
    Tease attacks work on most things. Some things are resistant to Tease but vulnerable to other types. Resistance to Drug seems more common than to Tease, though.
    Pheromone gives a random bonus to Tease damage up to your Pheromone level.
    You can also get the Bimbolium Defense System, which will do 1/2 your max Shields in Psychic Lust damage when your Shields are reduced to 0. It's a decent last resort, but it's not too reliable, since your Shields do have to go down first.

    Smugglers can pick up the Grenades special attack for Burning damage.
    Mercenaries have Thermal Detonator (Single target) or Carpet Grenades (groups).
    While they normally use Intelligence, they should use (capped) Libido if you have Fuck Sense and Libido is higher. I don't know if they actually do, though.
    Smugglers can pick up Quick Draw, so they can switch to a different weapon when in an encounter where (Insert Lust Weapon Here) won't work without spending their turn.

    You're missing the point. What to do in encounters where Teasing won't work?
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    Oct 29, 2015
    lol I forgot about Korgan
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    Thanks for the info, both of you
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    Nov 8, 2018
    One point I forgot:
    You can get Energizing Libido from Amazona without Amazonian Endurance. In addition to the described effect of having a chance to increase Energy on orgasm, it also negates Energy loss on orgasm (even without AE). If you're going to have more than 40 Libido, there's really no downside to picking it up.
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    Sep 21, 2019
    There are also some enemies that, while not outright immune to Tease damage, have (or can get) very high Tease resist (80% or more), making them much harder to defeat with Tease damage. Between those enemies and the ones outright immune to lust-based damage, it's always a good idea to have reliable methods of dealing physical damage. That's why my Steele relies on her Tease attacks for lust damage and has both her weapons geared towards physical damage (the FZR+CSG combo).

    If you're going to rely on melee weapons for physical damage (which is likely to be the case if you're using the Heavy Slut Ray and don't have Quick Draw), I'd recommend either equipping the Light Jetpack accessory or getting a set of flight-capable wings; either will allow you to hit flying enemies with melee attacks (which is otherwise impossible).
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  11. TrustworthyTraitor

    Aug 16, 2020
    Tease is almost always viable with exclusion of Mining Robots for example who just want to drill you(r) (cranium) i am pretty sure that a venom based build is the least viable one . Any thoughts?
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    Jan 25, 2019
    Very good advice here. I do basically this and haven't really had any problems I can't deal with. One thing I can add for those enemies who are tease resistant/immune, you may want to carry a supply of EMP grenades for dealing with shields/robotic enemies.
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    Sep 9, 2019
    Lots of good replies and suggestions here. I'd also suggest grabbing a whip for physical and tease damage for those tougher fights.