Typo in mirrin first breeding scene

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Oct 24, 2023
Current release version as of this post.

first breeding attempt, right after gym talk. looks like the word 'grool' instead of drool? not sure what word it's supposed to be. word in bold.

Along both of her already-hard stallion shafts, a network of pads and wires line both meatsticks and have cables reaching around her hips to behind her. They twitch and pulse with her heartbeat, almost ominous in their meaning. She flexes her arms in your direction, essentially showing off her body in it’s fully aroused state. The qilin pivots on a hoof so that her perfectly toned, perky behind is the focus of your attention. Her silver horse tail flicks around her hip to give you a better view and what you can see are three thick wires exiting her crevice. She slowly pulls those toned buns apart and her cheeks reveal a large, white plug that visibly buzzes in her backdoor. You can see that her tight-looking pussy has parted ever so slightly, a little sheen of grool on her labia. “I’ve had this accursed, fucking thing in me for 33 hours. Right up against the internals. It has been the best and worst 33 hours I’ve had in... possibly ever. I’ve been hard for the whole thing and I. Haven’t. Cum. Once,” she says over her shoulder, palpable frustration in her voice.


Aug 26, 2015
This word appears in a couple scenes for other characters from different authors (one by SoAndSo and two by HugsAlright) so I think I'll pass this on as stylized slang for "girl-drool", or basically the game's "girl-cum"/female ejaculate.
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